Who is going to win the Apple vs FBI Battle?


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At this rate who can really tell?


No matter which side you are on, you have an issue with the other side. Both issues are in fact valid, yet as I have publicly stated on several public forums in the past week, the argument between the two is childish.

I have stated over and over again that the FBI has no right to “demand” that Apple create any type of technology to help them with an Apple product. We are not communist in this country, so as long as Apple is not breaking any laws with the technology they have built it belongs to them and our Government does not have express authority to demand any organization, let alone Apple, come up with any type of technology that will assist them.

The argument when I look at it realistically without picking a side looks a lot to me like sibling rivalry.

Apple created technology our Government did not like in the first place, which our Government was clear about when Apple rolled it out, yet they failed to create any type of law that prevents Apple from creating like technology, let alone laws that state Apple would have to help them in the event of a terrorist act upon the US. Not Apple’s fault.

What happened was the FBI was told sorry, can’t help you because you guys did something to screw up the login to the iCloud so that’s that. James Comey and his agency stomped their little feet like two year olds and ran to mom and dad because they broke the new toy they had and the older sibling wouldn’t help fix it. So the older sibling was ordered by the DOJ to help fix it. Now, we have the aunts and uncles (all the major social media players), who have weighed in, all of the cousins, 1st, 2nd, 3rd (the media and Hollywood stars, authors, etc), and lastly the rest of us.

What I found most disheartening was that director Comey made a statement about why Apple needs to help here, with regards to owing it to the victims. I was sad and disgusted to know that our very own FBI director would not only stoop to that level but somehow try to use victims and their families as a reason anyone should be on the FBI’s side, let alone make Apple unlock this super secret technology. It was so unbecoming of James Comey to even venture to that subject and use it. He showed his desperation in doing that.

As for everyone else you are either on one side or the other. As for me, I am on both. At first I was more on the side of the FBI until James made the victim move and exploited them, now I am in the middle. Still does not change my opinion of the matter. I have an iPhone and I myself purchased it because it is more secure than any Android on the market. I love my iPhone. But if I were brutally murdered and the identity of the killer could be found in my phone, I’d prefer the FBI be able to access that and if the killer’s identity were not on the phone, at least the FBI could look my father and my kids in the eye and tell them that they were able to check my phone and found something or nothing. It’s not a right to demand though.

Here’s the deal, no one wins either way so why not just play a fair game without throwing fits like two year olds right? The FBI going to the DOJ and getting a court order is like watching a two year old throw a temper tantrum in Super Target and then given his way by one parent as the other looks on in horror.

Be a professional, just level the playing field. It’s what we do in the “business world” when someone doesn’t play nice with you.

You know the most popular FBI case by far, for sleuths, hackers and people who like solving puzzles is the and I have the case here on my site, “The Code of Ricky McCormick.” Everyone I have spoken to who has posted this case on his or her site says the same thing, the hits on that case in particular are thru the roof.250px-Ricky_McCormick_note_1

My site is no exception, everyone loves trying to solve this case. The only other case that gets an equal amount of hits is the Tara Calico case and that is only because of the Polaroid, pervs, child molesters and those that are in the sex trafficking trade love that pic.

I always make calculated moves and when I have something to say, it is also calculated, even when responding to a simple hello. I can size you up in less than two seconds and adjust my tone, cheerful, not overly, grumpy, standoffish, you get the idea right? So the FBI should size up the hello they received in response the request for help from Apple. Level the playing field.

The reason everyone loves the Ricky McCormick case is because, the FBI can’t figure out his two page note and it really is something someone will be able to figure out someday. In marketing terms, it’s called engaging your audience. The FBI does really good at this when it wants to.

The Apple case here should be treated the same. Before you jump all over my ass over this, read on. First the FBI’s job is not, to worry about the technology Apple creates and protect it so long as it’s not breaking any major laws.

It is also not the FBI’s job to worry about whether or not someone has come up with any type of technology that can break through Apple’s security unless a crime has been committed that would put this country or it’s individuals at great risk or exploit them, take money from them etc.  

To any layman that means the FBI looks at Apple, takes the court order off of the table (means James has to eat a little crow here) and says FU to Apple, we’ll ask the world for someone to get us this. That in and of itself should worry Apple, because at the end of the day, you can always find someone better than you or the team that created that security protocol.

