Have You Binge-Watched ‘Making a Murderer?’

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This 10~part Netflix series has become an obsession for many people myself included, with so many twists and turns, it is hard to stop watching once you start. It digs deep into the reality of a defunct system and points out the many, many failures with some law enforcement agencies, as well as both the legal and judicial systems.

The documentary was 10 years in the making, which follows the case of Steven Avery, a Wisconsin man who was released from prison in 2003 after serving 18 years, after DNA evidence exonerated him in a woman’s brutal attack.  A crime the police department who investigated him for, knew he was innocent of, yet proceeded to push for a conviction and subsequently got one.

What makes it all the more worse is that the police and the DA knew who committed the crime and did nothing but allow that man to commit new crimes while Steven was incarcerated. Truly sad.

Two years later, After Steven’s release while in the middle of a civil suit Steven filed over his false conviction, Steven was arrested and convicted of the murder of photographer Teresa Halbach.

It will leave you with questions and a great many doubts.

You can a sign the petition at change.org asking for his release if you would like ~ https://www.change.org/p/president-of-the-united-states-free-steven-avery

To Donate please visit http://stevenavery.org/go-fund-me-steven-avery-making-a-murderer

One clear message that comes out of this documentary is that the people are now standing up to our failing systems and saying pretty loudly that “if you can’t hold yourselves accountable, then we the people, will hold you accountable.”

The fact is simply this, the prosecution was allowed to use everything that they could in an effort to secure a conviction in this case, guilty or not, the defense by all accounts should also be allowed to use everything they can to defend Steven. It is after all the only way to have true and fair trial.


Cristal M Clark


December 25, 1929 ~ Germanton, North Carolina

Ahhhh Christmas, a festive, joyous time of year spent with family and friends, gorging ourselves with food and treats, exchanging of gifts, being a little nicer to everyone that we encounter.


For one family, this joyous holiday was abruptly cut short because of a fathers murderous rage. On December 25, 1929 Charlie Lawson murdered 6 of his children, his wife and then committed suicide several hours later. The only surviving member was Charlie’s eldest son Arthur, who was sent on an errand by Charlie shortly before the murders. Lawson-portrait

Charlie was married to Fannie Manring in 1911, together they had 8 children, however their 3rd child died of an illness in 1920.

The Children were: Marie (age 17), Arthur (age 16), Carrie (age 12), Maybell (age 7) James (age 4), Raymond, (age 2) and Mary Lou (age 4 months).

The bodies of the family members were found with their arms crossed and rocks under their heads. All had been shot and bludgeoned to death.

Charlie had been in he woods nearby when he shot himself. Police found letters written to his parents, yet were stumped as to why he took the lives of his beloved family. Many rumors began to swirl through the town about what caused this man to go on a holiday murderous rampage.


Some said that Charlie had witnessed something having to do with organized crime, and his family was murdered because of it, while others believed that he had molested his eldest daughter Marie and had subsequently gotten her pregnant. In fact a cousin, Stella Lawson who was interviewed for a book about the murders in 1990 provided information supporting that idea and said that Charlie had in fact gotten his eldest daughter pregnant.

A friend of Marie’s, Ella May also stated that shortly before the murders Marie confided in her that her father had gotten her pregnant. A neighbor and close friend of the Lawson’s, Hill Hampton said that he was aware of some serious problems in the Lawson home yet he never did elaborate on what those might have been.

The police never released the details of the letters that they found with Charlie and Marie’s alleged pregnancy was never actually proven. Some also speculated that Charlie had sustained some type of head injury months prior to the murders and that it altered him mentally an autopsy and analysis of his brain at Johns Hopkins Hospital found no abnormalities.lawson-funeral

Sometime after the murders, Charlie’s brother, Marion Lawson, opened the home on Brook Cove Road as a tourist attraction. A cake that Marie Lawson had baked on Christmas Day was displayed on the tour. Because visitors began to pick at the raisins on the cake to take as souvenirs, it was placed in a covered glass cake dish and thus preserved for many years.



Charlie Lawson and his family were buried in a mass grave in nearby Walnut Cove. Because of the strict baptist beliefs at that time, the mass grave in which the bodies were buried are actually located just outside of the hallowed ground of the church. Because of that many believe the spirits of the Lawson family can’t find peace in death.

It’s been rumored that sometime after the home was closed to the public, the floorboards of the cabin were supposedly pulled up and used to build a bridge across the creek that ran through the land, and down through the county. After the construction of the bridge was complete stories of supernatural happenings began to spring up.

One story is that when driving across the bridge, an eerie fog will reportedly surround the car, and the vehicle shuts off for no apparent reason. Condensation will appear on the windows, then small hand-prints will begin to cover the windows and windshield.

