The Donald strongly encourages Russia to Hack Hillary Clinton

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Trump implies that he is open to a new hack as long as it benefits his campaign

While watching the news conference I was so shocked by what I heard that I almost dropped my cup of coffee and what’s worse is that I didn’t care. If you know me, you know my relationship with coffee and the not caring over spilled coffee….

For the first time in history a presidential candidate is actively encouraging a foreign power to commit espionage…the first time in history.   

Don’t get me wrong, I rather enjoy the antics of the Donald. He is a much needed refreshing break from, well anyone in office currently, I can’t however be excited about his remarks today during his news conference in Florida today.

Donald is well known for saying things that might be a wee bit inappropriate but today was a little over that wee bit part.

During his news conference Donald stated “Russia, if you’re listening, I hope you’re able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing. I think you will probably be rewarded mightily by our press…”

He went on to insinuate that he feels they most likely already have the 30,000 missing emails and that he’d like to see them.

Some are now accusing him of being disloyal to America over his remarks. I don’t feel that he is disloyal, I do feel that he lacks the full understanding of what his statements mean, could potentially cause and how it will affect all of America should anyone try to take him up on his suggestion.

More importantly perhaps, while most don’t trust Hillary, is this the guy you want running our nation? Someone pisses him off and he encourages a foreign nation to take some type of action against that individual then later says that he really didn’t mean what he said?

Wars have been started over much less, in this day and age as violent as our world can be, is it really a time to mince words?

This comes on the heels of the recent hack on the Democratic National Committee, a hack that most believe Russia is behind in an attempt to influence the outcome of our upcoming presidential election.

Steven Cheung, the Donald’s rapid response director suggested that the Donald simply meant that if Russia or anyone had those 30,000 missing emails that they turn them over to the FBI.

Trump also later tweeted “if Russia or any other country or person has Hillary Clinton’s 33,000 illegally deleted emails, perhaps they should share them with the FBI!”

jc say what

As for the FBI, I can’t imagine what James Comey and his team thought upon initially hearing the words that came out of the Donald’s mouth, it had to have come as a little bit of a shock initially.

The reality is that Hillary has a long list of haters people that would love to see the woman fall off of a cliff and disappear, out of those haters, do gooders, or great hackers someone although it was not the Donald’s intention, might try to hack Hillary or the FBI, DOJ etc.

And if someone does in fact have her emails already as the Donald suggests, I doubt they would turn them over at this point in time. If let’s say Russian hackers do in fact have them, it would serve no purpose to turn them over at the moment.

The bigger question is, did the Donald break any laws through his very publicized initial request? Did he commit treason as some are now suggesting?

Perhaps not, but what if it turns out that his words do in fact inspire someone? Through his very suggestion, he did put our nation’s security at risk. No American citizen not one who were to make comments like the Donald did today would be out walking around tonight without first having a little sit down with law enforcement. 

In May of 2015, Newsweek published an article about Russia’s greatest weapon being it’s hackers. Are we ready to face that reality as a nation? I personally do not believe that we are ready as a nation to learn that fully. I also don’t believe that we or our presidential candidates should try to incite Russia or it’s hackers to hack a fellow candidate because through that we open the door to so much more.

Cristal M Clark


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Vladimir Putin behind Democratic party email leak


or was he?


At least that is what they are theorizing today. The leak was known about at least a month ago but no one seemed too worried about it.

The hack and subsequent release of emails is being investigated by the FBI and I am sure other agencies,  were released by activist group WikiLeaks over the weekend. They appeared to show favoritism within the DNC for none other than Hillary Clinton over U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders, who ran a neck and neck race for the nomination for the Nov. 8 election.

DNC Chair Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, D-FL, speaks at the Democratic National Committee's Womens Leadership Forum Issues Conference in Washington, DC on September 19, 2014. AFP PHOTO/Mandel NGAN (Photo credit should read MANDEL NGAN/AFP/Getty Images)

The committee by the way is supposed to be neutral so the release of the emails forced chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, a congresswoman from Florida, to resign.

If you find that upsetting take this into account: it is widely believed that Russia hacked emails from both the Democratic and Republican campaigns back in 2008 and didn’t do anything with the intel they obtained then.

According to an official who is involved with the investigation: “the classified information collected on the hack so far indicated beyond a reasonable doubt that it originated in Russia.”


So going back to the hacks in 08, I am fairly certain that our US officials figured Russia wouldn’t do anything with the intel they had hacked this time. Besides, did anyone see the documentary Stuxnet?

If you did, remember that so called woman in the documentary who claimed to have worked for US intelligence and how she described what folks at the NSA dressed like? Wearing a cape to work, building with Lego’s, playing with toys etc? I mean was this at a daycare or the actual NSA? Were these 5 year old kids or adults entrusted with our nations cyber security efforts?

The reason I bring it up is because does anyone think any nation who outpaces us in the cyber world employs, had or has individuals who show up to work dressed like a fucking 5 year old in cape heading to daycare?

Officials now believe that the information obtained was released so as to influence this year’s election. It is unclear if Vladimir Putin directed the attack, regardless it is a very progressive move and serves as a valuable lesson here.

That lesson being, Russia is yet another country who outpaces the US in cyberspace. Second, ever hear that saying “Fool me once, shame on you, Fool me twice shame on me?”

How could Russia have hacked us twice during two different election years?