One of two things is going to happen, Someone is going to knock on the FBI’s door with a solution or Apple is going to suck it up and help out here. Consider this, how scary would it be for Apple if the FBI tossed this out to anyone in the world with rules of course like you can’t use this in any way shape or form outside of this.

To take it step further let’s just say the FBI found someone to handle this for them, this whole time this person was able to do that on his or her own without Apple’s knowledge and they gave that to the FBI? What else is that individual capable of? Is the FBI hiring them?

The reality is simple, if the FBI did this, Apple put them in a corner, come on big brother is always going to find a way out of that corner. Ahhh but that would mean the FBI would have to grow a pair bigger than my imaginary one’s to pull this off right?

Always remember, we are the one’s who do not want big brother watching over us and telling us what to do, especially as a business owner. What if the FBI says ok, have it your way, we’ll find a legal way around you. Let that sink in, if you don’t get it, let me remind you. The FBI is in no way obligated to protect Apple’s security unless it’s being used to break laws, such as expose users of Apple products and devices in some way so as to earn funds, release photos, docs,  etc.  If the FBI needs Apple’s security broken in an attempt to help with a crime that has occurred and Apple refuses to help, the FBI can and should do what it must in order to try to obtain intel. No laws prevent the FBI from obtaining that help outside of Apple, just red tape which at this point since our DOJ is so upset, can most assuredly be cut.

I do not believe they will find much for this case but they still have to try and to that note, I vote put it out to the market to help solve. Nothing says you have to use Apple unless of course you are after more than just this one time gig. 

We live in a technological era, NOTHING IS SECURE, if you don’t already know that, you might want to get out from under the rock in which you live. IF our own government can’t get into it, we really need to reconsider our priorities.


Cristal M Clark


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Johanna Young ~ 1992


Johanna Young, 14, disappeared on a cold and foggy night from her family home in Watton on 23 December 1992. She was found murdered the afternoon of Saturday, December 26, 1992 after a passerby found her shoe and called police.

She was found face down in a water filled gravel pit, her jeans and underwear were missing. Johanna was covered in scratches, she had a skull fracture and her cause of death was ruled as a drowning.

Detectives speculated that whomever killed Johanna was local to the area and his identity has been hidden by family and/or friends. Detectives believe that gravel pit Johanna was found it was only known to the locals at the time.

It is remarkable that police questioned and arrested a number of men who were local to that area in the days after Johanna’s death, yet no one has been tried for her murder.

The police get new leads often enough yet each hits a dead, some of the leads that come in are brought in through arrests that are unrelated to the murder of Johanna. All of this is frustrating to both the family and the police.

Originally, very early into the investigation police thought that Johanna’s killer was a local whose identity was being hidden by friends and/or family. They are correct in that. It’s the same story that has played out in many murders that have gone unsolved. Police know someone close to the murderer holds the key but refuses to unlock the gate so that an arrest can be made.

Sometimes a killing is accidental, it stops being entirely accidental when steps are taken to hide a body, conceal evidence and withhold the truth from the police. In Johanna’s case, her killer never meant to kill her. It was an accident, the killer panicked after her death. It is more than likely that the killer was under the age of 21 at the time of her murder.

The murderer was not a serial killer which means that his identity is actually easier to figure out by looking at behaviors. That also means that people other than this person’s family saw behavioral changes and for whatever reason did not report anything to the police.

Johanna’s parents suffered so long without the truth, yet we all have the ability to help ease the pain and suffering of another human being. It is never too late to come forward.

Cristal M Clark


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Venus Xtravaganza


“She was murdered by one of her male escorts because her gender did not correspond with her anatomical sex.” At least that’s the theory on the streets.

Venus was born Thomas Pellagatti, Born: 1965, Jersey City, NJ, Died: December 21, 1988, New York City, NY.

She was found murdered under a bed in a New York hotel room in 1988. Her body was discovered by a stranger four days after her death, she had been strangled to death and her killer has never been found.  She was outspoken about the racial and socioeconomic barriers faced by many in the ball scene, in one of her interviews she described the transphobia she experienced during her time as a sex worker. She described having to flee for her life once by escaping through a window, after a client had become enraged that she was not a cisgender woman.

Her take on sex work compared to being a married woman living in the burbs was something like “If you’re a married woman living in the suburbs, a regular woman, married to her husband… and she wants him to buy her a washer and dryer set, in order for him to buy that I’m sure she’d have to go to bed with him anyway – for him to get what he wants, for her to get what she wants. So in the long run, it all ends up the same way.”

