Catholicism and Exorcism – crime or life saving

Catholicism and Exorcism – crime or life saving


Part II

The Church has taught us that demons are able to take control of an individual and by the 16th century demonic behavior had become relatively common believe it or not.

G.Reni, Kampf Michaels mit Satan, Aussch - Reni/St.Michael fighting the Devil/1635 - Reni, Guido , 1575-1642.

In the book “Hidden Memories: Voices and Visions from Within” by Robert A Baker, he illustrates that possession was sometimes brought about by nuns to act out sexual frustrations, to get out of what the nuns felt were unpleasant duties/chores, to attract attention and sympathy, as well as to fulfill other functions, wants, needs or desires.

In many cases throughout history however, demonic possession was no more than some form of a brain disorder, psychological disorder or hormonal imbalance.

Many tout that the movie The Exorcist was in fact based off of a true story, many skeptics however would argue that still no evidence exists of a real demonic possession.

In the case of  Anneliese Michel, a a German woman who underwent Catholic exorcism rites in 1975 and died the following year, she had previously be diagnosed with temporal lobe epilepsy.

Her case has served as the perfect example of a misidentified mental disorder, negligence, abuse and religious hysteria.

It has been rumored that Anneliese spoke multiple languages which have been recorded during some of the exorcisms, these are languages she did not previously know or speak according to her family.

But even that could be argued as either she did in fact know how to speak multiple languages or due to her psychological disorder something had been passed down in her DNA making her capable of speaking different languages during an episode.  

Scientists have discovered that past knowledge or information if you will is in fact, passed down through DNA/RNA. Which can explain an innate knowledge of something or a subject and the ability to speak another language without having taken lessons to learn it.

The study of the Genetic memory, how we know things that we have never learned.

In 1991 ABC’s 20/20 did a pretty poor job of presenting a case of a young girl who was supposedly possessed.  The 16 year old girl’s family claimed that she was possessed by 10 different demonic entities.

However, her alleged possession seemed more like poor acting, she was caught on film glancing at the camera immediately before suffering convulsions and other “demonic” behavior.

The CIA has long studied clairvoyance and telepathy not to mention that psychics have been used to help solve crime from time to time.

Every living thing has that spark, the reason that we are alive.

Some bacteria use energy in its purest form, they eat and breathe electrons and they are pretty much everywhere.

Everything in the Universe is made out of energy, including human beings.

Science recently discovered the zinc spark, which is the spark of life as sperm fertilizes an egg.

Quantum physicists discovered long ago, that physical atoms are made up of vortices of energy that are constantly spinning and vibrating, each one radiating its own unique energy signature.

Because of that, we are quite capable of harnessing energy in an effort to accomplish extraordinary things from time to time.

Including, seemingly being possessed by a demon or the devil.

The book the Lazarus Syndrome tells of individuals who could control heart rate and breathing to the point that they could fake being dead, which of course did result in a few premature burials.

That begs the questions…

Why condemn a sick mind by claiming demonic possession instead of treat it?

The most obvious question is, why would the devil or a demon choose to possess someone who has a sick mind, suffers epilepsy, schizophrenia, paraphrenia or other brain disorders or some type of hormonal imbalance?

If a demon is capable of possession, it seems a far wiser choice to pick someone who has great power over man instead of the weak or ill…

The fear of death is the fear of the end of an illusion; so long as the illusion persists so long will the fear remain.”  Christmas Humphreys


The fear of demonic possession goes back to medieval times when not much was known about such brain disorders so it was easier to explain them as simple demonic possession instead of what they really are.

It also served as a far greater illusion that was made up so as to keep control over human beings through a belief in good and evil.

If evil was truly capable of possession, it is powerful and smarter than the Church would have you believe. If evils main goal was to trick mankind it would most certainly not pick off the weak minded.

Power is nothing more than the ability to gain and maintain control over others in an effort to obtain a desired outcome.

By instilling fear in individuals they can be controlled, to some extent. Individuals who suffer from certain brain disorders can and will die if those disorders are not properly treated. The Church has allowed for and been a big part of killing individuals it claims are possessed.

Which is the same as murder.

Courts have taken children away from parents for refusing to get medical care for the child out of religious beliefs. Why would a court not condemn the Church for killing an innocent human being instead of seeking psychiatric care, who the Church claims is possessed out of religious beliefs?

On the flip side of that, some have claimed possession or of hearing voices that have instructed them to kill which gives a certain power to the idea of good and evil.

Sadly, many have died because of misguided beliefs and some of those deaths have gone unpunished because the church has remained protected from such punishment.

Cristal M Clark

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