Representative Adam Schiff, the senior Democrat on the U.S. House of Representatives intelligence committee was quoted as saying “That foreign actors may be trying to influence our election let alone a powerful adversary like Russia,  should concern all Americans of any party.”

My question to Adam would be, why?

The hackers gave the American public what it has been asking our elected leaders for so that we can actually make an educated decision about who we elect to lead our nation, serve in congress etc.

The committee as it turns out is not so neutral so, not so honest so that begs the question, can they be trusted to lead our nation? It’s a matter of the truth being known, I tend to feel that the hackers did the right thing by the American public, the American voter by giving us what we asked our own leaders to give us. Honesty.

The hackers, whoever they are basically did the same thing the Democrats did, they tried to influence the outcome of the election.

Hence it is my belief the hackers have a much better understanding of the American public than our own leaders do. Honesty goes a long way even if someone was caught doing the wrong thing. Why continue to lie or hide it from the nation?

Cristal M Clark


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French filmmaker found murdered in Ireland

Sophie Toscan du Plantier, murdered on the night of  December 23, 1996  near Toormore, Schull, County Cork, Ireland, beaten to death outside of her holiday home.

Sophie was a French film producer and the wife of fellow film producer Daniel Toscan du Plantier.

The number one and prime suspect in the case was and has always been one Ian Bailey, arrested twice for her murder but has yet to be convicted of actually murdering Sophie. Her case brought about a highly sought after extradition by the French police to extradite and question Mr. Ian Bailey.

A French magistrate issued a European Arrest Warrant for Ian in February of 2010, which of course Ian filed an appeal to. In March of 2012 an Irish court upheld the appeal stating the French actually had no intention of actually charging Ian. The Irish court also felt that the European Arrest Warrant prohibited surrendering Ian to France because the alleged offence occurred outside French territory.

Ian later filed civil actions against the Irish police which he subsequently lost.

Regardless of so much media attention being paid to Ian as the prime suspect, he alas was not the only suspect in the murder of Sophie Toscan du Plantier.

On 1/11/97 Marie Farrell, who with her husband owns a craft and ice cream shop west of Cork Village telephoned the Brandon Garda Station using a public phone box in Cork city to tell them that she saw a man by Kealfadda Bridge around 3am the night Sophie was murdered.

The intriguing thing about the call was that Marie did not use her real name. When she made the call she used the alias Fiona.

On 1/20/97 Chief Noel Smith of the West Cork Division issued a public appeal on Crimeline asking “Fiona” to contact them regarding her telephone call.

In return for that public appeal, Marie Farrell called the Brandon Garda Station again on 1/21/97, still using the alias “Fiona,” using a public phone box located in Leap which is west of Cork.

Then on 1/24/97, Marie Farrell made yet a third phone call still using the alias “Fiona” to tell gardia that she will not call into the Brandon Garda station to meet with investigators like they had requested.

But her mistake this time? She failed to make the call from a public phone box. She made it from her home which police traced in kind.

By all accounts Marie Farrell seems to be one of those individuals that relishes in gaining attention, she likes it, thrives on it and somehow manages to interject herself into situations having nothing to do with her all for the sole purpose of being sought after in some way.

She later accused a  Garda Sergeant Maurice Walsh exposed himself to her in the ladies toilets of Schull golf club while asking wasn’t fitting up Mr Bailey a turn on was made for the purpose of discrediting Sergeant Walsh.

She exhibits some mental instabilities, disturbing yes but, not entirely illegal, yet just enough to mislead police at times. It is not her direct intent to screw up or with an investigation. Her motives are deeply tied to her mental instabilities and are purely for personal gain.  

It was not until 2/4/1997 that investigators received a real, solid lead in the case, on that day Malachi Reid told investigators that he had previously gotten a ride home from Ian Bailey. During the ride together, Ian confessed that he had murdered Sophie telling Malachi that he “went up there with a rock and bashed her fucking brains out.”

2/10/97 Ian Bailey is arrested at his home on suspicions that he murdered Sophie Toscan du Plantier, he is held and questioned, but was later released without being charged with anything.

Ian was freelance journalist who happened to mysteriously end up being one of the first individuals on the scene of her murder. He says to report on it, others say differently.

True, often times a killer will in fact revisit his victim, after the crime just to observe for his own selfish satisfaction.

Who was Sophie and why would anyone want her dead?

It later came to surface that Sophie led what some call a complex and secret life, for no one really knew her. She had also taken a lover which many believe her husband in fact knew about.

A French Artist by the name of Bruno Carbonnet had been her lover for well over a year. He describes her as both tough and fragile, an enigmatic and sophisticated woman with a “complicated” private life.

As you can imagine the “complicated” part of her life gave investigators more to digest in terms of who murdered her. Her lover was on the list of what some say is at least 10 suspects.

To further muddy the waters and cast doubt on investigators here, sometime around October 2010  former state prosecutor, Eamon Barnes claimed a garda tried to put pressure on his office in 1998 to bring a charge against Bailey.  

In all, the document that Eamon released in 2011 indicated that even drugs were offered to witnesses in an effort to implicate Ian as the murderer. It would seem that investigators decided to look at evidence that would only lead them back to Ian, that includes making up evidence had they not found any actual evidence that would point to Ian as the murderer.

Ian was on of the first on the scene because he lived nearby Sophie’s home in Cork.

What is known is that Sophie was beaten to death with a block outside of her home after having run from her killer. What is not clear is whether or not she knew her killer and willingly let him into her home for some time and at some point tried to flee him and was caught in the very spot her body was found in.

