Memorial day weekend ~ 69 shootings in Chicago, 2016

chicagomemorial day 2016

Deputy Superintendent John Escalante on Sunday promised to beef up patrols in response to the sheer volume of weekend shootings, only to have that promise answered with another 9 people shot by early Tuesday.

To be fair, early reports are indicating that 27 of the individuals that were shot, were shot in or near the Harrison district, one of Chicago’s most violent. It also happens to be one of Chicago’s most heavily patrolled districts.

The bad news; the number of shootings is up from last year

Ahhh but the good news is that over the mother’s day weekend according to one news report just 57 were shot in Chicago.

According to Chicago police, the shootings are being brought about by heated gang conflicts.

Add the warmer weather to those heated conflicts and we may be looking at one hell of a bloody Chicago by the end of the summer. The really bad news is that each month so far in 2016 across the US heat index records have been broken, each month we hear that the last was the hottest on record for the majority of the US.

Heat makes people angry, they are more apt to reach for a gun, and well hey let’s face the truth here, these rival gangs, they were never going to sit down over a coffee and “talk” things out.

The issue with Chicago according to police is weak gun law enforcement, access to guns and gangs. The department has also gone on to say that they have been able to pinpoint the majority of the violence on a group of roughly 1,300 individuals using “data analytics.” If that works, and they can eventually get it to the point of being able to pinpoint exactly when any violence may happen, things should be in relatively good shape right?

I’d give it 50/50 knowing that we human beings are pretty predictable except for criminals. The trick with them is to outthink them. You have to realize that criminals especially those who are any part of organized crime groups are like entrepreneurs, just when you think you have them or the next move they are going to make figured out, they change it up. They spend a lot of time trying to find ways to outsmart and outrun the long arm of the law. 

That is a history lesson we can’t afford to forget here.

While it’s great to be able to know why, the bigger issue and questions are, how are the Chicago police planning on putting a stop to it? I know a lot of people are thinking why not just roll up those 1,300 problem children?

That is far easier said than done. Sure they can try to round them all up, but these guys have #2 and #3 guys, someone to take the place of the fearless leaders who got put into jail. Those fearless leaders are also capable of running the organization from inside jails sometimes. Of course you also have to take into account, they don’t plan on getting caught.

Cracking down on that weak gun law enforcement is another great idea, it’s also another idea that is easier spoken about than it is accomplished. Sometimes these guys are not willing to get caught and they are less than willing to go to jail, so they have no problem shooting at a cop, let alone any innocent bystander who happened to walk across that mess. It’s kill or die to them.

The bottom line is this, guns are on the street and individuals who don’t fear death are very willing to use those weapons. It’s clear that threatening them into submission is not working and neither are increased police patrols.

Locking an entire community down is also not easy to accomplish either so locking the daycare overnight is out…

The Chicago Tribune was able to compile the following data:

“So far this year around 1,500 individuals have been shot in Chicago,  with at least 250 deaths

While, last year by this time the count was 957 shot with 164 individuals who had been killed.

60 homicides this month have outpaced those in each of the previous three years in Chicago, according to Tribune data. By May 30, 2015, there had been 45 homicides, with 41 by the same date in 2014 and 47 in 2013”

It’s early though, the numbers are still rolling in from the weekend and could be adjusted up or down as police wrap up investigations. For an ongoing as close as one can get count if you are interested, check out the website heyjackass, they keep a pretty close eye on the number of shootings in Chicago if you want a weekly birdseye view of them.

Growing violence can only be contained in a bottle for so long before it begins to spill over. In Chicago’s case that could mean escalating outside of just the most violent part of town.

It’s sad really, Memorial Day Weekend is for remembering and cherishing those who died while serving in active military service.

I wonder how many service men and women are serving anywhere in the world right now who may have seen the news reports about Chicago over the weekend, today or maybe not yet, but who soon will? Out of that how many of those men and women are from or know someone, family or loved ones who are from those parts of Chicago that were hit with violence this past weekend?

It’s a sad twist of fate really, we are supposed to worry about our military members while they are serving, they shouldn’t have to worry about things like this back home.

Cristal M Clark


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Denver bank robbery suspect

or victim of mistaken identity


Arrested for a crime he couldn’t have possibly committed not once but twice, his life now in ruin he faces an uncertain future in Denver, Colorado.  

Before September 2014 Steven Talley was living the American dream, he had a promising career in the financial services industry, was comfortably employed at Transamerica Capital, had a family, a home and his freedom.

All of that changed almost overnight for him, he was awakened by beating on his door and greeted by an FBI task force, Denver Police and its Swat team. He was being charged with aggravated robbery and assaulting an officer. Crimes he eventually successfully proved he couldn’t have possibly committed, yet not without having lost everything.

The last time I checked, he was still homeless and now still being charged with petty meaningless crimes that police really have to dig in order to find.

I bring his case to your attention because FBI director James Comey is actually trying really hard to help bring about a peace between the public and the police in this nation. He out of everyone truly wholeheartedly wants to bring about new ways of policing, he wants the public to trust it’s police again. He wants the police to understand the public they serve better and he wants the public to better understand police, what it takes to actually be a cop.

The problem is that while he is out walking the beat in an effort to create this change, for all of the good that he does, cases like Steven’s only destroy his every effort to bring about those changes.

While I do not always agree with James on things, I do respect his tireless efforts to bridge the gap between the public and police in this nation.

If anyone had the chance to watch the video of BLM co-founder from last Wednesday morning at the 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, going off on James you’ll see what I mean. James actually stopped and intently listened to this man who was just at times being belligerent. He took the time and made the effort to hear what this man was trying to say.

