President Donald Trump

President Donald Trump

Donald Trump Visits "Extra"

Well he did it!

Donald Trump the now president elect will serve as the 45th president of the United States.

Not shocking, at least in my mind. I said early on, he was a change that the people were wanting.

Even less shocking however is the aftermath.

While the media wants to tell us what his first days in office might look like, how this happened in fact, CNN called the majority of voters in one state, uneducated white voters this AM… everyone has seemingly ignored the people, as in the individuals.

That’s right, both those that voted for him and those that did not vote for him.

No one wants to hear at this moment in time what the media thinks Trump needs to do within his first days in office, the people want Trump to hear them, see them and know the people he will now serve.

If one were to take a casual stroll through social media, you might begin to get a much more clear picture of how voters, foreign states and the world is feeling this morning.

The nation was already deeply divided before the election, its even more so now that the election is over.

In looking through social media, American citizens are expressing a pretty evenly divided mix of, happiness, angst, hatred, intolerance, anxiety, fear, disgust, discontent and even a slight un-happiness in general.

Stocks took a huge tumble, foreign states have expressed that they are uncertain of future relations with the US, fear of the US and some have accused Americans of voting for a clown.

This nation is even more deeply divided, battered and bruised than it was.

Perhaps, a smart move on the part of our newly elected president would be to focus on the citizens, the little people, those that elected him and those that did not vote for him and help to begin healing this deeply divided and torn nation as a whole.

As a nation, as a people, like it or not, agree with the vote or not, the majority have spoken and elected Donald Trump to serve as our nations leader.

We must come together if for no other reason than to rise above this rift that has divided our nation and each other.

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