What a Week in News

A lot of what I saw in the News this week was

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Yea I saw a lot more Trump this week. Every time the guy says something the media just overplays it, over and over and over. Like the house guest that outstayed his welcome.

Why Did we stop roasting these guys


you know the 37 states that said they would not take in any Syrian Refugees? Why, Trump Basically said the same shit….hey where are these guys anyway and why are they not rushing to Trumps Defense? WTF guys!

What about the Denver police officer shot this week? Jason Wood Shot officer Tony Lopez…I don’t know about anyone else but I think it’s racism here. Clearly a white guy shot someone who appears to be Hispanic given his last name and all. Oh wait, it was a suspect who shot a police officer and neither were black…shit I got it wrong guys better not have this on CNN, FOX, and you wont see The Washington Post put up a story about this suspects whiteness being the reason he is alive…damn.

Reddit sells guns and ammo without actually taking any responsibility what so ever https://www.reddit.com/over18?dest=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.reddit.com%2Fr%2Fgunsforsale yes they just ask if you are 18 or not…sad yet true.

An active shooter was on the campus of ASU yesterday.

Turned out that ISIS did not want the San Bernardo shooters as they ignored them…pretty much.

And then more of Donald…

I actually give Donald a lot of credit for saying stuff that he knows will piss everyone off just by him whispering it alone and in his sleep. It gets everyone thinking of solutions instead of going to extremes and if you get one message from Donald Trump and anything he says that should be it.

You scream for protection and… His response is  fine, “I’ll go to this extreme to do that…wait what, you don’t like that answer, oh my bad?” He makes you think about what you are screaming for, before opening mouth and inserting ones foot. So, take a step back and think about what everyone is asking for. Here is a guy willing to give it to you…you, we, all of us are the ones saying we need to shut our borders…keep everyone out, somebody put the up the DO NOT ENTER SIGN.


This picture totally describes our nation and our hearts right?

Remember folks he is Corporate America, where no one is a dictator otherwise you have no Indians, you are left with chiefs who have no idea how to run it. The man is asking you without asking to think before you ask or speak of that which you are screaming for. Come to the table with a solution.

Love him or hate him, I like that he ruffles feathers. Shows he has a bigger pair than me.

I have a lot more news on my Twitter that is non Trump, racist, terrorist related.



And no you before you ask, you don’t have to follow me you can just go check it out. My feed is to your right if you are on a desktop, laptop, ipad. Otherwise I am @thecrimeshop. If you are tired of seeing the same news I get news stories from all over the world so check it out. I don’t care if you follow me or not.

Tomorrow we go North for an unsolved double homicide in Canada. I love Canada and the Canadians but they have a really high murder rate and an equally high unsolved murder rate. Canada is a serial killers wet dream. Unlike the Long Island Serial Killers. Yes I said Killers.

The song below is for Donald. Thanks for keeping it real Trump.

Cristal M Clark



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