An actual time of death had never been established because her body was not examined by the state pathologist until the day after it had been discovered.

Some of her fingers had been broken, she had lacerations all over her arms, strips of her torn pj’s were found on barbed wire, and her face had been smashed in. Interestingly, hair and skin found beneath her nails only proved to be her own.

Blood that was found on the doorstep was never identified.

Sometimes appearances are grand in nature, what it appears to be, it is not.

Several  months after the murder, a bottle of wine was found in bushes near a sidewalk close to Sophie’s home. It was a rather expensive bottle of French wine which was unopened. According to one detective, it would have cost £60 or £70 at the time and had been in those bushes for quite some time. None of the local off-licences stocked it but it was for sale in airport duty-free shops.

One source close to the investigation said that, at the time, alcohol was often stolen from the drinks cabinets of empty holiday homes so someone could have broken into her home the night she was murdered or prior to that, maybe headed back to her home for more loot?

The smashing in of her face however is very violent. It says a lot about the killer and what he was either running from or trying to hide.

Ian for instance and forgive me for being rather blunt, Ian lacks the sophistication to commit such a crime. He is sloven in appearance which means that while he is strong enough to smash a woman’s face in, he isn’t quite up to par with having had to run after someone, then in turn fight them off as he attacked them. He is careless and clumsy, more buffoonish if you will. He would have undoubtedly left evidence of some kind behind that would have more directly tied him to the murder.

I lean towards Sophie not knowing her killer. She had no idea who it was, I also doubt that her killer went to her home for the sole purpose of killing her. I suspect that it was a robbery gone wrong.

The robber had been breaking into homes for quite some time and knew how not to leave evidence, cover his tracks if you will.  

Killers show up with props, this guy used a block that was at the property prior to him. He never intentionally planned to murder anyone that night. She caught him and both of them panicked, she ran and he gave chase.

Rather than knock her out, as more of an afterthought to the crime, he murdered her thus leaving no witness to describe him to authorities. Something many career criminals fear very much. Being known to a witness is just as good as being known to law enforcement so in an effort to both deter detection and prosecution they will just kill a witness who in turn becomes the victim of circumstance.

What more than likely happened to Sophie was that she happened upon the crime of someone robbing her, she fled, was caught by the robber who then turned brutal killer so that he would not be caught. She did not know her killer as the evidence clearly shows. The evidence also shows quite clearly, that the suspect knows how to cover his tracks, his intention all along was not to get caught.

Too much time was wasted on Ian

Malachi gave a statement that implicated Ian in the murder of Sophie. While Milachi’s statement may not be a lie, Ian still did not murder Sophie. I myself have been known to bait someone when seeking information. It could very well be that Ian in fact baited Malachi in an attempt to gain information about the crime or something else he had been working on. And that also, does not make Ian any more the killer than the neighbor who found Sophie’s body that morning.

Whatever the case, the killer is still unknown to investigators because so much time had been wasted on Ian as the killer.

It is a fact that this killer did time at some point for burglary or robbery. He is good at not getting caught because of that, so his time in prison was not kind to him or he simply has too much to lose if he goes back to prison.

That is the very reason for Sophie’s murder. The question is, can investigators go back and solve it with the little evidence they have that doesn’t point to Ian?

Cristal M Clark


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Kansas City Police Officer Killed After Drive-By Shooting


Kansas City, Kansas, police captain Robert David Melton has died following a drive by shooting.

The suspects are on the run.

Suspect Gavin Long, the suspected shooter in Sunday’s deadly ambush of three officers in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, was from neighboring Kansas City, Missouri which already had the city on edge to begin with. 

Captain Melton, 46, was a 17-year law enforcement veteran, served in the Kansas National Guard and was known for consistently wearing a bulletproof vest, which something he regularly reminded his colleagues to do as well, officials said.

In suburban St. Louis, a police officer who was shot July 8 by a driver in a traffic stop was left paralyzed.

Officer-involved shootings and attacks have been front page news in recent weeks with the killing of cops in Baton Rouge and Dallas it’s rocked our nation’s law enforcement communities pretty hard and left them deeply wounded and hurting.

Deepest Condolences to The Kansas City Police Department and all of our Nation’s Law Enforcement Officers.  

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The War on Cops

The Killing of our Nation’s Police

With an already heavy heart I watched the news unfold live on my Twitter Feed on Sunday afternoon where 3 Baton Rouge, Louisiana officers were shot and killed.

Some have suggested prior to the last couple of weeks that there is not war on cops. I am not so sure that is the case anymore.

More threats over the weekend had already been called into police departments across the country, today a woman left what she said was a bomb at Denver’s Federal building.

President Obama stated it best yesterday when he said “Attacks on police are attacks on all of us.” Yet I had to wonder if he and congress, the senate, if they truly understand the world that which those of us minions live in.

Last week President Obama suggested rather strongly that we as a nation need to come together and face these issues head on, sit and talk about them. And I agree.

He also touched on the very key that unlocks the door for many and that is frustrations people have with the system. Not just the police, the system in it’s entirety.

The real question really is, is everyone ready to respectfully listen, not just move their mouths but listen to what others have to say? Are we ready to come up with solutions rather than blame? Are we ready to stop making excuses?

Can we manage that at all or do we continue with the violence?

