NSA – finally shows us what they are good at

Obama - Putin.jpg

US National Security Agency – Russian Hacking

So this week Obama decided to come down hard on Russia for its penchant for hacking of late. On Thursday, The United States expelled 35 Russian diplomats and closed two Russian compounds in New York and Maryland in response to cyber attacks.

So how could the US have proof of Russian hacking?


As it turns out, the NSA has tracked Russian hacking before.

The NSA is actually aside from being good at letting classified intel walk out the door with contracted employees, are also quite good at tracking Russian hacks.

They know the tell tail signs of Russian hacking.

They became good at it before the murder of journalist Anna Politkovskaya, she had been gunned down back in 2006 in her Moscow home after having written articles that were rather critical of the Kremlin and Vladimir Putin.

Prior to her murder however, she had been hacked by Russian intelligence who just so happened to be using malicious software. And naturally the NSA discovered that her email had been hacked and they did in fact, trace it back to Russian intelligence at the time.

So, if the US Government says they have proof of Russian hacking, well I am inclined to believe them now that they are backing it up by doing something about it.

But then again, this could all be part of the typical sore loser syndrome the Dems to be suffering of late.


This week’s move however comes after many have implored the US Government to either disclose proof of Russian hacking and do something about it or drop it.

In kind, the administration decided to move forward with punishing Russia for the hacks, which started well before 2016 and the campaign…of course.

What makes this interesting is that the public still does not feel that Russian hacking and leaked intel had any sway in terms of who won and who lost the 2016 presidential election and I really think that is only partially true.

With some of the leaks mind’s did change but…the leaks were designed to release intel that informed the public instead of to destroy a Government.

In the end, that actually matters. What matters more however is what information or intel they have that they haven’t leaked yet.

Many are wondering now however if the move wasn’t too late? Is it politically motivated in a way that it will make Trump’s start in office more difficult in terms of a relationship with Putin and Russia?

Will it thwart further attacks? Will it prevent more leaks, or leaks that would threaten national security?

Personally, I doubt that they can leak anything to threaten national security, those leaks typically come from contracted employees of the NSA.

As for Russia and Vladimir Putin, I doubt they will do much until Trump heads into office, all indications are that they very much want a good relationship with the United States, they have simply been awaiting a leader that is more capable of building a trusting relationship with them and other allies.

Either way, it is refreshing to see our Government do more than just give lip service for once. The next round of punishment will be less public I am sure, because in all reality the expulsion of these 35 diplomats is not really a new thing.

Nations do this to each other all of the time, over all sorts of different reasons.

This first move, well that was just for show, give the public something to feed off of more or less.

Everything else will be done way under the table.

As I’ve said before, in the world of spy games and cyber warfare, all’s fair in love and war.

Cristal M Clark

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Donald Trump Presidency – the criminal justice system doesn’t need fixing?

Republican U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump delivers foreign policy speech at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington

Donald Trump – Judicial Reform – Police Reform

Some are already thinking that the Donald Trump Presidency will reinforce the idea the criminal justice system doesn’t need fixing.


When Trump won the election I believe police across the nation let out a heavy sigh of relief collectively.

Many departments felt that the Obama administration was hell bent on having an all out war with departments across the nation.

According to fears now, from those that support judicial reform overall, they seem to insist that Donald Trump’s presidency will reinforce the idea that the criminal justice system as a whole does not need to be fixed.

In fact some feel that if Donald Trump continues to act as if racism is not a real thing here in the US, that it could have some dire consequences for individuals of color.

Many also worry that the next administration will empower the Justice Department to be less willing to investigate civil rights violations by local police departments.

In looking back, the Obama administration did make heavy use of the Justice Department’s power to threaten lawsuits to force departments to reform themselves.

But did that really end up working?

I have posted articles about this before, it never worked. Nothing the Justice Department has done worked when you look at the long term.

When change was imposed it ended up costing communities more while departments did not lose the grants which they apply for each year.

The departments that were forced to change, never paid, the communities that they serve did.

Many also feel that police reform under the Obama administration initially started off by being more or less an iron fist against police departments that really bordered on being vengeful at times.

