5 members of motorcycle gang slain

5 members of motorcycle gang slain


July 4th murder

The 5 members who were murdered were part of the Outlaws MC.

William “Water Head” Allen, 22

William “Mouse” Dronenburg, 32

Bridgette “Midget” Benfield, 17

“Terrible Terry” Henderson, 29

Randall Feazell, 28

They had been shot so many times the coroner gave up counting the bullet holes in each of the victims.

It’s been said that in the 70’s Charlotte was a biker haven for MC’s who ran girls and drugs, in fact it is widely reported that Charlotte was the southeastern hub for the Outlaws, Hells Angels, Tasmanian Devils and Tar Heel Stompers.

The suspects somehow made it over an 8 foot fence and around guard dogs unnoticed sometime in the wee hours of July 4th 1979, where they opened fire upon the group who were sleeping at the at 2500 Allen Road South, home.

The autopsies also revealed that the victims had no traces of alcohol or drugs in their systems, they were simply gunned down in cold blood where they slept.

Initially investigators assumed that the murders were a hit from a rival gang but after 36 years, investigators learned that it was not a hit by a rival MC.


The Suspects

Gregory Scott Lindaman, who died in Houston after a traffic accident in October of 1990

Randy Allen Pigg who died of liver disease in October of 2007

Neither were in any MC, in fact one of the two had a beef with someone who was in the Outlaw MC.

Someone it would seem confirmed what investigators long believed, both Lindaman and Pigg were suspects at the time of the murders but investigators never had enough of anything to tie the men to the crime.

After 36 years however, someone did come forward with a long held secret and confirmed to investigators what they already knew in that Lindaman and Pigg were in fact the men responsible for the murders.

The murders however did prompt the local police in the area to beef up investigations and surveillance into the MC’s at the time figuring that they had better wake and up and see the light that the gangs posed a degree of danger to the communities.

The worst part of this crime is that investigators and the community unfairly, initially assumed that the crime had been committed by a rival MC, the MC’s in the area had to live with that dark shadow following them around like a plague.

MC’s more often than not do get the blame, they are suspected of being bad boys, drug dealers, pimps, the reality of that is, most are not bad guys. They hold fundraisers that benefit the communities they live in, not just the MC itself, they support other clubs even though they are considered “rivals,” and they are some of the few people in this day and age, if they see you broken down on the side of a road where no one else is stopping to help, that will actually stop and help without expecting anything in return.

If the MC’s in the area were that dangerous that they would take hits out on each other, do you believe that Lindaman and Pigg would have really lived as long as they had after the murders given that neither were part of any MC?

It’s always worth knowing that IF the MC’s were as bad as law enforcement and the media still makes them out to be these days, the suspects in this case would have died long before they each had because it was very public knowledge back then, that both men were suspects of the murders of the Outlaw crew.

Cristal M Clark


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