US Government to Increase Domestic Spying


The newest fear surrounding the incoming Donald Trump regime


On Monday, Edward Snowden warned that US Government spying might just grow under the new Trump regime, in that we could just see more domestic spying once Trump actually takes office.

The US Federal Government pledged not to engage in indiscriminate espionage following Edward Snowden’s 2013 disclosures and the new fear is that Trump and his crew will work hard to reverse that pledge. 

If you are concerned about that revelation, don’t be because hackers most likely already have or currently see all of your stuff as it is.

Just kidding…about the hackers.  

According to Edward “We are starting to substitute open government for sheer authoritarianism, a government based not upon the principle of informed consent granted by people who understand its activities but rather a trust in personalities, a trust in claims, a trust in the hope that they will do the right thing.”

The ACLU and other groups are voicing the same concerns as Edward Snowden.

Edward as well as others are feeling that we now have a very different type of officials heading into office, they have different values, beliefs and a way of doing things, the fear is that they can and will govern in the dark.

Personally, I am not all that worried about it because I tend to not care whether or not the US Government chooses to spy on me. I figure I am not even close to a dot on the radar for them so it really doesn’t bother me in the least.

And if they did want to spy on me, they could ask and I’d gladly give them all my log-in info to everything.

But that is me, and I freely choose that.

The problem so many have is that we are not given the choice, it’s just done and we learn about it when someone leaks the information out.

I do understand the concerns that many are voicing with regards to domestic spying.

Let’s just say that under Trump domestic spying takes off full swing again?

We can’t always rely on the ACLU to fight for us, for our rights to privacy.

That said, if we see an uptick in domestic spying, since protests just seem to inspire violence these days…

What is OUR plan to combat it?

Cristal M Clark

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United States Citizens to US Media


Stop telling us that we are to inept to spot a fake news story

So this week the talk around town is fake news stories and how Facebook should do something about them on the Social Media giant, how Google is going to do something and how fake news stories just might be to blame for Donald Trump’s getting elected as our 45th president.

That’s a mouthful but the takeaways are pretty simple to figure out:

Mainstream media wants all of us to know that we are too stupid to spot a fake news story.


Fake news stories contributed to Donald Trump being elected.

We cannot possibly make a decision unless media giants like CNN, MSNBC and Fox News guide us to the correct decision, as in electing Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump.

If you read the stories that really is the gist of the news, which is quite frankly pretty pathetic. I personally love the Huffington Post and the Washington Post, but I don’t read either so as to form an opinion or make a decision without getting a lot more details.

So, I do a lot of reading, from multiple sources before I make a decision like who I am voting for in a presidential election.

Like when I am shopping for something I am not quite sure I need or want, I read reviews from multiple sources before making a decision.

Really, why are we blaming the media or fake news media folks for Donald Trump’s winning the election anyway? It’s almost too absurd to consider except for the fact that it’s all over the news this week.

Besides on some of the big dog’s nightly news reports and articles on the web, during the presidential campaign I saw some pretty half sided and biased reporting in the favor of Hillary Clinton and a lot of anti-Trump reporting so in reality that could be considered “fake” news because it lacks all of the information and a lot of author or news anchor option instead of facts.

I see it when media outlets report on things like the BLM protests, the anti-Trump protests and every single time they cover a police shooting.

What’s more is this call to shut fake news stories out.

We live in America, not North Korea, at least we did last time I checked. We have this thing called freedom of speech here. It’s a right, a constitutional one.

We also have this neat thing called Freedom of the press which happens to be the right to circulate opinions in print without censorship by the government so, don’t ask those guys for help.

Besides you never know those guys may have reported bad info because they saw some bad intel on the internet, or they may want to be the next National Enquirer.

Since 9/11 fake news stories, documents and articles have been published to the internet stating that 9/11 was staged, it was faked by the US Government, hell you can even find all sorts of video “proof” on YouTube.

No one has made a move to shut that crap down, in fact I know people who honestly believe it, which we might think is crazy but hey, they are entitled to believe whatever the hell they want, just like I am, my neighbor is, you are…

The New York Post back in September ran a piece with a statement that read: “The media’s not even pretending to be objective…”

After the Election:

The Huffington Post had ran something that asked: “The Trump Victory: How Did the Media Get It So Wrong? “

The New York Times: “How Did the Media — How Did We — Get This Wrong?”

