Someone is testing ways to take down the internet – Worldwide

Someone is testing ways to take down the internet – Worldwide

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The question is who?

Last month Bruce Schneier noticed that someone is testing way to bring down the entire internet.

Bruce Schneier is a very well known and trusted security expert, the CTO of IBM’s Resilient and a fellow at Harvard’s Berkman Center, learned that companies who are responsible for the basic infrastructure of the internet were experiencing large scale attacks that were designed to test for each company’s defenses.

Bruce said that based off of the size of the attacks and the fact that they were considered such large scale attacks that only a state who has a large cyber-warfare unit could be responsible.

That put China and Russia are at the top of some lists but the reality is that other states are far equal if not more advanced than China and Russia. Israel has reportedly been growing more and more powerful in terms of having cyber brawn,  Iran is up and growing as well…

The biggest issue is that it is not truly possible to really tell what everyone else is doing at this juncture let alone, who really does have the largest cyber force or cyber forces in the world.

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The attacks were large DDoS attacks, which are such large amounts of data that they bring servers down because they overwhelm the server.

They were noticed because they escalated and were described as coming in slowly mounting waves, which then forced the companies to “demonstrate their defense capabilities for the attacker.”

Basically, once the attacker saw the defense capabilities it could potentially then allow for the attacker to find ways around those defenses.


The growing concern is that whoever is responsible for the attacks may be planning an attack that could bring down the entire internet, email servers, top domains, governments and the like.


But, the internet as a whole does not have an actual on and off switch so it is a debate as to whether or not someone could actually shut the entire thing down worldwide.

Bruce reported that based off of the data he saw, it suggested China as behind the attacks, but again that has yet to truly be determined.

Other states should be considered because it’s usually those that you least suspect. The guys you aren’t really noticing because they were able to fly right under the radar.

The one’s everyone thinks is out of the running game in terms of a cyber force.

More than likely, the attacks were a very clear message to the world that someone is building a very powerful cyber force and it’s one that we need to pay attention to.

The problem is, we don’t know who it is at this stage, much less why.

Cristal M Clark

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