United States – Showing her true colors

United States – Showing her true colors


And they are not red, white and blue

As we close out this historic week here in America, I know that for me personally, I am deeply saddened by what has happened since the announcement came out about our 45th President of the United States.

I am not saddened or upset by the fact that Donald Trump was elected as our new leader, I actually still find him amusing although I personally do not support everything he has ever done or said.

He did represent a growing ideal, society is tired of well, politics, the elite.

Society wanted change.

What saddens me are the behaviors that I am seeing come forth from my fellow Americans, towards one another.

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I understand both sides. American’s are saying things such as “not my president” and I understand why someone would feel that way, I respect that person, because if someone truly feels that way, it is not a mere opinion, it is a feeling that must and should be validated.

I also understand those that argue by saying they wanted a non-political person in office. I value how they feel and what they want.

What I don’t value and struggle to understand, is the hatred, disrespect and angst towards one another. I have witnessed individuals on both sides shouting hateful rhetoric at one another in stores and on the street, on social media people are unfriending and posting hateful, vicious words directed at the opposing sides…

On Fox News this morning, they showed one woman declaring at a protest last night, that “people were going to die for this,” the reporter was taken aback by what the woman said, even I was shocked.

Some colleges were excusing students who needed the day off so that they can “cope,” in some high schools across the US according to ABC news tonight students are staging walkouts and in some high schools, students are marching through the schools chanting “build that wall and white power.”

This hate, this divide, the very thing each side professes to be against, it’s a problem that we have created, fostered, hand fed and raised all on our own.

We as a people are responsible for it.

This is what we present to the world.

These behaviors and attitudes are what we are presenting to the world. The reason foreign nations say that America is dysfunctional is because this is how we behave when we dislike an outcome we do not agree with, this is how we behave when we dislike a person or how that person feels, what sex that person is and so on and so forth…

We are both telling and showing the world that if we don’t like you or how you feel here in America, we are going to riot, tell you off, cause harm and become vindictive, hateful people towards you.

We are responsible for our own feelings and behaviors, no one makes a person racist, it is a choice, no one makes a person non-tolerant, it is a choice.

Choices that individuals make for themselves.

And both sides are behaving as non-tolerant, hateful, vindictive individuals.

We are responsible for our choices to behave badly.  

We are in turn responsible for teaching our nation’s children that it is okay to excuse bad behavior as long as a majority agree with that behavior.

We are choosing intolerance, we are choosing to be cruel, we are choosing to be hateful and spiteful.

We are choosing to treat each other badly. Until we can learn to stop doing that…well you know how the story ends right?

The reality is simple, the reason you see the divide, the anger, the protesting, the rioting, the violence, from both sides, is that Donald Trump set the tone and the stage during his campaign by speaking the very same thing to the citizens of this nation.

He made it acceptable to behave this way, it was like giving permission, being elected president only drove that point home.

Having officials in office who never acted like this or showed that these bad behaviors are okay, acted like a band aid on open wounds that have never really healed.

Trumps election by default, tore the band aid off of those wounds.

Like it or not, that is the plain simple truth.

When I was a little girl, ages ago, my dad used to tell me that the monsters that I thought were under my bed, were of my own making, he urged me to start to think differently about the monsters so that I would grow to realize that no monster was really under my bed.

I never understood more so than today what the lesson was.

The thinking differently.  

We are responsible for the creation of our own monsters that lurk in our minds and in our hearts.

Cristal M Clark

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