Son of Chicago Police Officer murdered

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Chicago, where the killing never stops

On 8/15/16 – 7 activists joined together in an effort to protest the murder of innocent 19 year old Arshell Dennis, son of a Chicago police officer.

A young African American man who had a promising future, he had everything to live for and did nothing that warranted his murder on this past Sunday in Chicago.

He came home for a few days to surprise his sick mother for her birthday. It’s been reported by local media that at the news of her son’s death, her screams could be heard echoing down the block.


While this made the news all over, what didn’t make the news was the protest, except for local media outlets in Chicago, large networks failed to cover the story endlessly and with as much drama and gusto as they do when they cover a protest that involved a police officer shooting someone, moreover a white police officer who has shot an African American. Which shows just how  those networks truly practice in the art of fair and unbiased reporting.

I believe it is very much worth our attention because the 7 activists that gathered are activists who also protest police misconduct and brutality. Guess that’s what made it less of a newsworthy story to the more major national media outlets.


According to activist activist Ja’Mal Green “This young man was taken supposedly by our own, and we’re going to stand up for Arshell, we want this killer to be brought in so that we can have justice, because Arshell didn’t deserve this. Nineteen years old. Nineteen.”

Ja’Mal was arrested last month by the way, during a protest about recent police shootings, he was charged with hitting an officer.

Ja’Mal and the other 6 protesters get it, they truly get that all black lives matter, regardless of who pulled the trigger.

The activists met at the corner of where Arshell was murdered on Sunday morning. Arshell was heading back to college at St. Johns University in New York where he was in his junior year studying journalism.

A gunman approached Arshell and his friend as they sat on the front porch of a residence and opened fire, police officials said. The friend, who is 20, was shot in the arm and side.

On Monday, the activists expressed their support for the family of Arshell, and told reporters that they condemn violence against police officers and their families.

Michael Davis, the local block club president and member of the Wrightwood Improvement Association told local reporters “We want to let people know that this is not the new normal. That our community is not taking this lying down.”

He went on to say “In the wake of what’s going on today in Minneapolis and other cities where we see police shootings and riots, we want people to know that we protest peacefully, for both situations that involve police and that involve criminals. It doesn’t matter to us which.”

The Black Lives Matter Movement as a whole should be standing in solidarity with these 7 individuals who not only protest what they feel is police bias and brutality against black Americans, but also the murder, shooting and brutality by their own against each other.

The number of shootings in Chicago went up this week from last week by the way, we are sitting at 2,677 shootings for the year. 121 people have been shot in Chicago within the last 8 days.

Stand together against against the 2,677 people who have been shot in Chicago this year most of which were shot by their own or the White Supremacist who on Tuesday night, thought that it would a good idea to stab a black man in Olympia, Washington in some crusade against Black Lives Matter to avenge police…

So although these 7 individuals did not gain national, non-stop media coverage for their efforts.. I paid attention and I applaud these 7 individuals who are leading by example by not only protesting what they consider police bias and brutality but, also protesting the killing of an innocent young African American Man by one of his own.

Cristal M Clark

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Texas police officer also a Drug Dealer

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Leading a double life can sometimes get you killed


Julian Pesina sold drugs for the Mexican Mafia, also known as La Eme, while at the same time serving as a police officer for Balcones Heights, hiding his gang tattoos under the safety of the uniform he bore.

Julian was gunned down on May 4, 2014 by the gang whom he pledged allegiance to after having learned of his daytime job as a police officer from Facebook.

Even more problematic for Julian, the feds and the SAPD were investigating his involvement with the Mexican Mafia and were poised to arrest him but, the gang got to him first.

His sentence from the feds would have included prison time, his sentence from the gang he was affiliated with, well it was death.

On that fateful day Julian was outside of a tattoo shop that he owned. The FBI had set up surveillance of the shop and saw the entire murder play out.

Jerry “Spooks” Idrogo plead guilty to the murder last Friday, he also plead guilty to the murder of another man Texas Mexican Mafia member Billy Padilla, who Jerry killed in back in 2013 for not turning over the organization’s cut of drug money.

The gang’s Texas presence gained power in the 1980s, according to court documents and it’s still growing and going strong.

To gain membership into the gang, inductees have to commit a criminal act, which could include the murder of an enemy.

