US Government to Increase Domestic Spying

US Government to Increase Domestic Spying


The newest fear surrounding the incoming Donald Trump regime


On Monday, Edward Snowden warned that US Government spying might just grow under the new Trump regime, in that we could just see more domestic spying once Trump actually takes office.

The US Federal Government pledged not to engage in indiscriminate espionage following Edward Snowden’s 2013 disclosures and the new fear is that Trump and his crew will work hard to reverse that pledge. 

If you are concerned about that revelation, don’t be because hackers most likely already have or currently see all of your stuff as it is.

Just kidding…about the hackers.  

According to Edward “We are starting to substitute open government for sheer authoritarianism, a government based not upon the principle of informed consent granted by people who understand its activities but rather a trust in personalities, a trust in claims, a trust in the hope that they will do the right thing.”

The ACLU and other groups are voicing the same concerns as Edward Snowden.

Edward as well as others are feeling that we now have a very different type of officials heading into office, they have different values, beliefs and a way of doing things, the fear is that they can and will govern in the dark.

Personally, I am not all that worried about it because I tend to not care whether or not the US Government chooses to spy on me. I figure I am not even close to a dot on the radar for them so it really doesn’t bother me in the least.

And if they did want to spy on me, they could ask and I’d gladly give them all my log-in info to everything.

But that is me, and I freely choose that.

The problem so many have is that we are not given the choice, it’s just done and we learn about it when someone leaks the information out.

I do understand the concerns that many are voicing with regards to domestic spying.

Let’s just say that under Trump domestic spying takes off full swing again?

We can’t always rely on the ACLU to fight for us, for our rights to privacy.

That said, if we see an uptick in domestic spying, since protests just seem to inspire violence these days…

What is OUR plan to combat it?

Cristal M Clark

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