It goes both ways. We cannot any longer condone the killing or beating of an innocent person by police, we  cannot condone longer sentences for someone who is black than someone who is white, but we also cannot give someone a free pass because they are black and simply “feel” the system is out to get them and they were caught breaking the law.

Many of us have been predicting this, we have been saying that the violence is only going to grow and spill over the rim.

Sadly, our political leaders fail time and time again to hear our warnings.

So really the question is, are they ready to hear us for a change?

When they are, several of us have solutions, we are ready to talk to each other we are just waiting on our political leaders to fall in line and tell us they are ready to hear us.

And by “hear us” I mean really listen to us before making decisions that affect all of the society they don’t have to live in.

Maybe they will want to hear us when that 7 week vacation they are on is over.

I am not surprised that terrorists aren’t trying harder to come here or recruit new members here in the USA, they don’t have to because we are allowing for and doing the killing ourselves.

Cristal M Clark


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Department of Justice enacting national policing reforms


Is that the answer we need?

Some are asking for it, some say we don’t need and somewhere in the middle of the argument is the DOJ.

It is not as easy or timely as one might think. We live in an age where we want instant gratification and when we sit back and look at cases of police misconduct we tend to become frustrated that the process is taking too long.

In the wake of officer Brendan O’Brien’s suicide, the Oakland, CA Police Bureau has been rocked by a scandal involving Brendan and several of its officers as well as neighboring police agencies.

Oakland by the way is currently and has been under a consent to decree for 13 years which is costly, but it imposes court oversight of reforms. Oakland was once considered one of the most corrupt police departments in the country.

The city of Oakland, CA has spent more than $13 million to pay for officer monitoring, equipment like body cameras, court fee’s, auditors and training.

Yes you read that right the city paid for it, meaning it was paid for by taxpayer dollars.

It works and then it doesn’t work as Oakland has shown us with it’s most recent scandal. While policing in the city has improved, for instance use of force has dropped significantly, clearly sexual misconduct somehow slipped through the cracks. Still however, according to some the reforms flopped.

According to the Guardian as I type this 586 individuals have been shot and killed by police in 2016 in the United States. Not all of them are black.

If we look at Chicago, over 100 people showed up at Truman College on Tuesday to share stories of shootings, beatings and even robberies by officers of the Chicago Police Department. The are begging the Justice Department to do something about the abuse by the Chicago Police.

Some of the people asking for help would describe the police in Chicago as ruthless killers, mobsters and predators.

Yet when we look at Chicago as a whole, it is riddled with crime that seems to run out of control at times. In some cases it is easy to understand why the police might overreact and shoot someone, however when you hear stories like Theodore Daffin’s you wonder.

Theodore’s run in with police left him with a deep scar in the shape of a vagina that was cut into his belly, by police.

Other stories reveal that people were shot and killed simply for opening the door to police.

But investigations like these that are conducted by the DOJ could take months if not years to conclude, then if the DOJ has enough evidence to prove systematic civil rights violations to take the Chicago Police Department to court, well it would take even more time in terms of years before anyone saw any type of reform within the police department.

Again, it would be costly as well.

So that begs the question, should the DOJ enact national police reforms which would affect all of our nation’s police departments?

IF you said yes, riddle me this, is the DOJ even capable of doing that?

Right now it takes years just for the DOJ to do it’s job and that is simply just not good enough.

The other part of that when I look at places like Chicago, I have to stop and wonder, why did it take the DOJ this long to get involved? Seeing over 100 people who managed to travel in sweltering heat to show up and tell stories of abuse at the hands of Chicago police, it amazes me that this has gone on so long. 

Then, I wonder why they weren’t heard before Tuesday. Why did it take so long for anyone to hear these people?

National reforms are a good idea but not a well thought out idea because not all police agencies are a problem. Not all police within a department are a problem. Not even racial bias is always a problem with departments, but other issues of police misconduct are.

Then we have departments that seem to be able to walk on water, they may not always be able to solve the case but they try, they are not abusing criminals or law abiding citizens.

One place to start would be getting the DOJ involved sooner. The big question is, does the DOJ have the staff or time to handle getting on board sooner rather than waiting until over 100 people show up after years of systematic abuse at the hands of a police department?

Another really good place to start, begin isolating departments that tend to show racial bias more than other departments, which is really quite simple when it comes down to it.

Besides, most legal experts agree that a national reform plan is highly unlikely because it would have no political will.

One thing a lot of people may not know or understand is that a large part of the DOJ’s budget goes to the War on Drugs through the Bureau of Prisons and the FBI. That means only a small fraction of it goes to investigations of police misconduct.

Changing the budget for the DOJ requires action from Congress to re-appropriate funds. Congress isn’t doing a lot in terms of action right now in case anyone hasn’t noticed.

Some would argue that the bigger issues are:

Politics, in that our nation’s politics do not have a strong enough commitment to its public as of today. And we unfortunately need them in order to make changes with things like police reform.

And the biggest issue of all, many would argue is that large amounts of money designated to fight the war on drugs have allowed police departments to militarize and become more aggressive in their approach.

Ahh but another solution does exist and it’s one that a lot of people are eyeing as a possible solution .

The DOJ could make some of the grants offered to police departments contingent upon departments being in compliance with the Civil Rights Act as well as other Federal laws…

Here is a small break down of what some of that looks like:

Since around 94 the DOJ has allotted something like $15 Billion to police departments around the country in community oriented policing service grants. And that my friends, well it’s just one of the types of grants the DOJ offers to police departments.