US Police Reform-CrimeShop.jpg

So what will judicial reform look like after Trump and his team step up to the plate?

It is important to highlight, that a lot of fear does come directly from Donald Trump’s past verbal assaults, behaviors and actions.


For instance right off the top, you have Jeff Sessions, Trump’s pick for attorney general.

The guy was basically denied a federal judgeship in the 80’s because of accusations of racism.

And people do have grounds to fear him being attorney general based off of that fact.

Either way, presidents only have limited power over police departments as it is and in many states, cities and municipalities change is already underway with regards to police and judicial reform.

Many police departments understand the need to create a more cohesive relationships within the communities that they serve.

DA’s and judges with poor histories in terms of racism are being voted out.

I personally, have never thought that all police and all police departments are corrupt, racist or wayward and I also feel that some Judges, courts and the like are not all that bad either.

Despite Trump’s past indiscretions during the campaign, this is what I sense is coming in Trump’s America in terms of judicial reform.  

I believe that Trump and his administration actually do realize that need for reform is needed but not on the scale the media has led the public to believe.

Basically, the numbers do not back it up because we have yet to see any actual numbers.

I also believe that they will pull from departments, states, cities, and municipalities that have been successful at building solid relationships within the communities that each serves so they can help make departments in need of change, better.

Furthermore, I do believe that they will take a less heavy handed approach and sit down and work with problem departments, cities, municipalities and states to help create change when needed.

I base that off of the fact that, when push comes to shove Trump does take a realistic approach in terms of what would be successful and what would not be successful.

And in Trump’s world it has always been about striving for long term success, like him or not, agree with him or not, he has a pretty solid history of building long term success.

If Sessions works against that grain, Trump will, with no issue what so ever rid himself of that problem.

Trump and his team likewise will not cave to a media frenzy, making a mountain out of molehill philosophy.

Meaning, that they will base the decision of judicial reform off of numbers and in cases where it’s clearly misconduct, not off of being gorged and fattened with a media frenzy.

Judicial reform is an area if Trump and his team have time to deal with it, they could be quite successful at it by creating and fostering successful relationships with communities and the justice system as a whole.

Cristal M Clark

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Asking your digital assistant about murder?


Amazon Alexa – Digital Assistant

While investigating a murder, the Bentonville, Arkansas police department were trying to tie together all of the little pieces to a murder so that they could wrap it up, bow included, when they just so happened to notice a lot of “connected” devices in the suspects home.

The suspect is one James Andrew Bates, he is accused of killing “friend” Victor Collins in 2015, in a “premeditated” strangulation, then dispose of the body in a hot tub incident.

He more or less strangled his friend as the evidence shows, then to cover it up, he put his friend into his own hot tub. 

Two of the “connected” devices in question according to police happened to be a Honeywell alarm system and one Amazon Echo.

So investigators decided why not obtain a warrant for the Amazon Echo and compel Alexa to tell them a bit more information.

In the warrant investigators requested access to text records, audio recordings, purchase history, or anything that would have been a transcribed document pertaining to James Bates as well as, any of his relative Amazon information.

Of course Amazon has refused the request, as you might imagine.

Personally I don’t think they need Alexa because…

As per court records, it would seem that Alexa really isn’t going to help seal the fate of James because his smart water meter actually, gave them way more information than I suspect Alexa ever would.

I doubt very much that James asked Alexa how to strangle his friend, then how to make it look like an accidental drowning in a hot tub.


Just so you know, anything you have asked your digital assistant, Google, Amazon or Siri, your questions are not stored on your devices but in most cases such as Amazon’s Echo, they are stored on the providers internet server.


The case however is interesting to because it’s really uncharted water and it raises the question of whether or not our always on digital assistants and/or devices could be used against a user.

The accused could challenge the use of digitally recorded info from a digital assistant as hearsay or as an illegal recording because it took place without the user’s consent.

At the end of the day, the takeaway would be, you may want to refrain from asking your digital assistant about doing anything illegal, especially committing a murder because, it could very well be used against you somehow, someway and someday in a court of law.

