Gunshots ring out in Chicago

A torn and tattered city

Chicago has outpaced last years numbers so far. From 1/1/2016 Chicago has had as of today a total of 1,898 shooting, in all of 2015 Chicago had 2,988 shootings according to the Chicago Tribune. 

This year, we already crossed the halfway point.

Yesterday The Chicago Tribune reported that this past weekend’s shootings left at least 50 wounded and 8 dead.

Father’s Day left 12 dead with a grand total of 54 shootings

Memorial day weekend 69 shootings, 8 dead

Mother’s Day yielded 49 shootings, with a reported 9 dead

Easter, 37 shootings in Chicago

2016 started with a bang for Chicago, it is widely reported that more than 100 people were shot within the first 10 days of the year.

Some media outlets have reported that the police are overwhelmed and outnumbered, in fact, Vice ran a headline yesterday that read “With killing on the rise in Chicago, police are putting their hands up.”

The department has been having a rough go of it and the increase in shootings is not making it any better. The question is how do the Chicago police take back the city and stop the violence without becoming a militant presence in the community?

Not a popular idea however the increase in violence in Chicago has shown no outward signs of slowing and I believe that we can all agree that something needs to be done in an effort to slow it.

What will this weekend bring to such a tattered and torn city?

Cristal M Clark


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Oakland Police officer commits suicide



Live together, Die Alone

In the wake of Brendan O’Brien’s suicide the Oakland Police bureau has been rocked by multiple scandals involving its police officers. His death seems to have lifted that long dark curtain of police corruption that has been allowed to run rampant and out of control.

Brendan O’Brien took his life 9/25/2015. He was found by his mother, he had shot himself in the head. The inside of his right arm bore the tattoo “Live Together, Die Alone.” Something he clearly lived by until the end.

It was never a question to investigators as to whether or not Brendan committed suicide, it was more a matter of why. That why was because he had been having an affair with a young woman, who at the time the affair began would have been underage.

The young woman who was 18 at the time of his death, met him while underage working the streets as a prostitute and that by legal definition, in and of itself made her a victim of child sex trafficking.

Brendan saved her from a pimp when she was just 17 and they began a relationship, one that was sexual in a nature and it was no longer a secret at the time of his death. He stood to lose his job over it should the accusations be proven true, additionally, it also would mean that he broke the very laws he was to have been enforcing during his time employed as a police officer.

Investigators did find proof of this young woman’s sexual relationship with Brendan, they also found insurmountable proof that she had relationships with 28 other officers. Over a dozen from Oakland, the rest are from Richmond, Alameda County, Livermore and Contra Costa County.

Interestingly, a year and 3 months prior to Brendan’s suicide police were at his home to investigate the death of his wife. She was found with a gunshot wound to the right side of her head.

Her death was ruled a suicide, however some of the evidence paints a much different picture and her family does not believe that she committed suicide.

In fact it has been reported that after Brendan’s suicide, someone pushed the federal monitor and the compliance director to investigate and examine everything further so as to ensure that Brendan’s wife did in fact commit suicide and that the police were not guilty of some sort of cover up.

A US district Judge was notified by Compliance director Robert Warshaw that he found irregularities and potential violations with regards to an old negotiation settlement agreement that the Oakland police were supposed to have been following because of an entirely different case involving the department. He discovered this while he was investigating the death of Brendan’s wife.

That agreement required the department to report to the monitor in what is reported to be, “a matter of days” any matter involving an internal investigation. The monitor was never notified of any sexual misconduct allegations involving the now 18 year old female and 28 officers. The department’s internal investigation had been going on for 6 months before the monitor got wind of it.

This sex scandal however, it goes from the top brass, down the through the ranks of the Oakland Police department.

When a Federal Judge ordered that the internal investigation be taken over by the Federal Monitor on 3/23/16, one could see a huge difference in how things were being handled.

It was at that point that officers were being walked out of the building. Several suspensions have occurred and a couple of resignations came about.

In the 6 months that Oakland handled the investigation, not a damn thing happened.

And that, is the mob mentality that the public refers to when calling out police departments as a whole. The inability to be accountable, hold your fellow officer accountable and do something when something needs to be done. The cops who are breaking the law both on and off duty while the department ignores it, well it’s never a good thing to be doing in this day and age…

While police departments don’t much care for federal oversight, it is a necessary evil at times. Sometimes, the cop mentality runs through the entire department and it can truly be thicker than blood and water.

All cops see each other as family, like the rest of us might, we would do anything to protect our own.

They live it, breath it and are it.

And in the case of this young woman, multiple cops from several agencies exploited her, they acted in inappropriate ways, they became predictors, they became the very thing they spend every day at work trying to get off of the streets.

Together, many covered it up by ignoring it, not investigating it and kicking it under a carpet of lies and deceit.

Live Together, Die Alone.

The error most often made:

Police are built up mentally, they are made to believe that they are above us somehow, they cannot and do not make the mistakes the rest of us do, they cannot and will not behave like the rest of us because of the profession they have chosen. Some of you refer to it as the “cop mentality.”

Whatever you choose to call it, it is unfortunately, virtually impossible to be factual because one critical factor still remains, they are human beings and human nature after all, is so very predictable.

It cannot be changed, no matter who you are or what your profession is.

Hence, the police are no different than the rest of us. They just do a better job of hiding it than most of us and when they fall, they tend to fall much harder than the rest of us.

The fall from grace for a cop is much harder than a fall from grace is for the rest of us. By default that is because of the very pedestal we choose to put them on. 

The mental trauma is overwhelming for them which can bring about even worse behavior, breaking the law, lying, cheating, murder and of course suicide.

They will go to incredible lengths to break that fall. Which they can’t, because it is always inevitable.

Whenever we look back at cases where good cops fell from grace so publicly, you can always see them when they begin to slip and it all starts with a lie, something they have done and the lie they tried to tell in an effort to cover it up.

In the case of officer Brendan O’Brien, his fall began when he started his affair with a 17 year old girl, he began to spiral with the death of his wife and it ended when he put a gun to his head and pulled the trigger.


Cristal M Clark


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4 Guards murdered in Denver bank robbery

denver bank robbery

Dubbed the Father’s Day Massacre

Four guards were found dead while the tellers were left alive.