  Venus_XtravaganzaI like Venus because she was observant, honest and spoke her mind not giving a shit what anyone thought, agree with her or not she just said it. Many believe that it was her lifestyle that got her killed and for those of you that don’t know me, that train of thought is a cop-out to me and I view it as victim blaming.

She did not wake up one morning and decide it would be a great day to get murdered. If a cop dawns a uniform and dies in the line of duty he dies a hero, if an escort or prostitute are murdered while on the job it’s somehow her fault because she chose that profession and we don’t care about them. We look down our noses at them as if they are somehow less than human, less than the rest of us and to me that is so wrong. 

Venus was a human being who had dreams, she had spunk, attitude and knew how to carry herself. She did not deserve to be murdered.

Venus did work as a prostitute in NY,  but because of that client mentioned above, the one who became enraged she decided to earn her living as an escort instead in an effort to save for sex reassignment surgery. She was an aspiring model and is very well known for her work in the documentary “Paris is Burning.”

The documentary was not released until 1990, Venus came to national attention from her appearance in the documentary which was about the New York City Ball Culture and her life story as a transgender woman living in New York City.

She took the name Venus as a teenager after leaving home in search of a different life. She then took the surname Xtravaganza in 1983 upon being accepted into the House of Xtravaganza, one of many ‘houses’ consisting of predominantly transgender and gay youth associated with the 1980’s ball culture scene.

Her life was snuffed out too soon.

Another Death

Lorena Xtravaganza, was a transgender performer known for her impersonations of Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez. She was given the last name, Xtravaganza for her membership into The House of Xtravaganza.extralarge

On May 11, 2012 she brought two men to her apartment, at about 4 a.m. a fire broke out in the apartment. In the ensuing chaos, everyone seemed to emerge from the building – except Lorena. Firefighters arrived, as did officers from the 83rd Precinct. When the blaze was extinguished, at 4:37 a.m., Lorena was discovered, “unconscious and unresponsive” and paramedics declared her dead at the scene.

Just to note, Lorena had already had her sexual reassignment surgery. The reason that I highlight her story here is to point out the fact that some killers target those within the transgender community, whether they have had surgery or not.

What that means is simply, the suspect pool is not that large. Those within the transgender community will tell you that finding acceptance is difficult, especially from those who are of the opposite sex. No it’s not like what you have seen on Jerry Springer when the guy finds out he has dated a transgender woman.

It is highly unlikely that either woman were murdered due to her being transgender. Often times, people from every walk of life tend to self medicate both emotional and mental pain rather than face it. It is my belief that both deaths were related to something that afforded an opportunity to self medicate as well as feed an addiction.

The police really do have an opportunity to solve both murders if they’d look at the suspect pool. It’s not a needle in the haystack and the suspect in both cases was known within the community.

Cristal M Clark


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1986 ~ Babes in the Woods Murders


CRIME Babes...Composite handout collect photos of murdered Brighton schoolgirls Karen Hadaway (left) and Nicola Fellows. The family of Nicola, a nine-year-old girl killed in the so-called 'babes in the woods' murders has broken its silence to call for the reintroduction of the death penalty for child sex killers. Speaking 16 years after Nicola and her best friend Karen, 10, were killed in one of Britain's most famous murder cases, Nicola's aunt, Gillian Chambers, demanded the reintroduction of the death penalty. The two girls were abducted from their homes in Brighton, sexually assaulted and then strangled. Their bodies were later found in Wild Park, Brighton. Mrs Chambers said the recent murders of Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman had brought back harrowing memories of the death of her niece. See PA story CRIME Babes. PA Photo


1986, the bodies of  two 9 year old girls Nicola Fellows and Karen Hadaway were found in Wild Park, Moulsecoomb, north of Brighton, England.

They had both been raped and strangled. A local roofer Russell Bishop was arrested, tried, and then acquitted of the crime. To date, no one has been convicted of the crimes.


Russell  was convicted for abducting and attempted rape of another child, after the being acquitted of the the Babes in the Woods Case. According to media reports the case against him for Nicola and Karen had been flawed which could only mean that the jury found that the investigation had been flawed somehow.

It was Friday the 10th of October 1986 when it was reported that the two young 9 year old girls had not returned home when they should have. A massive search was organised and included around 200 police and neighbors.  A helicopter was brought in to help search the rambling acres of Wild Park.