Cristal M Clark

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Fake News – the ultimate war machine


Israel – Pakistan – fake news- nuclear war

This holiday weekend brought warmth, cheer, celebration and happiness to most, but this past holiday weekend also brought the threat of nuclear war, to the entire world.

The threat was all brought about by one fake news article.

The article that started the spat was published by AWDNews on December 20th, it stated that former Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon was quoted as threatening to destroy Pakistan if it sent troops into Syria.


So, Pakistan Defense Minister Khawaja Asif responded in kind on twitter by tweeting; “Israeli def min threatens nuclear retaliation presuming pak role in Syria against Daesh.Israel forgets Pakistan is a Nuclear state too AH.”

Defense Minister Khawaja Asif thought the original article to be real sadly.


So, in response to Pakistan Defense Minister’s tweet, the Israeli Ministry of Defense responded in kind on Twitter, notifying Asif the Yaalon statement quoted in AWDNews was as you might imagine, completely false.

Pakistan Defense Minister Khawaja Asif again took to Twitter on Christmas night, saying that their nuclear program was only a “deterrence to protect our freedom.”

He did say that his country desired only to coexist in peace…

A lot of people missed the entire spat because they were wrapped up in the holiday spirit and the fake news article did exactly as it set out to do.

It wasn’t about creating worldwide panic, it was to test the waters.

See how far it could push a country to the edge and incite a knee jerk reaction before reason.

Fake news has made headlines these past few months and it has been blamed with affecting real events around the world.

That is, in the grand scheme of things all fake news sets out to do if you are paying attention.

Fake news wants a knee jerk reaction to every article and story that is put out and it is pretty much hugely successful in that endeavor.

It depends on us being gullible, to be persuaded to believe something because in all reality some of it, we want to believe.

It is successful for a variety of reasons the point is, it is speaking to a world that is listening and proof of that is through the threat of nuclear retaliation over something that was never truly said.

Fake news is posting articles that people want to believe. Plain and simple.

It creates an emotional response without reason, which is human, no one researches the article before responding and fake news depends on that and fake news is successful because of that.

The question of the day is simple, how far is too far in terms of fake news?

I could spend a good day alone on my Facebook turning over fake news articles from everything from pet care to celebrity news and still not make a dent in it.

Facebook although I love it, is the biggest offender of allowing fake news to slide right in, of all of the social media giants but… is Facebook to blame?


No, Facebook is not to blame, it is the users that are to blame, those that choose to share the fake news articles, not the social media giant itself.

Facebook is a free service, and therefore they should not be tasked with policing users aside from those that legally are not allowed to be on social media, threaten other users and those who are suicidal. 

What’s more is that some ‘leaks’ have been disguised as fake news and have informed a public of actual facts.

And that further complicates the issue of fake news. 

To me, a fake news article crosses a line when it incites the possibility of nuclear war, violence and harm to others.

That leaves the very loud question, will governments eventually start to hunt down these fake news sites and shut them down much like they shut down parts of the dark web or will governments continue to let them go?  

Because it is not controlled, releases both true and made up news, fake news is the ultimate war machine currently.

Cristal M Clark

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Murder of JonBenet Ramsey


JonBenét Ramsey – Boulder, Colorado

JonBenét Patricia Ramsey was just 6 years old when she was murdered December 25, 1996 in Boulder, Colorado.

Earlier this year we saw an onslaught of made for TV investigations into the murder of JonBenét, all of which really offered no new information and no new leads.

They were all basically a collection of the same old theories being re-investigated by different investigators attempting to prove to the world who might be responsible for the murder of JonBenét Patricia Ramsey.

The main focus of each of the shows that aired this year were; the bowl of pineapple, the flashlight, the DNA, the crime scene, the mistakes that were made by police and of course Burke Ramsey.

One positive from all of the shows however was the ability to create doubt around the Ramsey’s being cleared due to the original DNA testing.

It is very true that the DNA may in fact be useless due to cross contamination and the fact that the crime scene was so blatantly staged that it’s truly hard not to miss.

Through the years I have been asked what my thoughts are, and as each show aired this year, I received many messages asking me what my thoughts are, who do I think is responsible for the death of JonBenét?

