CIA torture needs to have more torture – according to one of its architects

CIA torture needs to have more torture – according to one of its architects


US Central Intelligence Agency

According to one of the CIA’s top architects who created the CIA’s now defunct torture program, the CIA needs a torture program now, more than ever.


James Mitchell who is one of the CIA’s 2 psychologists who helped develop the ill fated torture program which included delights like waterboarding, rectal feeding, sleep deprivation, physical abuse and the like, is now defending those programs.

Oddly, as I wrote about earlier this year, it was the blame game when the CIA and the two psychologists were being sued, they pointed the finger at one another. Quite a change in attitude to blame the CIA for the poorly run program to saying something like “hey, we need more of it.”

According to Mitchell, “if waterboarding were torture, they wouldn’t have had to pass a law in 2015 outlawing it because torture is already illegal.”

So because Mitchell thinks, that waterboarding or other forms of abuse so as to illicit a response from a subject should not be considered torture if the abuse is directed at someone with ties to terrorist organizations and groups?

Anyone can dream up ways to torture someone, killers do it all the time, it’s called changing the name of the game, doing something new…trying something different. It doesn’t mean that the new idea won’t be considered torture at some point because let’s face it, torture is torture.  

I have to admit, it’s not often that I say this but I am am utterly speechless at the amazing amount of stupidity that oozes out of Mitchell.  

It is easy to dream up ways to get an answer out of someone, the problem is that you never truly know if you got the truth out of someone, meaning just because you tortured them or abused the answer out of them, it is a far cry from being able to walk away knowing that one received the absolute truth.

Studies have proven that if you torture someone enough they will say anything just to make it stop.

Confusing individuals by abusing them never gets the truth in all reality…

The American Psychological Association also provided a rather painfully scathing report about Mitchell’s torture program and for his role in the torture programs and the guy is so pompous that his response was “Those people are not part of my life, I don’t care what they think. It has zero impact on my life and I don’t care.”

The downside to all of this…


President Elect Donald Trump and his pick to lead the Pentagon Gen. James Mattis are very much for such torture programs. Trump vowed to bring back waterboarding and much worse during his days in the oval office in an effort to fight terrorism.

The sad part is with most of the terrorist groups we face these days, those guys are on suicide missions, so they most likely won’t give anyone a damn thing and let our government kill them during the process of torture.

What’s worse is that in a study conducted by the International Committee of the the Red Cross, nearly half of Americans think torture is acceptable, further more they found that the US was just one of the handful of countries that is enthusiastic about using it.

It becomes questionable once you cross the line of being humane and turn into a monster.

For a man as seemingly brilliant as Mitchell, you would think he could come up with a more advanced way of gaining the answers he and the CIA want, ways that are smarter than torture because let’s face it, torture is a rather primitive way to get answers.

Quite frankly, his torture tactics are pathetic for someone who is most certainly smart enough to be thinking at an advanced level.

Cristal M Clark

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