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The Disappearance and Murder of Julie Ann Benning

Waverly, IA 11/28/1975

Julie Ann Benning

Julia Ann ‘Julie’ Benning disappeared the day after Thanksgiving November 28, 1975 from Waverly, IA. On March March 18, 1976 her decomposed nude body was found in what some call a quiet roadside ditch in Shell Rock IA.

The autopsy showed that her death had been caused by “homicidal violence.” She had sustained injuries to her neck and throat that are similar to that of someone who had been strangled to death.

Julie was just 18 when she was murdered. I believe that she had been sexually assaulted as well, her body had been too badly decomposed for the coroner to tell that she was however.

Although the search for Julie stretched out to other states, it’s a sucker punch to learn that she was found so close to home. She was roughly 6 or so miles from Waverly. Her body had been left in a culvert all winter to decompose and washed out from the spring rains to the ditch she had been found in.

Julie was a vibrant, charismatic young woman who loved music. It’s said that she once jumped a fence to chat with The Eagles lead singer Glenn Fry. She was outgoing, fun and didn’t appear to have any enemies.

Prior to her death while she was a senior in High School she wrote a piece for the school newspaper criticizing the taking of human life and life imprisonment but police ruled that out as a motive given the amount of time that had passed since she wrote the piece. The local media boasted this point as if it had some sort of connection until folks were tired of hearing it and subsequently became numb to it.

The tidbits…

If you are curious you should be because her murder is very similar to two other murders from the area.

Lisa Marie Peak’s body was found September 7, 1976, beaten, nude, in a ditch and about a mile from where Julie’s body had been found. She had been sexually assaulted, she to sustained injuries about the neck and throat that would point the cause of death to strangulation.  

Could She Be His First

Four years prior to both Lisa and Julie’s murder June 15, 1971, the partially nude body of 14 year old Valerie Lynne Klossowsky was found under a bridge 3 miles west of Denver, IA which is about 18 or so miles from Shell Rock and about 10 or so miles from Waverly.  She had been strangled to death.

If you have read my other cases thinking things in terms of grids or roads we choose to travel which end up being a lot like a grid of some sort is important here. It’s a subconscious thing that we all do. Even Killers.

This is without any doubt what-so-ever the same killer in all three cases. The question is, what did he do before Valerie and what did he become after Julie? This killer was growing and harnessing his urges so to speak. It is highly unlikely that he did not commit a crime such as rape, attempted abduction, window peeping, etc prior to Valerie’s abduction and murder. He had a hunger that he had to satisfy. My guess is that he did in fact commit smaller less noticeable crimes up until Valerie’s murder. She was his first kill. After that, he might have either gone back to smaller crimes for a time or found a way so as to fulfill his need until that overtook him again in 1975 and he abducted and murdered Julie.

The Things That Tie

Julie and Lisa both visited a shoe store prior to eachs abduction and murder, they both enjoyed journalism, reading and writing mysteries and were both outgoing and popular. They were both abducted in broad daylight.

Valerie on the other hand according to reports was last seen at 8:30pm the evening she vanished however, this may not be accurate. Valerie was heading to a swimming pool with her friend Cindy in the early evening the night she vanished and according to Cindy, Valerie stopped outside of the pool to talk to some people. She never made it to the pool according to Cindy and when Cindy went out to find her later all she found were her swimming suit and towel.  


A prowler had been reported in Valerie’s neighborhood the night following her disappearance and on June 5.

The killer is either from Waverly, IA or near it. He knows the areas from which he abducted these young women and he knew the areas where he disposed of them rather well.

He knew all three victims and all three victims knew him.  He is charming but not overly charming so as to draw unwanted attention to himself. He is good at finding ways to curb his appetite but not enough to stop forever.

He was either close in age to each of the victims or a trusted adult within the community. Someone people knew of and felt that they could trust. The key is finding the people Valerie supposedly spoke to outside of Waverly Pool.

They may have seen the man who took her because he would have been known, someone who if someone had seen him, it would not of been out of character for him to be out and about so initially they might not have mentioned seeing him or recalling seeing him at first.  

I would be very curious to see a list of potential suspects but not suspect enough to warrant a conversation with police, type of suspects. What I am seeking are trusted members of the community and/or those that were more quickly dismissed as a suspect because this murder is on that list. If the suspect ever made to the suspect list we’d need to understand why he was ruled out in the first place. I doubt he was looked at as a suspect for all three murders.

Can the Killer Be Caught After 44 Years?

That depends; is he still alive, did he ever get arrested for something where he’d have to submit his DNA sample? Our ability to get answers diminishes after 44 years unless his DNA is in a system somewhere or a family member who suspected him were to give DNA at some point.

The bottom line is this, police need to look at the suspects and those that they dismissed in this case. the suspect is right under your nose guys.

Cristal M Clark


Jennifer Servo

Since her murder, her story has been told many times by various media outlets and TV programs in an attempt to crack the case and bring her killer to justice. Jennifer Lynn Olson-Servo graduated from the University of Montana and landed her first television reporting position for KRBC-TV located in Abilene, Texas in July 2002. Less than 3 months later, on September 18, 2002, her body was found in her apartment. Jennifer was the victim of a sexual assault, blunt force trauma and strangulation. The case has never been solved.

Some believe that Jennifer’s murder falls under the jurisdiction of the US Military because she had a relationship with US Army Capt. Ralph Sepulveda, the one who many believe is responsible for her murder. They were not in a relationship at the time of her murder. 

Jennifer at the time was seeing a co-worker at KRBC Brian Travers, who was also initially named a suspect in her murder. It’s been said that the only reason he was ever named a suspect is because of his relationship with Jennifer at the time, as investigators had no evidence that would tie him to the crime. article.113195

Hopefully everyone knows this case. What I find intriguing about it is the main suspect Ralph seemed to have moved on from his break up with Jennifer weeks prior to her death and didn’t bother her, contact her or anything. 

Brian was actually the last person to have seen Jennifer alive yet police have strongly believed that Ralph is truly the only suspect in this case.

A blog that I found,  which I believe Jennifer’s mother is running or ran states a few reasons why she believes that the suspect is Ralph  “Help Find Justice for Jennifer Lynne Olson-Servo.


The reasons are as follows:

  1. Ralph refused to take a polygraph exam
  2. Everything about Ralph is suspicious according to a detective who is not named in the blog
  3. Ralph never offered his condolences to the family
  4. Ralph at some point refused to cooperate with investigators

It seems that a lot of folks get a bad vibe about Ralph. That is until you see a story Dr. Phil ran about Anne Pressly , a news anchorwoman from Little Rock, Arkansas. Both case seem to have a lot of similarities. The issue is simple however, the police have nothing to tie the man convicted of Anne’s murder to the murder of Jennifer. Anne was murdered October 2008 while Jennifer was murdered September 2002.

Curtis Vance was found guilty of Anne’s murder in 2009 at the age of  29. He would have been what, 23 at the time of Jennifer’s murder and the only DNA found in Jennifer’s apartment were that of Herself, Brian and Ralph, nothing else found would indicate that Curtis murdered Jennifer.

The point is that Curtis while he seems like a likely suspect in terms of victim type, rape and method of killing, he isn’t Jennifer’s killer.  The cases do seem similar, yet he wasn’t careful in Anne’s murder, he left DNA and he left DNA at other crimes scenes where he attacked and raped women. That said, if he had murdered Jennifer in 2002, it would have been more likely that he’d have left evidence such as DNA at that crime scene instead of Anne’s.  

Movie/Show Name: Dr. Phil Season: 01 Year: 2002-03 Description: Dr Phil Season 01 Gallery Photography (JPG file) Dr. Phil McGraw ORG XMIT: 0705080758433632

Still the same if it hadn’t of been for Dr. Phil even suggesting that the murderer could have been someone other than Ralph, I may not have looked at this case at all.

Jennifer’s murder was not random that is pretty clear and yes, more than likely one of the two men she had been seeing became upset, sexually assaulted her and ended up killing her.

Jennifer’s mother blogged about finding a link between her daughter’s missing purse from the crime scene and some library books that had been checked out from the University of Montana after her daughter’s death using Jennifer’s library card which had been in her purse.

According to an University of Montana article written in 2013 the individual who checked out the book (s) was none other than Ralph who according to Jennifer’s mother’s research is narcissistic and may have taken the card as some sort of trophy. Who other than Jennifer knew what was in her purse at the time of her death, she and Ralph did live together he could have had her card for any reason other than murder. 

I myself do not believe he would have taken a trophy of any kind. He is not a serial killer and typically men who kill in the name of love/jealousy do not take trophies. They don’t want to keep any evidence that would eventually lead detectives back to them. In fact more often than not, they don’t keep evidence or check out books using the former lover’s library card. 

Additionally, according the library the books  that were checked out were never returned to the University of Montana’s library however this information comes from a student who was writing for the school’s newspaper in 2013. Sometimes these types of reports are not entirely accurate.

To date the university has refused to give Jennifer’s mother additional information about those books. Which is sort of crazy but if they refuse they refuse.  Jennifer’s mother seemed to be fixated on finding out what books were checked out.

What’s interesting about Ralph was that he was 34 at the time of Jennifer’s murder who was just 22. He was a good looking bad boy type. What really gets me is that Ralph and Jennifer had only known each other for a few weeks when the couple decided he too would move from Montana to Texas and move in with Jennifer. What makes this detail a bit more interesting is that Jennifer had just recently ended a long term relationship with Dave Warren prior to meeting Ralph.

According to co-workers when Jennifer started her job in Texas she hit the ground running and everyone knew she had what it took to make it at the station. At the same time her relationship with Ralph began to suffer. Jennifer had learned Ralph had been engaged when he met Jennifer and broke that off when he moved to Texas with Jennifer, he also had a child that he never saw that Jennifer never knew of. Jennifer also at the time, disclosed with a co-worker named Jennifer Loren, that Ralph wanted to choke her while having sex with her.

Three weeks after Ralph moved to Texas after giving up his other life Jennifer kicked him out. Ralph did go to Jennifer about a week after the break up and ask for a second chance and Jennifer said no.

It seemed as if Ralph had moved on, he moved into a new apartment and obtained a job so everyone felt that things were going good. After Ralph moved out and the break up was over everyone felt a change come over Jennifer in that she was happy, falling into the groove of friends, work and living in a new location.

Sometime shortly after, she started to see Brian Travers, a co-worker at the station but expressed that she did not want a full blown relationship at that time. They had been intimate but did not take the tryst to the full blown relationship phase.

On the night of Jennifer’s murder, Brian and Jennifer had been out running errands together. They picked up a coffee table from a friends apartment, made a shopping trip to Wal-Mart when at one point Jennifer told Brian she thought they were being followed. Sadly, Brian jokingly told her that she was just imagining things and brushed it off as he dropped her off so that she could walk to her car alone.

According to phone records shortly after Jennifer arrived home she phoned her former boyfriend from Montana Dave Warren. They spoke about his upcoming trip to Texas later in the year and other small talk but according to Dave she never mentioned being followed.

Jennifer’s body was found two days later September 18, 2002. No one could find signs of forced entry, no one found the murder weapon.

