Donald Trump to drop bid for U.S. President?

Donald Trump to drop bid for U.S. President?


When sorry isn’t good enough

If you want a woman all you have to do is “grab ’em by the pussy.” I’d be lying if I said that I was shocked by Donald Trump’s comments. Quite frankly, I wasn’t.

Many are calling on him to drop out of the race…and this is not a time when a simple sorry is good enough.

The question is, will he give up his bid or stay in the race?

While his words were both vulgar and disgusting it is still no worse than what women hear and deal with on a daily basis at work, at a store, a gas station, the coffee shop…

We’ve had presidents in the oval office who had extramarital affairs and we accepted it. Their view on women was no better than Trump’s, while they did not verbally state it in such a vulgar way like Trump did, their actions showed that they view us as objects to be had, used and tossed aside when they are finished with us.

Not only that but his words were so very true, when you are a star, rich and/or famous as well as male, you can in fact get away with just about anything. The reality is that wealthy white men can get away with more than average, middle to low class white males and if you are black, forget about it.

I also had to laugh when I saw on the news male after male swear that he was no longer a supporter of Trump because they have daughters?!?!? So it’s okay to talk about your wives or girlfriends that way?

Many, many men sext girlfriends or wives utilizing the very same vulgar suggestions thinking that it’s a turn on for a woman to hear a man tell her that he is going to grab her by the pussy. And as a woman who has dated men who did just that, if you show any type of displeasure by them talking like that, it causes an argument because you are supposed to shut the fuck up and accept that it is okay for a man to talk to you like that.

The simple fact is, men have always been able to treat women in sexually inappropriate ways and it has widely been accepted, it makes no difference if the man is someone we work with, a stranger, a neighbor, family friend, a boyfriend or husband or if he happens to be running for president.

The sad part is, this election is important and what the world see’s from the U.S. is dysfunction.

trump -vs-clinton-the crime shop.jpg

We have one candidate who is dishonest, a liar, and who has no clue as to how the cyber world works, she is prone to temper tantrums and then we have another who is well known for running his mouth, going off half cocked, then coming back and saying that isn’t what he meant and if he wants a woman, seems to think that it is okay to just grab them by the pussy.

These two individuals so clearly hit the nail on the head when you look at life in America it’s not even funny and they couldn’t be further removed from the changes that American’s are asking for in terms of leadership for our country.

America, the land of the Dysfunctional…

It is truly a sad day in America when you look at two candidates, throw your hands in the air and say “well we are totally screwed, neither is qualified, they are both horrible, hateful people…who do I vote for now?”

Do either of these two people really represent Americans, the American Dream let alone what we want or where our country needs to be in order to grow and thrive?

Cristal M Clark

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