Texas police officer also a Drug Dealer

Texas police officer also a Drug Dealer

Julian Pesina - thecrimeshop

Leading a double life can sometimes get you killed


Julian Pesina sold drugs for the Mexican Mafia, also known as La Eme, while at the same time serving as a police officer for Balcones Heights, hiding his gang tattoos under the safety of the uniform he bore.

Julian was gunned down on May 4, 2014 by the gang whom he pledged allegiance to after having learned of his daytime job as a police officer from Facebook.

Even more problematic for Julian, the feds and the SAPD were investigating his involvement with the Mexican Mafia and were poised to arrest him but, the gang got to him first.

His sentence from the feds would have included prison time, his sentence from the gang he was affiliated with, well it was death.

On that fateful day Julian was outside of a tattoo shop that he owned. The FBI had set up surveillance of the shop and saw the entire murder play out.

Jerry “Spooks” Idrogo plead guilty to the murder last Friday, he also plead guilty to the murder of another man Texas Mexican Mafia member Billy Padilla, who Jerry killed in back in 2013 for not turning over the organization’s cut of drug money.

The gang’s Texas presence gained power in the 1980s, according to court documents and it’s still growing and going strong.

To gain membership into the gang, inductees have to commit a criminal act, which could include the murder of an enemy.

And according to the gang’s constitution, cooperation with law enforcement was punishable by death.

So Julian just being a cop was enough to seal his fate once the gang discovered that. What makes Julian’s murder interesting however is the fact that it is not unusual or uncommon according to author Tony Rafael, to find civil servants among the gang’s ranks.

Tony says that it the group is very good at the art of being able to coerce people into doing things for them or things that would benefit the gang. According to Tony, they have corrupted social workers for the gang and even police. They are from what Tony says quite capable and excellent manipulators.

As with any individual who has a manipulative personality, they seek out the weak, someone that has something to gain through the manipulation process. After all, regardless of victim or criminal, every relationship we choose to have, has some benefit for both parties, otherwise we wouldn’t have them.

But for a manipulative person, the benefit from searching out the weak and manipulating them is sometimes criminal intent. They get the weak to do their bidding thus shielding them from the law.

Just how it was that Julian ended up in uniform is a mystery, he was part of the gang prior to becoming a cop so it’s a valid question.

It’s clear that he somehow managed to keep his life as a gang member from surfacing when he accepted and took the job as a cop.

That question, well it has never really been answered, let alone addressed.

Did he want out, was it a past he couldn’t quite escape or did he enjoy the benefits of leading a life as a cop and a criminal?

We may never know now because Julian Pesina was murdered by one of his own for being a cop.

One thing that we do know for sure is that a member of the Mexican Mafia managed to become a cop in Texas.

Cristal M Clark

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