Grief stricken father searches for his daughters killer

Grief stricken father searches for his daughters killer


Police and investigators have said that she was intentionally targeted and murdered, judging from the crime scene itself, that much is true. The murder was planned, not well mind you but it was planned, well enough at least to leave virtually no forensic evidence behind.


Saanich, BC February 2, 2008

Lindsay Buziak was brutally slain while “showing” a home February 2, 2008. Her father has been searching for answers ever since. As of 5/18/2016, “I’m gutted — it’s absolutely devastating,” Lindsay’s dad Jeff Buziak told CHEK News from his home in Calgary. “We have killers in the community there, conspirators, and Saanich Police know who they are and everyone felt we were very close to arrests and for whatever reason they decided to walk away.”

Her father goes on to tell CHEK that the investigators are being reassigned and they are not being replaced per Saanich Police Chief Bob Downie as they no longer have the manpower to dedicate a full investigative team. This sadly stands true in so many unsolved murders across the world. Once a case has grown cold, especially ones with very little forensic evidence such as Lindsay’s it often times gets to a point where fresh eyes are needed in order to see something others did not, a confession is made or someone tells a little secret to a little birdie and that info finds it’s way to police.

Jeff Buziak has never stopped looking for his daughters killers. He has put up very large rewards hoping for information, at one point the man offered to help anyone get out of the country in some type of plan that would have set them up for life if they would only come forward with information leading to his daughter’s killers.

This father has done everything that he can aside from beating it out of people to find his daughter’s killer.

I feel for Lindsay’s family and friends, this is hard for them and upon hearing the case will no longer have a dedicated team of investigators assigned to it, I am more than sure it has left them reliving the first moments of the news of Lindsay’s murder all over again.

Through the years so many theories have surfaced. Dateline covered it in “Dream House Mystery,” where they even brought in their own experts to discuss the case. Initially, Jason Zailo her boyfriend was taken into custody. He he was cleared of being part of the crime and so was her beloved ex boyfriend Matt McColl who it is rumored she had planned on leaving Jason for.

Matt was out of town with his then girlfriend who is now his wife, police never got the feeling he was good for this.

On the afternoon of the murder, Lindsay and Jason met for lunch, they paid the bill and left the restaurant at around 4:24pm separately.

Jason and Lindsay parted ways at this point. The timeline goes roughly like this:

Jason’s vehicle is seen on video at roughly 4:29pm showing up at SHC (a local business). Jason’s friend whom he was picking up from SHC was seen standing outside of Jason’s Vehicle when Jason left the SHC building. They left SHC together as seen on video at 5:30pm.

It is believed that during this time Lindsay went home to change her clothes to show a home to a Hispanic couple she referred to as the Mexican’s.

At around 5:30pm 2 witnesses say that they saw a couple a Caucasian man and woman walk into the cul-de-sac the home Lindsay would be showing was in. One of the witnesses is reported to have seen Lindsay greet the couple and shake the woman’s hand.

The real estate lockbox was accessed at around 5:29pm, presumably by Lindsay.

While driving, Jason sent Lindsay a text message that stated “I’ll come meet you, I’ll be 10-15 minutes or so…”

Lindsay responded to that text saying “Ok, I’ll see you in a bit, I gotta go the Mexican’s are here”

5:38pm Jason sends Lindsay another text stating “just a couple of minutes away.” Investigators have confirmed that, the text was never opened by Lindsay. Or so they think, back in 08 you could open a text message on a cell and then also mark it as unread so it would appear that it had never been opened.

Police believe Lindsay was murdered between 5:38pm and 5:41pm. It’s a very short time frame in which to kill someone.

Here’s where things get a little odd, Jason and his friend pulled up in front of the home at around 5:45pm, Jason reported that he saw two figures through the glass portion of the front door, he was unable to tell is they were male, female, Lindsay or…

He then decides to park his car on the opposite side of the road towards the main street “Not wanting to seem like or appear like a nosy boyfriend or something to that nature. He purposely, knowing that Lindsay was worried about meeting this couple in the first place parked his car so that he would have no direct view of anyone leaving the property.

Jason and his friend sat for around another 10 minutes before he began to worry. He then sent Lindsay another text asking if she were ok. Because she did not answer Jason and his friend began to approach the house while Jason was frantically calling 911 around 6:00pm. After being unable to get into the home He lifted his friend over a fence who found the patio door unlocked.  Which is really quite convenient…

The friend met Jason back at the front of the home and let him in, Jason found Lindsay dead in an upstairs bedroom.

She had been brutally stabbed to death and her throat had been slit. Nothing was stolen and she was not sexually assaulted. It was clear early on that the motive in the case was a personal one.