The murdered guards:

Scott McCarthy, 21

Todd Wilson, 21

William McCullom Jr., 33

Phillip Mankoff, 41

June 16, 1991

While the 4 guards were on duty that Sunday, 6 employee’s were in the cash counting room counting the cash. Around 9:14ish am someone called claiming to be the bank’s VP and asked for entry into the building through a side freight elevator. The caller was calling from what is described as a street level phone.

Doing his job, senior guard William McCulom took the elevator up to meet the caller from where the call originated. Once the doors opened, William was held against his will so that the caller could gain entry to the subbasement. Once the caller had entry, he murdered William, took his access card, then hid his body in a storage room and proceeded on.

The killer wound his way up to the guard station, which is located on the basement level of the building, it also held the vault.

At some point around 9:20am the killer set off an alarm on one of the stairwells but no one seemed to notice or simply ignored it thinking perhaps that is was William.

Once on the basement level, the killer first hit the guard room where he encountered  Phillip Mankoff and Scott McCarthy. He forced them into the battery room and shot them dead. It is believed that Todd Wilson was somewhere else on that level during the killing of Phillip and Scott and either came to their aid or simply returned from wherever it was he happened to be and was shot several feet away from the battery room.

In all, the killer fired a total of 18 shots.

The killer entered the vault at 9:48am according to electronic records from the bank and demanded that the employees cover their eyes and lie on the floor.

The killer then ordered the senior vault manager, David Barranco, to fill a satchel with cash from the work stations.

The killer forced the tellers to crawl into a small room near the vault known as a man trap.

A man trap is basically  a small space with two sets of interlocking doors, which require the first set of doors to be closed before the second set opens.

For a manual mantrap, a guard would lock and unlock each door in sequence. A video camera and intercom are often used to allow the guard to control the trap from a remote location.

It is believed that in an effort to confuse investigators, the killer did not fill up the entire bag with money and he did not take any bundles of cash from the vault. The killer cleared the building at 9:56 a.m. leaving the tellers locked in the man trap.

The tellers found a broken spoon on the man trap’s door sill and freed themselves approximately 20 minutes after the robbery.

The Suspect:

One James King who has since died. What is interesting about James is that he at the time was a former Denver police sergeant and United Bank of Denver security guard.


Being a Denver native, I can tell you everyone in town thought that investigators had the right guy because of the local media, but now that I am older and wiser I think that was a knee jerk reaction.

Not that I doubt the evidence or that investigators had the wrong guy, I don’t believe he acted entirely alone and the money, well it was never found or spent by James and that speaks volumes.

James was arrested a month later for the crime and acquitted because the jury felt the prosecution’s evidence was circumstantial at best. The reality is, as little as the DA had, in today’s world the DA actually might have had a better chance at winning.

James was identified by some of the bank employee’s, who also I might note couldn’t tell the difference between actor Harrison Ford and the robber as the defense proved…Jame later admitted to shaving his mustache after the robbery and perhaps the two most damning pieces of evidence are that he owned a .38-caliber Colt Trooper, the weapon used in the murder/robbery and the 17 bullets taken from the bodies of the bank guards were from four or five separate brands.

Once upon a time a little known fact, back in the day the ammo given to Denver officers, would be put into what is known as “ammo buckets.”  As you can imagine, over time when the department bought different brands of rounds the cartridges would get mixed together. Thus when the officers loaded their guns, they would have a mixture of brands.

Funny story, all Denver cops know this…

Here’s the thinking with that and the DA and investigators are pretty right on this, a normal killer/robber is going to take his ammo from one box, i.e. the same brand  of each round that he loaded into the weapon. Most people simply, criminal or not don’t reach into a “bucket” of ammo they have laying around.  Unless of course you know the cops MO in that city and can mimic it.

But was James really the guy?

According to one of his kids, no. According to police and DA, yes.

I am curious as to why the guards were killed and the tellers were not? That seems to be a key piece of intel we have yet to explore.

Additionally, it is way too much of coincidence the tellers just happened to find a spoon in the man trap. If I know anything about banks and it’s a lot,  paperclips, paper, pens, pencils, spoons, just don’t get left lying around, pretty much anywhere, including in the man trap.  

One could legitimately argue that a bank is cleaner than a hospital save for the germs left on cash brought to the bank to deposit. That is hands down.

The FBI through the years did keep an eye on James and they didn’t see a whole lot in the way of him spending the missing cash which was reported to be close to or right at $200K.

The reality is that yes, he could have spent it slowly over time but what’s more likely is that he isn’t the individual that ended up with the cash.

It is widely believed that one of the guards was part of the plan because at around 4:00am that morning an alarm from the basement was triggered an alarm that one of the guards turned off.

Additionally, The former head of bank security, James Prado has always believed that due to security changes that came after James King was employed with the bank, that the killer was a at the time a currently employed guard and maybe not James King.

According to James Prado, one of the security measures that were put into place at the time the robbery/murders occurred ensured that anyone unknown to the guards would be placed in a security man trap when he tried to leave the bank.

How that happens when all of the guards are dead is not known by me, that is for sure. But he is pretty sure of that fact.

Regardless, that implies that some other form of technology or security plan the FBI and DPD either ignored, didn’t find or simply missed is still out and about for the world to find.

In the end two key elements which are basic have been glossed over. All of the guards were killed, which means the killer and the guards knew one another, while the tellers were all left alive, in a man trap they could have died in for all we know, save for the spoon they somehow found which gave them the ability to escape. Which is an unusual chance encounter if you will.  

Regardless of the main suspect in this case being dead now, I believe the answers the FBI and police seek lie in the evidence that was left behind but not fully explored to the fullest. The dead guards, the spoon, and the tellers who survived.

It’s obvious that if you go to rob a bank and know you are going to kills the guards, you might encounter the type of person who is a life saver, hence one of the tellers or two of them try to stop you and you have to kill them, yet only 18 rounds were fired.

In such a sophisticated robbery which was as the evidence shows was well planned out, tapes were taken, guard books were taken, prints wiped, you would certainly take more than 18 rounds, you’d kill more than just 4 guards and  you sure in the hell would make sure that a teller was never going to be able to point the blame to you.

What is clear is that this guy knew his odds better than the odds knew him. He only intended on killing the guards, for a reason. And for a reason he left the tellers alive with a way to escape.

So what about James King then?