The DOJ says that in 2015 the Chicago police department received over $3.1 million just to hire 25 new officers.

The Chicago police department has received at least, a cool $5 million in grants from 2007-2013.

No one likes to talk about it but the threat to take that kind of money away from police departments might just help resolve a lot of issues with police misconduct.

That would certainly entice Chicago to clean up much faster than the DOJ’s ongoing investigation will.

In Oakland even with the consent to decree, the department was able to keep its internal investigation of sexual misconduct from the court ordered auditor for months.  I wrote about it before if you missed it. 

By withholding Federal funds from police agencies and departments rife with problems, it would bring about the much needed change many are calling for in certain communities.

Taking that money or the possibility of the ability to even qualify for a grant would hurt police departments and it would in turn force them to act much more quickly to reform than the DOJ’s investigation and possible outcome.

In order to do even that however, well we’d need politics, and right now the political will to change things is pretty much stalled out somewhere.

Maybe someone playing Pokémon Go can manage to find our political leaders political will somewhere along the way??? pokemon-go

Our answer is that we need our nation’s political leaders to find the political will it needs to make the right kinds of changes instead of just play around and not give a shit.

We can go about this the long way or the short way. It’s taking money away from departments who are problems or letting the DOJ have years to investigate then wait even more years and years to see change.

As much as I hate to admit this again, but this is yet another reason voters are swinging towards Trump. In business if you don’t take swift action it can be costly, business leaders don’t wait they act.

Political leaders, they tend not to act quickly enough. They have the wait and see approach when instead they should be reciting “Founded on the Principles of Right,” until it sinks in and they get it.

Sadly, this is another time where we have to ask our leaders if they are even listening and then hearing us?

Cristal M Clark


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Black Lives Matter Movement is out of control


Was it ever in control?

This past weekend several media outlets reported on the Black Lives Matter protesters getting out of control during protests across the US. I just saw a news clip out of St, Paul telling viewers that an officer has suffered serious spinal injuries because protesters dropped a cinder block on the officer’s head?!?!?

Are you kidding me? Not even a week after 5 officers were gunned down and killed in Dallas, TX some folks thought it would be a good idea to drop a cinder block on an officer’s head?

The leaders of this movement need to reign it in before the message gets lost.

To be fair however, the day after the shooting in Dallas, I had the TV on while getting ready for work and sneaking in an 3 AM workout, 4 hours of nonstop news coverage was dedicated to the shooting in Dallas. 4 hours of no other news but the shooting in Dallas, I think even the weather was cut short that morning to continue live coverage about the shooting in Dallas.  

The media was camped out at the hospital while hospital workers made a line blocking the media from actually filming the bodies of the officers being removed from the hospital.

The media is so goddamned classless they can’t even give the fellow officers, families, loved one’s or hospital any breathing room, while they try to broadcast live on TV the dead, lifeless bodies of the officers being wheeled out on a gurney and loaded up for the morgue.

Is that what we American viewers want to see broadcast whilst eating breakfast? The bodies of dead police being wheeled out to an awaiting vehicle?

Wouldn’t mainstream media be happier if they were allowed into the morgue to film the autopsy for all of us to see on live TV?

I was horrified to see the news about Dallas, my heart sank.  I was also horrified by the coverage by our media industry and I was disgusted by the lack of decency. They reminded me rabid dogs in the wild. 

That’s classy!

Two men were shot and killed by police last week, two African American men which is why the Black Lives Matter movement was protesting at the time of the shooting in Dallas.

So getting back to being fair, I did not see 4 hours of solid coverage of either of those two shootings and quite frankly that is part of the problem.

The movement feels unheard so in order to get heard, they become destructive and out of control in some cases. It matters not that the movements leaders ask that protesters remain peaceful, the followers want to be heard and when they feel unheard, they get out of control.

Some members of the movement see that a black man just shot 5 officers as everyone saw on TV nonstop for 24 hours the day after. That member then gets an idea.. If we want to bring attention to our cause, I have to do something risky in order to get it otherwise the media is not going to cover it.

As we have seen with every mass shooting in this country, they get bigger, bolder and dirtier. The reason’s get crazier, the shooters get crazier, and the reason why they did it get’s lost thanks to every live news broadcast on TV.

The media is as equally out of control and out of hand with its thirst for violence. I mean nonstop man, 24/7 the Dallas shooter is in the news, his picture, his name, this headline from Business Insider “The Dallas shooter was ‘ostracized’ by black power groups before he opened fire on police officers in Dallas.”

“Black” power groups. Again, I’ve said this before too, why do we always feel the need to highlight “black”  rather than just “power” group? By using words that lean towards racial division, we instill it into the reader’s mind.

The media released details about his military service, an image of a social media account he had was online the day after the shooting as the media was so thirsty for anything they could find out about the guy.

I’ve said this before as well, it is not the media’s job to investigate these types of situations and bring us the details until law enforcement is ready to release it.

I’ve hinted at this in my past pieces about the Ferguson Effect, the media should be held accountable for some of this violence because of the way they report it.

Countless headlines keep popping up about why the guy did it and the media is bringing in experts, blaming the cops, blaming things like radicalization, the Black Lives Matter Movement…let’s be honest and call it like it is.

Maybe the man felt alone, he wanted to be part of something, he felt held down, held back, he wasn’t getting anywhere with his life, finding a job that’ll cover the bills is not easy these days for anyone.