When the driver finally does get the car started, an early 1930’s model car chases the car, following closely, driving erratically, through the winding roads of the county before disappearing into the night.

The home is no longer standing but it is said that the land the home was on is still haunted by the family.

We may never truly know why it was that Charlie Lawson murdered his family that Christmas so long ago, we know simply that the lives of his children were brutally and unfairly cut short.

May all of you have a Safe and Happy Holiday!

Cristal M Clark


Florida’s Failing Prison System


Florida’s prison population has remained relatively steady for the past 5 years, yet the death toll of the prisoners reached an all time high for the state in 2014. Florida reported 346 inmate deaths from inside of their prisons for that year.

The US Department of Justice is investigating the Florida prisoner mortality rate from 2014 as well as years previous to that. The Media reports that the Department “is investigating these deaths due to the suspicious and systemic nature of them,  and, allegedly almost all were at the hands of law enforcement officers.”

Many of the deaths in the Florida prison system appear to have been caused by natural causes however one highly publicized case paints a completely different picture.

As reported many times by both national and local media; The death of Latandra Ellington age 36 who was serving time at the Lowell Correctional Institution in Central Florida at the time of her death.


Latandra apparently wrote a letter to a family member alleging that a guard made the following threats; “he told me he was going to beat me to death and mess me like a dog he was all in my face then he grabbed his radio and said he was going to bust me in my head with it.”

Family members did subsequently report the letter to the prison and an official there promised to place Latandra under special protection but by the next morning however, she was dead. An initial autopsy said the manner of death was natural, yet a toxicology report found elevated levels of hypertension medication.

The family did not believe that she died of natural causes, instead they paid for an independent autopsy, lawyers for the family have said that, the independent autopsy found hemorrhaging caused by blunt force trauma consistent with kicking or punches in the lower abdomen. They also found bruising and marks that are also consistent with a beating in the lower abdomen area.

If Latandra’s independent autopsy turns out to be the accurate one out of the two, it does stand to reason that the initial cause of death for other prisoners may have been inaccurate as well.

The Miami Herald reported on a case where an inmate was left for more than two hours in a shower with scalding water. The inmate, a schizophrenic, allegedly was put there as punishment.

The incident occurred in 2012,  and the Miami-Dade medical examiner has not released a cause of death, and a criminal investigation still is pending.

In September of 2014, 32 law enforcement officials including prison guards and officers were fired across the state of Florida due to dozens of cases of negligence, abuse, corruption and death according to Reuters.

Many of the allegations lodged against the Florida Department of Corrections officers have been and currently are as follows;  smuggling drugs and other contraband into and out of the prisons by guards and/or allowing prisoner family to carry it in or out, withholding calls or inmate funds, not allowing inmates to make calls, beatings from officers , coercing prisoners to beat each other,  humiliation, solitary if inmates complain, verbal abuse, rape, sexual coercion, starvation, feeding inmates dirt, poisoning, gassing, causing death, threats, forcing non medicated inmates to take medication, not telling them what it is or why, withholding medication. Lastly, the media has reported that the Lowell Correctional Institute where female inmates are housed, female inmates are fed psychotropic medications at an alarmingly large rate.

I completely understand anyone that says they don’t care that a prisoner is abused or treated poorly because that person has committed a crime against society therefore they do not deserve the same rights as you are I have. The simple fact is however,  our prison systems are setup with the idea of rehabilitation, unfortunately the recidivism rate is not in line with the rehabilitation rate if you look at the numbers of those that end up re-offending.  

We simply cannot rehabilitate prisoners by abusing them

Yet in keeping an open mind here, realistically I have to look at the other side of this picture. A corrections officer just starting out in his or her new role will in most states start at right around $40,000 per year but in the state of Florida the local media has reported that corrections officers in the state will often times start out at a much lower rate of pay than that.  People in this job generally don’t have more than 20 years’ experience. Additionally, experience has a moderate effect on salary for this job.

Officers that work in a correctional facility often times work between 10 and 14 hours a day inside of a locked building surrounded by hundreds of prisoners. Some of these prisoners are mentally ill, violent, most do not want to be in prison, some have no understanding of why they are in prison and some simply believe that they are above the law and don’t deserve to be in prison.

Many will become repeat offenders no matter how much any system tries to rehabilitate them and more often than not, many spend a great deal of time thinking of ways to outsmart the law later down the road. Hence they plan for life outside of the prison walls as a criminal rather than someone who is rehabilitated.  

Of all of the prisons in Florida the most complained about is the Lowell Correctional Institute which houses female inmates. The most highly reported abuse of these inmates is sex assault and sexual misconduct on the part of the officers. Some inmates report beatings, harassment, verbal abuse and so forth, sex is still at the top of the list.