According to police they focused as they should on the two men in Jennifer’s life recently. Brian and Ralph. Police have stated the reaction of both men were completely different. Brian as you can imagine was distraught and upset while Ralph was controlled, he did not ask too many questions such as how or why. His reaction or lack thereof rather,  seemed to have unnerved police.

The interesting thing about Ralph is that he had a clean Army record, never seemed to get into trouble at all. In the weeks leading up to Jennifer’s murder, they had not seen or spoken to one another at all.

So, the question is, who did Jennifer let into her apartment? There were no signs of forced entry, yet her purse was missing in what I assume was an effort to make it appear that the motive was a robbery gone wrong. The DNA that police found in Jennifer’s Apartment was a combination of Jennifer’s, Ralph’s and Brian’s. All DNA that anyone would expect to find inside of her apartment.

Despite the fact that Ralph was absent from her memorial, didn’t send condolences and basically did not behave the way everyone EXPECTED him to during the initial police interview and has since then refused to cooperate further, going on a limb, I don’t get the sense he murdered her. I do not see that or rather feel it.

It may be that after the break-up he too felt at some point that they both acted foolishly and rushed into something. Perhaps he felt just a little embarrassed by the fact that he rushed into something with her. Re-assessed his life, etc. Her family seemed to want to draw some sort of issue between the rush for them to be living together, he moved etc. The fact is, Ralph was not in that alone and he did not decide that alone. Jennifer was part of that plan herself.

Brian obtained an attorney and fully cooperated with the investigation which is and I hate to say this, predictable. He kills her, gets an attorney because he works at the local TV station, but if he cooperates and her most recent ex doesn’t, he’s golden. At least in his mind it works that way.

The choking Jennifer spoke of during sex with Ralph, well choking and strangulation are two different things. Just because someone like’s a little kink in the bedroom it does not mean they would want to strangle someone and it does not mean they’d get off on doing such a thing and it most certainly does not mean that they murdered someone they used to date.

It is my belief that investigators have been looking at the wrong suspect all of this time.

Here’s the funny thing about remorse, often times if one is trying to hide the fact that he murdered someone, they don’t under-react, they do over-react. I have to call into question why Brian took two days to tell investigators that Jennifer thought they were being followed? Additionally, it seems to me that her former beau Dave was much closer to her and consider this, they had a longer term relationship and continued to stay close. She would have told him had she felt she had been followed.

According to police, colleague Jennifer Loren, said that Jennifer Servo had shown her an article about newscasters who had been stalked just the week before her death. And it is my belief that Brian came up with the story of them being followed because he too had been shown the article about newscasters who had been stalked or had heard that Jennifer mentioned it to someone and he ran with that. The fact that Jennifer had an odd boyfriend she moved to Texas with and who she just recently ended things with only added ammunition to Brian’s story.

Additionally, a friend of Jennifer’s also told investigators that basically, Brian wanted more than Jennifer did.

It’s been my experience that when you are dealing with someone who wants more than you do relationship wise it’s something that has to be handled with kid gloves, not to often do you have just friends after one has expressed that they do not want some deeply committed relationship while the other half of that equation does. In fact, most of the time if the two remain friends the one who was let down is always looking for a way in if you get what I mean.

Last but not least, friends of Brian and Jennifer’s swear that he could never have done such a thing because he is such a good person, clean cut, educated, and well liked. He just isn’t the type that could do something like this,  in other words, he was not the good looking bad boy type, but the boy next door type, which as many of you already know, is exactly the type who could and would commit murder. 

The police have the evidence in this case already. They need to follow it, they need to find the inconsistencies in Brian’s story and confront him. It’s never too late to go back and work the case as it should have been worked from the start.  

Cristal M Clark


On the evening of 13 November 2015, a series of coordinated terrorist attacks commenced in Paris, France—They consisted of mass shootings, suicide bombings, and hostage-taking.

The death toll currently as of right this very moment sits at 129, 340 injured many of them critically injured.

A man pays his respect outside the Le Carillon restaurant the morning after a series of deadly attacks in Paris , November 14, 2015. REUTERS/Christian Hartman TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY

Why and who were the savages that so ruthlessly, senselessly and without cause took the lives of innocent individuals? ISIS took responsibility, boasted that it had members gain entry into France by posing as Syrian Refugees.  

As of today 27 US state Governors have stated they will not take refugees in which by the way is really quite absurd. States don’t really get a choice as to whether or not they take in refugees.

President Obama has explicit statutory authorization to accept foreign refugees into the United States. Under the Refugee Act of 1980,

The president may admit refugees who face “persecution or a well-founded fear of persecution on account of race, religion, nationality, membership in a particular social group, or political opinion” into the United States, and the president’s power to do so is particularly robust if they determine that an “unforeseen emergency refugee situation” such as the Syrian refugee crisis exists.

To further drive that point home and to remind everyone, that in Arizona v. the United States, Arizona lost. Not to mention, the US stands to lose a lot by refusing asylum to refugees of war torn nations. States also have much to lose by refusing refugees in terms of Federal funding. Try to tax your citizens more to offset the loss of Federal funds and let’s see where that gets everyone. Needless to say, the Refugee Act of 1980  has given President Obama broad discretion to allow refugees to be admitted into the United States. States must yield to that act.


It’s pretty common knowledge that the terror organisation known as the Islamic State has killed far more Muslims than Christians, Westerners, or minorities during its existence.

ap443219146492-47c8a25e2837c29b1853987bb414c1ccfa00e555-s900-c85That’s your History Lesson, numbers aside:

What about our home grown terrorists? Or mass shooters who are basically home grown terrorists of a different breed from the likes of ISIS?

Who thinks we don’t already have terrorists hiding out in this country waiting to kill again? We would be kidding ourselves if we thought we are safe.

By refusing a refugee access to safety because of ISIS we condemn an entire group of people to either die or join a cause they don’t believe in just so that they can live…what kind of sense does that make?

What’s more, we continue to bomb the shit out of ISIS which is great right? Yet by shutting our borders and doors to refugees where do you think ISIS is going to turn in order to get new recruits to man it’s needed growing army?  

We already know that ISIS preys on the disadvantaged, the poor, the desperate, the shunned by society and now the world.  If it were me in charge of an army and I wanted to dominate, I would have snuck some of my guys in as refugees, knowing that it would upset the delicate balance of taking in refugees.

It serves multiple purposes, they kill and get attention again because of the scale of coordinated effort involved in the mass attacks and countries will stop letting some of the refugees in long enough for someone to come in and recruit the refugees.

If you are looking carefully at terrorist organizations they test the fence, find a weakness and then prey on it, exploit it, and take full advantage of our response to the damage they caused.

The world’s weakness is taking in refugees from war torn countries. We can’t stand to see them suffer and consider it inhumane to not offer a safe home. ISIS saw a weakness and took advantage of it and because of that people are going to shun refugees which will allow terrorist groups to exploit those refugees and brainwash them into joining the terrorist cause.

So what’s the answer?

Before anyone says that we should close our borders and not allow any immigrants in, please allow for me to take this moment to kindly and with as much grace as I can muster, ask that you  STFU! Our ancestors stole, yes murdered in fact quite a few Native American’s so that they could steal this country from it’s rightful caretakers the Native American’s. We didn’t need it, we just desired it and killed innocent people so as to take it from them.

We then subsequently instead of becoming the caretakers, have managed to rape and violate in every possible way the land on which we all now comfortably reside upon within the US.  

We could all throw up our hands and walk away from the situation, leave refugees where they are, leave war torn nations to fight it or figure it out themselves. Nato could invoke Article 5, or nations could resume allowing refugees in but with strict and stringent rules and guidelines such as ankle monitoring, check in’s, etc.

What we should not do is turn our backs on those in need because of a group of terrorists who simply exposed a weakness in the system. We can simply find a safe and realistic solution for allowing refugees in without imprisoning them. It’s not right to condemn them to death because of ISIS. 

Cristal M Clark



The Disappearance and Death of Christi Jo Nichols December 11, 1987

Gothenburg, NE 1987


This is a difficult case at best, however a very good friend of mine reminded me this past weekend of Judge Pirro’s work and her relentless pursuit of the truth in the Robert Durst Murder case. I think it was because my friend knows that I am always in pursuit of the truth when it comes to unsolved murders and my friend also knows when inspired I find an assignment and I stay out of trouble.

Sometimes just having a will doesn’t always pave the way, time, effort and being relentless does however make all the difference. When I teach someone to cook something with perfection, for the first time, one of the first lessons they must learn is that patience and persistence are always the key and a lot of times with cases like this, the same holds true.

Christi Jo was a 22 year old married mother of two, who lived in Gothenburg, Nebraska when she vanished  in 1987, into the night never to be seen again.

Most of the details police were able to obtain came from the number one suspect, Christi Jo’s husband Mark Nichols.


According to Mark they ate dinner at Pizza Hut with their infant daughter and son, took them to see Santa and then home to a babysitter while the couple played pool at the bar where Christi Jo worked.

He stated that the day before they went to the bar, things were uncomfortable because they had not been getting along very well. He went on to tell investigators that things at the bar seemed good. They laughed and had an enjoyable time. Mark says that he and Christi Jo left the bar around midnight and stopped at an all-night convenience store. According to Diane Janssen the couple’s babysitter, Mark arrived home between 12:30 and 1:00 in the morning.

Dianne told investigators she never actually saw Christi Jo come in and that Mark had paid her in cash which was pretty unusual because Christi Jo always paid her and she paid her by check. In fact Dianne stated that she is sure she would have seen or heard Christi Jo but never did.

Mark’s explanation as why Dianne didn’t see Christi Joe, “I was about 5 or 6 yards behind her when she went in the door and she walked by the living room where the babysitter was back towards the kid’s bedroom and into the main bedroom.”  

It’s important to know that quite a few individuals knew Christi Jo was being abused by Mark and that the relationship was in trouble.

Around 10 days before Christi Jo’s disappearance she went to the hospital to be treated for injuries that were a result of Mark’s inability to control his temper. Christi Jo was seen by a doctor who had seen her before and who stated that Christi Jo was not that forthcoming with information, and acted pretty scared.

Mark did a stand up performance by telling medical staff that he was injured from a cigarette burn to the neck administered by Christi Jo and in his attempt to ward her and the weapon off, he might have inadvertently injured Christi Jo.

Two days prior to Christi Jo’s disappearance she consulted with an attorney in a different town, inquiring about a divorce and stated she wanted full custody of her children. She went out of her way to find an attorney in a completely different town to keep her husband from knowing about her wanting a divorce. The attorney stated that he was worried for her well being and that she appeared to have been beaten recently, she seemed afraid and worried. She made a follow-up appointment but never made it.

One rumor that I have not been able to confirm is that Christi Jo did report to the attorney certain aspects of the abuse that resulted in the attorney making a telephone call to authorities to report certain crimes that had been taken place. I know that for most of you guys reading this, it may difficult to imagine what those crimes could have been, for me it’s but a walk down memory lane, so it would not have been easy for Christi Jo to be forthcoming in telling too many people, if anyone the truth about the abuse.

