North Carolina Sues the Justice Department, the Justice Department Sues North Carolina…

North Carolina Sues the Justice Department, the Justice Department Sues North Carolina…



  • Kenneth Enlow – Keystone Lake Potty Peeper
  • Luke Chrisco – The Porta Potty Peeper
  • James Thomas Shoemaker – Arrested for taking pictures of a 10 year old in a public restroom
  • William Davis – Police found pictures and video’s of women and young girls taken from inside of public restrooms
  • UMass Medical School doctor Marcus Cooper accused of taking picture of woman in bathroom


This list could go on for days and days the point is, potty peepers are nothing new let alone unique.

So at the end of the day, I look at North Carolina and the DOJ argument and wonder what the hell? I mean really, what is the real goddamn issue? I am looking at you North Carolina, not the DOJ here.  

Is it that we truly fear that men could sneak into the women’s bathroom and take inappropriate pictures and videos of our little girls? I may end up in prison for spelling this out for everyone, you know national secrets and all, but MEN ARE ALREADY DOING THIS, AND THEY ARE NOT DRESSING AS/PRETENDING TO BE WOMEN TO DO IT!

Is it religion or someone’s personal belief that if you are born a man/woman then you must remain a man/woman? If it’s that, well plain and simple it’s ignorant and someone who is that ignorant is not fit to hold any seats for counties, municipalities, cities, states or this country.

We are making a really good attempt at a progressive, forward thinking society and this sort of issue, well it just puts us over 10 steps back and into the wrong direction.

What ever happened to accepting human beings as just that? Oh that’s right, historically speaking human beings have never been really good at that have we?

You would hope that we as a smart, intelligent species, that we could learn from our past with regards to discrimination, yet we simply cannot seem to do that.

I can hear it now, “But Cristal, none of this is the point, a man shouldn’t be in the next stall over from a little girl.” Someone stop me here because I recall a South Park Episode where one of the mother’s was running around like a loon screaming “Someone, think of the children.” I really love that show and this very issue reminds me of that episode.

So, ok make that your point. No a man should not be pissing in the stall next to your daughter. Fair enough, but a transgender woman is not a man, emotionally or mentally, I could care less what parts she was born with and no one can tell her that she isn’t a woman despite being born with a penis. No one.

By the same token, a transgender man is also not a woman, emotionally or mentally. No one has the right or the authority to tell an individual how they are to view themselves, think or feel on an emotional or mental level so long as it doesn’t cause harm to oneself or others. And by harm, I mean cause death or injury.

What is it that we always tell our children when they are little? “You can be anything that you want to be when you grow up.” I don’t ever recall telling mine they couldn’t be a male or female if they truly felt they had been born in the wrong body.

I have quite a few old trans friends from my time in Downtown Denver, living right in that area. They are not asking us to go out of the way and make special bathrooms, they are asking to be treated fairly and they are asking not to be discriminated against. It is no man’s right on this earth to tell them they are wrong. 

So that brings us back to what exactly is North Carolina trying to prove/accomplish? Keep potty peepers out of women’s bathrooms, we have to protect our children.

I have to laugh here because the obvious question is what would HB2 be protecting them from exactly, again? Perves have already been enjoying the privilege of sneaking pictures whilst not dressing up as the opposite sex to take said pictures in bathrooms, stores, locker rooms, on public transit, etc.

Does anyone really believe we are suddenly going to see an onslaught of grown men start dressing, looking and playing the part of being a woman so they can sneak into women’s bathrooms to get pictures of our goods?

What about women dressing as men and sneaking into the men’s restroom…oh wait as a woman, who was born a woman I can waltz right into a men’s bathroom anywhere and no one says dick to me. In fact some men seen really excited when this happens. Trust me any woman will tell you that when the women’s bathroom line is too long, we head for the men’s room.

That is the icing right on the cake though, it clearly demonstrates discriminatory action and behavior.  While it’s ok for a woman to use the men’s bathroom, a transgender women can’t use a women’s bathroom. Such a vicious circle.

Talk about poor leadership and decision making. I’d almost suggest we just trade off North Carolina to some third world country with nothing that we don’t really like. Right now they are acting like the bastard stepchild of the US. We do have another Carolina in case anyone forgot that, so it’s not like a huge loss or anything. It wouldn’t be the same concept of trying to give New York away, we don’t have another New York. 

That sounds crazy yes? Kind of like HB2. Maybe North Carolina could I don’t know, slip into some big girl panties ( I found a pair for you),  big-girl-panties-1-600x627and learn the art of compromise before making absurd laws that really serve no purpose other than to discriminate against a group of individuals who are not the problem as it is. I mean why not call it like it is?  

The law serves no other purpose other than to discriminate. A simple solution does exist however which with very little effort even my cat could come up with. But then again these are politicians, they are not trained in the art of being a human being let alone understanding them.

Cristal M Clark


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