And according to the gang’s constitution, cooperation with law enforcement was punishable by death.

So Julian just being a cop was enough to seal his fate once the gang discovered that. What makes Julian’s murder interesting however is the fact that it is not unusual or uncommon according to author Tony Rafael, to find civil servants among the gang’s ranks.

Tony says that it the group is very good at the art of being able to coerce people into doing things for them or things that would benefit the gang. According to Tony, they have corrupted social workers for the gang and even police. They are from what Tony says quite capable and excellent manipulators.

As with any individual who has a manipulative personality, they seek out the weak, someone that has something to gain through the manipulation process. After all, regardless of victim or criminal, every relationship we choose to have, has some benefit for both parties, otherwise we wouldn’t have them.

But for a manipulative person, the benefit from searching out the weak and manipulating them is sometimes criminal intent. They get the weak to do their bidding thus shielding them from the law.

Just how it was that Julian ended up in uniform is a mystery, he was part of the gang prior to becoming a cop so it’s a valid question.

It’s clear that he somehow managed to keep his life as a gang member from surfacing when he accepted and took the job as a cop.

That question, well it has never really been answered, let alone addressed.

Did he want out, was it a past he couldn’t quite escape or did he enjoy the benefits of leading a life as a cop and a criminal?

We may never know now because Julian Pesina was murdered by one of his own for being a cop.

One thing that we do know for sure is that a member of the Mexican Mafia managed to become a cop in Texas.

Cristal M Clark

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Uber is a poorly run organization


Or just a really easy target


With an overwhelming number of what seems like a never ending stream of lawsuits one has to wonder is Uber poorly run by management or just an easy target?

Uber is well known for it’s ability to get you a ride wherever you are, whenever you need it, they are more reliable than a actual taxi.

Uber is also well known for the number of lawsuits it’s been hit with since it started back in 2009.

That begs two questions:

Is Uber so poorly run by it’s management that, that is the reason for the many lawsuits


Is Uber just a really easy target for now? Easy to sue because like with the McDonald’s famous coffee lawsuit, right now the warnings that might prevent such lawsuits simply do not exist?

Currently, Uber has 70 and counting, Federal cases in the US awaiting trial and with so many in various states that it’s difficult to count let alone keep track of.

The suits stem from Governments, employees, customers and competitors for a plethora of different reasons.

Government’s Crack the Whip

While Uber rushes to set up shop everywhere that they can, they often times ignore rather blatantly regulations until the Government comes after them that is. So it’s don’t ask but just do and say sorry later for these guys when they set up shop.

A huge no-no for Uber

One of the largest cases against Uber currently is a class action lawsuit where employees were denied benefits because Uber classified them as contractors yet treated them like employees. Employers who hire contractors often make the mistake of treating the contractor as an employee therefore they open themselves up to lawsuits over lack of benefits being offered.

Background Checks

In Austin, Texas both Uber and Lyft stopped servicing the area because they would have been required to conduct more thorough background checks on drivers they hire. So rather than suck it up and agree to the background checks, they stopped service and the employee’s are suing over it.

Uber just runs a person’s name and social security number and critics say that just running the two are not enough because things can be missed.

Which is true if you work in HR. What is Uber really running, are they running the info to see if the individual has a legal right to work in the US, or are they running a full and complete background check on it’s drivers?



So while some of us love Uber and have zero complaints, numerous customers have sued them over issues caused by the drivers. And Uber names the drivers as contractors, meaning that legally, only the individual driver could be sued, yet despite that, Uber is almost always named in the lawsuits filed against it’s drivers.

Whatever you do, Do Not drink the complimentary bottle of water…

Uber has faced more lawsuits for sexual assault, rape and attacks since it’s inception that I have lost track of just how many they had, have or that are currently pending. A woman in 2014 says that she drank a “complimentary” bottle of water in her Uber ride and woke up the next morning in her hotel room, naked. The driver had sexually assaulted her.

Why are good background checks are needed?

~ A driver ran over a 6 year old little girl in 2013 and killed her.

~ Just recently it was discovered that a driver in Boston was a convicted sex offender.

~ A part-time Uber driver was recently charged with DUI in Maryland.