The case had many suspects and now the Boulder police department are going to conduct new tests on the DNA that from the crime scene.

The bottom line however is simple, will the new tests truly lead us to any new suspect or unmask JonBenét’s killer finally?

For the majority of the public, the case always only had three possible suspects, none of which were ever outside of the Ramsey home at the time of the murder.


Patsy and John never had issues with child abuse despite the fact that JonBenét had a bed-wetting issue for all intents and purposes they were very loving parents, if anything I believe that they gave into every whim and fancy that JonBenét might have had.

I read through a lot of message boards after Burke’s interview with Dr. Phil as well. Many people think Burke has Asperger’s or some other form of autism.

Regardless, many focused on his smiling through the interview and after watching his interview with investigators when he was a little boy, it’s easy to see why people would suspect that he has Asperger’s or autism.

I know of individuals who can tell a white lie every now and then with no problem yet when it comes to the ability to tell a lie that involves something pretty serious those same individuals are not capable of being able to lie and keep a straight face.

Studies have yet to prove or show, let alone find a true trigger or reason within the brain as to why some people are incapable of telling a lie and manage to keep a straight face, but it does happen.

So Burke may have some form of autism or he may just be incapable of being able to tell a lie.

Burke may also be one of those individuals who smiles, laughs or chuckles at inappropriate times when he is nervous.

At any rate, for those that have been asking, what I believe happened in this case is more a matter of what I believe in fact happened based off of logic and what I know firsthand to be the truth.

For me, the evidence has never at any point in time supported the theory that someone outside of the immediate family killed JonBenét.

The evidence also does not support the idea that JonBenét was lead from her bedroom by an intruder, fed pineapple, molested and murdered accidentally or otherwise.

The entire crime scene was in fact staged, from the basement window being opened to the ransom note. The actual crime scene does not make logical sense, therefore it was staged.

The idea that someone who initially intended on kidnapping JonBenét for a ransom would stage the crime scene is also not logical.

Nor is writing a ransom note on paper from the home and the note being so long, well only a woman would write such a long note, ransom or otherwise.

The idea that she was molested by said intruder is preposterous. The investigations have shown that the blood could have come from anywhere and it was not ever at any time proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that JonBenét Patricia Ramsey was molested during the commission of her murder or any other time in her life.

What’s more is that in one particular news interview with John and Patsy you can see clearly that Patsy is in utter disbelief, shock and possibly denial. She is struggling, confused and so very numb.

She knows exactly who murdered her little girl and is powerless to do much about it and it is destroying her.

The evidence does in fact lead to a family member being responsible for the murder of JonBenét.

The pineapple while interesting is only a small part of the overall crime scene.

Agreed with many experts, the spoon in the bowl is a telling tale that a mom didn’t make the snack for her child. A dad wouldn’t have either because a child would inform the dad the spoon was too big for her to use and a dad would have swapped it out.

The flashlight, this one in particular interests me the most. While the CBS special about the case illustrates that only a child could have killed JonBenét using the flashlight, the fact that it had no prints on it, including the batteries makes no realistic logical sense.


I have always believed that in fact Burke killed his sister and that John and Patsy covered it up.

If a parent kills a child as a result of child abuse, you’d typically see tell tale signs of ongoing abuse, old injuries from it and the like.

Logically speaking, most parents who kill a child don’t reach for a weapon such as a flash light. Especially a mother.

A father is more likely to shoot, strangle or beat the child with his bare hands.

A child is more logically likely to have reached for a weapon so as to strike his sibling as hard as he could, thus killing her.

Burke was the only person in the home who would have had the motive for wanting his sister dead because he felt anger, angst and rage towards her.

Something set him off that morning and he wanted to hurt her. He picked something up and struck her as hard as he could.

I believe that it was Burke who covered his sister up with a blanket initially. He may also have tampered with the crime scene in an attempt to keep his parents from knowing what he had done.

The evidence shows this once you start to dig your way through it. Some parts of the crime scene are juvenile in nature while other aspects are clearly more adult and in a very clear attempt to cover up the truth.

