The Kremlin’s chief propagandist has warned the United States

The Kremlin’s chief propagandist has warned the United States

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Any “impudent behavior” towards Moscow could have “nuclear” implications.

Dmitry Kiselyov made the announcement Monday night during Vesti Nedeli (News of the Week). Dmitry was appointed to head the country’s government owned news agency by Vladmir Putin, he is dubbed the “Kremlin’s chief propagandist.”

So what set this tiff off? Well on Friday of last week our relationship or rather our government’s relationship with Russia hit yet another sour note when Washington accused Moscow of war crimes. That was brought about because government forces, backed by Russian warplanes, launched an all-out assault to take control of the Syrian city Aleppo last month, the strike was one of 25 strikes in the city.

Long story short is that several innocent people were killed, including children.

Media reports that western powers who back the opposition to Assad have alleged the Syrian and Russian air forces are committing war crimes by using bombs to destroy underground shelters, dropping incendiary weapons indiscriminately, and targeting the city’s water supplies.
A charge that Russia has denied, they blame rebel fighters for operating in residential areas.

So naturally the UN and the US have asked Russia take a small step back from being a part of it. And, it’s been been rumored that the talk around Washington calls for a ‘Plan B’ for Syria.

Which Moscow understands as: direct military force in Syria.

From the looks of things going on it is clear that Russia is bolstering its military presence in the Mediterranean and Baltic regions.

Here is a little history about Dmitry though, he is a key part of Russia’s media operations who has been described as a “militant anti-Westerner” (shocking I know), by Russian media.

Also important to know is that he has previously stated that Russia was the only single country “genuinely capable of turning the USA into radioactive ash,” and just last year said that: “In Syria, America stands on the side of the terrorist caliphate.”

So the reality is, it is difficult to truly determine what if anything Dmitry said, is true.

What we do know for sure is that the relationship between the United States and Russia has deteriorated rather exponentially this year, so this latest news does not come as a total surprise.

Especially on top of U.S. Government officials accusing Russia as being behind some recent political hacks.

What’s not being said or talked about is the fact the U.S. Citizens seem to really like Vladmir Putin as shown by the kimdotcom Twitter poll, Trump vs Clinton vs Putin that was conducted. Overwhelmingly and also not surprisingly, people voted for Putin.


That in and of itself speaks volumes, something one would hope the U.S. government is paying attention to.

Let’s hope that if what Dmitry suggested is true that Putin and his government take into account that, american citizens would be voting for Vladmir Putin if he were running for president of the United States, rather than Trump or Clinton, who managed to turn the U.S. election process into a mockery and our newest over dramatized reality TV show.

Cristal M Clark

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