Homicide evidence sat rotting in container for years

Homicide evidence sat rotting in container for years

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While Miami’s top brass did nothing about it

Apparently down in Florida, Miami Florida to be exact, top brass isn’t really all that concerned with the evidence that has been collected from homicide investigations.


It seems that they neglected a storage container full of homicide evidence, rotting, for years and in fact, some of the evidence was more or less destroyed as a result.

The container had both homicide investigation evidence and unclassified death cases in it.


According to Miami’s police chief, rodents and other elements destroyed some of the evidence but they aren’t quite sure of what specific cases yet, stating that it’s a long term process getting through all of the rot and such…which they have known about since around 2012.

I wonder if it will take them just as long to get through everything as it did to be informed and then ignore the fact that the container was rotting…

Well here’s the answer to that, Lt. Carlos Castellanos, Miami’s head of homicide, seems to think that it may be years before police can truly determine the extent of the damage, not to mention determine what, if any cases it might jeopardize.


It’s unclear if the way that Miami treats evidence will affect future cases although I am betting some defense teams are loving this.

Sadly, some of the cases housed in the container are cold cases and they date back to the 1970s which makes this a bitter pill to swallow.

Bravo, well done chaps, well done.

Cristal M Clark

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