Feds – The National Security Agency Fails at Security… Again

Feds – The National Security Agency Fails at Security… Again

 NSA contractor casually saunters away with 50TB worth of highly classified data


U.S. National Security Agency


According to the Thursday court filing it looks like federal prosecutors have expanded on their court filing against Harold Thomas Martin III.

Harold, is facing espionage charges for the theft of data and paperwork that he stole.

Seems that he was able to walk away with at the very least 50TB worth of highly classified data, some of which included national defense data.


He also ended up walking out the door of the agency somehow unnoticed, overtime I am sure with not 1, but 6 full bankers boxes worth of paper documents.

Quite a few of those paper documents were labeled “Secret” or “Top Secret.”

In all, he actually walked away with way more than Edward Snowden did and some are saying that if all of the data is in fact classified, it would be the largest amount of data stolen by a contractor of the NSA, to date.

“For example, the search of the Defendant’s car revealed a printed email chain marked as “Top Secret” and containing highly sensitive information. The document appears to have been printed by the Defendant from an official government account. On the back of the document are handwritten notes describing the NSA’s classified computer infrastructure and detailed descriptions of classified technical operations. The handwritten notes also include descriptions of the most basic concepts associated with classified operations, as if the notes were intended for an audience outside of the Intelligence Community unfamiliar with the details of its operations.”

Harold Thomas Martin III has taken from what I gather pretty extensive government training courses on computer security, specifically in areas pertaining to encryption and secure communications.

Additionally, the Fed’s were able to learn that he used a sophisticated software tool that runs without having to be installed on a computer which provides anonymous internet access.

That tool leaves virtually no digital footprint on the computer or network.

Harold also tried to run Tor or a VPN in conjunction with TAILS or another USB-bootable operating systems on his work machine.

It is unclear however if he sold any information or has any connection to the “Shadow Brokers.”

What is clear however, is that Thomas was intent on taking information without the NSA or his employer of record knowing.

What’s even more clear…

The NSA needs to button things down before anymore intel casually walks out of it’s front door.

The 50TB worth of data aside, Martin walked out of the NSA with what amounted to 6 bankers boxes full of paper alone, who doesn’t notice this while it’s happening?

Sure I get that he most likely took it a little at a time but, many years ago I worked retail and they have security guards that do everything but strip search you as you leave work at night. They go through all of your stuff, in fact some retail stores make employee’s come and go with clear bags to make the nightly searches go faster.

Does the NSA somehow lack real security guards or measures or did Martin toss one of them a Rubik’s Cube as a distraction in an effort to get the paperwork out on his person or in a man purse???

They are the National Security Agency after all, the name sort of says it all, you would think.

Maybe they should I don’t know, secure all of that top secret stuff contractors keep walking out with…I don’t know just a thought.


Cristal M Clark

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