And now it appears to have shifted to: “who can we blame because americans did not vote the way WE wanted them to? They didn’t follow our bread crumbs to the finish line…”

The media got a lot wrong during the campaign, a lot. So why try to deflect blame?

We are still here, aren’t we?

Not to mention that, not only is it presumptive, it is quite insulting that mainstream media seems to feel they have the, the only right, to guide anyone to a major decision, let alone be the only one’s capable of being able to report on it or say anything about a subject.

You can’t help us when you, yourselves are biased and completely non-objective in your own reporting.

One of my friends on Facebook in response to an article from a major news source who chimed in on “Fake News on Facebook,” made one simple yet pretty eloquent comment, “Like I let CNN influence my decision making.”


So America’s message to mainstream media trying to cast blame onto others is simple:

How about putting your big girl panties on and stop treating Americans as if we stepped out on our love affair with the news to have a torrid affair with another…

In short, move on. 

Cristal M Clark

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US Border Agents on Cartel Payroll


Direct deposit or hard cold cash?

Last week the election overshadowed reports from a Mexican newspaper by a cartel member that stated that US Border Agents are on his payroll. In fact, he recruits them.

A mid-level cartel boss in La Línea reported to El Universal that US Border agents are bought left and right.

This translates to the cartels being able to move product with the cooperation of US Border Agents.

The cartel boss reportedly told the newspaper basically the loads of goods such as drugs will be arranged in a car that the agents are informed about prior to the car heading up through the checkpoint. The Agents are told what type and what color the vehicle is.

At the checkpoint they receive an envelope with hard cold cash in it as incentive so to speak, to allow for the car to pass through…which they then allow through.

It has been said that it would prove difficult to prove and verify just how many agents are owned by the cartels. Numerous investigations and convictions however have been handed down the last several years.


So yes that shows that US Border agents are being recruited into the folds, of the Mexican Cartels, our ability to catch them…well it leaves a lot to be desired. 

A study that was conducted by The Center for Investigative Reporting documented the majority of the corruption investigations against US border officers were around 153 cases, most of which involved US Customs and Border Protection.

Unfortunately, these guys are trained to catch criminals so it might be difficult to catch them once they cross that fine line between law enforcement and becoming a criminal. Even more worrisome is, it may not just be drugs they are helping to smuggle in.

This year the fed’s identified the Texas-Mexico border area as a focal point for corruption but the reality is, it really is not the only border having issues.

What’s more is that the incidents for this year and last are still being tallied or investigated rather.

The good news however, NPR reported a while back that since legalization of cannabis throughout the US, agents have seen a significant drop in cannabis being smuggled into the us and…US grown cannabis is making its way south of the border.

Bit of a role reversal here.

The problem is how to fix this and reign in the agents.

Again, it would not be an easy task since the agents are trained to find things that are being smuggled in, if they choose to miss a few things at the checkpoint, choose to refrain from properly checking a vehicle, how will the agents ever be caught?

The other issue that might come up is whether or not an agent is a willing recruit.

What we do know is that it takes twice as long to even begin to investigate a corrupt agent and then prosecute the agent or any member of law enforcement for that matter, than it does a civilian, and it shouldn’t.

Cristal M Clark

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FBI now using Dataminr to monitor social media


More specifically, Twitter

Which is kind of odd when you think about the fact that Twitter seems to be going through a slow yet impending death.


Dataminr is advertised as able to turn social media posts into actionable alerts. “Dataminr transforms the Twitter stream and other public datasets into actionable alerts, providing must-know information in real-time for clients in Finance, the Public Sector, News, Corporate Security and Crisis Management.”

Many, many people are against big brother having the ability to see what we are saying on social media. The ACLU in fact, has taken issue with that very issue with the Denver, Colorado Police Department, as well as other departments throughout the US.


Twitter did revoke API access to Geofeedia earlier this year which is what the Denver Police Department was using.

Access was revoked because it violated a clause in Twitter’s Developer Agreement, which forbids using the provided data to “investigate, track or surveil Twitter’s users.”

Now before everyone goes wild here and starts protesting or suing the FBI, keep in mind that terrorists use Twitter pretty heavily, as well as other social media.

Not to mention that the Developer Agreement was always meant more for those seeking to buy and sell user information for marketing purposes and not specifically to prevent law enforcement from utilizing tools that would help with crime prevention.