Some evidence makes no sense whatsoever, which makes sense if you believe like I do that John and Patsy are attempting to cover up the truth.

Covering up the crime of their son, turned into overkill in terms of trying to deflect suspicion away from the family.

The problem that you have with such a crime and cover up is that it was staged to look like something that it never was. But because those that staged it are related to the actual killer, it becomes extremely difficult to prove who he might have been.

It can turn into a he said/she said scenario.

Because of so much contamination on top of poor investigating, crucial evidence was contaminated or lost.

While the evidence once followed properly leads you to who is responsible, unless the new DNA tests hand over a smoking gun, this case may very well go unsolved in legal terms for quite some time still.

Cristal M Clark

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Vladimir Putin, Edward Snowden, the nuclear arms race and IKEA


Edward Snowden –  Russia- United States of America

Some of today’s headlines read:

Trump and Putin agree: Let’s revive the nuclear arms race – The Washington Post

Russia Gives US cold shoulder saying relations between countries ‘frozen’ – CNN

Congress: Snowden is in contact with Russian intelligence – CBSNews

I could go on here but to be honest, all of the articles were about the same.

The Washington Post aside because they actually did a decent job of reporting on the revival of the nuclear arms race, the majority of the rest of the headlines I saw were more about fear mongering and how Edward Snowden is a traitor and must die…


First things first, Congress and US intelligence have absolutely zero proof to back up any claim that Edward Snowden is in contact with any intelligence agency or state sponsored hackers whatsoever, much less Russian intelligence.

Even if he was in touch with Russian intelligence, I am more than positive that he couldn’t possibly be giving them intel that they don’t already have access to or could get access to since Russia seems to employ every single decent hacker in the world these days…at least according to how it’s reported by our Government and our Media here in the US.

If you follow Edward Snowden on Twitter, you may have noticed his tweets today in response to the release of the HPSCI report that was released today, in an attempt to discredit Edward Snowden of course.

Edward Snowden tweeted:

“Sad result of the government’s misguided war on whistleblowers: it undermines the credibility of US Intelligence at a time we badly need it.”

And I couldn’t agree more with what he said.

Edward Snowden is a whistleblower, that is in black and white.

Edward could have tried to use the US Government’s whistleblower channels but the reality is that the United States Government has a pretty long history of not protecting whistleblowers regardless of the policy stating that it must.

Besides, he tried to warn the NSA of his concerns and he was blown off.

When will the government decide that the reality is, they need to hold themselves accountable.

The world knows now, the damage is done but rather than face the music it’s this childish behavior of “let’s get the guy who told on us and call him a criminal.”

The whole thing just reminds me of playground bullies who got busted for beating up some kid at recess.

Russia, Russia, Russia.

It’s not exactly a secret that the US has more or less ticked off Russia lately, of course the relationship is frozen and of course Russia wants to build up the nuclear arms programs.

Our Government hasn’t exactly done a stellar job of making sure they build proper relationships with the right world leaders the past few years, especially building a relationship with Vladimir Putin.

Why would Russia want to play in the same sandbox nicely?


So in a speech today, Vladimir Putin may have mentioned that Russia wants to strengthen its nuclear forces and in response to that Donald Trump may have tweeted a little something about doing the same.

Makes sense because you can’t really have a nuclear arms race with yourself…technically of course.

The real news that’s under-reported is that, Russia and the US are not the only countries attempting to strengthen nuclear arms forces.


The best headline in the news today comes from IKEA who has a message for everyone: Please, stop having sleepovers in the stores.”

I get it, if you have ever walked through an IKEA you know what I am talking about here, sometimes it’s like a maze, a long, never ending maze and some of the furniture looks pretty comfy…


Apparently and I had no clue this was even a thing, people are hiding in IKEA stores until closing and then having a sleepover and then sharing the sleepover with social media.

So if your weekend plans included a sleepover at IKEA, the chain really hopes that you have a change of heart, since they prefer you not.

Also, something that I don’t often do, ever, I am sharing the following message from WikiLeaks.
“This Christmas, support those who are unable to spend their holidays freely because they chose to expose the truth. https://couragefound.org/donate/

Cristal M Clark

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Social Media Giants – to finally bed with Big Pharma?