Christi Joe’s cousin Debra stated that she personally saw bruises on Christi Jo and that Christi Jo acted like it was normal for Mark to abuse her and that it really wasn’t that big of a deal.

Mark claims the last time he saw Christi Jo was 2am December 11, 1987.

Time Lost:

As far as the world knows, the last time anyone saw Christi Jo was either at the bar or the store Mark says they stopped at on the way home.

For all intents, Christi Jo was in fact dead prior to Mark arriving home between 12:30 and 1:00am.

That gave Mark ample time to plan the proper disposal of his wife.

According to Mark:

  • His children woke him at around 7:00am December 11, 1987
  • Christi Jo’s mother called the next morning at 9:30 AM

Mark told Christi Jo’s mother that Christi Jo was asleep when she called by the way. Mark knew his wife was gone already because he told investigators that when the children woke him, he noticed that noticed Christi Jo was gone. His excuse for lying to Christi Jo’s mom was that he didn’t want to worry her.

Oddly, both family cars were in the driveway at the time Christi Jo packed a bag and vanished into the night, into the winter night. Both cars were at the home at the time of her disappearance.

Mark decided at 11AM to take the children to Christi Jo’s grandmother’s home and ask her to babysit so he could go find his wife. He never asked Christi Jo’s grandmother if she had heard from Christi Jo, let alone if she maybe stopped in to see her grandmother or if she was at her grandmother’s at the time he dropped off the children.

After having spent around 2 hours driving around searching for his wife Mark decided to go to the police and at approximately 1:37pm 12/11/1987 he reported his wife Christi Jo Nichols missing.

According to the police however contrary to what Mark said, no one in town could recall seeing Mark driving around searching for his wife that day. Not one individual!

Mark was able to tell investigators exactly what items Christi Jo supposedly packed and what contents she happened to have in her purse at the time of her disappearance.

Both Christi Jo’s suitcase and purse were found in March of 1988, at a rest stop in Maxwell, NE about 30 miles west of Gothenburg NE.  Officer’s agreed they had been left at the reststop purposely.

What was found in both the suitcase and purse were exactly as Mark initially told investigators she had packed and had in her purse at the time she vanished. What is interesting about this is that officers were a little dumbfounded by the fact that Mark knew exactly what she had packed and he knew exactly what was in her purse.

This was an error made by Mark. 

All of the officers agreed on the fact that whoever left the belongings at the rest stop wanted them to be found.

From what I understand quite an extensive search was conducted in Gothenburg and the surrounding area and turned up nothing.

Rumors swirled that some sort of letter was found from Christi Jo to an unnamed man explaining that she was in the process of leaving her husband and would be in touch in a few months. The police cleared the man.

Small amounts of blood were found in both the couple’s bedroom and the trunk of  Mark’s car.  Unfortunately it was not enough blood that would indicate serious enough bodily injury so as to obtain a warrant for Mark’s arrest let alone have a trial and convict him of anything.

Just some small tidbits:

  • Christi Jo never picked up her last paycheck
  • Mark had been monitoring her phone calls
  • She did go to see an abuse counselor but when Mark found out he became very angry and either took the children out of the home for a time or made the threat that he would take them should she continue to see the counselor. (it was never confirmed as to which he did)
  • Rumors are that Mark had an abusive past prior to marrying Christi Jo
  • More recent DNA tests have proved that the blood found in Mark’s car was indeed Christi’s.
  • It’s been said that during one point while Mark interviewed with Unsolved Mysteries, he actually giggled while discussing that he heard people suspected he chopped Christi Jo up and put her into garbage bags, then dumped at the local dump. He giggled as he stated something along the lines “They actually went up and searched the area.”   *I personally never viewed the episode myself.*
  • The overall consensus from the town to the investigators who looked at this case is that Christi Jo is in fact dead. No one can prove it…yet.

Can Christi Jo Be Found?

I go back to her suitcase and purse. Officers seemed to feel they were left on purpose, that whoever left them wanted them found. Which is actually pretty dead on. It reminds me of a case a few years back from Colorado. Jessica Ridgeway. Austin Sigg who has since been convicted of murdering and dismembering her did the very same thing. He left her backpack in a residential area where it would be found because he wanted it found. Not for the same reason Christi Jo’s killer wanted her belongings found, the point is they were left in a specific area so as to ensure that they would be found.

A man who is controlling, abusive and who knows every move his wife makes is a whole different breed of killer. Make sure you understand that, he knew her every move prior. She could not have gotten up to sneak out of the home in the middle of the night. He is the type that sleeps with one eye open if you catch my drift.

Men like Mark are clever, manipulative, misleading and always seem to be able to have a reason and answer for why or how something happened. They have all of the answers regardless of whether or not they have been asked the questions.

When you look someone like this in the eye you can literally see them forming the answers before you can even finish thinking of the next question.

Living with this type of individual is risky for any partner because the abuser must be in control of everything. Mark gave himself away the very moment that he told investigators what Christi Jo packed and took with her, he put the cherry on top when he told investigators what she had in her purse. Very few men could look into a woman’s closet no matter how many years they’ve been together and be able to tell you what might be missing, even fewer men could tell you the exact contents of what a woman has in her purse.

Men like Mark do not view a significant other as a person or human being. They are property, they are to think as he does, meet his wants and needs, want the same wants and needs and the victim must always live up to the abusers expectations.

The abuser always has an inventory of what the victim has and doesn’t have, he always knows what the victim plans, doesn’t plan, where she is or will be. Often time’s the victim is not even allowed to shop without her abuser. 

You do not go against the grain with people like Mark, you do not disagree with him, you do as you are told and you keep your mouth shut. You do not argue, question or do something he does not approve of.

In the eyes of the abuser: Victims do not and Cannot seek escape from men like Mark!

Victims in these types of situations are cut off, they feel alone and isolated. They minimize what is actually happening to them in the home, they are programmed on how to respond when something might be seen such as a bruise or when friends or family question the growing distance the victim has from them. They make excuses and not surprisingly the excuses are the exact same wording as the abusers would be if you had asked the abuser what happened.

Everyday is a day lived in constant fear of what the victim might be capable of being able to do wrong so as to displease her abuser.

Dinner cooked wrong, laundry not put away to his specifications, bed made wrong, kid’s too loud, a family pet misbehaving or not doing what he wants it to do or act how he wants it to, not wanting to have sex when and how he wants it. Make up on wrong, clothing he doesn’t agree with. Dressing too sexy, she is having an affair, not dressing sexy enough, you don’t want him or are not showing him you that you want him, (these days you can include: upset over a social media post a victim posted, liked or shared). House dirty, he got in trouble at work or someone is upset with him and it’s her fault.

The list can be exhaustive, but you get the idea I hope.

Christi Jo lived every day of her life in constant fear, a fear that really no words could ever truly describe.

Often time’s victims in these situations will develop substance abuse problems as a way to escape mentally from the constant fear, the abuse, the hateful, hurtful words spoken, as well as both the physical and mental pain they endure.

What should not surprise anyone is that when you peel back the layers more often than not you will find that the victim maybe had a good day or two and took steps to leave the situation, yet somehow the abuser was able to ascertain that info and the victim paid for it one way or another.

The abuser always knows what his victim is up to, despite a victim’s efforts to conceal it.

Abusers like Mark simply will not stand for or allow for his property to walk out the door. He would not allow for them to walk out the door with the children who are also his property.

Losing is not an option to men like Mark.

Once they realize they are losing control over the victim, they start to take or hold things over the victim’s head that matter until the victim agrees to comply with the abusers requests or starts to live up to the abusers standards/expectations.

Some of these items can be and are in no way limited to: Personal property, kicking the victim out of the shared home, the shutting down of the shared bank account or draining it of funds, taking the shared children, jewelry, clothing, car keys, ect.

Mentally and psychologically, they make the victim feel as if something mentally is wrong with her. More often than not the word’s mentally-ill, bipolar or manipulate are tossed at a victim’s feet in an attempt to make the victim feel as if she is the problem, that she has some sort of mental disorder and is incapable of being alone, taking care herself or of the children, she can’t be trusted etc.

They want the victim to come crawling back and will do everything they can so as to ensure that the victim finds she cannot live life without the abuser.  When the victim refuses to go back or stay is when things can go south.

This type of murderer is the deeply invested abuser/murderer. Not the co-dependent type, who ended up in an abusive relationship where they abuse each other. Not the serial murderer, or the drug fueled rage killer.

This is a very controlled type of murderer, they didn’t have some sort of argument when he warded her off she fell, hit her head and inadvertently died. No, men like this, take time to actually plan this out despite the long held belief that abusive men don’t always plan the murder. Quite often it boils down to being able to prove it or not, rest assured they plan the murder well in advance just in case.

Contrary to popular belief long before the victim ever thought of leaving, the abuser developed a plan just in case it got to that point.

In short, he already knew long before he killed her, that he was going to kill her should she try to leave the relationship.

Men like Mark tend to feel above the law. That is why the suitcase and purse were left and why he wanted them to be found.  I would not be surprised one bit if in looking back at around March 1988, in Mark’s life something was amiss or going on.

In Mark’s mind at the time the suitcase and purse were found they were left simply and only because at that particular point in time he had to leave them as a way to offer a new lead if you will. It was not for the purpose of giving the family false hope or anything. It was to throw the investigation off of his trail because he felt investigators were still looking in his direction or to ensure that whatever move Mark made at the time would not be noticed because investigative efforts would be thrown into trying to determine when Christi Jo’s items were left at the rest-stop, by whom and why.

The number one thing with men like Mark is that they have to be in control of the situation. If they feel they are losing control they will do something so as to bring that needed balance back into the picture.

He moved out of the home pretty quickly after Christi Jo vanished, got rid of all traces of her and has since remarried, from what I understand twice.  

Men like this, while they take enough steps to be one step ahead of law enforcement, they still make a mistake or two along the way. Men like Mark tend to feel that they can outsmart the law, again, that they are above the law in some way. In some cases while it appears they have been able to outsmart the law, the reality is that they simply found a way to avoid a murder charge, for the time being. Avoiding and outsmarting are two completely different things. 

He most likely wouldn’t have shot her or stabbed her to death in his car or home, and most definitely would not kill her in such a way that a huge amount of blood would have been lost on any of his property, i.e. his car, his home. Remember, property means more to him at this point than she does because she is letting him down yet again by not living up to his expectations.

He either drove around with her body, including back to his home with her that night or stashed her in a temporary location until he could figure out where to actually put her and when.

The disposal would have happened sometime after the sitter left or during that two hour window he supposedly drove around looking for her. What would have been of the most importance to him is that it would be unlikely that investigators would/could find her body.

He knew that the amount of blood found in the car and home were not enough to indicate someone had sustained a serious bodily injury, so the ability to hide her body so well that no one could find it is of high importance to him and killers like him. Truthfully he always had an idea of where he’d stash a body he just needed to be able to do it at the right time so as not to get caught.

The location of the suitcase and purse are important in that while they are not exactly where the body would actually be, yet they might in fact, have been placed in a subconscious way, more proportional to somewhere in between where Christi Jo was murdered and the location of where Christi Jo’s body is. 