~ A Toronto Uber driver was recently accused of assaulting two people

~ An Australian woman fled for her life after having been strangled by her Uber Driver

The list is long and extensive but if you want to view it, hop over to “Who’s Driving You” they keep a pretty comprehensive list of incidents from both Lyft and Uber. You’ll find the link at the end of this story. 

You don’t need your service animal, besides the less you see or hear, the less likely you are to sue

Uber has been sued for not allowing service animals by the National Federation of the Blind for, not allowing service animals. They had reports of drivers refusing to pick up riders who had service animals and one report of a driver who actually put the service animal in the trunk.

Price fixing???

No, after everything Uber has been accused of they wouldn’t dare price fix? Think again, Uber has been sued for price fixing, and in the essence of a good drama back in July evidence was provided to the court that Uber and CEO Travis Kalanick hired a private investigator to look at the complainant in some odd attempt to discredit what they were suing them for.

So why hasn’t the Government shut these guys down?

As far as employment laws are concerned, an infraction in terms classifying seemingly true employees as contractors simply isn’t enough to shut any organization down. Even more clearly, the fines associated with Uber mis-classifying individuals aren’t even enough to shut them down.

Because for every single complaint or lawsuit against Uber, the majority of the issues are stemming from the drivers. Cities and states that allow Uber to operate must be the ones to put a nail in the coffin and demand that Uber run strict background checks and when they don’t, they must be the one’s to hold the drivers, Uber and it’s CEO accountable.

Uber’s business model is clearly rush in, ignore any and all regulations until we are slapped lightly on the wrist for doing it.  Set up shop and hire anyone that we can to drive regardless of his or her background and bring everyone in as a contractor until we are told we cannot classify them as contractors.

One would think it would be much less costly as a business to actually play by the rules than to shell out all the legal fee’s Uber has for not playing by the rules, but I guess Uber has some sort of lifetime supply of disposable income rolling in.

To answer the question of whether or not Uber is a poorly run organization or an easy target? Well it’s neither. It’s a brilliant idea that has been allowed to get away with ignoring or sidestepping the rules.

Cristal M Clark


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Edward Snowden Tweets Dead Man’s Switch to followers

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The silence of Edward Snowden

On August 5, 2016 Edward Snowden tweeted a very odd message to his followers.

Telling followers it’s time, followed by 64 characters of code.


The tweet was quickly deleted but it has not stopped conspiracy theorists from taking to social media, many of which think he has either been captured by the US or killed therefore many suspect that the 64 character tweet was in fact, a dead man’s switch.

A dead man’s switch is a message set up to be automatically sent if the holder of the account does not perform a regular check-in or tweet or post etc. It is well known that Julian Assange the founder of Wikileaks has a dead man’s switch which is his insurance policy should anything happen to him.

A great many suspect that in Edward Snowden’s case, his dead man switch could very well be the key to encrypted files he had stolen from the United States Government.

It is widely known that the information Edward Snowden released back in 2013 was just a tiny fraction of what he actually obtained when he left the USA.

Oddly reports have indicated that at least 8 torrent sites used for distributing large files were immediately taken offline after Edward Snowden’s odd tweets. Which suggest the distribution of files were being suppressed or slowed in some way. That only added to the speculation that Edward Snowden has been killed and that the key to his sensitive files has been released to those in the know, those that can release the information in those files to the world.

So far, nothing major has been released still, many feel that something huge is coming.

Journalist Glenn Greenwald, who has worked extensively with Edward Snowden claims the whistleblower is “fine,” but has refused give any further information on his safety.

A bitcoin subreddit user tests the key:

A bitcoin user who goes by the name Bobanaut tested the 64 character tweet as a private key hash on the bitcoin blockchain, which traced to transactions between two addresses on Sunday. The first transaction logged was in the amount of 0.000911 BTC, suggesting that Edward Snowden was using the cryptocurrency to convey a cryptic 911 distress signal.

While others pointed out the statistical impossibility that the 64-character hex code used by Snowden could be an unintentional hash in a bitcoin transaction.

Edward Snowden’s normally active twitter feed has gone silent since these two tweets were sent on August 5th.

To his fans and followers the silence is deafening.

Cristal M Clark


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2,556 people have been shot in Chicago


So far this year

Yes you read that right, 2,556 individuals have been shot in Chicago so far this year.

Out of that, 2,166 were shot and wounded, the other 390 individuals are dead.

