The War on Cops

The War on Cops

The Killing of our Nation’s Police

With an already heavy heart I watched the news unfold live on my Twitter Feed on Sunday afternoon where 3 Baton Rouge, Louisiana officers were shot and killed.

Some have suggested prior to the last couple of weeks that there is not war on cops. I am not so sure that is the case anymore.

More threats over the weekend had already been called into police departments across the country, today a woman left what she said was a bomb at Denver’s Federal building.

President Obama stated it best yesterday when he said “Attacks on police are attacks on all of us.” Yet I had to wonder if he and congress, the senate, if they truly understand the world that which those of us minions live in.

Last week President Obama suggested rather strongly that we as a nation need to come together and face these issues head on, sit and talk about them. And I agree.

He also touched on the very key that unlocks the door for many and that is frustrations people have with the system. Not just the police, the system in it’s entirety.

The real question really is, is everyone ready to respectfully listen, not just move their mouths but listen to what others have to say? Are we ready to come up with solutions rather than blame? Are we ready to stop making excuses?

Can we manage that at all or do we continue with the violence?

It goes both ways. We cannot any longer condone the killing or beating of an innocent person by police, we  cannot condone longer sentences for someone who is black than someone who is white, but we also cannot give someone a free pass because they are black and simply “feel” the system is out to get them and they were caught breaking the law.

Many of us have been predicting this, we have been saying that the violence is only going to grow and spill over the rim.

Sadly, our political leaders fail time and time again to hear our warnings.

So really the question is, are they ready to hear us for a change?

When they are, several of us have solutions, we are ready to talk to each other we are just waiting on our political leaders to fall in line and tell us they are ready to hear us.

And by “hear us” I mean really listen to us before making decisions that affect all of the society they don’t have to live in.

Maybe they will want to hear us when that 7 week vacation they are on is over.

I am not surprised that terrorists aren’t trying harder to come here or recruit new members here in the USA, they don’t have to because we are allowing for and doing the killing ourselves.

Cristal M Clark


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