On the other hand, users of social media, the ACLU and many other organizations fear that law enforcement will utilize these types of tools in an effort to profile specific races, which brings the idea of “stop and frisk,” to social media.

I usually tell people, when you are not paying for the ability use social media, whether it’s Twitter or Facebook, GAB, Instagram, Pinterest, etc, technically you are not protected under any privacy act therefore, you should have zero expectation of guaranteed privacy while posting. Period.

Generally I do suggest law enforcement utilize tools that allow for them to monitor social media so as to prevent crime and/or death.

Sure you can report posts to whichever social media site you are on but the reality is it’s not always monitored and by the time someone gets to it it could be too late.

Posting anything online where anyone could potentially see it is a lot like being on stage or in the middle of the street yelling out for the world to hear whatever it is that you have to say.

When someone chooses to be so open with comments, statements or idea’s, where anyone can hear or see them, it makes no realistic sense to try to stop law enforcement from seeing it.

The biggest question would be, is it fair or just to try to stop law enforcement from utilizing tools such as Dataminr and Geofeedia because we assume or fear that they will use them to to racially profile or is it that we just don’t want law enforcement to see what we post online?

Maybe a little of both?

Would it change the overall opinion if law enforcement could show that having such tools helped them prevent or solve just one major crime?

Cristal M Clark

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Catholicism and Exorcism – crime or life saving


A two part series.

Part one: The idea of demonic possession

“When the Church asks publicly and authoritatively in the name of Jesus Christ that a person or object be protected against the power of the Evil One and withdrawn from his dominion, it is called exorcism.”

Whether or not you believe in God, throughout the history of man many have believed in possession of one form or another, in fact possession is one of the most widely held religious beliefs in world.

Some signs of a possible demonic possession include: speaking foreign or ancient languages of which the possessed has no prior knowledge; supernatural abilities and strength; knowledge of hidden or remote things which the possessed has no way of knowing; an aversion to anything holy; and profuse blasphemy and/or sacrilege, loss of appetite, levitation or moving objects without physically touching the object.

In Roman Catholicism, exorcism is sacramental but it is not a sacrament.

In some cultures it is believed that the dead through various different types of rituals depending on the culture, can and will take over the body and mind of an individual through the practice of channeling.

Most religions in fact, claim that the living can be possessed by demonic or evil spirits if you will, but the idea that all invading spirits are that of evil is mainly a Judeo-Christian belief, many other religions believe that not all possessions are malevolent in nature.

The Bible tells us of 6 instances of demonic possession where Jesus cast out the demons.

New age beliefs which are not to be confused with new religions, are old beliefs that are becoming more widely accepted, they teach disciples that death is only an illusion or a new beginning if you will and that this earthly life runs parallel with other lives and other worlds. 

These beliefs also teach the followers that individuals can travel to these other parallel universes, past and future lives and can in fact become enlightened by different energies from different times and places.

Some beliefs teach disciples the art of accession which is being deep in a trance state where your energy or soul is able to travel outside of your living body and venture to other worlds, places, people or to the universe itself.

Some believe that listening to white noise or playing with an Ouija board can open a portal between the living and the dead and at times invite in evil spirits.

Whatever it is that you believe or do not believe, many people do believe in possession, good or bad and exorcisms are still performed to this day.

Often times the ritual is performed on individuals who are or have had a history of being emotionally or mentally disturbed, offering no scientific proof that an individual was truly possessed by anything.

The idea behind the exorcisms ability to work however is another story entirely.

Typically an exorcism is performed on someone who is deeply religious and it’s power to cure the individual or cast out the unwanted demon is solely based off of the power of belief.

In 2014, the Roman Catholic organization, International Association of Exorcists, received the approval of the Vatican.

The Vatican guidelines issued in 1999 state, “the person who claims to be possessed must be evaluated by doctors to rule out a mental or physical illness.” These days most Catholic officials regard genuine demonic possession as an extremely rare phenomenon that is easily confounded with natural mental disturbances.

It’s been said that seasoned exorcists use the Rituale Romanum as a starting point, not always following the prescribed formula exactly.  Not all exorcisms are successful the first time and it could take days, weeks, or months of constant prayer and exorcisms.

If the exorcist stops the rite, then the demon will pursue him which is why the process of being finished is so essential. After the exorcism has been finished the person possessed feels feels reborn and freed of sin.  