In a recent Miami Herald News report they took a look at the Lowell Correctional Institute, where several inmates both current and former have gone on camera and stated that if they wanted extra privileges, cigarettes or drugs, to be kept safe, etc all they had to do was have sex with a guard and in some cases be on watch while a guard had sex with another inmate. While less attractive inmates complained that the guards didn’t want them because they were less attractive.

The way the story was spun more or less eluded to the women being extorted by guards who are abusing the power they have. The criminals are now the victims more or less.

While these inmates may complain about the sexual harassment and abuse at the Lowell Correctional Institute it seems to me that if I look at this realistically many of those inmates seem to have a very clear understanding that if they want drugs, cigarettes or extra privileges, extra phone calls, more yard time and so on all they need to do is have sex with a guard.

Some inmates report that when they no longer wanted the sexual contact or that if they refused it from the get go it was simply taken from them. Meaning, they were subsequently raped or punished in some other way.

The same inmates will tell you that they had no one to complain to, they were afraid to tell, etc. Yet they were happily accepting the trade off of whatever it was they got out of the situation, drugs, smokes, more privileges and so on.

The majority of these women fought to keep from going to prison in the first place, you could never prove to me that for most they simply were afraid to tell or couldn’t tell. They made the choice to roll over and play dead until the mutually beneficial situation no longer suited them or the guards who were involved.

I am not saying that the accusations are unfounded, I am saying that rather than paint the picture one way or another we need to look at it in a realistic way. The reason the system is broken is, because someone opened the cages and let the kids roam free without boundaries (this goes for both the guards and the inmates), and the management would not acknowledge it so that it could be fixed. Thus leaving it in such a state of disarray that the only way to fix it is to bring in the Federal Government. 

The bottom line is that both the guards and the inmates are breaking the rules and exploiting each other by any means necessary for personal gain.


In fact, Florida Correctional officers do not follow the Code of Ethics as set forth by the ACA, and quite frankly they should be following them because clearly, Florida’s opt out by making their own code of ethics that pertain to Correctional Officers is not working.

The ACA is the American Correctional Association, or formerly known as the National Prison Association. It is the National Organization for correctional employees.  The ACA adopted a code of ethics in 1994 which outlined the association’s expectations that its members display; Honesty, Respect and A Commitment to Professionalism in their work.

The ACA code of ethics requires that Correctional Officers Respect the Civil and Legal Rights of all People and Refrain From any Form of Discrimination, Including Racial Gender Religious or National Origin.

The code set forth by the ACA also prohibits correctional officers from using their positions for personal gain and from accepting gifts or favors that might imply obligations that are inconsistent with professional duties.

Yet in the state of Florida we have corrections officers exploiting inmates and inmates exploiting the corrections officers. The reality is simply that inmates know if they want something all they need to do is put out, when they no longer want it, or didn’t get what they initially requested of course they are going to get that officer in trouble any way that they can.

While I, without investigating each and every case myself at Lowell, would not go as far as to say some inmates were not forcibly raped, or deny that some officers may have acted in negligent ways or abused his or her power.  Abused it enough to at times cause the suffering or death of an inmate, I do have to take into consideration that from viewing the Miami Herald news story, inmates knew full well heading into Lowell that if they wanted something they knew they shouldn’t have, they could still get it by offering favors or sex to the guards.

As a Whole the Florida prison system is broken, despite Lowell being most talked about and widely reported upon because it houses female prisoners. When an officer at Lowell or any of the prisons in Florida is written up or faces disciplinary action, he or she is more often than not just moved to a new prison. 

Just like with criminals, you can remove them from the environment in which they thrive in, the one that allows for them to commit the crimes that they do, they just find a new way to continue committing the crimes or a new avenue and commit new and different crimes.

A letter sent by human rights groups lists 17 inmates who allegedly died as a result of torture, starvation, excessive use of force, medical neglect, misuse of solitary confinement, suicide or sexual assault.

14 groups have called for federal intervention and included are several faith groups, the National Alliance on Mental Illness, civil rights and prison reform groups.


The Project on Accountable Justice at Florida State University has said, in a comprehensive report, that systemic failings “have facilitated an environment that is dangerous, brutal and in some cases deadly.” The report goes on to say that only a powerful outside agency can provide the sort of continuous oversight needed to reform a corrupt system.

The Florida “System” really offers no real reform, no way to rehabilitate a prisoner. Florida should be looking at Texas and Georgia who both reformed the prison system in each state, they now have much better systems in place that offer rehabilitation which is part of the reason why we have a prison system in place.

Prisoners need structure, they go to bed at a set time each day, they wake at a set time each day, they all have chores they must do at set times, they attend court ordered classes at specific times, once trusted enough or after earning enough good time are offered the opportunity to learn a new job skill or study so they can  obtain a GED or to attend college after prison. The point is, they need to have structure not abuse or extortion in order to reform.