So while I do not always agree with him, I do stand by what Director James Comey is trying to accomplish and addressing situations like Steven Talley’s will only help to better understand what is broken and how to fix it. This is just one small piece of it.

So this is the story of Steven Talley

September 15, 2014

“They broke my third, fourth, fifth, sixth ribs,” said Talley. “The guy that stood on my face cracked all my teeth on my left side.”

Police zeroed in on Steven because of two individuals who saw surveillance video which showed a man who resembled him robbing a US Bank in Denver. Four months later, what appears to be the same suspect robbed another bank. The suspect walked in, armed with a .45 caliber handgun, had clear surgical gloves on and handed the teller a note demanding cash.

A maintenance worker in Steven’s office building and Steven’s ex-wife said she recognized him on the surveillance tapes.

Once arrested, Steven tried to tell the police they had the wrong guy, he plead not guilty. Now the physical description of the robber was not a match to Steven, wrong height, wrong body weight, it didn’t match.

No one would listen to him as he plead that he was innocent. He finally was able to prove after providing a rock solid alibi for the first robbery the he was in fact innocent of that robbery.

The issue here is, how solid of an investigation did law enforcement really do to not have been able to uncover that alibi prior to Steven’s arrest? That is a pretty significant thing to just miss during the course of an investigation.

Upon Steven’s release however, he claims that the lead detective on the case made a threat. Denver Police Detective Jeffrey A Hart, according to Steven said, “I’m going to throw your ass back in jail, we’re going to re-file.”

I actually do know this detective and the way Steven describes him is a bit inaccurate. Jeffrey would never threaten a suspect. My guess is that he did make a comment, not a threat that the case would be refiled. I know Jeff a little more deeply than most and I can tell you he isn’t the type of cop that could be considered a gun toting thug and being a complete dick is not his MO.

The case was actually refiled a year later, which is typical in a lot of cases like this, nothing out of the ordinary with that.

Steven’s attorney says that Steven has a distinctive mole on his right cheek, something that doesn’t show up on the bank’s surveillance video, even with FBI enhancements oddly enough. What’s really curious however is that according the teller at the second robbery the suspect who was wearing those clear surgical gloves…well he had scars, age spots or moles she couldn’t tell which, on his hands. Something Steven does not have.

Last but not least, the first teller could not positively identify Steven although initially she did, she later recanted that.

So what in the hell happened here?

How could this case have been so screwed up? Why was crucial evidence missed or blatantly ignored? Knowing Detective Hart like I do, it really is that hard for me personally to believe this investigation ended up so wrong.

I know that Steven has gone on to tell the media that the police are charging him with piddly shit as a form of retaliation, but I also know that when someone is desperate, they have lost everything, they can become irrational and they tend to get standoffish with people, in this case the enemy is the police. I am not saying that is necessarily the case here but I’ve seen it quite a bit.

Steven is homeless or was at least as of March of this year, it’s not hard to have a run in with DPD when you are homeless in Denver. 

I also know that, sometimes when police think they have the right suspect, they tend to only follow the evidence that will lead them to that suspect, they will easily discount any and all other evidence that leads them away from the guy they think is good for it.

It’s more subconscious than you think, most of the time they don’t even realize that they are doing it. To compare it, it’s sort of the like dealing with an individual who is really stubborn. No matter what proof you put in front of them, they still think they are right about something.

Sometimes, someone will believe in something so strongly that, that ends up being the only truth they know. They live it, breath it and know only that. I know that police don’t like being wrong but they are after all, human beings just like the rest of us. They can be wrong too, they are not immune to that.

The trick here is teaching law enforcement to catch themselves doing that. It’s harder than you think to do but it is not impossible. It is something that must be addressed. In today’s world, being wrong on this level can cost a cop his career and an entire department it’s credibility. It can cost the department its relationship with the very community it serves.

Police are also under a lot of pressure to apprehend a suspect, especially dangerous ones. They are sometimes encouraged to selectively look at evidence, rush through an investigation, go after one guy because he looks like the suspect. This pressure, it comes from the legal system, not other cops, the captain, a sergeant.

It encourages our officers to do what they are taught is the right thing…only to learn in the end when that cop ends up being the fall guy…it wasn’t the right thing.

To fix it, we have to fix it all. Not just a small part of it. The system as a whole has to stop pressuring cops to make an arrest. Let cops do their jobs so as to ensure they are done right. This entire case with Steven Talley, would not have gone so sideways if the cops were not so pressured in the first place.

Many years ago, more than I am willing to actually admit to, I did several ride alongs with detective Hart. The beat cop I know and spent quite a bit of time with, didn’t really like arresting people, He liked being able to make a difference in someone’s life. Making a bad situation better, helping someone, it was never about going after people and cuffing them. It was about protecting the public while at the same time, making a difference. That really mattered to him, believe it or not.

One thing he taught me was that he and his team only made an arrest if they had to, if they had another option, they took it. The last thing any of them wanted was being responsible for destroying an innocent person’s life.

Cristal M Clark


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Grief stricken father searches for his daughters killer


Police and investigators have said that she was intentionally targeted and murdered, judging from the crime scene itself, that much is true. The murder was planned, not well mind you but it was planned, well enough at least to leave virtually no forensic evidence behind.


Saanich, BC February 2, 2008

Lindsay Buziak was brutally slain while “showing” a home February 2, 2008. Her father has been searching for answers ever since. As of 5/18/2016, “I’m gutted — it’s absolutely devastating,” Lindsay’s dad Jeff Buziak told CHEK News from his home in Calgary. “We have killers in the community there, conspirators, and Saanich Police know who they are and everyone felt we were very close to arrests and for whatever reason they decided to walk away.”