Some in the church have reported to multiple media outlets, ABC News, Breibart News, Ibtimes, The Telegraph and many more, that the requests for exorcisms are on the rise.

Recently in fact, the past three years or so, victims of exorcism have been left to rot and die in agony and pain, suffering severe mental anguish and trauma.

Next Week – Part 2:

What if the answer to some of the most bizarre behaviors of those that are seemingly possessed could be answered both scientifically and medically rather than through religion?

Cristal M Clark

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United States – Showing her true colors


And they are not red, white and blue

As we close out this historic week here in America, I know that for me personally, I am deeply saddened by what has happened since the announcement came out about our 45th President of the United States.

I am not saddened or upset by the fact that Donald Trump was elected as our new leader, I actually still find him amusing although I personally do not support everything he has ever done or said.

He did represent a growing ideal, society is tired of well, politics, the elite.

Society wanted change.

What saddens me are the behaviors that I am seeing come forth from my fellow Americans, towards one another.

divided america-crimeshop.jpg

I understand both sides. American’s are saying things such as “not my president” and I understand why someone would feel that way, I respect that person, because if someone truly feels that way, it is not a mere opinion, it is a feeling that must and should be validated.

I also understand those that argue by saying they wanted a non-political person in office. I value how they feel and what they want.

What I don’t value and struggle to understand, is the hatred, disrespect and angst towards one another. I have witnessed individuals on both sides shouting hateful rhetoric at one another in stores and on the street, on social media people are unfriending and posting hateful, vicious words directed at the opposing sides…

On Fox News this morning, they showed one woman declaring at a protest last night, that “people were going to die for this,” the reporter was taken aback by what the woman said, even I was shocked.

Some colleges were excusing students who needed the day off so that they can “cope,” in some high schools across the US according to ABC news tonight students are staging walkouts and in some high schools, students are marching through the schools chanting “build that wall and white power.”

This hate, this divide, the very thing each side professes to be against, it’s a problem that we have created, fostered, hand fed and raised all on our own.

We as a people are responsible for it.

This is what we present to the world.

These behaviors and attitudes are what we are presenting to the world. The reason foreign nations say that America is dysfunctional is because this is how we behave when we dislike an outcome we do not agree with, this is how we behave when we dislike a person or how that person feels, what sex that person is and so on and so forth…

We are both telling and showing the world that if we don’t like you or how you feel here in America, we are going to riot, tell you off, cause harm and become vindictive, hateful people towards you.

We are responsible for our own feelings and behaviors, no one makes a person racist, it is a choice, no one makes a person non-tolerant, it is a choice.

Choices that individuals make for themselves.

And both sides are behaving as non-tolerant, hateful, vindictive individuals.

We are responsible for our choices to behave badly.  

We are in turn responsible for teaching our nation’s children that it is okay to excuse bad behavior as long as a majority agree with that behavior.

We are choosing intolerance, we are choosing to be cruel, we are choosing to be hateful and spiteful.

We are choosing to treat each other badly. Until we can learn to stop doing that…well you know how the story ends right?

The reality is simple, the reason you see the divide, the anger, the protesting, the rioting, the violence, from both sides, is that Donald Trump set the tone and the stage during his campaign by speaking the very same thing to the citizens of this nation.

He made it acceptable to behave this way, it was like giving permission, being elected president only drove that point home.

Having officials in office who never acted like this or showed that these bad behaviors are okay, acted like a band aid on open wounds that have never really healed.

Trumps election by default, tore the band aid off of those wounds.

Like it or not, that is the plain simple truth.

When I was a little girl, ages ago, my dad used to tell me that the monsters that I thought were under my bed, were of my own making, he urged me to start to think differently about the monsters so that I would grow to realize that no monster was really under my bed.

I never understood more so than today what the lesson was.

The thinking differently.  

We are responsible for the creation of our own monsters that lurk in our minds and in our hearts.

Cristal M Clark

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President Donald Trump

Donald Trump Visits "Extra"

Well he did it!

Donald Trump the now president elect will serve as the 45th president of the United States.

Not shocking, at least in my mind. I said early on, he was a change that the people were wanting.

Even less shocking however is the aftermath.

While the media wants to tell us what his first days in office might look like, how this happened in fact, CNN called the majority of voters in one state, uneducated white voters this AM… everyone has seemingly ignored the people, as in the individuals.