Well, he did get rid of his gun, which he freely admitted. What we really have to look at since the FBI couldn’t ever catch him spending the missing cash, is what would he have had to gain from murdering guards he may not have known since he was not employed by the bank any longer and why rob the bank. What did he have going on that might have prompted him to go to that length?

James was not the bank robber type as far anyone knew. He had a wife that stood by him until she died, that is a telling tale and to understand it, I’d strongly suggest you find his son and ask him.

The reality is, he didn’t end up with the cash but someone did. That someone was tied to the bank in some way, whether it was a teller, a guard or someone that any one of them owed money to, a sick family member, etc, the point is, not one of them specifically ended up with all of the cash. You know a rather large sum…of cash, to spend…

Of course someone could have gone Good Fella’s and made sure to spend the money slowly and over time on stuff no one would notice or on stuff that wouldn’t raise suspicions.

The point is simple, that arresting one man a month after the crime and putting him on trial for it tells me that not all of the evidence was examined carefully and that while he may have had a part in the crime, he was never alone and that means that his secrets didn’t exactly follow him to the grave.

As James Prado put it, even if the real killer or some accomplice were found it would be easy for them to point the blame right back at James King.

If it were me, I’d go back over every detail, every detail and any surviving witnesses still, well they could expect another interview.

A reason does exist for every little thing we humans do, even if it does not seem like it. The tellers were left living for a reason to the killer. The trick is figuring out that reason. The guards being killed are easy to figure out, the former is not.

This investigation is worthy of a do over without focusing on anyone person. It’s worthy of seeing the actual evidence and looking at for the first time. Something I don’t believe investigators or the FBI ever did.

Cristal M Clark


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To Brexit

Or not


On Thursday June 23, 2016 the citizens of the United Kingdom head to the polls to vote on whether or not they should leave the European Union.

This vote has been coined Brexit throughout the world.

The idea of the United Kingdom leaving the European Union has the establishment as a whole a bit shaken because the United Kingdom has been part of the establishment for decades.

To give you an idea if you don’t already know, the European Union is an economic and political partnership between 28 member nations that are committed to the prosperity of the region as a whole.

The 28 members are Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden and the United Kingdom.

Britain joined the European Economic Community, which was later absorbed into the European Union in 1973 and has been a valuable contributing member since.

The European Union or Establishment if you will grew out of 3 communities that were founded after World War II to establish peace and prosperity in Europe.

The European Coal and Steel Community set up in 1951, the European Atomic Energy Commission founded in 1957 and the European Economic Community was also founded in 1957.

The fundamental laws of the European Union are set out in the various treaties agreed to  ratified by the Member States. A treaty is ratified when it is formally accepted by the Member State.

The most important treaty however is the Treaty of Rome. Rome created the European Economic Community in 1957.

Since the Treaty of Rome, the following treaties have been agreed to and ratified by all the Member States: the Merger Treaty in 1967, the Single European Act in 1986, the Treaty on European Union (the Maastricht Treaty) in 1992, the Treaty of Amsterdam in 1997, the Treaty of Nice in 2002 and the Treaty of Lisbon in 2009.

The European Union focuses on:

  • Establishing European citizenship. This means protection of fundamental human rights and freedoms.
  • Ensuring freedom, security and justice. This means co-operation in the field of justice and home affairs.
  • Promoting economic and social progress. This involves the single market, the euro, environmental protection and social and regional development.
  • Asserting Europe’s role in the world.

The European Union is run by the following 5 main institutions:

  • The European Parliament
  • The Council of the European Union
  • The European Commission
  • The Court of Justice
  • The Court of Auditors

So the United Kingdom leaving the European Union not only impacts the UK’s citizens but it impacts the union as a whole.

No matter which side you are on it really is anyone’s guess as to how it might end up should the United Kingdom leave the European Union.

One argument or example if you will as to why anyone would want to leave the European Union is, and this should not surprise anyone that each member nation must pay into the union on a monthly basis.

As it turns out, in 2014, the United Kingdom gave nearly $5.5 billion more to the European Union than it took from the budget, accounting for 8 percent of total national contributions, but less than 5 percent of the European Union’s total expenditures, according to the European Commission.

Germany had an even greater negative balance – more than $17 billion after contributing 18 percent of the budget. And, Italy had a negative balance of $5 billion after contributing 10 percent of the budget.

The argument to leave the union does seem to be gaining at least for the most part the majority of media attention at least here in the US if you have seen it or heard it on the news and followed it.

That was until last week of course. Last week a man fatally shot and stabbed a member of Parliament, Jo Cox who supported staying in the European Union. The man shouted the words “My name is death to traitors,” while he committed his crime.

Those on the side of leaving the European Union have said this is necessary to protect and/or restore the country’s identity, it’s culture, independence and place in the world.

As one can imagine this side also opposes immigration and uses the above to express how they feel about immigration.

While the other side would argue that staying in the European Union is better for the United Kingdom economy. They argue that immigration is not enough to outweigh the consequences economically of leaving the European Union.

Not much different from the US however, the debate over whether or not to leave the European Union cuts along the country’s financial classes.

Supporters of leaving are largely those that are not as financially well off as the supporters who want stay in the union.

It has been said that the “Brexit” has seemingly stemmed from a sense of lower wage earners feeling abandoned. The debate has become the perfect vessel for the anti-establishment, anti-elite movements across the United Kingdom. In other words, the lower financial classes see this break as hope.

The funniest part of all of this is that neither side is defending the European Union at all. They are not saying that it’s done much for them, they don’t seem to feel that it is admirable let alone meaningful to them.

A lot of individuals in the United Kingdom have an overall sense that remaining in the union will further cause a burden to the United Kingdom by having to take on immigrants, bailing out troubled economies and the like.

According to Brian Klass, Britain feels it has lost it’s place in the world because they have to consult with Brussels before doing anything.

Britain also feels that due to immigration, it is losing its cultural and national identities. In 2013 a British Social Attitudes survey concluded that more than three-quarters of Britons wanted the country’s immigration policies reduced and around 56% wanted it reduced “a lot.”

Some are also saying that the sense is that Britain has lost something, or rather that it has lost sovereignty.

In short, Britain cannot close her borders in the way they’d like to.

Then again you have those that feel leaving would spell disaster to the economy. What’s key to this argument is that quite a few economists agree with that. Europe is Britain’s most important export market as well as its most important source of foreign investment. Topping that off is the fact that union membership has been a critical tool for establishing London as a global financial center.

