Found Brutally Murdered, October 25, 2004 ~ Lubbock, TX

Found Brutally Murdered, October 25, 2004 ~ Lubbock, TX

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Years ago before I learned what lucid dreaming was, I had a bad dream about being murdered, while one of my children who was 3 at the time was in the same room. I remember every detail of the dream and every thought that I had as I was being murdered.

As a mother, you think of your child first and I remember in the dream praying that no harm came to my child as she watched in horror. My second was silently willing her to flee as I was no longer able to speak, my final was that I will never see her or hold her again. 

I can honestly say that I am not sure which thought haunted me more.

Tammie Cooper, 45, her 9-year-old twins, Kasheim and KaDiece Allen, and her 11-year-old daughter, Mahogany Jasmine Allen were found brutally murdered in their 4 bedroom apartment between 7:30am – 7:45am. It looked like a blood bath as reports indicate blood was all over the apartment.  

Although the police do not consider it a cold case as of this point, to date it remains unsolved with no suspects. Police are awaiting new technology or some other type of major break in the case in order to solve it.

In a vicious attack the entire family had been beaten, stabbed, slashed and cut to death. No murder weapon or motive have ever been discovered.

Tammie and her children had recently moved to Lubbock, TX from Dallas. A friend of Tammie’s was speaking with her the night before on the phone around 10:30pm when someone was banging on the door, one of Tammie’s sons answered and a man by the name of Butch entered.

Tammie told her friend the name of the man, the friend who heard his voice described him as irritated about something. Tammie did not seem worried enough to ask the friend for help, in fact nothing changed that might indicate that a stressful situation was about to ensue or that she needed help.

The next morning, between 7:30-7:45 am the bodies of the family were discovered. The bodies were found in the kitchen, livingroom and bedroom areas of the apartment. According to police accounts, evidence was everywhere, just nothing that would lead them to the killer.

Without exploring the crime scene myself, I cannot conclude it was “evidence” that the police found. It could have been day to day items that are familiar to the family or evidence left by the killer or a result of the act of murder.  

What I can conclude is that the killer knew Tammie and her children and I would not be a bit surprised to learn either that the killer hailed from somewhere other than Lubbock or was one of the reasons Tammie decided to relocate from Dallas to Lubbock.  Tammie and her children had only been in Lubbock for about 6 months. This guy Butch, is close to the family, in fact it makes sense that he may have known them longer than the 6 months they had lived in Lubbock. 

The police have never been able to find this man by the name of Butch. Butch could be a street name, nickname, middle name, or just a name the person went by for some odd reason or another. 

I would assume that the children were sleeping or getting ready to sleep when all of this was happening, otherwise, why would none of them flee the apartment for help or did they try to hide, pretend to be asleep, or simply had no way to flee without the killer seeing them and being able to stop them? The apartment was a 4 bedroom, so in all likely hood it makes sense that one of the children went to investigate or attempted to flee. 

An altercation of some type escalated and I am sure the children heard something, it makes sense that Tammie was killed or at the very least severely injured first. What is obvious is that the killer was in fact known to the entire family. The killer was angry, very angry and he was angry with Tammie. She did something to displease or upset him. The children were murdered for no other reason other than they were home and could tell police who he was, they were a liability that he could not afford. 

He was not careless, he didn’t leave anything that would point the investigation directly at him which is indicative of a man who is familiar with committing crimes. Seemingly someone who has done time for other non-murder related crimes. I would not go as far as to say career criminal, but someone who knows how to fly just under the radar. He is someone who is familiar with domestic violence, a man who is easily set off into rage and anger, especially during a bout with drinking heavily.

Since they lived in an apartment, it’s also very likely that another resident saw or heard something, sometimes in certain area’s witnesses are incredibly reluctant to come forward. If that is the case, it’s most probable that the killer was known in that part of town at that time. Perhaps some have moved on and away from this location and might feel more comfortable coming forward now rather than back then.

The clue to who this man is or was has been missed because it is somewhere in Tammie’s day to day life prior to her death. He was someone to her and either a witness has yet to come forward or the police have not yet turned every stone.

The murder of a single mother and her young children is heinous crime, Tammie and her children deserve justice. The police are offering a $20,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the person who murdered Tammie and her children.


Cristal M Clark


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