Mark would not have traveled hundreds of miles to dispose of Christi Jo and he most likely would not in broad daylight disposed of her body, the risk is too high unless the area is incredibly isolated.  It would be an area that he knows well, well enough to know it wouldn’t have been thought of to search or investigators wouldn’t have been able to search it, such as government/military owned land. Sometimes when dealing with different agencies a search is not possible because of the pissing matches that tend to occur between the said agencies or government/military entities.

It is an area that he would have been seen around or known to visit prior to the crime but not much after. Maybe an area he spoke about with friends;  land that he was able to get on that he shouldn’t have been on etc.  He always knew that if he ever had to, this would be the area he would dispose of a body. He would have the known the area very well. 

If it were me, I’d search from the rest-stop Christi Jo’s belongings were discovered at and work it from that point outwards and back towards Gothenburg. Think of shapes, leading back to the point of origin. Killers like this typically, unless they are on a planned trip with the spouse, don’t travel great distances to kill, they kill in one area, generally close to or at home and travel away from home but not to far, to dispose of the body.

Finding Christi Jo’s body does not guarantee a conviction but for her family it would mean the world so that they could give her a proper burial. I am confident, in fact I am positive that if investigators work the point of origin from the rest-stop back to somewhere in between the bar, the convenience store and her home, that they will finally locate Christi Jo.

Cristal M Clark

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A serial killer is defined as someone who has murdered three or more people over a period of more than a month, with a cooling-off period between murders. The motive is usually based on psychological (often sexual) gratification, though the motives may also include anger, thrill, money, and attention seeking.

America’s first serial killer:

H.H. Holmes confessed to have killed 27 individuals, including children. In 1893 Holmes opened a hotel which he had designed and built for himself specifically so that he could murder, and which was the location of many of his murders. The hotel was at one point dubbed Murder Castle. The home had halls and stairwells that went nowhere, his very own labyrinth so that he could kill. It had secret gas chambers, rooms that were built with blow torches so that he could incinerate his victims, he also had a huge bank vault where he’d lock victims for days leaving them to suffocate.

The actual number of victims of H.H. Holmes murder spree is widely debated still to this day.

All Serial Killers Are Isolated and Dysfunctional Loners

The majority of serial killers are not reclusive social misfits who live alone, despite really convincing depictions of them as such in the news and entertainment industries, they more often than not do not appear to be strange or stand out from the public in any meaningful way.

Many serial killers are able to successfully hide out in plain sight for extended periods of time. Many of which have jobs, families and are non threatening. In reality it is because serial killers can appear to be so innocuous, that they are often overlooked by law enforcement officials when investigating crimes that occurred near the killer.
Ed Kemper (the “Co-ed Killer”) socialized quite a bit was viewed as non threatening and friendly with police  some officers were considered his friend, he even went out to the same bar police were known to frequent after the murder of his mother.

Serial killers look just like everyone else, so they can hide out in plain sight. It’s their ability to blend in that makes them very compelling to the general public. The not knowing if the person you are standing next to in Starbucks might be the serial killer Law Enforcement is currently searching for is what’s frightening.

Will Travel…To Murder

The idea of a roaming, homicidal maniac who travels all over to kill is another myth hyped up by the media, TV shows and movies. While Ted Bundy is a rare exception, he traveled and killed interstate the fact is that most killers don’t travel interstate to kill. Ted Bundy also twice escaped from police custody and committed at least 30 homicides – in the states of Washington, Utah, Florida, Colorado, Oregon, Idaho and California. That number some day could end up being more than 30 as bodies are discovered. Who knows.

He was articulate, educated, well-groomed and charming. Aside from other typical serial killers Ted Bundy was unique. 

Unlike Ted Bundy, most serial killers have what’s called a comfort zone. They stick close to an area they are most comfortable picking victims from and then killing in. Usually it is close to home, work or a favorite place to go and hang out. It’s an area that they frequent quite a bit.

Serial killers sometimes return to areas they know like the town or city they grew up in to commit murder. Over time, serial murderers may extend their activities outside of their comfort zone but only after building their confidence by executing several successful murders while avoiding detection by Law Enforcement.

 Serial Killers Are Men

This is one of my favorite myths about serial murders. Here is a list of a few unforgettable female serial killers:

~Nannie Doss – AKA The Giggling Nanny

Killed 4 of her 5 husbands, her mother, her sister, her grandson and her mother in-law

~Elizabeth Bathory – Better known as the Blood Countess

Bewteen 1585 and 1610, Báthory is believed to have tortured and killed nearly 650 girls – mostly teenage peasants.

~Jane Toppan – Jolly Jane

Jolly Jane a sadistic nurse confessed to 31 one murders

~Miyuki Ishikawa – The Demon Midwife

In the 1940’s she murdered roughly 103 children

Let’s not forget…

~ Aileen Wuornos

Between 1989-1999 she killed 7 men

Serial Killers Can’t Stop Killing

One of the biggest reasons that serial killers stop killing is a change in circumstances. The changes can be a new life like marriage and family, change in jobs, sexual substitution or other diversions.

The BTK killer Dennis Rader murdered 10 individuals from 1979 to 1991.  He would send letters to the police and media detailing his crimes until sometime in the early 2000’s. He stopped writing until 2004, and was caught in 2005.

He told investigators that he used sexual diversions such as auto-erotic activities in the place of killing during his hiatus.

Jeffrey Gorton killed his first victim in 1986, the second in 1991 and he did not kill again until 2002 when he was caught. According to the FBI, Gorton engaged in cross-dressing and masturbation, as well as consensual sex with his wife between the murders.

All Serial Killers are Insane or Incredible Evil Genius Types

The truth is that most serial killers test from borderline to above average intelligence. It’s not like the movies or TV shows.  Very few are found legally insane. The serial killer who is an “evil genius” is pretty much a Hollywood invention.

Do All Serial Killers Want to Get Caught?

This one is debatable. Some say yes while others insist that they get caught because as they build confidence in the ability to kill and get away with it they become careless and make mistakes. Sometimes I think this is true but I also feel very strongly that in a subconscious way, they ultimately want to get caught because they feed off of the idea they are known or are now famous.

If a serial killer goes to his deathbed without being known yet spent time leaving signs it was him or her committing the murders, or sent letters to the media or police to boast and describe the crimes, or has an unmistakable signature with killing and disposal of a body and we never learn the identity of the killer it has to be somewhat deflating and disappointing to the killers ego. For the killer this is the highest he will climb in his killing career ladder and as with most people when you hit the height of your career you want for people to know. I believe that hiding and waiting to be found or caught is a game to them. They won’t come right out and tell you who they are but deep down they want to the world to know because somewhere along the lines, no one really knew who they were and they didn’t pay attention this person in the way he or she felt they needed or wanted. Almost all of our actions and behaviors are driven by want’s, needs and desires.

Cristal M Clark


I know that many of you are wondering why I opted to put a picture of Lt. Joseph Gliniewicz up? Well, he was a not so good cop in that he stole money from the very program he helped to create and run. He didn’t beat anyone or shoot anyone, in fact, by all accounts as far as his job was concerned, the one where he worked the streets as a cop, he was rather exemplary at it.


As of today however, his own brothers and sisters in uniform, in turn upon learning of his crime have since dubbed him a disgrace and are now tossing around through media, accusations of additional indiscretions/misconduct, by this officer. News comments sections are lighting up already this morning over that headline.

Think about those of you who used Lt. Joseph Gliniewicz’s death as a way to parlay and insinuate that police are; bad, thugs, racists, gun toting mafia types, who protect each other, rape women and, who shoot to kill anything that moves especially unarmed, innocent African Americans.


Maybe Lt. Joseph Gliniewicz was a coward in the end, maybe he wasn’t. His death however opened a door and exposes us to how we really feel as a nation about police, most importantly about how we feel about each other. This is the real Ferguson Effect. It actually has a hell of a lot less to do with racial bias on the part of police than most people realize. The overall consensus is that cops are thugs, hired mob men, rapists, liars, bullies, thieves…the list just spirals down and out from then on.

Of course everyone is entitled to his or her opinion, just keep in mind however that, when shared publicly on forums or message boards if you speak hate, you breed it. If you continue to say things such as “and to think the police blamed blacks for this, now who is to blame, whites” you continue to breed racist views.

You continue to be the problem.

We, the public are keeping us divided by race, sexual orientation, age and gender. We speak it daily, we live it daily and we teach it to our children. The Ferguson Effect has more to do with how we feel about one another than how our police feel about us. Our policing issues are a way different beast altogether.

I actually took the time to read through countless articles, message boards, forums and the like and put together a rather interesting take on how the public in general feels. As much as I could, I tried to capture some of the more negative comments because, like the media chooses to do, I wanted to give you a one sided view.

NBC had a great start with: Video shows Cop Body Slamming High School Girl in SC Classroom.


The first paragraph:

“The FBI has been asked to investigate an incident at a South Carolina high school Monday in which a police officer appeared to body slam a female student and drag her across a classroom.”

Second Paragraph:

“The confrontation, captured on cellphone video at Spring Valley High School in Columbia, S.C., has drawn intense criticism on social media, from the school district’s Black Parents Association — the student is African-American — and the American Civil Liberties Union of South Carolina, which called the deputy’s actions ‘egregious.’”

“the student is African-American.” You know if the media stuck more to facts rather than race we wouldn’t have so much of the Ferguson Effect, i.e. racial bias on the part of police, going on and we could deal with the real issues with policing in America which I might add, no one has a clue about because we are too busy making those issues into race issues.

IF the media actually gave a shit they would have stuck to the story without having had to involve the race of the girl. What happened was they creatively, and with gross negligence, inserted race as if it mattered into the story. It didn’t matter, the article was fine the way it started and should have maintained that the entire way through. That would have been integrity at it’s fullest.

Making statements like “the school district’s Black Parents Association” hell even having a Black Parent’s Association speaks volumes to a kid. Do we not have PTA’s in all school districts in this country that are made up of all races of the parents or do blacks need to separate, as in to segregate themselves from the other races?   

Is everyone missing this or…when groups up and decide they need to create the same group but one for their own race they are only segregating themselves and by doing so they are breeding the very definition of racism.  

Every time race is inserted into a news story, commentary, or headline we create an atmosphere that indulges itself in those ideas. In turn, in our minds they become the real issue because it’s being shoved down our throats at every turn.


I agree with FBI director James B Comey in that we have an issue currently with policing in America, I don’t agree with him, the media and myself included,  calling it The Ferguson Effect.

I don’t agree with that because, that title, in and of itself further perpetuates the idea and notion that race is the underlying issue with policing in this country. It’s not!


What our government, community leaders, BLM and other groups should be looking at is what are the real issues and work on those. So people like Hillary Clinton shouldn’t be sitting with people like Michael Brown’s mother, Tamir Rice’s mother or Trayvon Martins mother and figuring out how to stop police from shooting innocent African-American Males, who happened to be breaking the fucking law at the time they got shot. three upstanding, shining examples of young American Men who were blatantly showing the entire world just how much someone else’s life mattered at the time they were each shot.  She does us all a disservice by once again turning this into a race issue. Doesn’t she have some damn Benghazi scandal to continue to cover up anyway?  