The guards need to be held to a much higher standard than they are currently. So yes, the DOJ should by all means step in and and shake things up across the board in Florida. To do that they need to systematically remove the bad apples and start to hold the correctional officers to higher standards.

It sounds pretty easy but it’s not. To remove the problem children they also must have replacements ready and right now, some of the prisons in Florida are short staffed. The Florida Department of Corrections needs to work with the DOJ and other Prisons from other states who have reformed prisons from hell holes into what prisons should be and find ways of attracting the right staff while at the same time offering better ways to reform the inmates.

In the meantime some pretty swift action needs to be taken in terms of disciplining staff that has engaged in any and all sexual misconduct, trading of favors for goods not allowed to prisoners, or offering extra privileges to some but not all.


The DOJ needs to step in and take a hard look at all female prisoners currently medicated at Lowell and ensure that those that are currently medicated actually need the medication. Sometimes prisoners will lie and insist they need certain medications, that they don’t really need, because they like the “high” they get from them. Moreover, the DOJ needs to ensure that guards and medical staff are not over, under or prescribing medications that are not needed.

If the Florida Department of Corrections is allowed to continue to run the prisons as they are currently we’ll continue to see stories of misconduct, abuse and death coming from the state of Florida’s prison system.

It is important to remember that being humane is what sets apart from the monsters. If we allow for our prisons to mistreat, abuse and harm inmates then release those inmates back into society as if we don’t care, we bring on whatever problems the inmates continue to have because we made the choice that it was ok to opt out of reforming them by ignoring the problem.

The system we have in place can and does work when it’s enforced.


Cristal M Clark



The Murder of Donna Marie Sywak and Gordon Clifford Charles Sinclair

June 24, 1992

7561 144 St, Surrey, BC V3W 5S7, Canada


Donna Marie Sywak, 39, and her common-law husband Gordon Clifford Charles Sinclair, 56, were found shot to death inside their home June 24th, 1992.

The police learned of the murders through an anonymous tip that had been called into them that morning. Several resident’s heard around 9 gunshots in the wee hours but it was not until around 6am that morning that anyone telephoned the police.

Both Donna Marie and Gordon were known to the police as well. The police have determined and rightfully so that they were murdered by someone that they knew, yet they have no suspects still.

The caller was eventually tracked down and cleared by the way.

Gordon had been convicted on 17 charges of counterfeiting but had yet to be sentenced, a good reason greason to murder the couple over. The police did admit that they had in fact, visit the home on several occasions prior the murders. They also admit that the counterfeiting could be the reason that the couple had been murdered but since they have no proof they must keep the options open. That is a smart way to look at it actually.

Some neighbors have stated that the couple were quiet, while others stated that they watched cars come and go from the home at all hours of the day and night which makes sense if the couple were still involved in some sort of illegal activities. Without a doubt what so ever, they in fact were.

What makes this case interesting is that the case has been left unsolved so far as well as a great many other cases from the area.  These two victims made it the 4th and 5th murder within a 10 block area in “recent” months. At least that is how one paper put it. That number is exponentially high if we are looking at mere months for a 10 block area.

It means the area is riddled with criminal activity in fact from 2002-2013 Surrey had 76 unsolved murders. That is just unsolved murders, the count does not include solved cases.


From Wikipedia:


In the 1980s and 1990s, Surrey witnessed unprecedented growth, as people from different parts of Canada and the world, particularly Asia, began to make the municipality their home. Surrey is projected to surpass the city of Vancouver as the most populous city in BC by 2020 – 2030


Mike Hager with the Sun in Canada did a report that looked at unsolved murders in what is considered the lower Mainland part of Canada which Surrey BC is a part of. From 2002-2013 they found that in all of the lower Mainland they were looking at a total of 290 unsolved murders. Out of that number they dug deeper and discovered the majority of those that were murdered from that region happened in Vancouver and Surrey, most were men, and almost all of those murdered had some type of ties to criminal activities. Drugs, organized crime, gangs. Almost all were shot.

It is easy to assume that Donna Marie and Gordon were killed because of the counterfeiting, my gut tells me that is only half of the tale. I am leaning heavily towards organized crime. When looking at counterfeiting it is either a one man show or part of organized crime.

Can the case be solved? Of course it can if the police are clever enough to get someone to roll and tell the truth. Organized Crime is tricky sometimes but usually you’ll find one person willing to talk at one point. To take it a step further this person either did or is doing some pretty hard time for other crimes. The trick is finding the known associates of Donna Marie and Gordon and following them to the point of origin. The couple was murdered for a reason and that reason is in fact tied to Gordon’s conviction. Who had the most to lose by him going to prison or talking? He had been convicted of the counterfeiting June 17th, and was subsequently murdered just days after, his sentencing hearing was scheduled for July 29th. A deal may have been on the table still, or someone felt that he was going to try to get a lesser sentence by rolling on them.