Her father goes on to tell CHEK that the investigators are being reassigned and they are not being replaced per Saanich Police Chief Bob Downie as they no longer have the manpower to dedicate a full investigative team. This sadly stands true in so many unsolved murders across the world. Once a case has grown cold, especially ones with very little forensic evidence such as Lindsay’s it often times gets to a point where fresh eyes are needed in order to see something others did not, a confession is made or someone tells a little secret to a little birdie and that info finds it’s way to police.

Jeff Buziak has never stopped looking for his daughters killers. He has put up very large rewards hoping for information, at one point the man offered to help anyone get out of the country in some type of plan that would have set them up for life if they would only come forward with information leading to his daughter’s killers.

This father has done everything that he can aside from beating it out of people to find his daughter’s killer.

I feel for Lindsay’s family and friends, this is hard for them and upon hearing the case will no longer have a dedicated team of investigators assigned to it, I am more than sure it has left them reliving the first moments of the news of Lindsay’s murder all over again.

Through the years so many theories have surfaced. Dateline covered it in “Dream House Mystery,” where they even brought in their own experts to discuss the case. Initially, Jason Zailo her boyfriend was taken into custody. He he was cleared of being part of the crime and so was her beloved ex boyfriend Matt McColl who it is rumored she had planned on leaving Jason for.

Matt was out of town with his then girlfriend who is now his wife, police never got the feeling he was good for this.

On the afternoon of the murder, Lindsay and Jason met for lunch, they paid the bill and left the restaurant at around 4:24pm separately.

Jason and Lindsay parted ways at this point. The timeline goes roughly like this:

Jason’s vehicle is seen on video at roughly 4:29pm showing up at SHC (a local business). Jason’s friend whom he was picking up from SHC was seen standing outside of Jason’s Vehicle when Jason left the SHC building. They left SHC together as seen on video at 5:30pm.

It is believed that during this time Lindsay went home to change her clothes to show a home to a Hispanic couple she referred to as the Mexican’s.

At around 5:30pm 2 witnesses say that they saw a couple a Caucasian man and woman walk into the cul-de-sac the home Lindsay would be showing was in. One of the witnesses is reported to have seen Lindsay greet the couple and shake the woman’s hand.

The real estate lockbox was accessed at around 5:29pm, presumably by Lindsay.

While driving, Jason sent Lindsay a text message that stated “I’ll come meet you, I’ll be 10-15 minutes or so…”

Lindsay responded to that text saying “Ok, I’ll see you in a bit, I gotta go the Mexican’s are here”

5:38pm Jason sends Lindsay another text stating “just a couple of minutes away.” Investigators have confirmed that, the text was never opened by Lindsay. Or so they think, back in 08 you could open a text message on a cell and then also mark it as unread so it would appear that it had never been opened.

Police believe Lindsay was murdered between 5:38pm and 5:41pm. It’s a very short time frame in which to kill someone.

Here’s where things get a little odd, Jason and his friend pulled up in front of the home at around 5:45pm, Jason reported that he saw two figures through the glass portion of the front door, he was unable to tell is they were male, female, Lindsay or…

He then decides to park his car on the opposite side of the road towards the main street “Not wanting to seem like or appear like a nosy boyfriend or something to that nature. He purposely, knowing that Lindsay was worried about meeting this couple in the first place parked his car so that he would have no direct view of anyone leaving the property.

Jason and his friend sat for around another 10 minutes before he began to worry. He then sent Lindsay another text asking if she were ok. Because she did not answer Jason and his friend began to approach the house while Jason was frantically calling 911 around 6:00pm. After being unable to get into the home He lifted his friend over a fence who found the patio door unlocked.  Which is really quite convenient…

The friend met Jason back at the front of the home and let him in, Jason found Lindsay dead in an upstairs bedroom.

She had been brutally stabbed to death and her throat had been slit. Nothing was stolen and she was not sexually assaulted. It was clear early on that the motive in the case was a personal one.

Police said that they are convinced the couple, a tall, well-dressed Caucasian man and a Caucasian woman between 35-40 years old, wearing a distinctive pink, black and white cocktail dress, are responsible for Lindsay’s murder.

Dateline actually did a rather nice job of telling the story, they even highlighted the fact that the dress that was worn by the female who met Lindsay may have in fact been worn so as to draw attention away from things like her face, any visible features that witnesses could recall about her, etc. This was a really good catch because that is most likely the case.

Her father since the Dateline feature has become convinced her murder has to do with drug dealers, which I am not so certain of. In fact, I doubt that is the case at all. Lindsay’s murder does not fit with the MO of a hit that was brought about so as to send a message or as revenge or in an effort to keep people from talking.

The crime is too sloppy for it to have been drug dealers or cartels. Don’t get me wrong drug hits are brutal in nature, the problem with this crime and typical drug hits is that you never really have any description of the person doing the hit and if you do, it could have been half a dozen or so people. You really never hear of a woman being part of it at all. That is also quite out of character.

I am more convinced that it all goes right back to her relationship with Jason somehow. While he may have been cleared of actually committing the murder, I doubt that he had no knowledge it was going to happen before hand.

His behavior strikes me as odd, first, in the Dateline interview with him he was confronted by his lack of emotion regarding her death. He stated that “people express emotions differently.” Looking at his body language and his expressionless face, I’d say the guy is pretty much dead inside. No that does not make him a murder, yet in looking past all of that the afternoon events seem rather well planned out in order to give him the perfect alibi.

