Kansas City Police Officer Killed After Drive-By Shooting

Kansas City Police Officer Killed After Drive-By Shooting


Kansas City, Kansas, police captain Robert David Melton has died following a drive by shooting.

The suspects are on the run.

Suspect Gavin Long, the suspected shooter in Sunday’s deadly ambush of three officers in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, was from neighboring Kansas City, Missouri which already had the city on edge to begin with. 

Captain Melton, 46, was a 17-year law enforcement veteran, served in the Kansas National Guard and was known for consistently wearing a bulletproof vest, which something he regularly reminded his colleagues to do as well, officials said.

In suburban St. Louis, a police officer who was shot July 8 by a driver in a traffic stop was left paralyzed.

Officer-involved shootings and attacks have been front page news in recent weeks with the killing of cops in Baton Rouge and Dallas it’s rocked our nation’s law enforcement communities pretty hard and left them deeply wounded and hurting.

Deepest Condolences to The Kansas City Police Department and all of our Nation’s Law Enforcement Officers.  

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