Catholic Priest Murdered – Dane, Wisconsin

Catholic Priest Murdered – Dane, Wisconsin


Catholic Church-Murder 

Father Alfred Kunz was found brutally murdered March 4, 1998 with his throat slit inside of St. Michael Catholic Church and his death remains unsolved today despite a plethora of reasons why someone might have wanted him dead.


One of those rumors was that he had been killed by “Luciferians” and it’s been said that Father Kunz felt that his life was in danger in the weeks before his murder.

Another rumor was that Father Kunz’s friend, Abbot Ryan St. Anne Scott felt that his murder was related to Father Kunz’s investigation of sexual abuse scandals in the diocese.


It was widely known that Father Kunz was displeased about the hierarchy covering up sexual abuse within the church.

Another was that he had many married female lovers so perhaps his killer might have been a jealous husband. Although, given the viciousness of the crime, it is highly unlikely that a jealous husband committed the murder.

He was found with his throat slit caused by an edged weapon which severed the carotid artery. The killer knew the church well enough to navigate it late at night or early in the morning.

The killer also knew Father Kunz’s habits well enough to get in and kill him and then leave without a soul seeing them.

Father Kunz in all likelihood knew and trusted his killer and his killer did know the surrounding area. 

The most prominent theory is that Father Kunz was killed because he knew too much. That theory is based off of the fact that Father Kunz had been investigating alleged sexual abuse by other men in the priesthood.

The theory is a rather disturbing one because that implies, if it proves to be true that another priest, the Catholic Church in part or as a whole or even worse, a victim could have very well been responsible for Father Kunz’s death.  

Out of all of the theories however, I believe Father Kunz was murdered because of his investigations into alleged abuse.

Either he knew too much and someone wanted him dead because of that or he didn’t do enough in someone’s mind and because of that, he was murdered.

In 2009, investigators with the Dane County sheriff’s department said that they have a long-time suspect, who has never been named simply because they lack sufficient evidence to indict him, but that they knew where the suspect was located.

According to investigators that particular suspect left town shortly after murder of Father Kunz and that is a pretty classic move for the non-serial killer type to have made.

Since Father Kunz’s throat was slit I am certain that some type of forensic evidence was left at the crime scene.

The killer does not strike me as the type that would have ensured he left no evidence behind and he most certainly does not strike me as the type of have brought his own containment suit.

The suspect did sustain some injuries particularly to his hands, so I am quite positive that a struggle did ensue and that DNA from the killer was left at the crime scene.

People who knew Father Kunz describe him as a gentle and caring individual, who cared deeply for others.

Maybe the church would be so kind as to push harder in an effort to find out who killed one of their own?

But, maybe the reason the church has not pushed as hard as they can is because even they fear the truth coming to light.

Cristal M Clark

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