Chicago crossed the 2,000 point back in June. The July 4th weekend started off with a bang, 62 wounded and 4 were killed.

On Monday of this week alone 9 were shot and killed while 13 others were wounded.

Police have stated over and over again the violence in Chicago is attributed to feuding gangs and sadly a lot of the violence is being brought about by the citizens of Chicago, not the police.

For the month of August alone, to date Chicago has had 137 shootings.

So while our Administration and the Black Lives Matter movement are calling for change because they seem to feel that police do not value “Black Lives,” they are ignoring the staggering amount of shootings in Chicago. Many of the victims by the way are not white.

Are we picking and choosing which Black Lives Matter or is it that the Black Lives in Chicago simply do not matter?

The President recently commented with regards to officer involved shootings of young black men “all Americans should be troubled…” He also said “To be concerned about these issues is not political correctness. It’s just being an American.”

Is Chicago no longer part of America because being an American, I am deeply concerned that our administration is turning a blind eye to the rising violence in Chicago.

Do Black Lives only matter if it’s a cop pulling the trigger?


Do Black Lives only matter when they can be labeled as racism or bias at the hands of white cops?

The impression that I am getting from Obama, Washington, Congress and the Black Lives Matter movement is that they are picking when and where black lives really matter and it’s not Chicago.

That translates pretty loudly to Black Lives Matter only if it’s a cop who pulled the trigger but not another black citizen, or gang member. And fuck Chicago.

The senseless crime committed against blacks in Chicago not to mention the loss of black lives in Chicago has been so blatantly ignored by the Black Lives Matter Movement as well as in Washington both by Congress and President Obama that it’s quite frankly, sickening.

Stop preaching about officer involved shootings of young black men while you sit back and watch them get killed every day in Chicago by individuals who aren’t cops.

Instead, take the time to help pull Chicago together again. You know the state that has encountered the 2,556 shootings this year…

Cristal M Clark


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If you want to see the stats daily with regards to shootings in Chicago check out these guys keep a great running toll of the situation.



National Police Reform coming soon to a city near you


Why is it so hard to prosecute cops?

Time and time again as with the Freddi Gray case, we blame in terms of how we see how things played out and we choose to ignore the realities of how it really did play out.

We are missing a key piece, we see it how we want to see it, we put our personal expectations onto police, through that we determine how cops should behave, how they could have reacted differently. We interject our personal beliefs and feelings into the situation which causes it to become clouded.

So why is it so hard to prosecute a cop?

First, we have to determine whether or not they actually broke any laws and in our most recent case on the books the answer was no. They didn’t even violate any civil rights. Things become so blurry to us because we are truly seeing them differently than a cop does.

Police are trained to view things differently than we do. They are trained to go into certain situations with a preconceived notion or to be on heightened alert. Domestic Violence calls are the best example. They roll to a domestic violence call already on heightened alert not knowing what to expect.

Most of the time they roll up to such calls prepared to mediate, care of the injured and/or take a man into custody because in general it is the man committing the crime. I believe most of you would agree.

And if most of you did agree with that, you just did what everyone assumes cops do all of the time the thing we are constantly condemning them for. It’s easy to do. We all assume that men are the aggressors, which by the way is not always true. But that is a preconceived notion or idea as to what to expect.

Doesn’t matter if the guy is white or black, in general whenever someone says the words Domestic Violence, we associate men to be the aggressors. We have a mental image of a man being the aggressor.  

We all judge others based off of our own beliefs and how we feel that we would personally handle a situation. IF you want to police the police we need to stop blaming, criticizing and pay attention.

Recently, I made an honest attempt to read the book “ Why it’s so tough to prosecute cops” by Earl Ofari Hutchinson, who I like and respect but honestly I laughed while trying to get through the book. I literally thought the book was a joke until a friend of mine pointed out it was supposed to be taken seriously.

The gist was that a lot of blame was going around from Police Unions being at fault, to white cops, cops protecting each other, a judicial system that protects bad cops and cops are always saying that they feared for their lives.

Yet at least as far as I read into it, no mention was made that in two of the cases that the book went over, Michael Brown and Freddie Gray, the men were not innocent.  THEY WERE BREAKING THE LAW WHEN THEY WERE CONFRONTED BY POLICE!