We have great police departments all over across this country, ones that seemingly do everything right, yet we have some where the very communities they police fear them. Why? Address that, without the benefit of using race as the reason the relationship between a community and its officers has broken down if you dig enough you’re going to find the truth. It’s not race at all.

It is a two way street, both sides need to stop using race as reasons, justification and excuses. Simply put, race needs to stop being used as a reason to behave badly, as an excuse as to why someone feels that they have been unjustly treated and/or seemingly held back from being able to live the life they feel that they deserve.

Every time race is used as a reason for something, a way to hurt or insult another, the very idea that we are divided as a nation and a people is further instilled into the young minds of all young American’s.


Below, are some of the many news articles I made it through with some of the comments posters made to further drive home the point that The Ferguson Effect is more about our misguided views, perpetuated by a media starved for any action because it sells advertising time. It does highlight though that the public is upset and angry at our police but why? Reading the comments I saw a lot of regurgitation of information but nothing that would indicate why someone hates cops so much…a real reason, something personal…

Anyway, if you make it all the way to end you might get a chuckle out of the last article, where I included my own personal comments. Admittedly, reading a lot of these can bring you down a little so the last article is a little on the fun side.  

*Note, I didn’t take the time to correct any grammar or spelling errors that posters made I just copied over the comments I found on each news site.*


The Washington Post, August 8, 2015 “Ferguson: The Police Still Killing Unarmed Black Men One Year Later”


Byron Allen

7:24 AM EST

the entire issue is fabricated in an effort to get black voters to the poles next year.

Steve Kiefer

10/27/2015 2:35 PM EDT

Since blacks commit 40% to 50% (depending of the year) of all voilent crimes it should be no surprise they are 40% of those shot while unarmed.

the “police are out to get black people” narrative is a media made myth.


10/30/2015 12:49 AM EDT

How about we try looking at the inverse scenario? Of 800,000 police officers in this country, an average of 23 are killed each year by African Americans. Of 41,700,000 African Americans in this country, an average of 238 are killed each year by police (regardless of justification). That means that police officers are generally at least 5 times more likely to be killed by an African American than an African-American is to be killed by the police.

Tim Ray

10/11/2015 10:25 PM EDT

“Anyone who doubts the vicious anti-white racism displayed by the controlled mass media in America need only consider the fact that they have ignored at least 9,000 nonwhite upon nonwhite murders which have occurred in the last year in favor of the Zimmerman/Martin case where they tried to show ‘white racism.’

According to the FBI’s own statistics, there were 14,548 homicides in 2011. Of this number, 5,486, or 53.7 percent, of the offenders were identified as black, and another 4.077 as “unknown.”http://newobserveronline.com/media-ignores-9000-bl…


10/8/2015 8:34 PM EDT

When 30% of your male population has been in jail at one time or another, and most of the murders committed in the 4 worst cities in the country are caused by black gangs and black drug dealing, then the cops are going to err on the side of caution. If 70% of black children grow up without fathers and then you blame society because your culture is uneducated, uncontrolled, and challenges authority, then you have only yourself to blame. Keep challenging the cops so they are hesitant to stop the real criminals so your cities and areas stay drug riddled toilets. Keep pushing rap and gansta lifestyles as things to achieve instead of education and hard work and eventually someone will take out the thugs either through legal or illegal means. Why do you think concealed carry permits are still on the rise?

Jack Burke

8/16/2015 10:19 PM EDT

Individuals (BLACK, WHITE, HISPANICS,ASIAN, ETC.) who do not respect authority and do not comply to Officers commands cause many of these tragic incidents by their own behavior resulting in DEATH. Believe the numbers or not, MORE WHITES ARE KILLED BY POLICE EVERY YEAR THAN BLACKS. Where are the PROTESTERS about the BLACK on BLACK CRIMES like MURDERS, ROBBERIES, HOME INVASIONS,ETC.???? This counry has been going down hill for past 7 years due the present Administration Policies.

Finally a really good response to the article….


8/14/2015 8:27 PM EDT

Admittedly, the disparity in the number of unarmed black men killed warrants an examination of what is happening, but it is only a starting point, and does not remotely justify any conclusion on its own. A lot of factors that have nothing to do with racial profiling could easily be the cause.

For example, after the Trayvon Martin shooting, the Tampa Bay Times built a database of killings in Florida where the killer claimed self-defense (supposedly a database of ‘Stand-Your-Ground” cases, but included cases, like Martin’s, where SYG was not a factor). Initially they reported that they had found that those who killed black men were significantly more likely to avoid charges or be acquitted than those who killed members of other races, a point played up in the media to attack self-defense laws as racially biased. However, the Tampa Bay Times gave no explanation for this fact that they reported out of context, and simply implied that it was due to racism.

But the very next day they reported *all* the statistics from the database, in a story largely ignored, including the fact that the reason why the killers of black men were convicted of a crime less often was because when black men were killed in cases where self-defense was claimed, they were significantly more likely than any other group to be armed and/or committing a violent crime when killed. And the people who killed them were overwhelmingly black victims of those violent crimes. That explained why their killers weren’t convicted of crimes, not racial bias.

The point is that while statistics like the one reported in this story, and the one cherry-picked and reported out of context initially by the Tampa Bay Times should cause one to ask for answers as to why there is such a difference, neither of them remotely justify jumping to the conclusion that the correct answer is racism. Each case needs to be evaluated individually, and factors that differ between cases, other than race, must also be considered.


Mother Jones, July 29, 2015 – Cincinnati Cop Charged With Murder in Fatal Shooting of Unarmed Black Man


Gene Starwind3 months ago

They’ll get an all-white jury that will acquit yet another murderer with a badge. Dexter would be so proud.

CatKinNY  Guest3 months ago

You seem to be under the misapprehension that the police are allowed to execute people who are attempting to flee after they stop them for something trivial. THEY ARE NOT, which is why Tensing has been arrested for murder, as was Michael Slager in Charleston.

Cops had better wake up to the fact that they are operating in a world transformed by video cameras, where their sworn statements that they feared for their lives won’t be accepted by prosecutors or jurors who can watch what they did with their own eyes and judge them on it.

FYI, Tennessee v Garner, which held that the police may only fire on fleeing FELONY suspects IF they have reasonable cause to think the suspect is an imminent danger to themselves or others, was decided in 1985; what Tensing did has been unambiguously against the law longer than he’s been alive. If they can’t shoot fleeing burglars, they REALLY can’t shoot you for a missing license plate.

Local Guy  LittleLion8U3 months ago

You think the cop wanted to kill that guy? He woke up that morning saying “Ima kill a black man today!” AND! I’m going to make sure my camera is working.

Seditious  Local Guy3 months ago

It must be nice to have the issue of Black people being executed over trivial offenses, at the end of the day, be Diversions From Work. I guess that comes from not having to worry about your child or your husband or your cousins or your co-workers or your sister every time we hop in the car. Must be nice.

Nikki Ramey  LittleLion8U3 months ago


aoeu  Local Guy3 months ago

so it wasn’t on purpose, someone just gave a retard a gun and a badge…

images (1)

The Washington Post November 4, 2015 Illinois police officer whose death prompted a manhunt was killed in ‘carefully staged suicide,’ officials say


10:33 AM EST

And now we know this guy had a long history of disciplinary problems, including threatening to put three bullets in a police dispatcher’s chest! And yet he was promoted into positions of authority! The PD was fully aware he was a rogue cop, yet they celebrated him as a “hero”, and tried to cover up his crimes!

Jae Anderson

11/5/2015 10:03 AM EST

How many innocent citizens were harassed and/or detained during the manhunt that ensued after this jackwad took his own life?

Val Hall

11/5/2015 7:49 AM EST

This should not be the end of the investigation. Those within the police department and city government who tried to pressure, muzzle and vilify the coroner, who must have known within a few days that this was a suicide, should pay with their jobs.

project honda

11/5/2015 7:06 AM EST

A non-thinker, a spectacle suicide to have every aspect of hie life examined!

He should of taken up sky diving and sabotaged the parachute!

Instead he was addicted to the Hollywood script of two Honkies and a Brother!


11/5/2015 5:27 AM EST

Funny how the leader of the fraternal order of murdering pigs is going off about Quentin Tarantino….

But not a word about this fake “fallen hero” scumbag.


11/5/2015 5:08 AM EST

Turns out the “hero” is just another scummy stinking pig…

At least this one shot the right person.


11/5/2015 4:17 AM EST

Isn’t this always the case? With almost 30 years as a Cop your telling me someone didn’t look the other way? And that’s the problem with law enforcement…the corruption is systemic. Whether it be bearing false witness on Police Reports or covering up the corruption of others, most Cops are crooked. I just can’t wrap my mind around what is worse. Actively being corrupt, or witnessing corruption and doing nothing about it…even lying to protect the other Cops from being held accountable. Time and time again, these guys attempt to join the FBI and are rejected after the lie detector test. Gee, I wonder why? Every Cop who ever worked with this guy probably has their life under a Microscope right now. I see a lot of “Early” retirements and lateral transfers on the Horizon. I’ll bet there are tons of Lawyers who had contact with him that would tell you the same thing. Some that I’ve talked to over the years have told me that a lot of Cops are compulsive liars when it comes to advancing their careers or explaining inconsistencies in their reports.


11/5/2015 12:21 AM EST

Oh and the right wing propaganda was blowing up after this happened with the right wing calling for a shoot-first approach to black men because they were certain, beyond any doubt, that it was “black thugs” from Chicago that had traveled to Fox Lake to assassinate this police officer. I was so appalled by what I was reading all over the place at that time and was truly fearful that many unsuspecting, innocent people would get roughed up or worse during the manhunt and investigation.  

I also am really confused how gunshot residue tests immediately done would not tell investigators what they now admit to…that the stippling showed this shooting was self-inflicted.  

I am so disgusted right now.

Kaspar Hauser

11/4/2015 11:26 PM EST

I guess Fox will have to look for a new poster boy for BlueLivesMatter.

Fox News November 4, 2015 – Illinois police officer’s shooting death called ‘carefully staged suicide


Kashmere2823 hours ago

Do you sheep believe there are some bad cops now? Or are you still in denial?

TellMeSomethingGood23 hours ago

So did this guy lie and say it was Black men who shot him? If true, what else is new?  Cops need to look at their own.  I don’t like Black Lives Matter and I don’t like the cop community turning a blind eye to the fact they have a LOT of bad cops.

Kashmere2823 hours ago

You don’t need a college degree to be a good cop. No wonder our country is going down hill. We value pieces of paper more than a person’s potential.

ChukUFarley1 day ago

Just another crooked cop

spqrome1 day ago

Contrary to what cons believe……some cops are criminals too.

For some strange reason, cons believe that the laws that apply to you and I should not apply to cops. And anything they do is above scrutiny and should never be questioned.

It’s very similar to the police states of Iran and NK

Kato30001 day ago

When they first announced this cop’s death, the blogs were filled with racism and blaming BLM. My oh my the conversation looks different now.

guestfornow1 day ago

@Kato3000 No, it’s still the same…… BLM SUCKS!