One of the experts on Dateline stated something like “You don’t show up to the crime with a witness.” Actually, that out of all of the other theories makes the most sense and it’s pretty much exactly what a criminal who took the effort to plan such a murder would do. What you don’t do is murder someone in front of a witness and criminals don’t live by rules, especially those of non-criminals.

So in my mind, if I arranged to have my girlfriend killed or I knew that my mother might have, of course I’d find a way to be sure that no one could ever pin it on me. I wouldn’t want to go to prison after all…and if I had to I’d even be the worried boyfriend going to meet my girlfriend who is showing a house and have my friend who is smaller than me gain entry into the home not knowing if the murder was in the kitchen, living area or upstairs so just in those cases my friend would find the body first.

If my friend didn’t find the body he let’s me in and I find it, the point is we were together the whole time, why we were even together during the murder itself so I am free and clear. That is the perfect alibi.

So let’s explore that in more detail. While on dateline Jason’s mother said that the day before Lindsay’s murder, Lindsay told her she was afraid of her ex boyfriend Matt McColl, which paints a very different picture of Matt and how Lindsay felt about him than what friends and family knew.

Lindsay told her own father she was thinking of leaving Jason, she expressed to friends she wanted to end things with Jason and had given serious thought to trying to strike a new relationship up with Matt.

Then suddenly after a vacation with Jason and his family, friends said that Lindsay’s attitude about leaving Jason softened somewhat.

Lindsay was a strong, outspoken vibrant young woman, as friends and family describe her. I doubt that if her feelings for Matt were as strong as friends described them to be at that time that she would have just changed her mind that quickly.

Continuing on, his lack of curiosity also strikes me as a bit off if you will. Lindsay had expressed to multiple individuals, Jason included that she felt something was off or amiss with regards to this couple. They were pushing to find a very expensive home and rather quickly, the whole thing gave her an odd vibe so to speak.

Not that this is criminal either, but why would you park your car away from the home in such a way that you did not have a clear line of site to the home? As far as a couple you didn’t know, never met before and had absolutely no knowledge of would have known is that you were just another couple parking in front of the home and you too had an appointment with Lindsay to view the home that night.

Jason’s mother’s statement also came at the wrong time and place. So long after the murder, as if she is still trying to shift prying eyes after her son had already been cleared. So the obvious question would be, should he have been cleared in the first place?

Can this case be solved?

Of course it could. Jason and his family while they have said and behaved oddly may not be the actual killers, I suspect they are the reason things felt and still feel amiss.

Lindsay didn’t just decide to give her and Jason a second try of her own accord, she was manipulated into staying or at least she appeared that she was staying in a relationship for the time being with Jason. If I had to guess, Jason and perhaps both Jason and his mother knew that Lindsay did not intend to stay in that relationship for the long term.

That proof is in the pudding all one has to do is look at Jason’s explanation of his lack of emotion, Lindsay was vibrant, outgoing, and a spark.

Something tells me that the change in investigators will prove to be a good thing at some point. Sometimes fresh eyes see what old eyes could not, those eyes and hands more often than not have the ability to piece together the puzzle.  

Cristal M Clark


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The end of the TSA at US airports?

Its time for the TSA to go





So many of us are frustrated with the TSA right now. Frustrated is actually and in all honesty putting it rather lightly.

Airport security has become such a burden to travelers that the airlines are now getting involved and demanding change. In fact some are calling for an end to the TSA all together. Which if anyone has ever paid attention to any government run organization, is not such a bad idea.

The numbers depending on what you read or who you listen to show that the TSA has between a 80% – 95% failure rate, that’s right, they have yet to manage the ability to detect dangerous items and/or people at security checkpoints.  b88ae3151e0dcbedc7999f6d1c022162bc8d3577fc2af02d107498a5683dfb25

The airports that have used private airport security firms however have been largely successful so much so that now, everyone is looking to them for help alleviating the most recent mess the TSA has made of air travel.

The mess with air travel right now could have been prevented, it’s not new that travel picks up during the holidays and in the spring/summer months hell, it’s been that way for years. The agency, including its leadership have continued to do a really piss poor job of actually managing and planning. Things like a blizzard you can’t really prevent and travel tuns into a nightmare after, but this mess recently is a complete joke and speaks very loudly about the agencies lack of effectiveness.

This is nothing new however and sadly when it comes to government agencies this is pretty normal. To hire or get funding to pay workers to work overtime is like attempting to piss up a rope. So much red tape gets in the way that by the time things are approved, it’s too late.

il_570xN.193551269The TSA however, has behaved badly since the federalization of security. So many agents have been accused of fondling passengers, stealing, vying over screening the more attractive passengers, just to name a few things. The end result is a distrust of the TSA altogether and that should have been swiftly taken care of at the onset. The problem here is that the TSA is the oversight for security and it is also responsible for carrying out security.


To date, the TSA has never stopped one terrorist from boarding a plane. The agency runs rampant and catches no one. We don’t want perfect security, we don’t need it, and we do not expect it. What we do expect however, is minimal hassle and fair security wait times. Upwards of three hours to get through airport security is completely unacceptable.


By having the same agency responsible for setting screening standards and for carrying out that screening, it has created conflict and allowed for poor performance and zero accountability.

Why all this matters now other than everyone being upset over it? The TSA has managed to create a potentially deadly turn of events with long security lines and outrageous wait times. A large group of people in one central area that did not have to get through any security to get to that point, that in turn happens to be a prime target for anyone looking to cause the maximum amount of harm.  

The reality is, it is only a matter of time before something happens as a result…

The TSA said they need more money so that they can work agents overtime, however after Congress appropriated it, the TSA came back and said, it’s not enough. The TSA simply is not doing the job which it’s employed to do and while it screens passengers, it still has not done a stellar job of protecting anyone.