Maybe he was discriminated against not only for being black but because maybe being in the military messed with him mentally a little bit and no one would hire him. Yes employers do that, they just choose not to report that they do. Maybe he had a run in with police and he was angry about that, maybe he had a fine that he was upset about…

Maybe he did try to join some type of group that had a propensity for violence…

The point is, the media should stop trying to suggest reasons why he did it and let law enforcement tell us when they finish with the investigation. The media should stop trying to “help” us understand the shooter, they are hindering the outcome.

A lot of times when someone get’s to a breaking point, they will try to be part of a group that will help provide basic necessities for them, or bring them much needed resources, such as living expenses, food, even if that group is a radical one. When even that doesn’t work, well this is exactly how it turns out.

The goal of law enforcement is always to understand why, to get to that goal investigators go through the person’s life very carefully not in the course of a newscast or two or just a quick look at his social media. Investigations take so long because investigators actually investigate not grasp at any meat on the bone they can get to.

At least investigators make the effort to the understand the person and the why so they can better prevent shootings like this in the future. I am not even sure what in the hell the media is trying to do. All I know is that by the time investigators usually release the details as to why no one is listening any longer because the media painted the picture for us, the way they wanted to.

Someone should reign those guys in…while we are at it. 

I have also seen countless headlines that are really divided about whether or not our country is divided by racism or even if we have a problem with racism.  Even social media is deeply divided.

Well, we do have a problem with racism, we also have a problem with sexism, we are divided over whether or not to treat those in the LGBT community as equal, women have to fight for the same pay a man gets for doing the same job…

So should BLM just get over it then?

The Black Lives Matter Movement provides a venue for those that are fed up, but because of the movements lack of control over its own protests, the movement provides a venue to those who are willing to behave violently just to get the point across. They are providing the perfect storm for those seeking to cause violence, kill or harm police and in general aren’t at the protest in an effort to make things better or so that they can be part of making sure the world hears the movements cause.

Things like blocking traffic on major roadways, impeding the passage of pedestrians trying to get somewhere safely, bringing guns to protests, dropping cinder blocks on the heads of our police, shooting our police, do not fall under the category of a peaceful protests.

Protesters are better served if they direct the protests to the appropriate parties, not interfering with the public’s right or ability to get to and from on major roadways or walkways.

By that I mean, a protest held at that cities capital, state building and the like, instead of interfering with the general public’s ability to travel by car or foot. That just makes the public decline to support your cause because you are causing problems.

So is the Black Lives Matter Movement out of control?

I’m not sure it ever was in control, it’s always been riddled with rioting and violent behavior. They seem to think that the general public has to hear their message and the message isn’t even clear.

Saying things like “Stop Shooting Unarmed African American Men” while some of those of those men were shot while committing a crime and failing to do as police instructed, well most people feel the shooting was justified and not racially motivated. That is because BLM has not provided any facts to say that it was.

So the message becomes lost because while BLM and it’s supporters want you to believe most police shootings of African American males are racially motivated, the statistics simply and undeniably never have supported that. To be honest, when you are asked to comply with orders from a police officer and fail to do that, you could potentially escalate the situation to the point where someone gets shot. Black, white, whatever race. 

Before anyone starts, we could argue that all day long because anyone can get google gun stats and police shooting stats all day until they find the one they want to use.

I get mine from the FBI because I enjoy things like drinking coffee, if I google searched the stats on officer involved shootings I’d have less time to make (I use a press) and then enjoy a delicious cup or two or more of coffee.

So in short no I do not believe that BLM ever had control, it’s message was never clear. They tried to raise awareness about officers shooting unarmed individuals and went about it by saying race had something to do with it. It didn’t. Cops shoot unarmed individuals of every race.

The leaders of BLM went about this whole idea the wrong way and lost complete control of it, which is exactly why no one listens to it. The point that they tried to get across is that black’s are more likely to get arrested, pulled over, serve longer sentences than whites. But clearly from the protests I have seen they centered the efforts around black males who were shot, some of which were shot while breaking the law, not complying with police orders, reaching for a gun or what appeared to be a gun after the situation had escalated. 

The point is, the reason people don’t respect or believe in BLM is because they have centered around individuals who were caught behaving badly. IF the individuals had not been, well the outcome would have been different.

All save for the media, they love reporting on the violence so that keeps the movement alive at least.

If it were me and thankfully it’s not, I’d scrap the movement or get my ass in gear and save it. Until then the police are now leary and untrusting of these large scale protests, who could blame them if they overreact then and whatever message, well it will get further lost.  

Again, I’ve said this before in my Ferguson pieces, cops are less racist than BLM makes them out to be. Racism in this country is being perpetuated by it’s citizens, the media and movements like Black Lives Matter.

While it racism is alive and well, so are other discrimination’s against others and they all deserve attention. 

I see this all over social media, “All Lives Matter.” Until we decide to understand that we will always be divided.
Cristal M Clark


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Assassination in Dubai

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Sometimes a necessary evil


محمود المبحوح‎‎, Maḥmūd al-Mabḥūḥ found murdered in a Dubai hotel room.

Understanding why is easy, figuring out who? Well that’s the difficult part.

Murdered 1/19/2010, in Al Bustan Rotana airport hotel in Dubai. Upon staff opening the door of room 230 they found the body of a man on the bed.

According to the death certificate, the cause of death was “brain hemorrhage.”