So yes the case could be solved still just by following the couple’s paper trail prior to his conviction so to speak. Sometimes, police are not as quick or willing to work hard to solve a murder case if it involves known criminals. That does not mean the police are bad, they just work harder to solve the murder of an innocent over that of a known criminal. 


Cristal M Clark




A lot of what I saw in the News this week was

donald-trump-is-losing-his-insane-pr-war-against-mexico-1435778037-crop_mobile.jpgdownload (4).jpgdownload (3).jpgdownload (1).jpgdownload (2).jpg

Yea I saw a lot more Trump this week. Every time the guy says something the media just overplays it, over and over and over. Like the house guest that outstayed his welcome.

Why Did we stop roasting these guys


you know the 37 states that said they would not take in any Syrian Refugees? Why, Trump Basically said the same shit….hey where are these guys anyway and why are they not rushing to Trumps Defense? WTF guys!

What about the Denver police officer shot this week? Jason Wood Shot officer Tony Lopez…I don’t know about anyone else but I think it’s racism here. Clearly a white guy shot someone who appears to be Hispanic given his last name and all. Oh wait, it was a suspect who shot a police officer and neither were black…shit I got it wrong guys better not have this on CNN, FOX, and you wont see The Washington Post put up a story about this suspects whiteness being the reason he is alive…damn.

Reddit sells guns and ammo without actually taking any responsibility what so ever https://www.reddit.com/over18?dest=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.reddit.com%2Fr%2Fgunsforsale yes they just ask if you are 18 or not…sad yet true.

An active shooter was on the campus of ASU yesterday.

Turned out that ISIS did not want the San Bernardo shooters as they ignored them…pretty much.

And then more of Donald…

I actually give Donald a lot of credit for saying stuff that he knows will piss everyone off just by him whispering it alone and in his sleep. It gets everyone thinking of solutions instead of going to extremes and if you get one message from Donald Trump and anything he says that should be it.

You scream for protection and… His response is  fine, “I’ll go to this extreme to do that…wait what, you don’t like that answer, oh my bad?” He makes you think about what you are screaming for, before opening mouth and inserting ones foot. So, take a step back and think about what everyone is asking for. Here is a guy willing to give it to you…you, we, all of us are the ones saying we need to shut our borders…keep everyone out, somebody put the up the DO NOT ENTER SIGN.


This picture totally describes our nation and our hearts right?

Remember folks he is Corporate America, where no one is a dictator otherwise you have no Indians, you are left with chiefs who have no idea how to run it. The man is asking you without asking to think before you ask or speak of that which you are screaming for. Come to the table with a solution.

Love him or hate him, I like that he ruffles feathers. Shows he has a bigger pair than me.

I have a lot more news on my Twitter that is non Trump, racist, terrorist related.



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Tomorrow we go North for an unsolved double homicide in Canada. I love Canada and the Canadians but they have a really high murder rate and an equally high unsolved murder rate. Canada is a serial killers wet dream. Unlike the Long Island Serial Killers. Yes I said Killers.

The song below is for Donald. Thanks for keeping it real Trump.

Cristal M Clark



A suspect has been arrested 11/30/2016 in the murder of Heather Ann Willms.

Jose Baldomero Flores III, age 36, was arrested this am morning by the U.S. Marshals’ Lone Star Fugitive Task Force and taken before a judge to faces two charges of capital murder.

Jose was originally questioned and then released in connection to the crime but never arrested 11 years ago.

Her family said she was friends with Flores in high school.

Jose Baldomero Flores-CrimeShop.jpg




heather-ann-willms_31724_ver1.0_1280_720 (1).jpg


Heather was 21 when she was murdered in Leon Valley, Texas. She failed to show  up to work on 2-21-2005, worried friends showed up at her apartment the following day and found her murdered, stabbed to death in the bedroom of her apartment. Police never released too many details about her murder.

She did Not Have An Enemy in the World

Friends described Heather as sweet, kind and hard working. No one could understand why anyone would murder her.

This case is about as cold as a case can get. The Leon Valley Police department currently has 17 sworn officers, in 2013 it was estimated that the population in Leon Valley was 10,808.

Leon Valley from 2001 to 2013 has only had one murder in 2003 and two in 2005, one being Heather’s. In fact, Theft is the highest crime reported in Leon Valley, second to that is burglaries. After that the order is robbery, assault, sex assault, arson and last, murder.

