Stockholm Murder suspect drank blood from victim

Stockholm Murder suspect drank blood from victim


The Vampire Murder Case –

Because it’s the day before Halloween…an unsolved murder of the vampire variety seemed very much in order.

32 year old prostitute Lilly Lindeström was found murdered in her apartment in the Atlas area of Stockholm, Sweden, May 4, 1932. Although some reports state that she was discovered on May 7, 1932 making the date she was murdered May 4, 1932.

In either case, she was murdered with a vampire twist.

Not only has her case never been solved, it took an unusual twist when police who were investigating the case made the rather gruesome discovery that her killer actually drained her body of  blood and quite possibly drank her blood, thus dubbing him the Atlas Vampire.

It was determined that Lilly had been dead for a couple of days at least, before police discovered her, the autopsy showed that she had blunt force trauma to her head, the cause of death was ruled repeated blows from a blunt object to Lilly’s head, she was found naked and face down on her bed.

Reports showed that she either willingly or unwillingly had sex prior to being killed because a condom was protruding from her rectum still, her clothes were neatly folded on a chair next to the body.

What was unusual was that officers found a gravy ladle at the crime scene. Through inspection of her corpse they realized that the killer drained her body of  blood and police suspected that the ladle was used so as to drink Lilly’s blood. They also found saliva on her neck and body.

Of course, given her profession a number of her clients were questioned and released. It is a fact that her last client was her killer, the problem is, prostitutes don’t usually keep detailed records of who their clients are…


To this day, her murder remains unsolved.

It was for sure not the most well thought out murder of all time considering the fact that the crime scene did contain a rather abundant source of bodily fluids, it was however committed long before the use of DNA testing.

Also, given Lilly’s profession, how did the killer know that she hadn’t arranged another client visit after his? Then again, she most likely went out to pick up her clients so…

She was a victim of opportunity and her killer had a taste for blood. He vanished without a trace and may forever be unknown.

May your Halloween be vampire free…

Cristal M Clark

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