The TSA has simply managed to continue to give itself a black eye and create public mistrust of the agency. And that in turn has bummed out the agents that work for the agency. They should look to the leadership they have rather than blaming the public for the issue. By failing over and over again to make things better, weed out the bad apples and continue as if nothing has happened, all while wait times are at an all time high since 9/11, the agency itself failed in many ways to be accountable for anything other than the bad headlines it has received.

It is crucial to take a hard look at privatizing airport security. By splitting up oversight from the actual security, we’ll see safer airports, shorter wait times and some accountability. Anytime you have an oversight group also responsible for carrying out the job, you have a multitude of issues.

It’s time to put an end to that, it’s time to look at privatizing airport security.
Cristal M Clark


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The Identity of Congressman X


Here are some clues as to who Congressman X is:









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người nói dối


And in American


In a nutshell more or less.

So we have this self proclaimed former “Democratic Congressman” who has written a book, blah, blah, blah, it’s a tell all tale of how congress feels about us, how they cheat us, laugh at us, call us self absorbent sheep..yet the former congressman, while he rats out his former partners in crime won’t reveal himself to protect his colleges and family.

Really, allow me to be rather crude and blunt for a moment: Congressman X, if he ever was one, is nothing more less than a coward who has either:

  1. Gone a little bat-shit crazy since leaving congress
  2. Is just flat out, bat-shit crazy and some loon making shit up for the almighty right to a dollar

Coming out now without telling anyone who you are for your protection and the protection of the same people you worked with, yeah the ones who think we are self absorbent sheep, is a joke and not even a good one at that.

“Most of my colleagues are dishonest career politicians who revel in the power and special-interest money that’s lavished upon them.”

“My main job is to keep my job, to get reelected. It takes precedence over everything.”

“Fundraising is so time consuming, I seldom read any bills I vote on. Like many of my colleagues, I don’t know how the legislation will be implemented, or what it’ll cost.”

“It’s far easier than you think to manipulate a nation of naive, self-absorbed sheep who crave instant gratification.”

“It’s about getting credit now, lookin’ good for the upcoming election.”

“Voters claim they want substance and detailed position papers, but what they really crave are cutesy cat videos, celebrity gossip, top 10 lists, reality TV shows, tabloid tripe, and the next f***ing Twitter message”

“It’s the old shell game: if you can’t convince ’em, confuse ’em.”

“I worry about our country’s future when critical issues take a backseat to the inane utterings of illiterate athletes and celebrity twits.”

“We spend money we don’t have and blithely mortgage the future with a wink and a nod. Everything’s for the here and now. Screw the next generation,”

“Voters are incredibly ignorant and know little about our form of government and how it works,” the author says at one point.“But that’s OK. It’s far easier than you think to manipulate a nation of naive, self-absorbed sheep who crave nothing but instant gratification.”

Classy, real classy. No I mean it, I really do love it. 

Here is his opening line from the book’s website “I’ve come to the conclusion the whole Washington scene represents a diminishment of civilization. Our country’s in a free-fall to mediocrity, and Congress is leading the way…”

Yet you choose not to reveal who you are? The website identifies the author as a Democrat, and says that his true identity is only known to his “editor and confidant, Robert Atkinson,” said to have served as chief of staff and press secretary to two Democratic members of Congress.

And at the end of the day, what the F*&K does that mean to any of us? In all reality it means nothing because anything in the book could and quite possibly will be denied, discredited and well the book will fall by the wayside and forgotten about.

The reality is every excerpt released is a mirror image of how we Americans feel congress thinks of us and it illustrates what we think congress does. It’s not new news so is he really hoping for change with his book, is he hoping this is our wake up call? Come on, nothing smells of both bullshit and conspiracy theory more.


Why not make this a fair fight and tell everyone who you are so that congress can defend the accusations? Oh wait, he is protecting those who are not, a nation of naive ignorant, self absorbent sheep, who crave nothing but instant gratification, illiterate athletes and celebrity twits.

So while trying to inform us, he also still manages to slip in the ever so subtle implication that we really are self absorbed, ignorant, stupid, pathetic blind sheep. We would believe anything that goes against the grain, so why not?

But maybe it goes deeper, he wants to tell the world how bad congress is, being the coward that he is, I mean after all he benefited from that evil financially right, yet he doesn’t want anyone knowing who he is so no one can out him and all of the bad, little evil things he did. He just wants all of us to know what congress is and what it truly is about now that he is gone from it, while still collecting his retirement, our tax dollars…all so that he can protect others…who are what was that again, not, a nation of naive ignorant, self absorbent sheep, who crave nothing but instant gratification, illiterate athletes and celebrity twits.

Again, I just can’t get over how classy this guy is.

What’s worse is that any reporter covering anyone in congress will sit you down and tell just these few excerpts are true so basically anyone could have written this book which is why I personally feel the story was written by a coward and a liar, his story is a farce.

You can read the book of you want, it comes out May 24th on Amazon. I won’t read it, I see it every day so…

In the end if Congressman X wants to be a reason for change, he should stop hiding and start LEADING, otherwise he truly is a congressman which always has been the equivalent to a LIAR.


Cristal M Clark


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Missing Boeing 727-223

Was it misplaced?

Or it could have been stolen for a multitude of reasons…it’s anyone’s guess.

So the shortened less detailed but to drum up interest version goes a lot like this:

On May 25, 2003 two men were seen working on a Boeing 727-223, tail number N844AA at Quatro de Fevereiro Airport, Luanda, Angola.