And Grey wasn’t murdered, shot, run over, shot with a taser, he died in a freak accident. No one meant to cause him harm.

The reason it’s hard for some to take things like cops being racist seriously are that the cases used as examples are jokes. Bring us a case that shows clear racial bias on the part of the cops for instance, white cop always pulls over only African American men, or 3 out of 5 arrests are African American’s while the other 2 are other races or white.  Things like that show a pattern of racial bias.

So it is hard to prosecute a cop because while we all feel entitled to be able to point out how the cops actions were not appropriate we were never in the that cops shoes at the time the incident occurred, not to the mention the crucial key is whether or not a cop broke any laws. Not civil rights but laws.

Take the shooting in Miami a few weeks ago, yes you all know the one. The cop who shot an unarmed therapist who was lying on the ground with his hands up?

The issue I have with it,  we only see part of the video, part of the story. So it’s more convenient for us to sit around and say that he never should have fired his weapon. We too often judge others based off of how we ourselves would have handled things, you know in the perfect world.

The video doesn’t actually show the therapist being shot. The officer who shot the therapist has since then come out and admitted that it was an accident and according to one media outlet also made a statement that he did what he had to do. His union if that is true, should have walked away and left him in the dog house over that.

Still the same, proving that he broke any laws will be difficult because he most likely didn’t break any laws whatsoever. Did he have to shoot someone? We don’t know that answer, we’d like to say that he shouldn’t have shot anyone but we would be basing that off of our own personal beliefs.

Those beliefs do not mean that any laws were broken. Cops are trained to handle situations differently than you or I. We might pause in a situation because we want to better think it through where cops are not really afforded that opportunity, that pause could mean the cop ends up hurt or worse, dead.

Cops are trained to think and make a judgment call sometimes within the blink of an eye, if you or I were in the same situation we might be badly injured or dead ourselves because we handled the situation the way we normally would.

Prosecuting cops isn’t easy because it’s not meant to be. So in order to change that, we would have to lobby for changes in policing and policing policies. We’d have to lobby for change in how the judicial system is setup to hear cases involving police but well before that, you would have to lobby for changes in terms of who oversees police misconduct within the communities you want to see change in.

Some of what’s out and about throughout the US isn’t working, Oakland, CA and Portland, OR are two examples of oversight already not working, not to mention that when the DOJ becomes involved and departments are ordered to change and bring in oversight, it’s costly for the taxpayer who have to pay for the misdeeds of that department.

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, lobby to have grants cut from police departments who are not playing well with the citizens of the community and you’ll see change a hell of a lot faster than you will if you are waiting on the Feds.

Cut the funding and you might just see a change in how police react to everyone’s cries for police reform.

We just have to be able to meet them halfway and work together for the changes everyone seeks.

Cristal M Clark


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Medical student from Ohio State University missing


27 year old Brian Shaffer from Pickerington, Ohio, was attending Ohio State University when he went missing.

He had a degree in microbiology and had been attending Ohio State University’s College of Medicine.

After having dinner with his father, Brian went out with friends March 31, 2006 in celebration of spring break. At some point he became separated from his friends who upon discovering this figured he had just gone home.

Brian was meeting William “Clint” Florence, at the Ugly Tuna Saloona, in the South Campus Gateway complex on High Street. He at some point in the evening called Alexis Waggoner, a fellow medical student whom he had fallen in love with. Alexis was in Toledo visiting her family.

Brian and Clint decided to go bar hopping and made their way down the Arena District and at each stop they each had one shot together.

The two men met Meredith Reed, who was a friend of Clint’s, sometime shortly after midnight in The Short North. Meredith eventually gave them a ride back to the Ugly Tuna Saloona. The three enjoyed a last round together.

Security cameras recorded him talking with a woman near the entrance of a bar, then showed him going into the bar around 1am on April 1st. He was never seen again, not even on the security surveillance.

Which many think is pretty incredible considering the fact that the bar had no other public entrances he could could have exited from willingly.

Meredith and Clint looked for Brian when they realized they had become separated but had to leave the bar and the area at 2AM. They tried to call his cell phone several times and were met with no answer so they figured he had gone home without telling them.

Brian’s father Randy had tried to call him several times throughout the weekend as did his girlfriend Alexis.

