The resignation of FBI Director James Comey?!?!?

The resignation of Director James Comey



The news that Hillary Clinton will not face any charges seemed to have outraged a lot of people, many in fact accused the system of being rigged. Director James Comey had to answer to Congress, the press and the public.

The media has had experts, lawmakers, lawyers, the public, on since the FBI recommended not to file charges. The public is up in arms, the zoo cages are open and it’s a free for all.

And I’ve seen all over online petitions for FBI Director James Comey to hand in his resignation? 

Why should he resign for doing his job? Because people did not like or agree with the outcome because although not one of us has all of the evidence we think the decision should have been what the general mass wanted?

I know sometimes I talk about the cop mentality thing and that its real but this type of thinking…

The FBI investigated emails and documents that were stored in Hillary’s personal server.

I know a lot of my readers think that the system is rigged and that Hillary got away with a crime. I disagree, she got away with stupidity, which the last time I checked is not a crime in this country, although I have to agree with some, at times it should be a bloody crime.  

A lot of people are also feeling that there was a double standard employed with the investigation of David Petraeus vs the investigation of Hillary Clinton. I do not believe that either because Petraeus actually set out to willfully obtain and then share information that he should not have whereas Hillary did not. Should she have known better? Yes, she should have.

At that, I don’t know what to tell you, she is pretty damned inept at times.

Others feel that Hillary could have and should have been charged with gross negligence, which by the way would have been really hard to prove.

One thing we all keep forgetting about James Comey is that he did at one time hold the job title of United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York, and he helped prosecute the Gambino Crime Family. He has a background, a very rich one at that in law, prosecution, the legal system and how it all comes together and works.

He knows law and he knows how to decide on whether or not someone is prosecutable, meaning two things, will a prosecutor even want to prosecute and if they did, is the case a guaranteed conviction?

Remember, prosecutors don’t like taking on cases they know they most likely won’t win.

Secondly, who in his right mind thinks they are going to secure a Federal Conviction for charges that amount to misdemeanors. Remember, we are only looking at her emails, not what she knew about Benghazi and when she knew it, not someone thinking that she just handed over or gave intel to other countries, wikileaks, etc.

Just emails and documents stored on a personal server. The FBI was asked to investigate to see if charges could or should be filed.

Willfully, purposely giving intel to spies, other countries, wikileaks, and the like is a crime. If she did not conspire to commit a crime it’s pretty damn difficult to prove that she did without lying and planting evidence.

If all she did was store information on a personal server that she should not have, that is simply stupidity on her part.

Yes that is right, the FBI looked into Federal charges, what Hillary did, well that didn’t fall into any Federal, prosecutable crimes or conviction category as far as they could see. She did not purposely do it with the intention of ever sharing it with another party.  Which would be the crime she could have been tried for.

The feds had to have proof of a crime which they really did not, at least not a winnable Federal crime although half of the US thinks otherwise. Just because we beg to differ doesn’t change the law or legalities of the situation.

While James got grilled today by the republican party, it’s important to know that he himself identifies with the Republican party.

I still get why people are angry and upset here.

At the end of the day, James did what James should have done, he looked at and dealt with the facts. The only thing that even I am not sure I agree with is the fact that Hillary at one point did say that she handed over all of the emails to the FBI, who then later learned she in fact had not handed over all of the emails. That was a lie on her part and it carries a pretty light sentence.

Still the same, even if they charged her with that it would have been a minimum sentence if that, and that’s if they found someone to prosecute the case.

I don’t always agree with Director James Comey, if you follow my work you know that. It’s not that I disagree with what he is trying to accomplish or the changes he asks for, at times I disagree with how he presents or states things. They come across to the public as meaning something else entirely different than what he intended.

Sometimes that costs him in the courts, like when he lost the battle about being able to access browser history without a warrant when certain types of crimes are committed.

While I don’t always agree with how he presents things or idea’s, I have to say that in this case, he was spot on in his messages, his words, the way he presented himself, the FBI and the reason why the FBI came to the conclusion that they did.

This was a case where you are not going to make anyone happy, no matter which way you go because in the end it all ends up being a cluster.

If they had recommended prosecution, someone took the case a judge heard the case, do you really think with everything that was released to the public already that Hillary would have spent a minute in Federal prison?

No, she would not have, but the accusations would remain the same, the system failed, it’s rigged, blah, blah, blah.

It’s easy to reach for blame and make accusations when something doesn’t go the way everyone wants it to. But those things do not remedy the situation at all.

Just because the public wants Hillary prosecuted it still doesn’t mean that she could be. James had to look at the case from all aspects and while some of you may not agree, the guy got handed a pile of crap of a case knowing it was highly publicized. No matter what he decided in the end, it wouldn’t have won him any popularity contests.

Last time I checked though, James Comey didn’t take this job to become a household name. I’ve heard through the grapevine that James also did not take this job to become one of the most influential FBI Directors in American History, in fact that was never something he really wanted, and yet here we are.

I am very critical of James Comey at times, but this time I believe he made the most logical choice. He didn’t take this investigation lightly and he isn’t the type to allow anyone to tell him to say yes or no to the conviction. He looked at the facts. Period.

The other night, right before news broke that the FBI recommended no charges be filed against Hillary in the piece I put out about Hillary, I did hint that this would be the outcome. I did not come to that conclusion because I like the woman, I personally don’t care too much for her. I came to that conclusion because you have to look at things in pure black and white sometimes, see them in all of the reality that they are, without personal feelings, wants or needs getting into the way of how you see the facts.

That is precisely what the FBI did here and they made the most logical decision.

At that the end of that piece I hinted that we will have to see what election day shows us and now we will.

Cristal M Clark

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