United Kingdom – Teens weighted down body pulled from Rochdale Canal

United Kingdom – Teens weighted down body pulled from Rochdale Canal


She was found by two men who had been working near the Rochdale Canal

13 thirteen-year-old Lindsay Jo Rimer was from Hebden Bridge in West Yorkshire in the United Kingdom

Lindsay was last seen alive November 7, 1994, at about 10pm, she was seen on CCTV at the Spar Supermarket to get some cornflakes. On her way to the shop she briefly stopped by a local pub, the Trades Club, where her mother was having a drink with a friend.

Her mother asked her if she wanted to stay and have a cola with them, but Lindsay said no and continued to the shop. That was the last time her mother saw her alive. 

Her body was discovered in the Rochdale Canal on April 12, 1995 after she had been discovered by two local men who had been working in the area. The location of her body was about a mile away from where she lived.

Her autopsy found no signs of sexual assault and that she had been strangled to death. To date no arrests have been made.

Police had two main suspects that they looked into:  John Taylor, who murdered Bramley teenager Leanne Tiernan, and John Oswin. They were both questioned and investigators could find no evidence that would have linked either to Lindsay’s murder. Both also had history with sexual assault.

Initially police considered her a runaway even though nothing in her life would indicate she wanted to run away.

After her body had been discovered, police have, since 1995 interviewed around 5,000 people and possible witnesses.

The life of Lindsay Jo Rimer

Lindsay lived with her father and her older brother Daniel. It’s been rumored that for years she and her brother shared a green painted caravan that was parked at the lower Rough Head Farm while her father lived in another caravan nearby. 

It has also been rumored that there are strong connections between the place Lindsay’s body was discovered and the surrounding area along with the people that live in that area.

Oddly, Lindsay’s mother and older sister refused to live on the farm in the caravans with the rest of the family, so her mother and sister lived elsewhere. Leaving Lindsay to fend for herself in a predominantly male environment surrounded by farmers and men who did odd jobs at the farms.

Given that Lindsay was not sexually assaulted and that someone took the time to hide her body in the hope that she would not be found, I believe that the killer was known to both Lindsay and her family. She perhaps stumbled across something she shouldn’t have, the killer was drunk and killed her by accident or was angry and lashed out at her or it was a family member.

With a case like Lindsay’s, either someone must confess or evidence that directly links the murderer to the victim would need to be found.

Most of the time serial killers don’t discuss their crimes with friends are drinking buddies, but the individual who killed Lindsay is not a serial killer and is very much the type of killer who might confess his crime to another in the right circumstance.

This chap is a local to where Lindsay’s home was. Hiding her body shows us that the killer did not want to be discovered and hoped that time and water would wash away evidence of him because the killer is closer to home than we realize he was.

Cristal M Clark

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