Arrested NYPD Cop “What’s a player to do?”

Cop caught pimping out hookers while on duty


NYPD’s Finest

Meet Eduardo Cornejo, the former 11 year veteran of the NYPD who got caught pimping out hookers while on duty.

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Which also happens to include a 16 year old girl, who of course he say’s he “thought” was 17 at the time.

Regardless, Eduardo happened to be a pimp while on duty and in uniform. He would arrange gig’s it seems for his girls and sometimes even drive them to the appointment himself, while on duty.

He faces Federal charges and up to 10 years in prison for human trafficking if he is found guilty.

He did admit to being a pimp, yet while he was being questioned, he attempted to also delete text messages from his phone.

OF course the investigators seized the phone and were able to see the sexually explicit pictures, messages and information that pretty much confirmed his involvement in the illegal prostitution ring.

Eduardo also had a small run in with police previously, it turns out that he was arrested back in 2012 after some altercation/argument over a seat at a Mets game, he was arguing with police.

He was sentenced for that to, 3 days of community service and he was banned from Citi Field Stadium for a year.

He was fired from the NYPD about 3 weeks prior to his arrest by the feds. Shockingly, he was fired for testing positive for a little cannabis habit that I guess he had.

News of his arrest broke back in February of this year.

Recently, I guess the whole being jobless and living off of mom and dad idea was not working out for him.

What’s a player to do?

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While out on bail, Eduardo opted to go back to making money the only way he knows how to…that’s right he was arrested again this month for pimping out hookers.

And prosecutors summed up just what this player was up to…

In a letter written to Judge Brian Cogan from US District Attorney’s Kevin Trowel and Alexander Solmon, “the ex cop was recently tracked by his GPS monitor in the vicinity of 5 different hot sheets motels in Staten Island, Queens and Long Island.”

They continued “There is no legitimate reason for the defendant to have been at area hotels on the 10 listed occasions other than to promote or patronize prostitutes.”

Not to mention that on 7/25/16 he was spotted in a vehicle by NYPD Internal Affairs, with a known prostitute, whom he had the pleasure of working with before.

What really puts the icing on the cake though, was his rather lovely Instagram image investigators were able to see, and include with the letter to the judge.

Prosecutors wrote: “His boldness is also on display in the attached Instagram post from July in which the defendant flouts his supervision and brags that ‘I got a bag for the lawyers, like..What’s your charges?…Hop out of the courtroom like #WhatCharges? Big P[IMP]in on your court steps.”


Eduardo’s lawyer Michael Padden insists that the Instagram post is in reference to “I Got The Keys” which was rapped by Jay Z.

Which by the way makes no difference, we all know or at least a lot of cops know, that often times criminals will boast about crimes through social media utilizing lyrics from songs or lines from movies, posing with drugs, guns and sometimes prostitutes.

What amazes me here is that Eduardo doesn’t appear to be the brightest little tool in the shed and yet, he wore a uniform, had a gun and was a cop for 11 years. He flew under the radar for quite some time before the feds caught up with him.

He blatantly flew under the radar, it was right out in the open so how did this guy get missed for so long?

Are we ignoring the fact that sometimes after a cop has been in uniform for a while he figures what the hell, they don’t pay me enough so I might as well start leading a double life?

How are departments finding and resolving these issues before they become problematic and a black eye for the department in question?

Well, the answer is simple. Police departments are not finding the problem children before something like an officer was arrested for human trafficking, killed for being in a gang or committed suicide before the truth came out.

Cristal M Clark

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