Facebook – Twitter

Guess who wants to get into bed with social media giants Facebook and Twitter and I’ll give you a hint, it’s not Russian hackers.


Big Pharma would like for you to start seeing ads for medications appear in your news feeds on Twitter and Facebook.  Or should I use the term “drug therapies” which is how big pharma is trying to re-brand itself.

Big Pharma spent over $6 billion on marketing and promotions for the year 2015 and they want us to believe they are about anything else other than creating disease, addiction and dependents?


Has Big Pharma not been on Facebook or Twitter, do the employees of Big Pharma not have these social media accounts?

I ask because overwhelmingly users of the social media giants are statistically more anti-big pharma than pro big pharma.

Big Pharma is also eyeing Pinterest, because as the Ad agency AbelsonTaylor puts it, “its users are mostly women, and women make most health care decisions in their households.”

So women are easily deceived is the message I get from that. More likely to buy into the BS…the list could go on and on here.

The issues that Big Pharma faces are number one, using ad agencies, stop using them, because they obviously have not paid attention to what Tweets, posts and pins have to say about how users really feel about Big Pharma and two, as it turns out, the FDA may not be too keen on the idea of Big Pharma appearing in a feed near you.

The reason being is that not all of the appropriate warning information would be available for users to read.

Social media is not the place for Big Pharma, I don’t even believe that TV, Radio or Print is the place for Big Pharma.

It says loudly and clearly that truly it’s about the money and not patient care. I am all for having options and knowing about different prescription meds, but I don’t want to see commercials about them.

I can find the information about “treatment” options all on my own.

Commercials glorify the outcome of each drug they advertise.

Rarely in looking at long term issues do the commercials address the destruction of the heart, liver kidneys and lungs which were caused by the use of the said prescription drugs.  

You take one pill then you have to take another to address the issues caused by the first pill, then you’ll find yourself having to take yet another to address more issues and so on.

Besides Big Pharma is very much in the business to create the need for users to continue to take the medications that they offer, not cure whatever affliction it is that one might have.

I know that Big Pharma has deep pockets and would pay top dollar to our beloved social media giants just to have shot at the chance to appear in our feeds.

I just hope that social media giants understand the users better than Big Pharma does and no matter how tempting the $$$ sounds, respectively decline allowing for Big Pharma to advertise using social media.

Even if they don’t, we as users still have the option to block the content like we currently have. I do it with all ads on all of my social media and I do use ABP for everything else.

The brain is like a sponge, the public craves information, sometimes yes to the point of overload, the point is, in today’s world the public is becoming more and more educated…

Soon, gone will be the days of pulling the wool over the sheep’s eyes…

Cristal M Clark

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Russian hackers – used Harvard paper to hack nonprofits

Harvard Univerisity-CrimeShop.jpeg

Harvard University

Last week the New York Times published a report that hackers, who were identified as Russian agents by American Intelligence agencies and private security firms, had gained access to the systems of the DNC And Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager John Podesta.


Big deal right, because at the end of the day nothing released or published was false information, they simply exposed truths that they felt that the American public or rather voter had a right to know.

At any rate it is believed that the same hackers who hacked the DNC and Johnny Podesta, used a false or fabricated Harvard University paper in order to steal data from large think tanks and nonprofits.

According to the Times, the hackers continued on after the election, in fact it is believed that these hackers used a rather nasty malware infected PDF disguised as a Harvard University paper entitled “Why American Elections are Flawed.”

The paper was supposedly sent to nonprofits as a PDF and according to security firm Volexity, the PDF was sent using what appeared to be a Harvard University email address and included viruses that would infect the computer of whoever downloaded the file.

According to Volexity “These e-mails came from a mix of attacker created Google Gmail accounts and what appears to be compromised e-mail accounts at Harvard’s Faculty of Arts and Sciences.”

“These e-mails were sent in large quantities to different individuals across many organizations and individuals focusing in national security, defense, international affairs, public policy, and European and Asian studies.”

The paper however, really does exist.

