The Mysterious Disappearance of Joseph Keller

July 23, 2015, Keller and a group of pals traveled from Tennessee to Rainbow Trout Ranch in Conejos County, Colorado. About 4:30 p.m. on July 23, he and a friend, now identified as Colin Gwaltney, went out for a jog together. But along the way, Keller took a turn.

After that turn he was never seen again.

What an interesting disappearance this one is. From around the web:

“Rio Grande National Forest sprawls across 1.8 million acres, and no one is living there,” said the national forest’s spokesman, Mike Blakemore. “Then consider that the area the law enforcement agencies are searching is about the size of Massachusetts but has only 46,000 people in it. A colleague in law enforcement here said that we should be aware of anti-federalist, anti-Constitutional militants who want to be off the grid. But Joe wouldn’t have stumbled across them if he was running on the main road. And if he was going to run for a half hour then turn around and meet his friend for supper on the ranch, he really didn’t have time to go into the forest.” [Times Free Press, Lynda Edwards]

Several people went to social media to express how they felt, one was a local:

Rebecca Kilbourne Bogan turned to Facebook where she alleged that local law enforcement hung up on locals trying to call in with leads and even went as far as to suggest locals not call them with leads, this just days after Keller’s disappearance.

We can’t forget the psychic from Facebook of all places:

“Okay Friends of Joe Keller. This might be a long shot but here goes….
Yesterday we got a PM from a person who is “new to discovering psychic intuitions.” She feels that Joe is in the western side of Sedona, Arizona.
We have e-mailed the Sedona Police Dept and the Sedona Red Rock Newspaper with fliers in English and Spanish.
This may be a long shot, but we are desperate.
SHARE TO FRIENDS IN ARIZONA!!!” [The Denver Westword]

Then on 8/10/15 Neil Keller did an interview with a local radio station mix 104.1 where he stated this was now a search and recovery mission.

Neil Keller (Joe’s fathers) interview:

Went missing in Antonia, CO July 23rd. Started on a run at 4:30 MT and didn’t return at 5:30MT.
When asked if investigators have any clue what happened to Joe. He said, “Of course at this time, nothing”
“They have suspended the Search And Rescue mission and now it is now its a Search and Recovery mission.”

Joe had a few friends who wanted to take a Western tour…a kid thing. They wanted to go and “see the West”.

Left on July 13th, went to Grand Canyon, Lake Tahoe, San Francisco and CO was the last leg of their trip.

They have no clue as to what happened to Joe.”

The accusations against police drone on and on as well as this insane notion Joseph was abducted.

My thoughts:

Personally I think he left on his own or he was somehow injured and subsequently died as a result.

I doubt his friends knew or caused him harm only because they really want to believe that he was abducted regardless of a ransom demand not to mention rhyme or reason. Adult men aren’t abducted to be forced into the sex trafficking trade.

I doubt he ran into someone wanting to be off the grid in that sort of a time span because those people really want to be far off the grid. Not that it couldn’t happen.

He could have ran into another type of individual that had a propensity towards violent behavior.

What are your thoughts?



  1. Hi I’ve followed your last blog and loved it. Glad that you are back.
    I think I get what you’re saying cause you made it obvious without really saying that logically only one of two things happened to this young man. He was injured or ran away? Any chance you’d be willing to say right out what you feel happened?



  2. I agree Sadie, she is right on the money. I myself felt that the police never put any effort into looking for this kid. Watching the video makes me wonder if he didn’t really run away on his own and his friend in the video knows the truth.


  3. Hi this is my first time posting on a site like this. I agree that the police never really looked for him which makes me suspicious that the family is covering up something. Maybe that he wasn’t as happy and expressed wanting to run away? The area he disappeared from can’t be that big of an area because it was an hour jog.


  4. I spent a lot of time out there when stationed at Fort Carson twice. People would ask me later if I was afraid and I’d tell them I felt more alarm on the streets of Denver than out there in the middle of the wilderness. Common sense dictates this kid didn’t run off. He had no reason to run from or toward anything. My initial thought was that he was blitz attacked by a mountain lion. They don’t always leave evidence behind and unless searchers found the exact spot where it may have occurred, they wouldn’t be able to confirm such an attack. Though less likely, human abduction remains a possibility. Nearly 180-thousand people have disappeared in North America since 1980 and there are nearly that many unsolved murders. I once ran into a rancher in that region who told me that he was aware of descendants of the original Hispanics who migrated up from the Mora/Santa Fe, New Mexico area generations ago & who still practice the flagellente rites of the Penitente’s, especially during Holy Week. Though I’m aware of no connection between human abduction and these practices that originate in Middle Ages Spain, I recall thinking of some weird connection at the time I first read this. Unless you subscribe to alien abduction or human sacrifice by the Illuminati in Denver at specific times of the year, a mountain lion attack or run of the mill abduction by a human predator remain the most likely reasons for Joe’s baffling disappearance. The response of the local authorities, if accurately reported, is reprehensible but par for the course in what is generally an isolated and quite backward area of the country, whose locals are steeped in superstition and mistrust of any “outsider.”


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