Leaving the European Union puts that in jeopardy to the point that it could come crashing down.

Supporters of leaving still feel that the United Kingdom can support itself and still manage those long standing relationships past a break from the Union and come out in stable if not better condition.

Britain has always sort of felt aloof from Europe in sort of an alien kind of way. Britain has pretty much felt above most of Europe if you will. 

So it’s anyone’s guess as to what might happen exactly, should the United Kingdom leave the European Union.

In the short term, it’ll most likely hurt them financially because without the access they have while in the union to the open markets, Britain might lose trade and investment, not to mention that should they leave, they wanted immigration cut back so they would lose that work force. Which leads to slower economic growth due to lower productivity.

One must also consider this, Scotland’s first minister Nicola Sturgeon said that should Britain leave the European Union she will hold a referendum so the Scots could vote to exit Britain and rejoin the European Union as independent nation.

Scotland has tried this before back in 14 and it was unsuccessful, this go around however it might be very successful because the majority of Scotland supports being in the European Union.

Lastly, should a Brexit occur, it can cause a destabilization economically that it could affect us here in the US.


At the end of the day no one can say for sure what a Brexit could mean to the world. The only two things for sure here are that, on this eve I’ll go to bed while voters are voting to leave the European Union.

Regardless of how the vote turns out, this will forever change the relationships and trust the United Kingdom had with the other states within the European Union.

Cristal M Clark


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A few dads who might just deserve father of the year awards…


When justice isn’t enough.

Father’s day. A day set aside to thank dear old dad for all that he has done for us. Dad’s tend to be our hero’s in the family, the one who has both a soft and tough side.

Sometimes a father will go to some pretty incredible lengths to protect their kids.

These fathers went above and beyond for their kids. Some were named in the media and some were not, regardless the stories are worthy of fathers who just might deserve father of the year awards.

March 2015

“Those who do wrong have to pay for it.”  This vigilante father beat and killed the man who groomed his 11-year-old daughter.  He then went on to post the pedophile/victim begging for mercy online for the entire world to view.

Although both men were unidentified in local media reports, the 23 year old’s images from the beating surfaced in the internet.

As it turns out this guy got more than he was looking for.

The unidentified man, was said to have harassed the girl for several months leading up to the beating/murder.

It is also believed that he sent pictures to her via Whatsapp and arranged to meet her in the state of Goias, Brazil.

At some point the young girl’s father pretending to be her, began chatting with him and arranged to meet him.

This is when the 23 year old pedophile/victim ended up being beaten so severely that he in fact ended up dead.

The man pleads in Portuguese “Never again, never again, never again.”  The father answered with  “You will learn from this beating that you will now take you b*****d.”

The camera is then taken off the alleged predator’s face. He is heard screaming before it cuts out.


Sometimes one has to conduct his own version of “To Catch A Predator”


Retired Marine Brandon Moore took matters into his own hands when he discovered that his friend had been molesting his daughter.

It seems that Sean Foster went to the home of Brandon Moore on 6/24/2014 and molested his friend’s 14 year old daughter while Brandon had been in the ER for what doctors thought was an aneurysm.  

Two days after Brandon went to the hospital his daughter was working for Sean at his pool company.

At some point, Sean dropped her off at a doctor’s office for an annual physical and told the nurse that he wanted to go back with the girl for the exam, he threw what the doctors office staff described as a “tantrum” when he was told no.

Sean being a complete idiot didn’t realize that the girl’s mother was at the doctor’s office, waiting in the exam room for her daughter to arrive.

Well at this point, the nurse and the young girl were upset and eventually that day, the girl told her mother everything Sean had done to her.

Sadly, the sexual abuse for this young girl began at 9. It had gone on for 5 years before her parents knew about it.

The family did what any family would do they reported the abuse to law enforcement but were floored when the man who had been sexually abusing their daughter was not arrested the day they reported the abuse.

So, Brandon did what any loving father might consider doing. He sent a text to Sean pretending to be his daughter and set up a meeting.

Brandon locked the front door, turned on the shower,  texted Sean from his daughter’s phone, telling him that “she” would be in the shower and to pick “her” up for work in 15 minutes. Sean called Brandon to make sure he wasn’t at home, then drove over.

“If he wasn’t a creep or a jerk, he would’ve pulled into the driveway and honked or knocked on the door,” Brandon said.

Instead, Foster tried the front door and found it was locked, so he went in through the back.

Sean first approached the girls room before hearing the shower running in the bathroom.

Recorded on the phone:

“I thought you showered yesterday,” he said as he pulled the curtain back.

“What the fuck are you doing?! What have you done to her?!” Brandon howls.

“I haven’t done anything to her!” Sean screams.

“You fucking get down right now! You fucking touch a 14-year-old girl! While I’m in the fucking hospital! You’re lucky I don’t fucking kill you!”

Sean like any good coward did made a run for it and the phone picked up the ensuing fight.

“Oh my God, you broke my fucking glasses!” the scum bag child molester whined.

“It was between four and five minutes that I had to keep taking him down” until police arrived, Brandon told the local media. “He shoved me off of him and went running to the front door, so I tackled him from behind and choked him and kneed him in the face until police got there.

“I beat him up pretty bad,” Brandon remembered. “By the time police arrived, my foot was swelling up from kicking him.”

As you can guess once the police were called, Sean was promptly arrested.  A jury sentenced him to serve 55 years in prison on six charges, including burglary, three counts of indecency with a child by contact, and two counts of indecency with a child by exposure.

Brandon’s actions prompted changes in how Lorena Texas handles cases of suspected child sexual abuse, for the good. Thank you Brandon.


Chaos ensues in the courtroom as father attacks his three year old daughter’s killer during sentencing hearing.

When no words come to mind, let the fists fly

dad attack

Defendant 34 year old Clifford Thomas, was sitting in court waiting for a sentencing hearing when Dwayne Smith punched him from behind on August 28, 2015 in Detroit Michigan. Of course Clifford was found guilty of killing Dwayne’s 3 year old Daughter so…

Dwayne Smith’s daughter Jamila died in September 2014, after her mother Jasmine Gordon and Gordon’s husband Clifford Thomas took her to the hospital when she stopped breathing.