Sometimes, smaller police departments simply don’t have the right training for such brutal crimes

It is no surprise to me that Heather’s case has been left unsolved and cold. The Texas Rangers were given the case to try to solve at one point, however usually you see in smaller, low crime rate towns the police are ill trained/equipped to properly gather the necessary evidence so as to solve a murder. That in no way makes them incompetent, it simply means that things are missed, the right questions are not asked and sometimes evidence is contaminated to the point that it is rendered useless. The Rangers may not have been handed a case that they could truly investigate further.

What we know is that you really do not see a lot of information about Heather’s murder which if they had much would be helpful. Secondly, we know that the police found no obvious signs of forced entry. That in and of itself does not rule out someone gaining entrance to her home without the benefit of Heather letting that person in. She lived in an apartment which means other people have keys to her home as well. I am not saying the apartment manager did it I am simply pointing out that considering the area is low crime perhaps the locks were never changed after the previous owner left…some former maintenance worker had the key, etc. These are critical details that must be looked at.

Out of the Blue in 2014 a Strange Poster Hit a Sleuthing Site

A rather interesting tidbit I gathered from a message board on another blog site was where one individual in particular started a story about Heather, the individual started it by saying that although they did not know her they always place a flower on her grave whenever they are in the cemetery visiting another grave. They also stated that they do not want Heather’s murder forgotten. That statement says a lot to me considering how they opened the original posting they made. 

Not totally incriminating in and of itself however, this individual claimed to have run into a young man who had been investigated and who disclosed details of his part in the investigation of Heather’s murder, who happened to be visiting her grave at one point. At the same time the poster was at the grave, mathematically speaking, this would be an astronomical chance encounter unless that individual was at the cemetery at least once a week, and on different days. It’s like winning the lottery…either this person has some pretty incredible luck, they made the story up, they are trying to get back at someone or they know something but are playing cat and mouse, wanting someone to drag the details out of them.  

Regardless, the individual goes on to say that this young man who was also visiting Heather’s grave had refused to give his DNA and was was ruled out as a suspect sometime down the road. The individual who posted this tale said a little more in between and after that but I found what the poster said initially disturbing. They claimed to not understand more or less how the system works and claimed or rather hinted at not knowing if the police would allow for them to see the records, even subtly suggested they were afraid to tell the police about the man at the grave but that they did eventually, which I doubt they ever truly did.

What Can Investigators Do Now?

I do feel that this particular individual might prove valuable in further investigating the case. If they knew that the Rangers were investigating the case, knew of the reward in the case and that they could call Crime Stoppers, why would they go to the Leon Valley police as they claimed to report this odd man at Heather’s grave? In fact it would prove useful to find this individual and interview them, re-interview friends and work colleagues, at the very least. The person who killed Heather knew Heather. This is an up close and personal kill and the killer I believe is someone who likes to play games. He likes to be reminded of what he did.

This killer had some sort of obsession with Heather, she rejected something this person offered or something the individual felt they offered.  

The case could still be solved but tracking down everyone from 2005 might prove difficult. Heather was a waitress, so if you factor that in, you may have to track down her customers. Someone has an idea of who the killer is. It was someone who wanted something with Heather and people were aware of it.

It is not too late to take a look at Heather’s murder and re-investigate every single piece of her life and murder, this case could have been solved at the time of her death had it happened in a bigger city.

Cristal M Clark




I sat dumbfounded at the news of today’s mass shooting. I imagine many of you did as well. It’s heartbreaking. What the hell has happened to our beloved home?


December 2, 2015 

The United States started the Day with only 354 mass shooting for the year.

We Ended it with having the 355th Mass Shooting of 2015

Is the number really that high? It’s not that high, but shootings like this in the US are at an all time high. Reddit has a definition for mass shootings which says I believe 4 or more is considered a mass shooting which is why everyone is saying it’s 355. What does the FBI say, I have to date not seen anything from them about this number and I’d like to see something. 

Prayers for San Bernardino CA.

At my Last Count, 14 Killed, 17 Injured.




Before I dive in here I’d like to shout out to the Denver Colorado, Police Department, who reported an officer down. The DPD was assisting another agency this afternoon during the mass shooting/chase in San Bernardino, in serving a warrant on a suspect who was considered armed and dangerous when one of their officers was shot. The officer was in stable condition, in surgery as I type this and is expected to survive. Crime Shop is hoping for a speedy and full recovery of your officer DPD.
I am going to go out on a limb and guess the individual who shot the officer, was someone who under Colorado law, was not supposed to have a weapon, in which case yet again, I am glad to see those gun laws working.




San Bernardino, California December 2, 2015

I am glad the media jumped on this story, what makes me want to vomit is that they became experts on “crossfire, tactical and swat procedures.” Yes I did quote that because I was chatting as we both watched the news with an officer friend of mine who said that so well, that I had to include it here.