Mabhouh was drugged, electrocuted and then suffocated. Lt. Gen. Dhahi Khalfan Tamim of the Dubai Police Force said the suspects tracked Al-Mabhouh to Dubai from Damascus, Syria.

The suspects? Well in all they had between 26 – 30 suspects. 26 of those delightful individuals also managed to make it to Interpol’s most wanted list. The Dubai police found that 12 of the suspects used British passports, along with 6 Irish, 4 French, 1 German, and 3 Australian passports.

Interpol and the Dubai police believed that the suspects stole the identities of real people, mostly Israeli dual citizens.

The only arrest made has been that of Uri Brodsky who was apprehended in Poland and extradited to Germany for allegedly procuring a fraudulent German passport. It’s unknown if Uri Brodsky is his real name, what is clear is that during the investigation, authorities started to see a picture that just might implicate multiple nations of conspiring to kill Mabhuh.

Dozens of suspects were interviewed however…


It is believed that Mabḥuh was responsible for the kidnapping and murder of two Israeli soldiers in 1989, was considered to be the chief weapons negotiator for Hamas, the Palestinian organization’s main contact to Tehran and responsible for the logistics behind rocket attacks on Israel coming from the Gaza Strip.

In other words, he wasn’t exactly the most well liked guy walking the face of the earth and he had a lot of enemies as a result.  

Dubai’s police chief had at one time said that he is at least “99% certain” that the assassination was the work of Israel’s Mossad and that is sure that all of the suspects are hiding in Israel. He later recanted that, or at the very least had second thoughts on the subject.

Hamas leaders also think that Israel is responsible but Hamas didn’t exactly have the best reputation as far as the EU and US go. Given the allies and enemies of both Hamas and Israel one can understand why many suspect that either multiple nations were involved with the actual assassination if not the planning and subsequent hiding in suspects that seemed to just disappear.

Earlier attempted assassination

According to GQ magazine, in 2009 this elite team of killers tried and failed to kill Maḥmūd al-Mabḥūh by poisoning him. It is not clear if they snuck into his hotel room and placed it in or on something that he touched or if it was placed directly into his food or drink, all that is known is that he became very ill for a time.

The story goes that in an article written by Ronen Bergman, an Israeli investigative journalist pretty much says outright that Israel’s Mossad intelligence agency was behind the attack. The agency’s code name for al-Mabhouh was Plasma Screen.

It was well known at the time that Israeli spies had been monitoring Mabhouh’s e-mail and online activities via…a Trojan horse that had been planted on his computer. They knew he planned to go to Dubai from that.

They did not know exactly what hotel he’d be saying at, but in Dubai you can find someone relatively easily and it was even easier when surveillance teams were deployed to figure out which hotel Mabhouh would be staying at.

Mabhouh,  was reportedly in Dubai to arrange shipments of weapons to Hamas and the team just so happened to reprogram the electronic lock on his hotel room door while he was out for a four-hour meeting.

They reprogrammed it so that the hit men could enter the room with an unregistered electronic key while at the same time not disabling it for Mabhouh’s key.

Hotel records did show that about an hour before the hit, someone in fact was tampering with the lock.

According to Bergman, who disputes the police report, the assassins entered his room and waited for him to return, at which point he was injected with a poison that causes muscular paralysis, once the muscles needed for breathing cease it will cause death. They managed to leave the room with no sign of a struggle.

The hit team made a rather large number of miscalculations and mistakes however on their way out of the town. The most glaring of which is that they failed to recognize the fact that the Dubai police force has a success rate of about 100% in terms of closing cases, with 100% accuracy.

What can I say, they are pretty good.

Other mistakes include but are not limited to:

~Operatives used the bathroom facility at the same hotel then put on some pretty piss poor disguises.

~They were caught on surveillance tape entering and leaving the bathrooms.

~Other operatives hung out in Mabhouh’s hotel lobby for hours wearing tennis gear but showed no sign of interest in heading to the courts to actually play tennis.

~The Dubai police were actually able to piece together hours and hours of footage and piece together the movements of the team…over several months of movements throughout Dubai.

Bergman wrote: “The laughable attempts of the Mossad operatives to disguise their appearance made for good television coverage, but the more fundamental errors committed by the team had less to do with cloak-and-dagger disguises than with a kind of arrogance that seems to have pervaded the planning and execution of the mission.”

October 11, 2010 the National of Abu Dhabi published an interview with Dubai’s police chef, LT. Gen Dahi Khalfan Tamim where he claimed that the a “western” country had arrested a top suspect in the killing around two months prior. He went on to say that the ambassador of that western country did not want to name the country or the suspect.

On 28 December 2010, secret cables leaked by Wikileaks showed that Dubai considered keeping the assassination secret, and asked the United States to help track down information on credit card numbers suspected of having been used by the assassins. The United States did not cooperate with the investigation.

Most countries will outwardly tell you that they do not sanction or condone such assassinations yet inwardly, they know that sometimes they are a necessary evil.

As for the assassination of Maḥmūd al-Mabḥūḥ, well it’s never quite officially been solved and it is unlikely that it ever will be with so many who have chosen to look the other way.

Cristal M Clark


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The resignation of FBI Director James Comey?!?!?

The resignation of Director James Comey



The news that Hillary Clinton will not face any charges seemed to have outraged a lot of people, many in fact accused the system of being rigged. Director James Comey had to answer to Congress, the press and the public.