The couple claimed that the little girl hit her head and then fell unconscious, but experts later determined that the girl’s death was a homicide, after suffering physical abuse from Clifford.

Dwayne  was one of the victims in court set to address the couple, his ex and Clifford at the sentencing, but instead of speaking his frustrations he decided took matters into his own hands and  physically attack Clifford.

Video taken from inside the court shows the moment that Dwayne punched Clifford, as the convicted child abuser was sitting, facing the judge, dressed in a yellow jail uniform.

A fight then breaks out between the two men and sheriff’s deputies have to step in and separate them.

We may not condone violence but when someone kills your three year old it’s hard to find words to express the pain and anger one feels.


“Why yes, that is a gun in my pocket and no I am not happy to see you”

This father killed his son’s molester on live TV.


On Friday, March 16, 1984 Gary Plauche shot and killed Jeff Doucet, the man who had kidnapped and sexually assaulted his son which was captured on live TV.

In 1984, Gary’s 11-year-old son, Jody Plauche, was taking karate lesson and his instructor was none other than 25-year-old Jeffrey Doucet.

Jeffrey had been sexually abusing Jody for at least a year before he abducted the boy In February 1984. He took the boy to a motel in California where he sexually assaulted and molested him.

Jeffery and the boy were eventually found after Jeffrey made a phone call to his mother from the motel. California police raided the motel and arrested Jeffery without incident and the boy was finally reunited with his family on March 1.

It was 10 days later that on Friday, March 16, 1984, that Jeffery was flown back from California to Baton Rouge Metropolitan Airport, to face trial. Jeffrey arrived and was led in handcuffs by police officers through the airport at around 9:30 p.m.

Unbeknownst to anyone else, Gary  was waiting for Jeffery’s arrival… with a gun.

Jeffery was killed with a single shot to the right side of the head.  

Who can blame him? In the end Gary was charged with second degree murder but plead no contest to manslaughter. His sentence was 5 years probation and 300 hours of community service.


Finally, a father was stopped from killing his son’s molester by his very own son.


In July of 2014 Jason Browning, 35, admits that he would have killed Raymond Frolander, 18, if not for his son stopping him.

Jason, beat Raymond Frolander after  he allegedly caught him performing a sex act on his 11-year-old son  and Jason said he intended on stabbing Raymond to death after he beat him unconscious but that his son stood up and stopped him from killing the man.

Raymond admitted to Florida police that he has been molesting the boy for three years.

Jason admitted that he ‘just snapped’ when he walked in on Raymond naked with his son. Shortly after beating the teen into a coma, he went to the kitchen and grabbed a knife, he said.

Jason was going to kill him.

Raymond was considered family by the family and often spent time with the 11 year old boy, Jason said.

Police defended Jason’s  actions at first, but then later criticized him for creating a Gofundme page asking for $1million in donations.

Either way, who can blame Jason for either. Do you know how much therapy costs these days?

To all of those dad’s who for sure put themselves on the line to defend their children, here’s to you. Happy Fathers Day!

Cristal M Clark


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America needs more gun control in wake of recent shootings?


Or is is that we are looking at the situation wrong?

Do we really need a map showing us all over the US where one can purchase a gun? NPR had one up today.

Do we really need to know how many gun shops vs pizza joints, burger joints and coffee shops are in America? That was all over Facebook yesterday.

Quite simply:

“The problem isn’t the problem, the problem is your attitude about the problem.”

That more than anything sums up rather perfectly “gun control” here in America.

It works both ways, on the side of gun rights activists and on the side of those who want more gun control.

History lessons tell us that human beings have been enjoying the privilege of killing each other since we evolved and grew arms and legs, whether it was one at a time or we achieved mass killings and even without the benefit of guns quite a few times throughout history.

In today’s world however, we have guns.


President Obama took the time yesterday to vow more gun control during his time in Orlando.

Allow for me to just say, that is a rather ignorant thing to say, think or try to do. It is completely ignorant all the way around.

Why take rights away from law abiding, responsible gun owners who are not planning on killing anyone?

I know this pisses off those who support more gun control but how would you feel if someone walked in one day and told you that they were going to take away your right to own a particular cell phone because suddenly the government couldn’t access it’s data due to encryption and they feel that’s dangerous and poses a serious threat to the US all because some individuals recently went on a shooting spree for whatever reason?

We don’t have to use cell phones for this example, think about the Government taking away your right to eat your favorite foods all because millions of individuals ate too much of it and became obese and died as a result?

Watching gun control debates reminds me a of kindergarten, we all had that one kid in class who screwed up and we all paid the price for it. Well, we are not children anymore are we? Most gun owners are not either and we should not treat them like that.

You don’t punish the entire class over the Government’s fuck up here. And I am not anti-government at all, I do however call it like I see and this is pretty black and white.

Just because you don’t agree with it or like, just remember this, that gun owner might one day be the guy that saves your life, with his evil gun that shoots and kills.

In the same breath, makers of semi-automatic weapons should consider making the mags smaller so a potential killer can’t shoot as many rounds into his intended victims.

It’s all called compromise. Find one and work it that way.

Yet, none of that resolves the problem or problems if you will.

We have mass shooters who kill for revenge, some do it in the name of whatever God they believe in, some do it simply because they are batshit crazy, part of the mafia or some street gang and some do it because they are radicalized or are truly part of a terrorist organization.

The point is, guns are not the problem, the problem is how the guns got into the hands of these killers in the first place.

I did not see the President go to Chicago and comfort any of the families of the 69 individuals who were shot over this past memorial day weekend, in fact I didn’t see him vowing for gun law changes after that bloody weekend.

Or did the media just not blow it out of proportion and cover it 24/7 and I somehow missed it one newscast?

Even more frightening, how many of the shooters from Chicago’s bloody Memorial day weekend possessed those guns legally?

Some of our recent mass killers have owned the weapons they used LEGALLY and/or guns that were in a home where the owner purchased them LEGALLY! Let that sink in for a moment.

I have personally asked President Obama to address situations like this and you know the response I received was utter bullshit. A lot like a bag of chips, over half air…

When I say a lot of the mass shootings are a direct result of the Government’s own fuck ups I am dead serious and more laws are not going to fix it! The problem is clearly on the part of our Government, not those law abiding, non-mass shooting type of individuals, who are purchasing guns, making new laws are not going to fix it when it’s broken on the inside.

