FBI Director James Comey – Still the right leader for the FBI?

FBI Director James Comey -the right leader for the FBI?


or not?

It has been quite a week for FBI Director James Comey, the news headlines where a bit overwhelming to see, you literally had to dig for any real news stories that did not have a mention of him in them.

What perplexed me the most were the accusations, he has been accused of interfering with the elections, he and how he runs the FBI have been compared to J. Edgar Hoover, it’s been said that he is now at odds with the DOJ, it has also been said that he has been politically tainted, headlines that tell us how many days we are from the election and we still don’t know what James Comey’s next move is, how he has so much love for Donald Trump, which might also be why the agency as a whole is predominantly white and male…. The list is neverending.

By the way, the FBI was already pretty white and male long before James took over as its director, it was never something he could change overnight.

While it didn’t shock the world that some agents and director Comey were at odds over how the Clinton email investigation was shaped, formed and handled, it is rather shocking how mainstream media took that inch and ran the beloved mile with it.

Usually, we find that those who have spoken to the media with such dispassion about his/her boss and how they handled things, making accusations, well they were never really that close to, in this case the investigation.

I said it last week, Director Comey never said officially that they were going to reopen the investigation into Clinton, I read the letter, it never said that, not at all.

What he did was keep his word to Congress in that, if something new came up, he would inform them and he did that.

He had to stand up to the increasing accusation of mishandling and internal turmoil from within the agency.

The media ran in every single direction and back before you could blink.

Yes he did it in a pretty public way, which I believe was his way of taking back some of the control that he lost through the investigation, the decision not to file charges. He had no choice but to let everyone know that the DOJ while, they can call some shots, ultimately, they don’t own the FBI or its director, neither does this or the next president.  

A few weeks ago I wrote about how Director Comey let us all down through the way that he handled the investigation into Hillary Clinton, not because he made the choice not to file charges but because he could have done a much better job at explaining the process. He claimed at the time that he released details about the investigation that it was in an effort to maintain transparency.

To allow for evidence to be destroyed without a proper discussion as to why, makes people believe that one has allowed for his investigation to be directed by others that were outside of it. And I am sure that he did take direction from others at times however, not one person outside of the investigation knows why, and that is key. It made it all to easy for everyone to assume a lot of things. 

Some of the evidence may have contained information about Hillary Clinton that was personal in nature, personal in that it was outside of her job at the time.

Still the same, because of her position in politics it did afford her some forms of privilege that the rest of us simply are never afforded.

That it is not the fault of the director of the FBI, that is the fault of voters who never support the vote for changes from within.

Either way…

I have serious doubt that the FBI as a whole is that deeply troubled, the director would do well to find out who is talking to the media and where his leaks are and get them under control. If you don’t like the job the boss has done, or disagree with it, it’s a private conversation and not one to be had through media outlets.

Besides, unless I am mistaken, I believe that every FBI building in the nation has exit signs clearly marked, if an agent is that unhappy, he or she might want to locate the nearest exit sign and take his or her leave from the agency.

So is James Brien Comey the right man for the job still? The right man to lead the FBI?

Although, he could learn to explain or state things in a more user friendly way at times, Director James Brien Comey is absolutely what the agency needs, he is the right man for the job of Director of the FBI.

Cristal M Clark

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