The media immediately began to speculate about the shooting, motive and commented so many times that I lost count that it was quite clear this was a well planned and executed shooting. It was planned but not well executed or planned out. That is where the media is so wrong it’s almost painful to hear them say it.

The police and FBI would back me in saying that it’s safe to say mass shooters, terrorists, and the like are not going to someplace where they could potentially be stopped before they cause the most amount of damage. If you don’t get that…ask a cop to explain it. The plan fell apart fairly early on. Unlike the attack in Paris where they went to multiple locations and actually coordinated the mass shootings, and some of them got away, these guys are trying to copy something they have not adequately planned for. 

The headlines other countries are posting about the US including the Washington Post are really embarrassing. They all elude to something like “Well folks it’s just another day in America with another Mass Shooting, No One Knows why but let’s head to our experts to guess why.”

To put the proverbial cherry on top,  President Obama had his two cents which basically amounted to the regurgitation of the shame shit we’ve heard over and and over again. Our hero, I feel safer already. The presidential candidates are weighing in as well, people are screaming for more gun control and it’s one big fat circle of shit that has not, to date worked and will not work!

The ban on Assault Weapons is a fail, the very backers of that ban have since admitted it didn’t work. I go on Twitter daily and see police from around the country doing weapons sweeps or catching felons who have these weapons! They post pictures of what they took from the bad guy. But don’t for a second let that fool you, for every one of those weapons the police successfully remove 5+ more end up on the streets and in the wrong hands.

And whose bright idea was it that police don’t need military grade vehicles or weapons???? By taking things away we are essentially making it worse which actually makes sense if you look at in a tis for tat, ying and yang, balance type of way. You end up tipping the scales in the favor of the bad instead of the good despite the fact that whatever laws and regulations being imposed are meant to be for the good of our nation.

To create a balance that will drastically cut down on mass shootings we need to first look at our current gun control laws compared to the recent shootings. The majority of the guns were purchased legally. So we have a chink in the fence that needs to be addressed on the federal level. This is basic. And it’s a start. Rather than jumping in and running frantically trying to fix it all at once, try breaking it into pieces like an investigator investigates a crime. 

Gun lovers you can get your hate on me for this.

Our problem is we want something done, we have a society that screams for it but as a society we just scream we need more gun laws, we don’t offer any insightful well thought out input into what those new laws should be and how to implement them yet we expect in fact we demand that lawmakers dream up gun control laws, then we just get mad when they do and accuse them of invading innocent people’s lives and taking away law abiding citizens rights.

Well I am tired of hearing that we need more gun laws and seeing very little action that would be of a benefit to our nation. I am also tired of pro-gun rights activists crying about how big brother is taking away your rights. On both sides, not one of you have come to the table and offered any solutions or compromise. 

I find it funny that the majority of the pro-gun, NRA guys are some of the first to condemn our laws, government and police when a mass shooter who purchased a gun legally, or the guns were in a home where the owners purchased them legally, shoots and kills people. Yet they are first ones to push back when someone tries to pass a law that might just work in an effort to better prevent mass shootings.

We Have to Have Compromise 

In some of the recent shootings the individuals exhibited disturbing behavior prior to the shooting. In some cases the police were called and even though charges were not pressed the police who actually do have a good feel for people about 97% of the time could have if we allowed for/empowered them to make a judgment call, made a decision about whether or not to report said individual to a “weapons owner advisory board.”  In some cases a therapist, doctor or co-worker saw the behavior but had nowhere to report it as well.

So yes I am suggesting that on a Federal level we have an advisory board in every state that has the authority to remove temporarily (if you got your panties in a wad pull them out, I said temporarily), weapons from individuals who are behaving in ways that might be deemed unsafe. The individuals must have 6 mental evaluations at different times, days and weeks to determine if they are a threat to society before they can obtain the weapons back or at all and or if they need some form of mental help.

So for those of you that want to sit around like my dad who I love and adore, yes you pops, who argue that this means the government can take your guns, listen to what I am clearly proposing. I never said the government past making a recommendation can do shit. The advisory board would be made up of experts that practice in the art of psychiatry and who do not work for the government. No elected officials. Hell let the guy who seems a bit off pick his own. At least then everyone gets what they want. Someone to hold accountable if the guy shoots anyone. Problem solved. 

Before everyone crawls up my ass and pitches a fork tent about this, allow me to explain. Sometimes people fall and are temporarily ill adjusted, I had that time myself for a few years as a matter of fact, which happens when left untreated, until I got passed abuse issues. I wouldn’t looking at who I was then as of today, clear me back then to own a weapon or live in a home where I had access to weapons. God no, I could have hurt others or myself and most likely would have. That is honesty that you are not going to get anywhere else folks. These are issues that have to be considered and ADDRESSED! To take that a step further some of my old police pals from Colorado knew I was not ok then and could have had I owned weapons done something about it then if they had the authority to. 