Neither Ben Padilla or his coworker had a commercial pilot’s license and a jetliner such as this one did technically require a three manned crew to fly it. Technically speaking of course. At any rate, after having taxied onto the runway for a scheduled engine test the plane suddenly and quite unexpectedly made an unauthorized takeoff never to be seen again. Whomever was flying the plane had no communication with the tower and the transponder to the plane had been disabled as luck would have it.


It was never seen on radar as far as anyone really knows…

It has been said that to this day, no trace of the plane has ever been found. Being that it was post 9/11, just about every agency in the world was at one time searching for the plane, yet those searches left investigators with empty hands.

That is the exciting played up part of the story but here is the background:

Ben Charles Padilla, was a certified flight engineer, aircraft mechanic, and private pilot who worked for Florida-based Aerospace Sales and Leasing.

His coworker, a man he recently hired was John Mikel Mutantu, from the Republic of the Congo.

They had been working on the plane so that it could be reclaimed from a business deal gone bad and it has been said that neither could fly it.

The plane was eased to deliver diesel fuel to diamond mines, and it carried 10 500-gallon fuel tanks and a few passenger seats in its cabin. Because it disappeared less than 2 years after 9/11 it triggered quite a frantic and massive search, naturally.

Now retired U.S. Marine General Mastin Robeson told Air & Space magazine “It was never clear whether it was stolen for insurance purposes…by the owners, or whether it was stolen with the intent to make it available to unsavory characters, or whether it was a deliberate concerted terrorist attempt. There was speculation of all three.”

At some point the idea of the plane having been taken by terrorists sort of died off and wandered away. Many speculated that it could have been because evidence of a crash had been found somewhere such as an oil slick, debris etc.

In 2005 the FBI closed the case they had open it without so much as a word as to why they just up and decided to close the case. Leaving Ben’s sister Benita, with no answers, closure or any idea of what happened to her brother.

The type of work that Ben was in could be tough leaving many of the men out of work for longer than normal periods of time. The plane Ben and John had been commissioned to work on was part of a business deal gone bad or some type of “misunderstanding,” i.e. a purchase or lease…payment you get the idea.

It had been reported that several crew members who were in Angola, admitted at the time they had planned to steal the plane, they said so that they could either return to South Africa or the US.

Ben was described as mechanically gifted and really just a hard working guy, not the type that would just up and steal a plane, he had nothing to gain by doing so and everything to lose so he really isn’t a good suspect.

With two companies sort of feuding over the plane as it was it’s also no surprise that they blamed one another for the disappearance of the plane.

Yet, the plane was still never found and no evidence of foul play caused by either company had ever been found.

So, where is the plane?

In all likelihood, the plane was stolen in the hope that those who stole it could fly home or part it out somewhere. For the just about every agency to just sort of quietly fade out in terms of searching for the plane without a worry as to where it has gone off to, well that  is too much of a coincidence.

The plane most likely crashed over the Atlantic while whomever stole it, not being a trained commercial pilot and not having a qualified flight crew attempted to escape in it. That or it was shot down by the Angolan Military. Ben, most likely was forced to participate, not being the type to have ever thought of stealing it.

When looking at individuals in a line of work that is not stable, who come from third world countries to work in said field, desperate times, well they call for desperate measures sometimes.

Sadly, for Ben’s sister however, no one has given her the answers she has been searching for. She deserves to know what happened to her brother after all of this time, if for no other reason, to allow for her to have some closure and some peace finally.


Cristal M Clark


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Police who fear doing the job



This past week has been an interesting week, the FBI managed to make into so many headlines that they became the topic of conversation more times than one could keep track of.

Here are just a few headlines:

“FBI Director James Comey; Viral videos of police brutality lead to more crime” Reuters

“Encryption is essential tradecraft of terrorist groups” Bitcoinist

“FBI Directors scary murder talk ignores the math” Bloomberg

“Spikes in murder rates no coincidence” RealClearPolitics

The Washington Post is also up today “We have a problem. Homicides are up again this year in more than two dozen major U.S. cities”

It’s like the shock and awe week in terms of law enforcement. James has no real numbers let alone any proof that viral videos of police brutality lead to more crime. The reality is this, James claims that police are now hesitating due to the Ferguson Effect and viral videos. If a cop is hesitating he/she needs to stop being a cop period.

In fact, telling the media and society that because of recent events our officers are now afraid to do their jobs, is heard by society as, “our police officers in this country really don’t know how to police in today’s world.”

Our illustrious FBI director is losing his edge, his ability to reach out and gain public support, most importantly he is losing the trust of the public. By telling us so many times how police in this nation are now hesitating while subtly blaming the citizens of this nation for it, we lose faith in law enforcement as a whole.

In my piece a few weeks ago about who is going to police the police I stated quite clearly what part of the problem is. We have departments that had a multitude of issues because it’s been allowed to continue for years. It is so big now because of social media and of course viral video. If departments or police fear doing their jobs, hire better cops. Hire cops that the public can trust then.

The truth is, most citizens in fact do have something to hide. Not that what an ordinary everyday citizen might be hiding is anything that would land them in jail.

We hide things from those we love like infidelity, porn, eating habits, the sex they identify with, the sex they prefer to sleep with, someone who claims to be a devout Christian purchasing dildos and ball gags online or liking bondage porn, and the things we tell our best of friends via text, email or chat, drinking too much the night before or ending up sleeping with someone we just met.

No one wants the majority of that intel to be known about him or her because we are shamed by our own behaviors, which is wrong and an entirely different topic we can have at another time.

The point is that yes, most of us would hope that our government is not snooping into our private lives because we are shamed and might feel some level of guilt about something we do on a regular basis…so too are our police. They don’t always want us to see what they are doing on the job because it’s not always the right way or the best way, might be against policy.