That’s right, both those that voted for him and those that did not vote for him.

No one wants to hear at this moment in time what the media thinks Trump needs to do within his first days in office, the people want Trump to hear them, see them and know the people he will now serve.

If one were to take a casual stroll through social media, you might begin to get a much more clear picture of how voters, foreign states and the world is feeling this morning.

The nation was already deeply divided before the election, its even more so now that the election is over.

In looking through social media, American citizens are expressing a pretty evenly divided mix of, happiness, angst, hatred, intolerance, anxiety, fear, disgust, discontent and even a slight un-happiness in general.

Stocks took a huge tumble, foreign states have expressed that they are uncertain of future relations with the US, fear of the US and some have accused Americans of voting for a clown.

This nation is even more deeply divided, battered and bruised than it was.

Perhaps, a smart move on the part of our newly elected president would be to focus on the citizens, the little people, those that elected him and those that did not vote for him and help to begin healing this deeply divided and torn nation as a whole.

As a nation, as a people, like it or not, agree with the vote or not, the majority have spoken and elected Donald Trump to serve as our nations leader.

We must come together if for no other reason than to rise above this rift that has divided our nation and each other.

Election 2016 – The Countdown


United States Presidential Election

On the eve the of 2016 Presidential Election, I would like to extend my warmest wishes towards my readers who have had to endure a brutal and sometimes rather embarrassing presidential election.


Forget breaking the internet, the election season and the Hillary Clinton email scandal seemed to have broken the FBI, at least according to the media.

Watching the debates was at times a lot like watching an episode of survivor with a brutal almost cannibalistic twist of the Saw movies.

The twists, turns and plots. It’s almost over, thankfully.

While this election will undoubtedly and unfortunately be forever burned into many american minds, may you rest your weary heads tonight with the knowledge that it is almost over…at least that is the hope.

The american people deserve an award for having made it through this 2016 Presidential Election.

Here is to the hope that media doesn’t turn the outcome of the election into a circus.

Here is also to the hope that hackers leave this election alone, out of nothing more than pity for the voters who really and truly want this year’s election to just come to an end.



To our friends up north in Canada, who recently sent all of us in america a message of hope and love, may you open your hearts and your borders to those that have vowed to head your way should the opposing candidate win.

And finally to each of our candidates, may the best man or woman win.


I hope that both realize and know what this country has had to endure throughout this Presidential Election.

Cristal M Clark

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U.S. Presidents who made it without the popular vote


Becoming president of the United States

Only 4 US Presidents throughout history made it into the oval office without the benefit of having the popular vote. Normally, whoever makes it does have that vote.

Sometimes however, the fate of the next president has been decided in other ways.

John Quincy Adams, whose presidential fate was ultimately decided by the US House of Representatives, February, 8 1925.

It has been said that neither candidate was able to secure a majority of the votes, but Andrew Jackson by all rights, had received the most electoral votes, yet he still did not become President.

It’s been said that the presidential election of 1876 was the most contentious and controversial presidential election in American history, with the results of that election being the most disputed ever.

Undoubtedly, Samuel J Tilden outpolled Rutherford B Hayes in the popular vote, in fact Samuel J Tilden won 184 electoral votes while Rutherford B Hayes only had 165 of the votes, that left 20 votes open as unresolved.  

The unresolved votes were in dispute. 3 of the states where the votes were in dispute reported that each party’s candidate had won. Those states were Louisiana, Florida and South Carolina.

In Oregon, oddly 1 elector was declared illegal and therefore replaced.

The dispute was resolved via the Compromise of 1877 which awarded the disputed 20 votes to Rutherford B Hayes.

In 1888 Benjamin Harrison made it, beating out Grover Cleveland who won plurality of the popular vote by a narrow margin.

In 2000, George W Bush made it into the oval office but only after the US Supreme Court put a stop to recounts in Florida and awarded Florida’s votes to George W Bush.

This years presidential election is no exception to the rule, it has been bitter, contentious, spiteful and full of wild and crazy accusations from both sides.

I believe that most of us are ready for this years presidential soap opera to be done and over with, sadly if history has taught us anything, we may not get our wish so easily.


Will either candidate be willing to accept the outcome without turning it into yet another major scandal?

Better yet, will the media?

Cristal M Clark

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