On the other hand, sometimes people should not own weapons again or at all. Ever. 

So what do you do when let’s say mom owns guns legally and one of her kids is off and shouldn’t be around them? Sadly you have to take them from the family unless the person who is part of that family does not live in the same home. We can’t afford to take that chance as history has proven twice in the most recent past I believe. The same goes for certain mental disabilities. People get so confused with privilege vs right vs is that really safe?

I know right now some of you might be fuming at reading that. Well to bad. Some of you are mad that doctors now ask if you own a gun…think about why. So what so they ask and you are honest that yes you do or no you do not.  Can everyone stop living the fantasy that you’ll always be ok…because sometimes despite our best efforts, that doesn’t pan out and we fall down.

IF something happened to you and you became mentally ill and not yourself would you want to become the next James Holmes? How about your loved one’s who live in your home that shouldn’t be around a gun…want them plastered all over the news for shooting up a bunch of people? I ask for a reason, because my old cop friends can tell you that I was fine then slipped into a world they didn’t know and into someone they did not know. The whole time I thought I was just fine and that the world was the problem. Think about how powerful that message is.

We always assume that gun laws are the same for all states, they are not. I can go to Florida and hit a flea market, with my dad, or a family friend with an out of state ID. IF I see a gun that I’d like to buy the seller who by the way always say they are licensed but I am never sure will allow for me to use a friends or my dad’s info and by the gun onsite for cash. No shit I can do that this weekend if I want to.

That said, on a Federal level gun laws need to be taken away from the states. That will for sure piss a lot of you off but if states can’t even bother to enforce current gun laws and regulations, or keep guns out of the hands of criminals then they most certainly don’t deserve the right to make up whatever gun laws they would like let alone choose what Federal laws they abide by. If it’s that easy for me to hit a flea market of all places to buy a gun what good does it do to demand lawmakers make more gun laws if states have the option to abide by them…or not abide by them?

Yes I am absolutely hands down saying gun laws need to be the same in every state within the US… But, in this case they need to be fair, and voters must agree to the proposed changes. The voters voice must out rule the voice of congress and the president. Hows that for an added twist?

That’s right, voters ultimately get the final say not congress. So if voters vote for changes that don’t work, they can’t blame congress, law makers or the President and the system can finally be the one’s to say “I told you so.” The point is, congress does not decide what laws are up for vote with regards to gun laws and they don’t get the final say in what laws are approved. The voters do. In other words to society you, myself included put your money where your mouth is and start coming up with solutions rather than expect for lawmakers to pull them from thin air then bitch about the new laws. Problem solved. 

We also need CCTV everywhere here. People hate it here but if you look at other countries that use it, they catch criminals a lot more than we do because of it. I vote yes to that over hoping someone got cell video of a crime.

Mass shootings  involve individuals who head into it planning to die. They don’t care. They don’t consider, you, I, our loved one’s, the innocent. They simply have no hope left in this world and do not care in anyway shape or form. All of you want an answer and most of you wouldn’t understand it if someone sat down and explained it to you.

The bottom line is this, We want the Government to protect us yet we render them useless to do so. The President is not going to declare Martial Law because of the mass shootings,  yes I’ve seen those conspiracy theories in case anyone thought I was not paying attention.  

We just need to help lawmakers find the right laws to impose rather than pout, complain, blame, accuse and demand. I haven’t seen anyone go to congress and offer a plan. All I hear is “we need to get guns off the street and out of the hands of criminals by imposing more laws,’ and ‘lawmakers can’t do that because that would be taking away MY rights as a gun owner.” I don’t see a lot of news reports where I see a person or a group of people sitting with congress and saying “look we can do this but I propose this law or that law because…” I see a lot of talking at one another and then finger pointing when things go south. 

So rather than bash each other for our beliefs on who has a right to own a gun, or lawmakers because they made up some new laws that affect everyone  realize this; because not one of you,  all of us in today’s society, offered up any viable put into action idea’s, we played a role in us meeting our 355th mass shooting this year…offer up some idea’s that offer compromise and flexibility so that lawmakers are not scrambling and making really stupid gun laws in an effort to protect us.

If you want to be heard all you have to do is speak up. It is really surprisingly that simple. I don’t have to jump the white house fence for the president to hear me…congress, the FBI, the CIA. I don’t have to shoot people for them to hear me. I just have to speak, as do you contrary to the bumper stickers I see plastered on cars. 
This isn’t kindergarten or rocket science. It’s really more simple than we make it out to be. 


Cristal M Clark 

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