Yes I know police and the director will say no, no we can’t let the public see all of our activities because they have to keep some level of secrecy…bullshit. A cop is comparable to an actor, he chooses a very public lifestyle, if a citizen sees a cop arresting someone they have the right to record it. It’s really a simple matter of an arrest not being private like an investigation might be.

Our FBI director and government can’t possibly think that any citizen in this nation is under some misguided impression that the police are above us let alone any different from us. Part of the biggest reason we have so many bad cops or cops that get into trouble while off the clock is in fact, because they are just like the rest of us.

The problem for them is that in today’s society, it’s becoming a lot more difficult to hide that they are just the same as the rest of us. The public if this election season hasn’t already taught you this, is no longer willing to just sit by and take shit, especially if cops are acting badly and doing more harm than good.

The director of the FBI should focus less on blaming viral video and things like the so-called Ferguson Effect on police not doing their jobs and focus his attention on the actual problems. It’s not fear of being recorded, it’s fear of not really being able to do the job correctly which gives you the answer and that is our police in this nation lack training. The training and trust me I hear about some of the weekly training is so not in line with today’s world it’s laughable.

The message is, stop relying on excuses and blaming it on things that you can’t back up and try fixing the problem. I believe that would suffice as far as the citizens of this nation are concerned.

Cristal M Clark


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Two young girls vanish into thin air




Welsh, Oklahoma 1999

A sweet 16 birthday celebration was underway for Ashley Freeman at her home with her best friend Lauria Bible and Ashley’s boyfriend Jeremy. Ashley’s parents Danny and Kathy Freeman were also at the home during the celebration.

What started out as what most would think would have been a typical teenage milestone turned deadly by the next morning.

It’s important to understand that the Freeman home was not your typical home at all. The Freeman’s trailer apparently did not have running water. Although it had electricity and telephone service it was primarily heated by a wood stove. It was also heavily stockpiled with guns.

In all reality, the home was not a fit home for caring for children, particularly that of a 16 year old girl.

The father and son Shane were pretty much known to deal drugs and some months prior Shane had been shot and killed by the Welch’s sheriff office because Shane had stolen his uncle’s truck and rifle and some type of altercation between the officers and Shane ensued.

The Freeman family claimed to relatives that should anything happen to them, they need to look at the sheriff’s department as they had planned to file a wrongful death lawsuit for the killing of their son Shane.

Sometime after around 9:30PM on the night of December 29th, 1999, after Jeremy had left the party, the home was found on fire, at around 5:30am the next morning the fire department was dispatched to put the fire out after a neighbor called.

According to initial reports once the fire had been put out the only body that they could find was that of Kathy Freeman, so investigators initially thought that Danny had murdered his wife and abducted the two girls.

It’s also important for readers to understand that investigators would not have come to this conclusion so simply. It’s not a knee jerk assumption, they had several run in’s with the family and of course rumors flew about the goings on at the residence itself. So clearly investigators felt that something given Danny’s colorful past gave creed to the notion that he could have capable of murdering his wife and abducting the girls.

That theory however was later disproved because the next day a relative digging through the charged remains of the home found Danny’s body.

At this, through analysis and autopsies investigators found that both Danny and Kathy Freeman had been shot in the head thus killing them and fire was set to cover it up, yet the girls were nowhere to be found. They could not locate any remains in the charred home, the property or near it.

At this juncture this is where the story takes so many off the wall twists and turns it has left conspiracy theorists ripe with so many theories it is difficult to find fact from fiction unless of course you speak with the authorities.

One widely popular theory was of course, that the sheriff’s department murdered the parents and disposed of the girls in some outlandish way that it would give Hollywood a run for it’s money. Some have gone as far as to suggest that the police covered for each other in some way, as you see the Welsh sheriffs department early on asked that another department handle the investigation due to the conflicts of interest with the family that were already very well known about.

So now, multiple agencies are helping to cover for a crime the police committed? A stretch, a long stretch at that.   

Other rumors have surfaced from time to time about issues with individuals outside of the family due to the father’s drug dealings, Shane’s past etc.

Two men also admitted to murdering the girls, these were men in prison already who had been convicted of other crimes. And of course the stories each told were eventually proven to be false.

The first man was Jeremy Jones who confessed to killing the girls and throwing their bodies in an abandoned mine. He said that he had committed the murders for a friend for an unpaid drug debt. He later admitted he made the story up to get better food in prison and better phone privileges.

The Second man was a man who was convicted of murdering a 13 years old and sentenced to death, it is believed however that committing at least 17 murders while traveling around the the US. Tommy Lynn Sells wrote a letter to a newspaper claiming to be in a drug induced state and murdered the girls. He was executed in Texas in April of 2014.

What really could have happened aside from the police doing it?

Well we have to look at the family unit itself first. This was a dysfunctional family, drug selling and abuse I am sure. In the home some level of domestic abuse occurred I am more than sure of that. 

They were according to people that knew them avid hunters thus the many weapons they had but in all reality those weapons were never used just for hunting. It was also rumored that Ashley hunted with her father so she could have shot her parents in all reality.

Girls typically are not the ones to pull the trigger, it’s too messy for them and they are not always wired that way in terms of murder. They would more than likely enlist the help of another to accomplish such a murder.

I am more drawn the home being burned down after the murders of Ashley’s parents. Typically, a murderer will not use fire as the weapon of choice when it comes to the actual murder, no more often than not a fire will be used to cover up parts of the crime. Something the killer wants to hide, whether it be something they took, how they murdered a victim, a sexual assault, long term domestic abuse, the identity of a victim, the burning of the crime scene is a classic move in an attempt to hide something or several things.