Police said that they are convinced the couple, a tall, well-dressed Caucasian man and a Caucasian woman between 35-40 years old, wearing a distinctive pink, black and white cocktail dress, are responsible for Lindsay’s murder.

Dateline actually did a rather nice job of telling the story, they even highlighted the fact that the dress that was worn by the female who met Lindsay may have in fact been worn so as to draw attention away from things like her face, any visible features that witnesses could recall about her, etc. This was a really good catch because that is most likely the case.

Her father since the Dateline feature has become convinced her murder has to do with drug dealers, which I am not so certain of. In fact, I doubt that is the case at all. Lindsay’s murder does not fit with the MO of a hit that was brought about so as to send a message or as revenge or in an effort to keep people from talking.

The crime is too sloppy for it to have been drug dealers or cartels. Don’t get me wrong drug hits are brutal in nature, the problem with this crime and typical drug hits is that you never really have any description of the person doing the hit and if you do, it could have been half a dozen or so people. You really never hear of a woman being part of it at all. That is also quite out of character.

I am more convinced that it all goes right back to her relationship with Jason somehow. While he may have been cleared of actually committing the murder, I doubt that he had no knowledge it was going to happen before hand.

His behavior strikes me as odd, first, in the Dateline interview with him he was confronted by his lack of emotion regarding her death. He stated that “people express emotions differently.” Looking at his body language and his expressionless face, I’d say the guy is pretty much dead inside. No that does not make him a murder, yet in looking past all of that the afternoon events seem rather well planned out in order to give him the perfect alibi.

One of the experts on Dateline stated something like “You don’t show up to the crime with a witness.” Actually, that out of all of the other theories makes the most sense and it’s pretty much exactly what a criminal who took the effort to plan such a murder would do. What you don’t do is murder someone in front of a witness and criminals don’t live by rules, especially those of non-criminals.

So in my mind, if I arranged to have my girlfriend killed or I knew that my mother might have, of course I’d find a way to be sure that no one could ever pin it on me. I wouldn’t want to go to prison after all…and if I had to I’d even be the worried boyfriend going to meet my girlfriend who is showing a house and have my friend who is smaller than me gain entry into the home not knowing if the murder was in the kitchen, living area or upstairs so just in those cases my friend would find the body first.

If my friend didn’t find the body he let’s me in and I find it, the point is we were together the whole time, why we were even together during the murder itself so I am free and clear. That is the perfect alibi.

So let’s explore that in more detail. While on dateline Jason’s mother said that the day before Lindsay’s murder, Lindsay told her she was afraid of her ex boyfriend Matt McColl, which paints a very different picture of Matt and how Lindsay felt about him than what friends and family knew.

Lindsay told her own father she was thinking of leaving Jason, she expressed to friends she wanted to end things with Jason and had given serious thought to trying to strike a new relationship up with Matt.

Then suddenly after a vacation with Jason and his family, friends said that Lindsay’s attitude about leaving Jason softened somewhat.

Lindsay was a strong, outspoken vibrant young woman, as friends and family describe her. I doubt that if her feelings for Matt were as strong as friends described them to be at that time that she would have just changed her mind that quickly.

Continuing on, his lack of curiosity also strikes me as a bit off if you will. Lindsay had expressed to multiple individuals, Jason included that she felt something was off or amiss with regards to this couple. They were pushing to find a very expensive home and rather quickly, the whole thing gave her an odd vibe so to speak.

Not that this is criminal either, but why would you park your car away from the home in such a way that you did not have a clear line of site to the home? As far as a couple you didn’t know, never met before and had absolutely no knowledge of would have known is that you were just another couple parking in front of the home and you too had an appointment with Lindsay to view the home that night.

Jason’s mother’s statement also came at the wrong time and place. So long after the murder, as if she is still trying to shift prying eyes after her son had already been cleared. So the obvious question would be, should he have been cleared in the first place?

Can this case be solved?

Of course it could. Jason and his family while they have said and behaved oddly may not be the actual killers, I suspect they are the reason things felt and still feel amiss.

Lindsay didn’t just decide to give her and Jason a second try of her own accord, she was manipulated into staying or at least she appeared that she was staying in a relationship for the time being with Jason. If I had to guess, Jason and perhaps both Jason and his mother knew that Lindsay did not intend to stay in that relationship for the long term.

That proof is in the pudding all one has to do is look at Jason’s explanation of his lack of emotion, Lindsay was vibrant, outgoing, and a spark.

Something tells me that the change in investigators will prove to be a good thing at some point. Sometimes fresh eyes see what old eyes could not, those eyes and hands more often than not have the ability to piece together the puzzle.  

Cristal M Clark


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