Brian was supposed to have boarded a plane to meet Alexis the Monday following that weekend, he never made it to the plane.

The area where the Ugly Tuna was, had been known for having somewhat of a higher crime rate. The police early on theorized since they did not see Brian leaving the bar, that Brian could have changed clothes and put on a hat, kept his head low and left the bar so they would have missed him on the surveillance video.

The investigators also realized that he may not have been recorded leaving the bar having taken a route that would put him out of view of the cameras or that he could have left by way of a service entrance.

The service entrance at the time, opened it’s door to a construction site which police say would have been difficult to maneuver through sober.

At the time of Brian’s disappearance police discovered his car was still at his home, nothing but Brian, the clothes he had been wearing, his wallet and his phone were missing.

Brian’s mother had recently died from cancer, some thought that perhaps he left on his own so that he could come to terms with her death. The problem was that he never returned so even that theory was eventually shot down.

At one point in the investigation the investigators theorized that maybe he had become a smiley face murder victim.

The Smiley face murder theory was created by two two retired New York City detectives, Kevin Gannon and Anthony Duarte. The theory is, that a number of young men who had been found dead in water across the midwest over the last decade, were in fact victims of a serial killer or killers rather than accidental drownings as many of the cases had been ruled.

The reason behind the theory is that the police had discovered graffiti depicting a smiley face near locations where they think the killer dumped the bodies in at least a dozen of the cases.

This theory is not widely accepted through law enforcement.

At any rate, if Brian has been a victim of such a serial killer, he would have been the only victim whose body had not been discovered making that a highly unlikely scenario.

Brian’s father Randy also enlisted the help of a psychic who told him that Brian’s body was in a body of water.

Brian’s friend Clint had become a suspect if for no other reason other than the fact that he had been difficult with investigators, even to the point that he refused to take a lie detector test therefore casting doubt on his story.

Randy,, Brian’s dad died in an unfortunate accident in September of 2008. After his death Clint’s attorney Neil Rosenberg wrote to private investigator Don Corbett who had volunteered time to Brian’s family in the effort to find Brian. According to Neil, Don eluded to the idea that investigators believed that Brian were still alive and had vanished of his own accord.

Many believe that Clint knows more than he has admitted to and that he is hiding that information from investigators and Brian’s family. Cline has maintained that he knows nothing about where Brian might be.

According to Clint’s attorney who was interviewed by Ohio State’s student newspaper, “If Brian is alive, which is what I’m led to believe after speaking with the detective involved, then it is Brian, and not Clint who is causing his family pain and hardship, Brian should come forward and end this.” He went on to say that Clint had told investigators everything he knew and was hiding nothing.

Through the years tips have surfaced claiming that Brian is alive in Colorado, Michigan, the Virgin Islands, all of which were proven untrue.

Did he just decide to leave everything and everyone on his own and start a new life somewhere?

That theory is probable, he was heading into spring break and right before that had taken his finals. He spent many sleepless nights studying. The pressure to pass his exams could have gotten the better of him, the pressure of medical school could have as well for that matter.

His mother had also recently passed away and he could have been having issues with that too. He was described as a good student, a responsible young man so many had a hard time believing that he would just up and leave. He also didn’t take anything so as to help him start life anew somewhere. For him to have decided just to leave and leave everything behind, he would have had to have help.

Some believe that he met with foul play, the neighborhood the bar was in, was not well known for it’s safety. It is possible that he happened across another crime or been a victim of a robbery gone wrong, the lack of a body doesn’t mean that he is alive and well somewhere.

Then we have Clint who many suspect was somehow involved with or who knows about Brian’s disappearance.

The investigators did search the water extensively but unless you drain it, you may not find a body for a great many years.

The investigators in this case did all that they could, they left no rock un-turned and sometimes cases like Brian’s aren’t solvable because they can’t find evidence that would indicate one way or another if it was murder, suicide or accidental.

In Brian’s case my gut says he died accidentally and his body ended up in the Scioto river. Just because his body never surfaced doesn’t mean that he is alive and well somewhere. Sometimes a body that has found death in the water doesn’t surface for a great many years if at all.

Cristal M Clark


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ISIS is planning attack on US air bases in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Bahrain


That’s according to an Israeli cyber-intelligence group who have reported to media sources that they have breached Telegram group on the dark web, which is run by jihadists.