Initially, it was thought that the search was successful in finding the girls as it was thought that they were alive and huddled together. Sadly, both had been brutally murdered. It has been reported that evidence showed Nicola had been sexually assaulted both before and after her murder, both girls were bruised and appeared to have been beaten, strangulation being the official cause of death for both.

About 3 weeks after the Nicola and Karen  were found, Russell Bishop was arrested by detectives and taken in, where he was questioned for a total of 51 hours. He was then released on bail. He went into hiding, while Police guarded his empty flat.

On the 3rd of December he was charged with the two murders and appeared in Court the following day where the Magistrates decided that he should face trial.

Russell became a suspect because he claimed to have seen the two bodies during the search of  Wild Park, describing how the bodies were lying. The problem with that according to detectives was that he was never actually near the bodies during the search. Details like this however, are not hard to put together after seeing a number of media reports from that time, still detectives tend to keep certain details out of the media so Russell had to have told them something that sealed him in as the suspect.

In December of 1987 it took the jury two hours to find Russell not guilty of the murders. Obviously this upset the families and the police who contend that they investigated the case thoroughly. I am sure the 51 hours of interview time had more than just a little to do with the verdict as well. The number is impressive when it stands alone, by alone I mean alone. Toss that number in front a jury and twist it enough for them to start thinking it was an excessive number of hours and it creates doubt. 

It was 3 years after that, that Russell was convicted  of abduction, kidnap and attempted murder and got a life sentence.

Russell had a history of petty thieving, he was living quietly at the time with his partner and their child.

The key evidence that was presented at the trial against him were some specks of blood on a jumper that other witnesses said belonged to him and the fact that the jumper had been found on his “most likely” route home. Some of the fibers on that jumper matched fibers from the clothes worn by Karen and Nicola when they had gone out that day.

Of course he had an explanation for the how the fibers were found on his jumper, he was one of the first people on the scene when the girls were found. Russell argued as he had taken their pulses, thus any exchange of trace evidence could be accounted for.

Ready for the Twist?

In 2009, Barrie Fellows aged 59, was arrested at his home in Ellesmere Port, Cheshire, on suspicion of rape and conspiracy to rape his daughter, Nicola, who was murdered in 1986 when aged nine.

Barrie as it turns out was arrested with a friend, Douglas Judd, aged 44. Sussex Police said the investigation into sexual abuse allegations was unrelated to the ongoing murder inquiry and that the men were arrested on suspicion of sexual offences involving Nicola Fellows.

Here is the twist, Barrie was previously questioned about raping his daughter after Russell was arrested. The allegations it seemed were delivered to police by a female “friend” of none other than Russell Bishop. A father and now his friend arrested for a crime neither committed.

Thankfully, both were found innocent by police and let go. But how sick and twisted is that, it is like punishing a grieving father over and over again.

Russell, led a seemingly quiet life indeed however, another Babes in the Woods killers case bears similarities to the murders of Nicola and Karen. Not that the killer is the same, he seems to be more than likely someone the actual killer of Nicola and Karen learned from, someone for lack of better words, the killer of Nicola and Karen wanted to become. That killer was in prison when Nicola and Karen were murdered. The cases are so similar that it cannot be ignored. 

Main-JebsonRonald Jebson (birth name: Ronald Harper), who snatched Susan Blatchford, 11, and Gary Hanlon, 12, right off of the streets of Enfield, North London, in March of 1970. He then drove the children to Epping Forest, Essex, where he sexually assaulted and strangled them, he then dumped their bodies in the woods.

He was arrested 4 days later for assaulting an 11 year old boy and sentenced to 5 years. The murders of Susan and Gary were not tied to him at that time. After his release he lived with a friend and his friends 8 year old daughter whom he strangled to death.

He confessed to his first murders 3 decades later while serving life in prison.

I do believe that Russell is in fact the actual killer and if police want to find the smoking gun they may want to delve into his past a bit looking for things that might tie him to an interest or obsession with Jacob and the crimes that he committed.

It is always difficult when you think that you have a solid case and the jury hands down a not guilty. You have to go back and review every shred of evidence you had. Once you surmise that you had everything you have to start seeking out that which is hidden, carefully or not, but subtle enough that you never saw it before. You never even put it together let alone considered it. 

Cristal M Clark


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