Again, I am far from Anti-Establishment, I am on the side of law enforcement, just not always in agreement with congress and policy makers.

Just looking at a few, let’s look at it realistically.

Who cleared Omar Mateen to own guns? Not the gun dealer, not the gun maker and most certainly not one of the 49 individuals he murdered.

Adam Lanza was known to have mental issues, yet he had access to weapons because his mother owned them legally.

Robert Dear didn’t have anything quite official on record that would have disqualified him from owning an AK-47 even though he had issues with law enforcement and behaved erratically.

The Weapons in used San Bernardino were also purchased legally.  

So again, who is responsible for that oversight, who is responsible for ensuring guns do not make it into the hands of whack jobs and if they own guns who then is responsible for taking them away when someone begins to have issues even though they haven’t hurt someone?

So what is the answer?

To find the answer, we need to address the problems. To accomplish that we need to go back to the source.

The number one source of each mass shooting is the person who is doing the shooting.

In all reality I look at someone like Robert Dear and I get it, the police if I reported him for being an Ahole, they’d look at me and ask me to be on my way and do nothing.

My dad and I have this conversation a lot, well I take that back it’s not really a conversation. He will tell me that his doctors have no and I quote “goddamn right to know if I own guns.” and I will in turn correct him and say that they have every right to know.

You can visibly see both his blood pressure rise and him shutting down ignoring my every word. My stance is simple, sometimes the medications a doctor puts you on can affect someone psychologically, hence make someone lose his/her mind. Mixing meds, sometimes taking herbal remedies, imbalances and so on.

If you really want to have a good time, pull out a few drinks, make some popcorn and watch my dad and  I “discuss” mental health issues and the rights of law enforcement to remove weapons from a home based off of medical professionals just simply suspecting a person might be in need of a little time away from access to a weapon.

The point is, more laws are not going to resolve the issues until we understand the issues, until we change our attitudes about the problem.

The number one mistake is thinking that problem is guns and lack of gun laws. The problem is background checks and ensuring owners of guns are still on the up and up mentally after legally obtaining a gun.

We should never kid ourselves into thinking that gun ownership is a right. We have a right to die and pay taxes and that’s about it. In America we tend to have this attitude that we have a “right” to things.

Gun ownership is a privilege based off of one’s ability to show his or her level of responsibility. If you keep a loaded gun where a two year old or you’re mentally disturbed housemate, husband, wife, son, daughter, aunt, uncle, neighbor, friend etc. can get to it, you are not a responsible gun owner and shouldn’t own one.

A lot has to go into changes. Right now after every mass shooting (but not Chicago and Memorial Day Weekend) we hear the President vow for more gun laws without ever addressing the actual issues.

Each shooting is different, how the weapons were accessed is different, the individuals doing the killing are different. We need to focus on where the breaks happened so as to allow those individuals to kill before we change or make more gun laws.

The background check system works but also doesn’t work.

The “if you see something, say something,” isn’t working…clearly

Anyone the FBI looks into as a suspected terrorist can still own a gun

The no fly list is the ugly stepsister of a bad joke

My list could go on and on here…

In order for gun laws to work, they have be effective and they have to benefit the greater good of society. While at the same time, we need to sit down and finally address how in the hell guns are still ending up on the street that shouldn’t be. Hence the shootings in Chicago??!?!? Guns that I’m pretty sure, were not purchased legally.

The problem is:

“Another mass shooting”

Our attitude about the problem:

“We need more gun laws”

The problem, that isn’t really the problem?

“Our attitude is that we are going to throw more laws on the books without analyzing the actual problem, the why, when and how.  We are going to ignore the chinks in the chain”

We have laws on the books with regards to guns that simply aren’t working right now…but hey why not toss a few more logs into that fire…let’s see how that works.

If we are not going to make the effort to fix the actual problems, address them, maybe start to take a look at them, well then that is just ignorance at it’s finest.

That is American Government 101 though…zero thought process, zero accountability.


Cristal M Clark


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Another mass shooting here in America

Is this the world we live in now?


My heart sinks just a little more each and every time I see another mass shooting in this country. For me this one is personal.

The LGBT community is very tight nit, they are all family and for some of them, that is the only family that they have. It’s not easy to be an outsider, as in a straight woman who is brought into the community with such open arms because many of these individuals have been so hurt and shunned by the straight community that it is sometimes difficult for them to trust us.

Some of my best friends whom I consider family are part of this very community, they have been here for me through some really rough times. They have lent support, shoulders to cry on, words of wisdom, some great shopping trips, sometimes just someone to sit with when no words come to mind as I faced the pain that I was going through, and someone to make me laugh hysterically and forget the pain. (that last one is for Carlos in Denver, he is and always will be a brother to me).

Right now, this community is hurting and they need our support in the right ways.

“Enough is enough!” I keep hearing that from my fellow American’s and while I couldn’t agree more I am always left wondering if they are referring to the endless hours our media has spent covering the story and the killer or the shootings themselves.

I have to say that I am personally, absolutely, hands down, disgusted with the media here in the US. I have heard and read so many headlines that are misleading, speculative, flat out lies reported as truth, half truths, the words “we are going to break it down for you and get into the head of this mass killer,”  and my now new personal favorite “gay night club,” as if that was the killer’s motive, an attack on gays?

The FBI said it would investigate whether or not this killer was conflicted about his own sexuality, given he had a LGBT dating app on his phone and was known to be at Pulse often enough to be remembered. This left the media to speculate that this was an attack on the gay community over that. But no one really knows that to be a fact as of today.

He also claimed loyalty to ISIS during the attack.

It’s really quite simple, this lunatic killer believed in a cause and wanted to be heard. In order to gain the desired attention that he needed toward his cause, he elected to go on a shooting rampage, in the process exposing a weakness, a weakness which allowed for him to go on said shooting rampage in the first place.

This is what mass killers do. They expose the weakness through the crimes that they commit while at the same time getting the audience they wanted so that they can be heard for the cause they are so willing to both kill and die for.  

It is nothing more or less than that at this very moment in time To him, it was logical, to the rest of us it is not. The point being, his motive is not for the world to understand because most of us would consider his belief wrong, therefore we lack the wherewithal to understand the why in the first place.

Again, we don’t truly know why, yet.