The media has had experts, lawmakers, lawyers, the public, on since the FBI recommended not to file charges. The public is up in arms, the zoo cages are open and it’s a free for all.

And I’ve seen all over online petitions for FBI Director James Comey to hand in his resignation? 

Why should he resign for doing his job? Because people did not like or agree with the outcome because although not one of us has all of the evidence we think the decision should have been what the general mass wanted?

I know sometimes I talk about the cop mentality thing and that its real but this type of thinking…

The FBI investigated emails and documents that were stored in Hillary’s personal server.

I know a lot of my readers think that the system is rigged and that Hillary got away with a crime. I disagree, she got away with stupidity, which the last time I checked is not a crime in this country, although I have to agree with some, at times it should be a bloody crime.  

A lot of people are also feeling that there was a double standard employed with the investigation of David Petraeus vs the investigation of Hillary Clinton. I do not believe that either because Petraeus actually set out to willfully obtain and then share information that he should not have whereas Hillary did not. Should she have known better? Yes, she should have.

At that, I don’t know what to tell you, she is pretty damned inept at times.

Others feel that Hillary could have and should have been charged with gross negligence, which by the way would have been really hard to prove.

One thing we all keep forgetting about James Comey is that he did at one time hold the job title of United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York, and he helped prosecute the Gambino Crime Family. He has a background, a very rich one at that in law, prosecution, the legal system and how it all comes together and works.

He knows law and he knows how to decide on whether or not someone is prosecutable, meaning two things, will a prosecutor even want to prosecute and if they did, is the case a guaranteed conviction?

Remember, prosecutors don’t like taking on cases they know they most likely won’t win.

Secondly, who in his right mind thinks they are going to secure a Federal Conviction for charges that amount to misdemeanors. Remember, we are only looking at her emails, not what she knew about Benghazi and when she knew it, not someone thinking that she just handed over or gave intel to other countries, wikileaks, etc.

Just emails and documents stored on a personal server. The FBI was asked to investigate to see if charges could or should be filed.

Willfully, purposely giving intel to spies, other countries, wikileaks, and the like is a crime. If she did not conspire to commit a crime it’s pretty damn difficult to prove that she did without lying and planting evidence.

If all she did was store information on a personal server that she should not have, that is simply stupidity on her part.

Yes that is right, the FBI looked into Federal charges, what Hillary did, well that didn’t fall into any Federal, prosecutable crimes or conviction category as far as they could see. She did not purposely do it with the intention of ever sharing it with another party.  Which would be the crime she could have been tried for.

The feds had to have proof of a crime which they really did not, at least not a winnable Federal crime although half of the US thinks otherwise. Just because we beg to differ doesn’t change the law or legalities of the situation.

While James got grilled today by the republican party, it’s important to know that he himself identifies with the Republican party.

I still get why people are angry and upset here.

At the end of the day, James did what James should have done, he looked at and dealt with the facts. The only thing that even I am not sure I agree with is the fact that Hillary at one point did say that she handed over all of the emails to the FBI, who then later learned she in fact had not handed over all of the emails. That was a lie on her part and it carries a pretty light sentence.

Still the same, even if they charged her with that it would have been a minimum sentence if that, and that’s if they found someone to prosecute the case.

I don’t always agree with Director James Comey, if you follow my work you know that. It’s not that I disagree with what he is trying to accomplish or the changes he asks for, at times I disagree with how he presents or states things. They come across to the public as meaning something else entirely different than what he intended.

Sometimes that costs him in the courts, like when he lost the battle about being able to access browser history without a warrant when certain types of crimes are committed.

While I don’t always agree with how he presents things or idea’s, I have to say that in this case, he was spot on in his messages, his words, the way he presented himself, the FBI and the reason why the FBI came to the conclusion that they did.

This was a case where you are not going to make anyone happy, no matter which way you go because in the end it all ends up being a cluster.

If they had recommended prosecution, someone took the case a judge heard the case, do you really think with everything that was released to the public already that Hillary would have spent a minute in Federal prison?

No, she would not have, but the accusations would remain the same, the system failed, it’s rigged, blah, blah, blah.

It’s easy to reach for blame and make accusations when something doesn’t go the way everyone wants it to. But those things do not remedy the situation at all.

Just because the public wants Hillary prosecuted it still doesn’t mean that she could be. James had to look at the case from all aspects and while some of you may not agree, the guy got handed a pile of crap of a case knowing it was highly publicized. No matter what he decided in the end, it wouldn’t have won him any popularity contests.

Last time I checked though, James Comey didn’t take this job to become a household name. I’ve heard through the grapevine that James also did not take this job to become one of the most influential FBI Directors in American History, in fact that was never something he really wanted, and yet here we are.

I am very critical of James Comey at times, but this time I believe he made the most logical choice. He didn’t take this investigation lightly and he isn’t the type to allow anyone to tell him to say yes or no to the conviction. He looked at the facts. Period.

The other night, right before news broke that the FBI recommended no charges be filed against Hillary in the piece I put out about Hillary, I did hint that this would be the outcome. I did not come to that conclusion because I like the woman, I personally don’t care too much for her. I came to that conclusion because you have to look at things in pure black and white sometimes, see them in all of the reality that they are, without personal feelings, wants or needs getting into the way of how you see the facts.

That is precisely what the FBI did here and they made the most logical decision.

At that the end of that piece I hinted that we will have to see what election day shows us and now we will.

Cristal M Clark

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