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ABC News November 4, 2015 – Fox Lake Officer Committed Suicide After Years of ‘Extensive Criminal Acts’  


trompe l’oeil  Mhysaa day ago

Really setting an example of what to expect from that line of work though

trompe l’oeil  Abrona day ago

My grandfather was a captain of detectives, trained by the FBI.

He told me about corrupt politicians and police since I was very young, first hand. Denying that there are criminal police is seriously naive

Wastrel Way  Code of the West20 hours ago

Most of us do not have extensive contact with criminals, the ability to assist them with their problems, and we do not experience the temptations that arise. It’s quite likely that more police fall into corruption than ordinary citizens

me jackson  Code of the West11 hours ago

I think you’re seriously naive. The “Blue LIne” mentality among police officers keeps the truth about true police criminality from being revealed.

Police have a difficult job But no one forces them into the profession. They do so knowing the hardships and the privileges it provides, including the ability to retire at 55 years (for most LE agencies.

they are held above mere citizens because they are supposed to uphold the law. Officers who violate that position are therefore destructive to the rule of law and should be held accountable.

This officer’s suicide is a tragedy for his family-my sympathies go out to them. But he is nonetheless a police officer who violated his public trust.

me jackson  Code of the West3 hours ago

“Your opinion is meaningless” a typical law enforcement response-“who cares what those we are sworn to protect think.”

It will be the downfall of LE in this nation if such thinking continues. People are tired of police officers hiding the crimes of the minority of their numbers. In the past 20 years, I’ve seen a big difference in the way juries accept, or don’t accept, the testimony of LE officers.

“Meaningless” will be the status of respect for LE unless LE changes.

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Fox News November 5, 2015 – Widow and Son Under Investigation in Embezzlement Scheme – http://www.foxnews.com/us/2015/11/05/widow-son-illinois-officer-under-investigation-in-embezzlement-scheme/?intcmp=hplnws

JoseCalo46 minutes ago

Look at all the other 5000 cops attending his funeral despite knowing the facts about their crooked buddy ?. What does this tell us ? That they approve of his behavior and stick by him no matter what ? Only gangsters and Mafia types attend the funerals of their deceased fellow wrongdoers in good conscience, or lack of it. He didn’t deserve to have so many fellow cops at his funeral. I sincerely hope that traffic was not blocked and public resources – i.e. gas, motorcycles, cars, time, tax payer money, etc – were not used to honor this thief. This is why we need to be vigilant with respect to cops. Look at their behavior – sticking together even in the face of clear and proven wrongdoing by one of their own. That says a lot about our Police Forces and their dangerous brotherhood.

bharata37 minutes ago

@JoseCalo  If you look at the distributions of the psychological profiles of policemen and of convicted felons, they are almost identical.

bharata15 minutes ago

@ServedwithPride1973 @JoseCalo  We have reached the point where the police cause more harm than they prevent.  We would be better off with no cops than with the cops that we have.

JoseCalo1 hour ago

To think that this guy’s buddies and coworkers were angry at the Coroner’s release of these facts is abominable. It only indicates how dangerous this Blue Wall of Silence is. We need to keep an eye on our police officers, be suspicious of them, for often they turn out to be more ruthless than the bad people they supposedly protect us from.

northernpike257 minutes ago

@JoseCalo  Wake up amigo, the only people they protect are themselves.

JoseCalo1 hour ago

Crooked cop. I sincerely hope that all the testimony this guy gave in court that led to the arrest, imprisonment, or fining of citizens is thrown out and such sentences reversed and thrown out. No wonder people question cops and trust them less.

DaisyCutterGBU1 hour ago

@JoseCalo He embezzled money, he didn’t falsify his criminal cases. You do see the difference right?

JohnCPR1 hour ago

@DaisyCutterGBU @JoseCalo How do you know what he is/was capable of doing?

lockwoodj1 hour ago

Let’s hope the media covers this with all the vigor they expended, when they bought into the false “Black Lives Matter” narrative.  Bad cops are just that, bad cops.  And everyone thought this was one of the good ones.  No, there is no systemic problems within the LE community.  When will “good cops” stand up and demand accountability?  Perhaps this is indicative of what constitutes “good cops.”


Fox News November 6, 20158 – Crooked Illinois cop’s colleagues accused him of sexual harassment, threatening behavior


777211 24 minutes ago


fricsaid6 minutes ago

When this story first broke, Fox turned this guy in to a Martyr.

Shame on you Fox.

Shame on society for their rush to judgment.

SomeOneYouDontKnow11 minutes ago

Cops are a paid organized gang of th ugs and criminals.

aquarian15 minutes ago

How reassuring to see that local police promote trouble cops.

SomeOneYouDontKnow17 minutes ago

Only in America do we pay cops to be an organized gang of th ugs to harass it’s citizens.

777211222 minutes ago


abingdonitte23 minutes ago

This seems like the culture of police in general, not just one “bad apple”. They’re basically frat boys who think they can do whatever they want. They graduated high school and had no one left to pick on, so wearing a badge gives them back that power.

scribe3s30 minutes ago

The guy obviously had more than a few problems. Look at his desire to remain as close as possible to the military, paratrooper tats, and the haircut (high and tight doesn’t begin to describe it). He looked like a real piece of work, however I think he was very volatile and unpredictable, therefore people were afraid to get involved with him.

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The Hill May 22, 2015 – Why no outrage for other victims of police brutality?


avenger 3 5 months ago

Why no outrage that 12.8% blacks commit 65% of the crime in this country. The problem is not the police, it is the thugs.

Elbert Dempsey5 months ago

The reason is because blacks live for any controversy that can get them something for free. Blacks are a unique species of worthless people looking for something for nothing.

Zapp B.  Guest5 months ago

Black males between the ages of 15-34 comprise about 3% of the US population. That group is responsible for over half of the violent crimes in the US. Care to explain how the cops are targeting them again?


My Personal Favorites:

This joke of a news story:

CNN November 6, 2015 – Man almost arrested in officer’s death


Yes, he claims he was “almost” arrested, I believe what he meant was the police asked him to come in for questioning and provide proof that he was not in the area during the shooting. But yeah, I totally felt his fear and anxiety that resulted from his “Almost” arrest. Ladies and Gent’s don’t step outside because you too could “Almost” be arrested for just about anything these days. I mean the the options are limitless considering the insane police in this country will make up anything they can to “ALMOST” arrest you.

And this one that I have no words for:

Newser November 6, 2015Sources: Crooked Cop Had Son Marry His Mistress



Lastly, this news story, it hits home for someone like me. It strikes the most profound fear that I have ever experienced in my life.  I am now afraid to drink coffee and drive.

In fact, I am so terrified, I can’t eat, I can’t sleep, I can’t drink my coffee without living in constant fear that some gun toting, lunatic, wayward cop is going to stop me, take my coffee away, rape me, shoot me, racially profile me, beat me, threaten me and worse yet, ALMOST arrest me. Then he and his out of control, mafia type, lying, cheating cop buddies will cover up the fact that they stole my coffee. Without reason, motive or cause. Just like that, they took it away.

I am forced to live in constant fear that because I am a coffee drinker the police will take my coffee away from me. I would put my hands up but I then I would have nowhere to put my coffee. 

Fox9.com October 20, 2015 – Minnesota woman pulled over for drinking coffee while driving


Cristal M Clark

Who Killed Kaitlyn Arquette?


For Lois Duncan who has climbed every mountain that she could in an effort to find her daughters killer.


Kait was shot twice in the head July 16, 1989 at approximately 11:00pm pm as Kait was driving east on Lomas Blvd, Albuquerque NM. Her car jumped the median and came to a rest against a pole at the intersection of Lomas and Arno streets. She was in a coma, officially declared brain-dead. Her family made the gut wrenching decision to shut off life support the next evening July 17, 1989.


What makes this case interesting isn’t even that her mother is famed Author Lois Duncan who penned  “I Know What You Did Last Summer.” What makes this case interesting is that the very police force tasked with investigating it was and has been riddled with accusations of police cover-ups, criminal activity, corruption and several former officers who have been sent to prison for a multitude of criminal activity.


A lot of different stories went around during the investigation. What’s certain is that Kait had been shot twice in the head. Two bullets traveled through the driver’s side window, one striking Kait in the left temple and one in the cheek. It appears that a car drove up next to her and shot her. Hardly, an accident although police did initially rule it a random drive-by shooting in that perhaps Kait had not been the intended target.  

In the days after the murder, no suspect was found, no murder weapon, no real motive could be found for such a senseless murder. Detective Steve Gallegos did get a few of what seemed promising clues though. Kait’s friend stated that Kait was upset with her then boyfriend, which in and of itself is not unusual considering that Kait was only 18. It has been said that some of Kait’s friends believed she had been planning to break up with her boyfriend, a Vietnamese man named Dung (pronounced “Yoon”) Nguyen.

From the background on Dung, many doubted that he’d have hurt Kait or have her hurt. Dung fled Vietnam by sea after the Americans evacuated and he was nearly a decade older than Kait. They met at a coffeehouse a year and a half before her death, it seemed at least to Kait’s family that he made Kait happy. They spent holidays together, he even referred to Lois, Kait’s mother as mom.

When Detective Gallegos was able to reach Dung for questioning, Dung stated that on the night Kait was murdered he had been at a bar with a couple of friends and afterward, they gave him a ride to Kait’s apartment. “I waited and waited for her,” Dung later told a local reporter. “But she never came home.”

The interview with Dung was conducted just hours after the shooting, so Detective Gallegos tested Dung’s hands for gunshot residue. When he searched the apartment, he placed just one item into evidence.  

A small yellow piece of paper with a note that Dung said Kait had written him earlier in the day. “Hon, where are you,” the note read. “I know you’re still mad. I’m so sorry OK! I miss you today. I went to mom’s house to return these books. I’ll see ya. Love.”

The residue test came back negative,  no other evidence was found that implicated Dung,  something Kait’s brother Brett agreed with as he liked his sister’s boyfriend and he went to the police station and told Detective Gallegos that.

Five days after Kait’s murder, Dung was staying with a couple of friends in an Air Force dorm room. When the friends returned from a restaurant, they discovered him on a bunk bed in the corner, moaning. There was blood on the sheets and a 4-inch folding knife on the bed. Dung had stabbed himself in the stomach.

Dung was distraught over Kait’s murder and blamed himself in a way for arguing with her; he felt had they not argued she might still be alive according to what he told Detective Gallegos. He did survive his suicide attempt.

Kait’s family heard a rumor at some point that Dung was deeply involved in an auto-accident insurance scheme group down in southern Cali. The group it’s said that he was working the scams with is pretty dirty and low down. The individuals who controlled those types of criminal groups could be pretty ruthless.

Kait’s sister Robin has wondered if somehow Kait’s shooting and Dung’s attempted suicide were somehow connected to the insurance fraud scheme because people don’t usually try to off themselves by stabbing themselves in the stomach. I wonder the same thing.

Kaits sister saw a psychic who suggested that Dung, although not directly responsible for Kait’s murder might have information with regards to who had committed it. Subsequent conversations with Dung after that, with Kait’s family about whether or not he knows who did it, have been out of character for him to say the least. He simply has not provided any information.