The cause could have been that he was radicalized, he was conflicted about his sexuality or that gay men are better dressers than straight men, the point is, we simply do not know and that is because the investigation is still “on-going.” Something the media tends to forget when it reports on open investigations that are HOT not COLD.

For the 49 murdered human beings, the best way to honor and remember them is to report the truth not speculation, not try to interview every traumatized loved one or witness to the crime and most importantly to stop covering these shootings every single minute of the news hour.

By giving these types of shootings so much attention, it instills the very idea of another situation like this in someone else’s head. It says “if I want to be heard, I need to hurt people and die in the process.” These types of killers relish in the very idea that they are going to go down in history for whatever the reason might be that they choose to kill.

Every mass shooter/bomber has had some sort of cause that he believed in and when you study those individuals, you start to see the pattern. They got the idea because it gets them the attention they want and they know that it garners them this attention because of the US media outlets.

It’s always, go big or go home. The more individuals they kill, the longer the story will be on the news, the better chance it is on the news all day, all night, on social media, etc.

In fact, right this very moment another potential mass shooter is already planning because he wants his rampage to be even bigger than this one.

At the end of the day, whatever the cause or reason that the killer had, the media needs to chill the F*&k out! Report on the victims but leave the damn shooter’s motives, reasons, job, ex wife, and name out of it.

The FBI released a few details  yesterday, yet immediately after the shooting the media was reporting that this shooter was a possible terrorist or possibly had terrorist ties.


The FBI and local authorities had not yet released any of those details to the media the day of the shooting, in fact, the FBI did not confirm anything until roughly 16 hours ago as I type this.

The media has taken so many leaps and bounds here that the public is up and arms, confused and focused on issues that are not of any importance at the moment.

I completely understand that everyone wants answers, the truth is, the media is in absolutely no position to provide those answers without the facts in hand. It is unethical, immoral and wrong.

Right now, the focus should be on helping the surviving victims and the families cope and move forward, not focus on this guy’s motives or what the media thinks they were. Stop focusing on his ex wife, or speculating that the FBI looked at him, mention that he purchased guns legally…

The media seems to be confused as to who is actually responsible for investigating mass shootings.

The media is not responsible for telling us who this man was or why he did what he did until they have the facts provided to them by authorities unless the media can prove that the authorities were wrong or lied it’s not the job of the media to investigate the crime or the criminal.

Trust me, the FBI does not need the help from the media on this one, I am pretty sure they’ve got this.

The media’s job is also not to subtly point fingers either, i.e. the guy purchased his guns legally, the FBI looked at him a few years ago, the club had no security etc.

That serves no purpose in any way shape or form, it’s only intent is to start a public outcry and debate and to create issues and problems.  

The media’s job is to report the facts, in a fair unbiased way. IF you have no facts to report, then again, focus the reporting on supporting the victims, the families and friends of the victims.

A minute by minute on the killer is the last thing anyone needs. We don’t need to know him right now, he is dead, let the authorities handle his side of the story for the time being.

Cristal M Clark


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American woman missing in Ireland


She has been missing since March 26, 1993, Annie McCarrick has never been seen again.

At 26 years old, Annie was having the time of her life living abroad in Sandymount, Ireland she was last seen at Johnnie Fox’s Pub in Glencullen, Co Dublin.

Annie was from Long Island in New York and had gone to college in Ireland, she returned to trace her family’s heritage.

She shared an apartment with two girls in Sandymount which is on Dublin’s southside and had been expecting a visit from her mother, Nancy.

On Friday, Mar 26, 1993, just days before her mother was due to arrive, Annie failed to show up at her job as expected to pick up her check. It was not until Saturday, when her friends arrived at her apartment for a dinner party and found no sign of her that she was reported as missing.

Her family knew right off that she had met with foul play because it was not in her nature to just up and vanish without a word to anyone.

Former Garda Assistant Commissioner Martin Donnellan, who led the investigation into her disappearance did one of the most comprehensive and exhaustive investigations I have ever seen.

He believes that Annie was a victim of a serial murderer who was active in the area around the same time Annie disappeared.

After looking at everything, I believe that he is quite correct in that theory. Annie’s mother feels that she will never see her daughter again, that includes finding a body to lay to rest properly.

According to the commissioner young women were abducted and murdered in Leinster between 1993 and 1998.

During an interview for RTE radio, Commissioner Donnellan he said that he believes at least three of the cases are connected, “All three were on their own when they disappeared,” he said. “There was never a trace of clothes found, which is unusual. In each case, the clothing the girls were wearing was very distinctive but we never came across a single item. They were each probably bundled into a car or van.”

A total of seven women vanished without trace. The last to disappear was in 1998 which, according to commissioner Donnellan, indicates that there may be one person responsible for at least some of them.

In all likelihood it was just one individual, who was responsible for more than one of the missing women, if not all, a man who selected his victims quickly. He was not stalking them like a lot of serial killers tend to do prior to killing them, he had no need to get to know them. He had to feed his need to kill and it was hurried.  He selected them by chance, when he saw an opportunity he took it so this is a man who could easily overpower a woman and he knew that.

He was a risk taker but not a show off in doing so.

Once he murdered them, he was careful to leave no trace of things like personal belongings of clothing. The killer disposed of those items most likely by burning them or he kept them as a trophy.

Whatever the case may be with the missing clothing or other personal effects, the killer also knew the area he killed in quite intimately which in this/these cases proved to his benefit.

The man they are seeking is also a bit of a loaner, that is to say he is not one to want to do anything that would afford him any type of attention whatsoever. He prefers being alone.  

Police had one promising suspect at the time, who is rumored to have been or still is living in the Netherlands. Larry Murphy was suspected in at least three of these cases and as luck would have it, he is a convicted rapist. From Baltinglass, Co Wicklow. Larry was in prison for 15 years for the abduction, rape, and attempted murder of a woman in Feb 2000. He was released in 2010 and since then, even he managed to disappear.

The victims of the suspected serial killer are as follows:

~ Annie McCarrick, 26. Disappeared on March 26, 1993.

~ Eva Brennan, 39. She disappeared after leaving a family lunch at her parents’ house in Rathdown Park, Rathgar, Dublin, on July 25, 1993.

~ Josephine (Jo-Jo) Dullard, 21. She disappeared on Nov 9, 1995. She vanished while hitchhiking home from Dublin to Kilkenny. A witness saw her using a pay phone but she was never seen again.