It is rumored that the Islamic state uses Telegram to organize operatives and to disseminate terror attack plans among 500 of its leading activists.

According to the Israeli company who breached Telegram, the Islamic State uses the site to upload potential targets to the group. They reported that in recent months some of the targets have been hit by individuals claiming allegiance to the terror organization.

One of the targets found during the hack was the recently attacked church in Normandy, France where Father Jacques Hamel was murdered by the terrorist group. The Israeli cyber-intelligence group says that the attack on the church was planned months ago according to communication found on Telegram.

This brings us to cyber-intelligence/cyber-security, you can’t have one without the other and quite frankly, the US is falling way below the bar on both fronts.

Both Israel and Russia are reported to be two very powerful forces in terms of cyber-intelligence, cyber defense and cyber-security. China, North Korea, Iran all rank higher than the US.

In fact, Iran is considered a dangerous cyber threat to the US.

ISIS is using the dark web to communicate with its followers. ISIS is not the only extremist group using the dark web for communications either.

Our country would be best served if our Government would better align themselves with countries who are more capable at cyber-intelligence and security and the cyber-security firms in those said countries. We are all better served if we could learn to work together with these other countries and firms to fight the war on terror and to thwart cyber related crimes in general.

Think about it, other countries have surpassed the US when it comes to both cyber-intelligence and cyber-security for years and we don’t seem to be moving at all. These other countries have also set up cyber defense and the programs they have are not for the faint of heart.

Today Business Insider ran a story with a headline stating “The terrible recovery from the Great Recession is due to Congress’ economic incompetence.” I bring that to your attention because it is in fact true, Congress is out of touch with the realities of our world on all fronts, that includes cyber security, intelligence and defense. 

The media is partly to blame here as well, I mean if the FBI asks for a change to a law the media  makes it out to be the NSA is spying on all of us all the time…

Recently the FBI did ask for a change to the a law that pertains to being able to access someone’s browsing history and other electronic data for certain types of suspected crimes.

Of course the media had a field day with it, they lead everyone to believe the FBI was going to be able to access browsing history from anyone and everyone, all history, see the sites you visit, the pages on those sites and who knows what else…turned out that was not even close to what the FBI could actually access if they had been granted the change and the request was denied, rightfully so.

The reality was, the intel they could have obtained from this change was so rudimentary it amounted to basically the FBI obtaining no useful intel at all. The intel the FBI would have gotten was so rudimentary it would have been a waste of time.

The fact is, between all of us throwing fits over our “rights” which we completely take for granted and confuse with privilege, the media blowing things out of proportion and congress’ incompetence when it comes to cyber-intelligence and security, it is no surprise that we aren’t even close to the bar in terms of cyber defense.

Then we have encryption, I am not against it and I am also not for it when a crime has occurred. I believe that ways around it are needed when you are dealing with an ongoing investigation. I also believe that if our government has ways around it, which I agree at times they should, we need oversight so that, that power it is not abused.  

We want our government to protect us and be able to defend us from cyber attacks of all levels and kinds,  and we want them to be able to thwart terrorist attacks, yet we are the first to accuse them of taking away our rights and freedoms if they come up some new tool to us to obtain data intel which is part of cyber security.

We refuse to meet in the middle and we refuse to better align ourselves with other countries who are far more superior to our own with cyber defense and capabilities.

A lot can be said for the argument that some things a government does should be kept secret from it’s citizens because sometimes the citizens of that country are simply not ready to know or come to terms with the truth.

Our government needs to be able to learn and utilize tools as much as they can without the media or us citizens assuming they are spying on us. They also need to learn to work with countries that are superior to us in terms of cyber defense long before we can begin to protect this nation from cyber attacks.

We need to give them permission to learn it and use it. They can’t learn it if they aren’t using it, and they are not using it because we prevent them from learning it.

It’s almost as if we truly do enjoy being reactive, we love to walk on the edge and expect someone to catch us when we fall.

We as a country need to come to grips with the reality that cyber crime is on the rise and will continue to rise. It will become more scary and dangerous and once the ability to hack falls into the hands of these extremist groups, it will forever change the playing field. 

Until our nation becomes better at cyber defense, security and intelligence, my money is on the other guys finding out about a planned attack long before we do.

Cristal M Clark

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