Additionally, later on Kait’s family learned that Kait had been part of a car accident for the Insurance Fraud crew that Dung worked with, a friend of Kait’s told Lois that she had received a call from Dung the night of Kait’s murder, where he told her “Kait Dead, Kait Dead” yet the police hadn’t yet at least according to the police records officially told Dung of Kait’s death yet. They didn’t call him until after 3am.

Then while Lois was taking care of Kait’s personal affairs after her daughter’s death she noticed that on July 17th, the exact time the family was at the hospital, with Dung, that three telephone calls had been placed from Kait’s apartment to Orange county but the number was unlisted. Odd because everyone was at the hospital who would have or should have had access to Kait’s apartment.

Even more odd, the note that police claim was written from Kait to Dung, the one that Dung gave to Detective Gallegos during the interview, wasn’t Kait’s handwriting according to family.

In fact, the note had spelling errors and mistakes that Kait would not have made according to her family.

The police seemed to have at one point lost interest. Detective Gallegos stopped calling Lois back, wasn’t really doing much despite the fact that Dung’s stellar performance was beginning to lose traction and fall completely apart.

Shockingly in a bizarre twist, Dung admitted finally to the insurance fraud scheme.  Initially in Dung’s encounters with the police, he said that he knew nothing about the insurance fraud when he in  fact did, and he later admitted to participating in two staged accidents. Both of which were planned and paid for by a paralegal in Orange County. He lied because a friend and fellow fraudster told him to. The friend, just so happened to find his way into Kait’s apartment and…made the three mysterious phone calls from Kait’s apartment. Each one was to the staged accident-planning paralegal.

Now here’s what one would think, the case would finally be solved and it seems that Dung’s friends might have had something to do with her death right? It gets even more bizarre than this.

The Albuquerque Police Department conducting the investigation, found two men, two men they subsequently charged with Kait’s murder. Police said the man who fired the gun that killed Kait, had been sitting in the passenger seat of a Camaro. His name was Miguel Garcia, but he went by Mike. In an interview with police, a friend told police that Mike’s nickname was: Vamp.

Then an accomplice of Mike’s whose name was Juvenal “Juve” Escobedo was arrested in connection to Kait’s murder along with Mike. In the summer of 1989, Mike and Juve were 18 and 21, respectively.

According to what Detective Gallegos, they said that they had been out for a ride in Juve’s Camaro — Juve was driving — when they saw a blonde in a little red Ford. An affidavit for an arrest warrant described that, “Juve dared Mike to shoot at the female driver and so Mike then pointed a revolver at the blonde female driver through his passenger window, which was open, and fired several shots.

Sad is it is to say, the case fell apart shortly after the arrests. It appears that the friend who turned on Juve and Mike who offered police information to begin with stated that he was sitting the the back seat of the Camaro at the time of the shooting.  At some point it turned out that, that was not possible as said friend had been in jail the night of the shooting.

That friend also said that he saw Mike take a gun from underneath a mattress and box spring from his family’s home earlier that night, the friend said it was the same gun used to kill Kait. Yet when police found the gun it was missing a bushing and spring and happened to be inoperable and had been that way for months.

It took less than two week for the case to unravel and for charges to be dropped against Juve and Mike.

The police were insistent that these two were in fact guilty of Kait’s murder and focused all efforts they could in an effort to collect the needed evidence to prove that. Detectives spoke to neighbors who claimed to have heard Mike talking about the crime, as well as another man who told a cop and jail guards, that he too witnessed the murder from the Camaro’s backseat.

By the time a grand jury was convened, he backed off the claim and said the confession was coerced. He only made the statement, he said, after the detective interviewing him turned off a tape recorder and threatened him. “If you don’t want to cooperate, then I’ll just send you to prison and set you up on the death penalty.”

A month after the charges were dismissed, Juve and Mike were indicted by the Grand Jury for first-degree murder. Mike had remained in jail, but Juve, who had been freed, was nowhere to be found. Police claimed at the time they were searching high and low for him…they came up empty handed.

In the spring of 1991, district attorney, Robert Schwartz, decided to drop the charges against Juve and Mike because although, he personally felt they were guilty the witnesses were increasingly becoming more and more unreliable.

Mr. Schwartz believed the witnesses had been intimidated. “They became pretty much unusable,” he stated to Lois, Kait’s mother “The other problem was, the defense attorneys had gotten on to this Vietnamese connection. It has a much better motive than our case.”

I actually believe the Vietnamese connection is the key as do many others, the fact here is that police refused to even consider it let alone investigate it, and the DA, Mr. Schwartz, never took that spin anywhere either. 

Here are some tidbits to chew on:

  • A plainclothes detective who had working another crime, driving witnesses to the police station saw Kait’s car and figured it was an accident and radioed it in but did not stop, rather he kept driving. Dispatch came back and informed him no one had reported the accident so he turned around and went back.
  • Initially the detective who drove by the car did in fact report seeing a second car a VW, that wasn’t at the scene upon his return
  • A man who lived around the corner from the scene later tell police that after hearing what sounded like gunshots, he peeked out his front window and saw a VW bug racing away from the scene. But the detective didn’t see this and there were no late-night high-speed chases through downtown Albuquerque. Instead, the detective found a man standing near Kait’s car. “He happened to be passing by,” the detective later explained in a deposition.
  • The first person on record as having been at the crime scene was a man named Paul Apodaca.  Paul was driving a VW bug
  • Pat Caristo a very highly respected former police officer, investigator and now private investigator looked at the case after having been hired by the Arquette’s, she noted that during her deconstruction of the crime that no bullet, shells or casings were ever recovered from the scene or Kait
  • The forensic pathologist who examined Kait suggested that the two bullets that killed her were fired from a small-caliber pistol, yet when Pat examined photos of Kait’s car, she noticed a large bullet hole in the car’s driver-side door that appeared to have come from at least a .38
  • After Pat interviewed the first two officers to arrive on the scene that fateful night, she concluded that from that point on, they had not one confirmed fact in the case, not one
  • Kait’s car had sustained damage to the left end of the rear bumper, which suggests the rear of her vehicle was struck and pushed to the right by a second vehicle which veered her car across the median and into the utility pole
  • When Violent Crimes Detective Ronald Merriman and Officer Mary Ann Wallace arrived at the scene, Paul was already there, standing next to Kait’s car.  His VW Bug was not in evidence.  Apparently someone had taken off in the VW and left him there when they realized police were arriving.
  • Police did not take a statement from Paul and allowed him to leave the scene without even getting his address, despite the fact that Paul had a long record of violent crime, including several vicious attacks upon women
  • In 1995, Pat Caristo was able to locate Paul and interviewed him in jail where he was awaiting sentencing for kidnapping and raping his 14-year-old stepsister, he told Pat that he was driving a VW bug, the same make car that witnesses saw fleeing the crime scene.  When Pat asked him who drove the VW away, he became very nervous and insisted that nobody was with him.
  • Paul stated his reason for being in the neighborhood that night was to buy drugs from his dealer, Lee Padilla.  Lee Padilla is the brother of an APD undercover narcotics officer, who was a friend of Mary Ann Wallace, the first officer dispatched to the scene.  The following year, when Paul was arrested for shooting a victim from his VW Bug, he tried to get off by presenting ID that showed him to be Lee Padilla

A really brief rundown of the Police department who investigated Kait’s Murder (brief is an understatement, this department’s history of problem children goes back and forward quite a bit)

  • One of the cops from who had been involved in some local chop shop, Officer Matt Griffin, has since been sentenced to life in prison for multiple bank robberies and murder of a witness
  • The man whose knife was used to stab Dung (the alleged suicide attempt), was a good friend of Matt Griffin
  • Deputy Darryl Burt, senior officer in the Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Department Gang Unit, was charged with kidnapping, criminal sexual penetration, and other felonies in connection with the traffic stop of a 24-yr-old male, as well as 34 counts of sexual assault and extortion of a 16-yr-old boy.  He was also found guilty of drug trafficking charges.
  • APD Officer Andrew LeHocky had his 80-pound dog, attack dog a homeless woman who was asleep at the time. Andrew LeHocky had once been named “Officer of the Month”
  • APD Sgt. Mike Garcia, supervisor of officers assigned to public schools, was indicted on sex charges involving a 12-yr-old girl who was staying the night with one of his daughters. When he was tried in 2004, the jury was deadlocked, and the prosecutors did not seek a retrial
  • The APD Intelligence Unit, under the supervision of Sgt. Joseph Polisar, was accused of illegally creating and maintaining secret dossiers on innocent political figures.  The only possible use for such dossiers would be to exert influence and pressure on those politicians. When the existence of the dossiers became known, they were burned to prevent their inspection.  Sgt. Polisar was subsequently elevated to Chief of Police

The list could go on for days, months and weeks even. This department was riddled with incompetence.

The Arquette family and their investigators speculate that the crime scene may have been altered before investigators got there.  APD criminalistics arrived late, because they had been at a police shooting.  According to their report, they were met at the scene by Sgt. John B. Gallegos. Much of the content of the criminalistic report apparently was based upon information from Gallegos rather than personal observations.  Sgt. Gallegos was reportedly one of the rogue cops who partied at a chop shop on Arno one half block north of the crime scene. He has since been fired from APD for burglarizing a liquor store… while on duty no less.

Lois has who is not a detective, did more detective work than the APD did on this case. A mother should never have to bury her child, a mother should also, never have to be the one to actually investigate her own child’s death.

It’s been rumored that the police did in fact know about this Car Accident fraud scheme group.

Through the years other stories have surfaced with more prime suspects which includes dirty cops, hitmen, the car scam Vietnamese group in the car accident fraud scheme.

To date, no one has been tried or convicted for Kait’s death and for her mom Lois,  it’s been a tale of so many twists and turns, hope and disappointment. Lois once said in an interview that Kait was a good kid who liked to live life on the edge.

Kait from what I have been able to learn did like to live life a little on the edge but was a sweet kid who really didn’t get into trouble. If she in fact did anything having to do with a staged car accident she did it in the name of love for Dung. Love causes one to do just about anything at times. I think that we have all traveled that road a time or two ourselves.

Did the police have something to do with it? Did they screw up the investigation by making rookie mistakes or was it purposeful? Was someone on the APD payroll getting kickbacks from the staged car accidents? Did Dung do it or know who did? Was Kait somehow part of a circle that had anything to do with Mexican Hitmen?

Dung is the key that fits into the lock. I have to revisit some of his questionable behaviors.

He called a close friend of Kait’s yelling into the phone that Kait was dead. It’s been established that the friend was way more close to Kait than Dung and that Dung really would have no reason to call her. The call was also placed before the police were in touch with Dung.

Then we have the note. Most normal individuals who have nothing to hide would not even consider creating a fake note supposedly from our murdered loved one as a way to explain a few things like, why we were arguing or not together during the time of the murder.

Before anyone suggests it, I wouldn’t buy that he did it because he was afraid he’d become a suspect. Again, most normal individuals who have nothing to hide simply don’t think of that. In fact if it were a typical, non guilty individual we wouldn’t be thinking much our minds would be numb after learning our loved one had died.