Setting the home ablaze was utilized in this case as a way to throw investigators off of leads which leads me to the more likely scenario that Ashley either wanted out of such a home life or her best friend and/or boyfriend had other plans or all three had a more long term plan together.  

It’s not like a drug buyer or dealer to kidnap two teenage girls for a debt owed unless they were part of some bigger more sophisticated crime syndicate.

What we know for sure is that the girls vanished with no money and no way to travel far without help of some kind.

I don’t believe the girls died back then if they are dead at all. At least not both. The boyfriend was initially cleared but I would go back and ask again. Something was out of character that night or off. Something didn’t seem quite right and he couldn’t place it and like a typical teen, wouldn’t have picked up on it at the time. A little revisit time with the former boyfriend might be the key investigators need in solving this case.

If Jeremy truly had nothing to do with it, he noticed something off.

Cristal M Clark


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North Carolina Sues the Justice Department, the Justice Department Sues North Carolina…



  • Kenneth Enlow – Keystone Lake Potty Peeper
  • Luke Chrisco – The Porta Potty Peeper
  • James Thomas Shoemaker – Arrested for taking pictures of a 10 year old in a public restroom
  • William Davis – Police found pictures and video’s of women and young girls taken from inside of public restrooms
  • UMass Medical School doctor Marcus Cooper accused of taking picture of woman in bathroom


This list could go on for days and days the point is, potty peepers are nothing new let alone unique.

So at the end of the day, I look at North Carolina and the DOJ argument and wonder what the hell? I mean really, what is the real goddamn issue? I am looking at you North Carolina, not the DOJ here.  

Is it that we truly fear that men could sneak into the women’s bathroom and take inappropriate pictures and videos of our little girls? I may end up in prison for spelling this out for everyone, you know national secrets and all, but MEN ARE ALREADY DOING THIS, AND THEY ARE NOT DRESSING AS/PRETENDING TO BE WOMEN TO DO IT!

Is it religion or someone’s personal belief that if you are born a man/woman then you must remain a man/woman? If it’s that, well plain and simple it’s ignorant and someone who is that ignorant is not fit to hold any seats for counties, municipalities, cities, states or this country.

We are making a really good attempt at a progressive, forward thinking society and this sort of issue, well it just puts us over 10 steps back and into the wrong direction.

What ever happened to accepting human beings as just that? Oh that’s right, historically speaking human beings have never been really good at that have we?

You would hope that we as a smart, intelligent species, that we could learn from our past with regards to discrimination, yet we simply cannot seem to do that.

I can hear it now, “But Cristal, none of this is the point, a man shouldn’t be in the next stall over from a little girl.” Someone stop me here because I recall a South Park Episode where one of the mother’s was running around like a loon screaming “Someone, think of the children.” I really love that show and this very issue reminds me of that episode.

So, ok make that your point. No a man should not be pissing in the stall next to your daughter. Fair enough, but a transgender woman is not a man, emotionally or mentally, I could care less what parts she was born with and no one can tell her that she isn’t a woman despite being born with a penis. No one.

By the same token, a transgender man is also not a woman, emotionally or mentally. No one has the right or the authority to tell an individual how they are to view themselves, think or feel on an emotional or mental level so long as it doesn’t cause harm to oneself or others. And by harm, I mean cause death or injury.

What is it that we always tell our children when they are little? “You can be anything that you want to be when you grow up.” I don’t ever recall telling mine they couldn’t be a male or female if they truly felt they had been born in the wrong body.

I have quite a few old trans friends from my time in Downtown Denver, living right in that area. They are not asking us to go out of the way and make special bathrooms, they are asking to be treated fairly and they are asking not to be discriminated against. It is no man’s right on this earth to tell them they are wrong. 

So that brings us back to what exactly is North Carolina trying to prove/accomplish? Keep potty peepers out of women’s bathrooms, we have to protect our children.

I have to laugh here because the obvious question is what would HB2 be protecting them from exactly, again? Perves have already been enjoying the privilege of sneaking pictures whilst not dressing up as the opposite sex to take said pictures in bathrooms, stores, locker rooms, on public transit, etc.

Does anyone really believe we are suddenly going to see an onslaught of grown men start dressing, looking and playing the part of being a woman so they can sneak into women’s bathrooms to get pictures of our goods?

What about women dressing as men and sneaking into the men’s restroom…oh wait as a woman, who was born a woman I can waltz right into a men’s bathroom anywhere and no one says dick to me. In fact some men seen really excited when this happens. Trust me any woman will tell you that when the women’s bathroom line is too long, we head for the men’s room.

That is the icing right on the cake though, it clearly demonstrates discriminatory action and behavior.  While it’s ok for a woman to use the men’s bathroom, a transgender women can’t use a women’s bathroom. Such a vicious circle.

Talk about poor leadership and decision making. I’d almost suggest we just trade off North Carolina to some third world country with nothing that we don’t really like. Right now they are acting like the bastard stepchild of the US. We do have another Carolina in case anyone forgot that, so it’s not like a huge loss or anything. It wouldn’t be the same concept of trying to give New York away, we don’t have another New York. 

That sounds crazy yes? Kind of like HB2. Maybe North Carolina could I don’t know, slip into some big girl panties ( I found a pair for you),  big-girl-panties-1-600x627and learn the art of compromise before making absurd laws that really serve no purpose other than to discriminate against a group of individuals who are not the problem as it is. I mean why not call it like it is?  

The law serves no other purpose other than to discriminate. A simple solution does exist however which with very little effort even my cat could come up with. But then again these are politicians, they are not trained in the art of being a human being let alone understanding them.

Cristal M Clark


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