Harvard Kennedy School Professor, Pippa Norris just so happens to be the author of the real “Why American Elections are Flawed (And How to Fix Them,)”

She was completely unaware that hackers were using her work maliciously.

Russian Hacking US Election-crimeshop.jpg

Personally, hackers or not Hillary lost on her own, the Democrats as a party failed and they lost.

Just one small example, out of a great many, and Hillary aside, the Democratic party was pretty red faced after documents leaked basically showing how they were placating the Black Lives Matter Movement.

They were coaching candidates on how to avoid angering the “radical” activists.

Nothing hackers exposed, told or leaked was untrue, more importantly the hackers to our knowledge thus far, did not mess with the actual election numbers.


The bottom line is this, while I may disagree with what Donald Trump says at times and how he behaves at times, the guy lays it on the line and he speaks from the heart like it or not, agree with it or not. 

That said, would you rather have a candidate in office where at the very least agree with them or not, you know would look you in the eye and tell you like it is or have someone in office who will look you in the eye and tell you lie after lie?


The reality is, these Russian hackers, who our Government Intelligence says were state sponsored, did the American voters a favor by showing us the truth.

For as much as these hackers may have meddled, so too has our very own US Government and Military, in many foreign states and in many foreign state affairs including some elections of foreign states.

Our Government doesn’t have to like it, hell as citizens we don’t have to like it… but allow for me to remind you that in the world of cyber-warfare, spying and intelligence, all’s fair in love and war.

Cristal M Clark

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Ransomware now hitches a ride with mobile banking trojans


Coming soon to a mobile banking app near you


Researchers from Kaspersky Lab have discovered at least 2 Android trojans that steal financial information and login credentials, now just in time for the holidays, double as file-encrypting ransomware programs.

Faketoken, one of the programs whose primary function was to generate fake login screens for more than 2,000 financial applications in order to steal login credentials, with the added bonus of being able to display phishing pages in order to steal credit card information, and read and send text messages, added a new and improved bonus feature.

The creators of Faketoken back in July added the ability to encrypt user files stored on the phone’s SD card and they also have since released thousands of builds with the very same functionality.

According to researchers at Kaspersky Lab “Once the relevant command is received, the Trojan compiles a list of files located on the device corresponding to the given list of 89 extensions and encrypts them.”

Faketoken is disguised to look like many popular apps and games, once installed, it creates repeated prompts that bug the user repeatedly to input necessary permissions.

Which most people eventually give at one point or another.

Another mobile banking trojan, Tordow 2.0 that has the ability to encrypt files, make phone calls, control SMS messages, download and install programs, steal login credentials, access contacts, encrypt files, visit web pages, manipulate banking data, remove security software, reboot devices, rename files, and act as ransomware.

Tordow 2.0, which is available through third-party app stores, again disguised as a popular app, contains a pack of exploits that it utilizes in order to gain root privileges on the infected devices.

So far Faketoken has managed to infect devices in 27 countries, most of which are located in Germany, Ukraine, Thailand, and Russia. 


It is only a matter of time before the rest of the world starts to see these types of mobile banking trojans that are complete with ransomware.

File-encrypting ransomware has never really been popular until now with mobile devices because generally everything on a mobile device is backed up to a cloud.

With hackers becoming more and more daring, creative and clever, you can be sure to find these types of mobile banking ransomware trojans heading to an app near you sometime in the near future.

Banks are going to need to do more in terms of informing customers of when and why mobile apps are updated but more importantly mobile apps on the app stores need to be checked and managed a lot better than they are today.

Users are the ultimate enabler regardless of banks and the app stores.

I cannot tell you how many times users at my current job and my past jobs, who will bring me a laptop, macbook, Android phone, iPhone, iPad or tablet that has some type of app installed that is causing them a headache.

10 times out of 10, when I ask the user if they checked the app’s that they had installed before installing them, the answer is always no, after being given the glazed over, blank, deer in headlights look.

Users ultimately need to start to check apps prior to installing them.

It is only a matter of time before these types of mobile ransomware trojans become more and more popular as users ditch desktops and opt for more mobile friendly ways to function through everyday life.

Cristal M Clark

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