~ Fiona Pender, 25. Fiona disappeared from her home at Church St , Tullamore, Co Offaly on Aug 22, 1996. She was seven months pregnant and had spent the previous day shopping for baby clothes with her mother.

~ Ciara Breen, 18. Ciara went missing from her home in Bachelor’s Walk, Dundalk, on Feb 13, 1997.

~ Deirdre Jacob, 18,  vanished just yards from her parents’ home in 1998. Passing motorists saw her within yards of her parents’ drive-way, but for some unknown reason, she never made it there.

~ Fiona Sinnott, 19. Fiona, from Bridgetown, Co Wexford, went missing on the night of Feb 9, 1998 after a night out in Butler’s pub in Broadway.

The work of a serial killer?

With 7 missing women, who all vanished seemingly into thin air within such a geographically small area…It certainly is not circumstance.

These women are victims of a serial killer. The issue is finding them, traces of them, the killer, DNA…without these things proving anything is an entirely different matter.

Police need new eyes, they need to see new things, such as finding a good place to hide a body or two or seven. If this is the same killer in all 7 cases or even three cases, the bodies will not be far from one another. The police need to find an easy to get to location that is secluded from prying eyes and any type of commercial construction. The area has been untouched by the outside world for all intents, thus far it’s simply a matter of finding it. Figuring out who the right killer is would be helpful as it would be the only way to determine his habits at that time so that police could find the bodies. 

Commissioner Donnellan once said “If people went missing in the US, you would not be surprised, but not in the island of saints and scholars.”

Cristal M Clark


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Portland police unions vs. Portland police internal affairs captain



Not a headline you see often but it is worth a mention because it does illustrate how concerns through the ranks can potentially grow into a nightmare for any police organization.

Portland, Oregon. I love everything about Portland in fact my list of dislikes are much shorter than my list of likes and would take far less time to cover.

At any rate two of the Portland police union presidents have stated rather publicly that they feel that internal affairs captain Derek Rodrigues should be transferred for not following bureau protocol and initiating an investigation of Chief Larry O’Dea’s off-duty shooting of a friend.

Both, Portland Police Officer Daryl Turner, president of the rank-and-file union called the Portland Police Association, and Lt. Craig Morgan, president of the Portland Police Commanding Officers Association stated that they shared “grave” concerns that dear old Capt. Rodrigues came across, stumbled upon or simply received intel regarding some sort of incident regarding Chief O’Dea.

That incident and I know this may come as a shock to you being that it involved an off duty police officer…happened to be a shooting that occurred while Chief O’Dea was off duty where he maybe sort of in a subtle drunken not thinking clearly way, claimed that his friend had somehow shot himself in the lower back.

The union’s claim that Capt. Rodrigues failed to follow basic procedures that were specifically put in place to ensure accountability and integrity.

Great, what the hell does that mean right? What is means is simply that Capt Rodrigues failed to conduct the investigation in such a way that it followed proper procedure.

On 4/21/16 Chief O’Dea, while off duty decided to partake in a few drinks with a “Friend” and play with a “Loaded Gun.” After that, while He smelled of alcohol he told a Harney County sheriff’s deputy that his friend appeared to have shot himself in the lower back “accidentally,” according to the deputy’s report. But… Chief O’Dea at some point later decided to apologize to his wounded friend for having shot him with his .22-caliber rifle.

Last but not least, best not to forget this minor detail, Chief O’Dea later told the mayor that he had accidentally shot his friend.

Chief O’Dea was placed on paid administrative leave pending a criminal investigation as of 5/24/16.

In all reality, this was most likely was a combination of drinking and really piss poor judgement, that I believe we can all agree on.

Chief O’Dea never technically told investigating officers that he was the man who shot his friend, he was also drinking and shooting road kill with 6 other individuals who were also camping at the same time. Sad yet true.

The Union also has had a few issues with Capt. Rodrigues before where the police internal affairs captain somehow and in some way, on occasion has reversed police commanders rulings that exonerated officers for alleged misconduct.

Capt. Rodrigues has even gone to the Citizen Review Committee to accomplish this task. He has more or less applied pressure to the Citizen Review Committee members. This reminds me of a saying about mixing blood with water….that is really, really bad.

Walk into any police department and ask them about IA. They don’t typically dig IA and for good reason. From the general public I always without fail hear that IA protects it own and fails to look into claims of police misconduct. From the police I always hear that IA overstepped its boundaries and failed to conduct a proper investigation which is precisely why more and more departments are utilizing citizen oversight.

At the end of the day, do I personally believe that O’Dea should be charged with at least lying to police, I believe technically that is called false reporting…at any rate, yes he lied and should be held accountable for that, he did not intentionally set out to kill someone.

Should he lose his job? No. He did not set out to shoot and kill someone, remember, I keep saying this, police are just like the rest of us, they mess up too from time to time. It’s ok. They mess up big or small, they are human beings and we need to stop viewing them as some superheroes who never fuck up or make a mistake, sober or not.

At the same time, why was O’Dea questioned and allowed to give a statement by investigating officers while intoxicated? The initial statement noted that they could smell alcohol on him. He was camping, I am pretty sure the guy didn’t have like a couple of beers…it’s camping folks.

Here is the reason citizen oversight works when done right. Your everyday average Joe like me, we tend to see the whole story not part of it. We also tend to see things in a very human being sort of way. I get camping and drinking, I also get that the guy’s statement should have been taken after he had sobered up, where he might have been given a better opportunity to be honest. Drunks or someone who is buzzed, are not well known for being able to think clearly, not panic and or be honest when in fear of losing one’s job. Hence they panic.

Personally, Capt. Rodrigues is the biggest concern of all because he clearly has an agenda and it’s not doing what is right or fair.

Yes, O’Dea is guilty of lying and poor judgement. It happens. Rodrigues on the other hand, seems to be throwing his weight around and he needs to be promptly put into his place for it. Any time you have IA influencing Citizen Oversight, your department is at risk, your community is at risk, your officers are at risk.

When Investigations into police misconduct are no longer fair and are done improperly, it throws the entire idea of IA and Citizen Oversight into question.

Never mix blood with water and that is precisely what Captain Derek Rodrigues has been able to accomplish in my beloved Portland.

Cristal M Clark


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