Besides that, what is the amount of time from initial contact detectives had with Dung to the time they actually saw him, searched the apartment and found the note? Did he have time to write said note after initial contact or not?

Either way, the note was not written by Kait which has been confirmed and I trust considering the amount of time and effort her own mother put into investigating this case.

Lastly, after Dung’s “Suicide” attempt Lois had one simple conversation with him while he was in the hospital. She basically told Dung she knew that he did not murder Kait but felt that he knew who did and that he needed to decide if he loved Kait enough to come forth with that information.

His response was simply that he was deciding.

Rumors aside, I know deeply that Dung could answer the questions as to who killed Kait and why. He holds the key, he could unlock the door and give a grieving mother the peace she deserves after having traveled such a long road only to come up empty handed and with no answers.

I get that he was afraid of losing his own life at the time by coming forward and now has a family of his own. Would he rather carry this indiscretion into the next life or give a mother who has searched high and low for the answers that truth finally? Dung must know that only the truth will set you free, for no matter what you do in this life, the past can and will haunt you into the next should you not tell the truth.

Cristal M Clark

For a more detailed account of Kait’s murder and Lois’s search for the killer read “Who Killed My Daughter” By Lois Duncan


Today I read a story from my friends at officer.com where the NYPD Commissioner backed up what FBI director James Comey said last week with regards to the Ferguson Effect. I’ve included links to both articles if you need to catch up.



FBI Director James Comey listens during a news conference announcing a deal between the U.S. government and French bank BNP Paribas at the Justice Department in Washington, Monday, June 30, 2014. The U.S. government and French bank BNP Paribas have agreed to a settlement over alleged sanctions violations that would require the bank to plead guilty, pay almost $9 billion in penalties and face other sanctions. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)


What’s sad is that the President seems to be blind to it, in fact I am guessing quite a few lawmakers are choosing not to see it. The Ferguson Effect is actually quite real in a lot of places but not in every state just yet.

The problem that I have with this is that it is truly one sided. I get that Black lives matter, I also get that ALL lives really do matter at the end of the day.

The media has carefully chosen to over-sensationalize certain police involved shootings and every damn time I see it in the news they stress and I mean stress, “White Police Officer/Black Suspect.”

Well, I am a Denver native, through and through a real life Colorado Native. In Denver we never heard about White officer on Black Citizen like you see on the news when something goes down like it did in Ferguson. Here’s why, in Denver the police force is mixed of all races and so is the population in Denver. Why is that I wonder? Well, it’s one of the most hopping cities to live in and they attract individuals from all over to live in and work in the state of Colorado. They have upper class parts of Denver, so called Middle Class, the Lower Class, the Homeless, the Druggies and Dealers, the Prostitutes and Pimps, thieves, burglars, rapists, runaways and killers.


Still you don’t see stories like Ferguson come out of Denver.

Even the surrounding towns and cities in Denver never have these issues and again it’s a huge mix of different races and nationalities, yet they never seem to have these types of issues.

I mean look at the video below, I found this while researching the Bennett case when I was looking for old news stories. This guy is going out of his way to annoy police or make it seem as if he is up to something when in reality he is not. The Arvada, Colorado police handled this with more professionalism than I would have given this guy.

Here’s why I have an issue with this so-called Ferguson Effect. It’s misrepresented and completely blown in one direction instead of where it should be.

I am a Denver Native, but have lived in NY, NE, FL and OR and in the deep south. Policing is different in each area. In the southern states you see more of the gritty type of cop and you see racism through the ranks in the south but it’s not every single cop. In the South you can go to a Flea Market and buy a gun from a licensed dealer without having a background check run, in many other states you cannot do that. True story, you can actually do it and women are very encouraged to buy a gun at said flea markets. You also see racism in the South from Black towards Whites, specifically towards police officers who are white. Laws are enforced differently depending on where you are and policing is way different depending on which state you are in.

Let me start with Ferguson. I wasn’t around during the shooting, wasn’t present and I would suspect almost every single one of you weren’t either. We didn’t witness it, didn’t see everything that happened and opinions are a lot like ass holes, everyone has one and they all stink.

Many people jumped on one side of the fence or the other, it was always either a white or black side which I am perplexed by. Almost every individual I spoke to during that time and since has based what they said to me off of his or her own personal belief rather than the facts that were presented to Law Enforcement. In fact, even the media made it a white or black thing.

The reason most of us aren’t cops is because we have a big problem distinguishing right and wrong from our own personal belief system. While I personally believe racism is very prevalent in today’s world, I don’t believe for one second that race had a damn thing to do with what happened in Ferguson. I believe because it’s my personal belief system, as my dad taught me, when a cop tells you to do something, you do it. If you don’t and you get your ass kicked, shot or thrown in jail that’s your own fault. Period end of story.

Ferguson is interesting in that the general population is predominantly black and it’s police force is predominantly white. So what does that say? Do you think that if the officer who confronted Michael Brown would have been black that it would have ended any differently? Not really. The only thing that would have been different is that it never would have made it’s way to the Ferguson Effect.

All that says to me is that if they want a police force that attracts more ethnicity they should figure out how to attract that. What the media and general public did with Ferguson is make it a white on black thing because of the fact that the community is predominantly black and the police force is predominately white. So everyone in turn assumed it’s a racist police force. What you don’t see or hear about is that many of the officers applying for the jobs in Ferguson are white. Not black, not Asian or Hispanic but White! It’s not racism if no other ethnicity is applying for the jobs.

I know some of you are going to get pretty pissed at me for saying this but I don’t care, I call it how I see it. We, the general public, mass population, as well as the media are excusing bad behavior by blaming the innocent and allowing criminals to be absolved of criminal behavior because they were killed during the commission of committing a crime by a white police officer, and calling it racism, when no black police officer was around or could have handled the incident instead. We are making shit up that isn’t real plain and simple.

Michael Brown was breaking the law and while I feel terrible for his family, the fact is unchanged however that he was committing a crime and subsequently got shot because HE did not comply with the request of a police officer. It simply did not matter in the eyes of that police officer during the event what COLOR or RACE Michael was. Quite frankly it wouldn’t have made a difference in my mind either. IT’s because most of us look out into the world with a guilty conscience because of our own feelings, personal views based off of past indiscretions we either committed or that were committed against us and we judge the motives of others based off of all of that. We choose to see things with a clouded view rather than the crystal clear vision of reality. We tend to see things how we want to see them and no one can tell us any different!

Sure I could walk down the street and assault a shop owner and try to rob them, then not comply with a police officer and try to overpower him or her and expect not to get shot…couldn’t I? At the same time if I tried to take said officers weapon and got shot in the process who is to blame for that? Why would we blame the officer? I was shot because of my own actions not the officers. The officer, if I had done all of that was well within his/her right to confront me.

As for better training, let me ask all of you, if the tables were turned and be realistic, you are wrestling with someone who is trying to take your loaded gun away from you, would you:

  1. call a time-out and chat over a coffee about that persons misguided anger issues
  2. take the time to pull out your mace so you can shoot him in the eye
  3. try to wrestle the gun back but also make sure if it goes off you’ll only hit him in the leg
  4. hand him your gun and ask for a 5 minute head start so you can run
  5. blow your rape whistle and hope for the best

Let’s face the facts as they are, we are placing blame on any individual that we can other than the very individual that should be blamed. Lesson number one, don’t break the law and lesson number two, if the police tell you to do something do it!

Here’s the deal, if we were to look at the Ferguson case and others like it realistically, like Tamir Rice, with a logical mind instead of a judgmental one, without immediately pulling the race card the officers actions would no longer be an issue.

So this Ferguson Effect, what is it really? Well, we have a ton of police who are afraid to do their jobs because society and media always seem to be able to find fault in it. We’d rather blame the police than the criminal and we want to hang on to the race card without actually having the benefit of race really coming into play.

So what the police in your community are mostly white. Ask how many African American’s who were qualified applied for the job. If you can’t prove your police department is racist you don’t have a leg to stand on. At what point in time did we suddenly stop making criminals accountable and turn the tables on the very officers we employ to protect and serve us from said criminals? IF you think you can police better than the police without shooting everyone you come into contact with by all means…

How many people cried out about an injustice or race when Richard Matt got into a police shoot-out and subsequently died this past summer in NY? Why didn’t the police try to reason with him or shoot him in the leg. I am sure they could have done something other than kill him…right?!?!?!? In fact how many of you know if the officer who shot him was white or black, mixed race, Asian, Hispanic? Better yet, did anyone care? No, because Richard Matt was white and had already been convicted of a crime.

No one cared about any of that and here’s why, Richard Matt was serving a life sentence already and escaped. So in our minds he had already been found guilty of a crime and just wanted to escape so he is guilty. Are we saying police must already know of a persons innocence or guilt when they approach a criminal in order to clear the cop of a shooting if it were to occur in the event the criminal, black or not is killed trying to evade arrest?  It sounds a lot like that is what we are demanding.

The fact today is that I see a lot of police hesitation and they shouldn’t be forced to do that because of the media or society. If a killer gets away today because an officer hesitated then said killer, killed your loved one (s) we’d want the officer’s head on a silver platter just the same because we would find fault in the officers choice not to chase or shoot said killer. If the officer were to be the one killed we somehow still manage to place less value on his life than we would if the killer had been, and if the killer had been black.

Police corruption is everywhere but it’s not a white or black thing. IT’s a cop who shouldn’t be a cop got in thing. We need to stop making police shootings more than they are, we need to stop making them a race thing and we need to stop seeking out ways to condemn the actions of a cop who was just doing his job one night. If we all really wanted racism to stop, we’d stop pulling that card and see things as they really happened.  Use statements like, “A person got shot during the commission of a crime, it’s unclear if the person had a weapon, was reaching for the officers weapon, a struggle ensued…” Ahh but then no one get’s attention, money or advertisers that way… At the end of the day if it were you, or me like I said, race isn’t even a factor if I am trying to save my life.

Society doesn’t want an individual held accountable without the benefit of a trial or the ability to blame someone other than the very individual who committed a crime or did something wrong. Cops are not fit to to be cop, Jury, Judge and Executioner all at the same time.  At least in our minds yet, we expect them to be if it were our very lives that hung in the balance, just not that cops life. We expect them to shoot if they feel our lives are in danger but when it comes to the life a cop, we’d rather condemn them for trying to protect their own lives regardless of the assailants color or race. We always manage to find faults in an officers response to anything.

Fact is, if you break down the number of police involved shootings by city, state, municipality and then took a hard look at race really being the determining factor as to why the cop shot, you’d see quite clearly that, it wasn’t.

Cops aren’t super hero’s, they aren’t Iron Man, Thor, Black Widow, or Batman, they are people too and they make judgement calls more than any of us do. The problem is, we never want to admit that if it were us in those shoes we would have made the same call at that point and in that very same moment.

The race card is being over used and it’s being used to excuse the actions of individuals rather than correct that individuals behavior. Each time the race card is used in the place of looking at an event that warranted what we call police brutality, murder or mayhem, it’s only purpose is to further oppress.

Cristal M Clark