Social Media Giants – to finally bed with Big Pharma?

Social Media Giants – to finally bed with Big Pharma?


Facebook – Twitter

Guess who wants to get into bed with social media giants Facebook and Twitter and I’ll give you a hint, it’s not Russian hackers.


Big Pharma would like for you to start seeing ads for medications appear in your news feeds on Twitter and Facebook.  Or should I use the term “drug therapies” which is how big pharma is trying to re-brand itself.

Big Pharma spent over $6 billion on marketing and promotions for the year 2015 and they want us to believe they are about anything else other than creating disease, addiction and dependents?


Has Big Pharma not been on Facebook or Twitter, do the employees of Big Pharma not have these social media accounts?

I ask because overwhelmingly users of the social media giants are statistically more anti-big pharma than pro big pharma.

Big Pharma is also eyeing Pinterest, because as the Ad agency AbelsonTaylor puts it, “its users are mostly women, and women make most health care decisions in their households.”

So women are easily deceived is the message I get from that. More likely to buy into the BS…the list could go on and on here.

The issues that Big Pharma faces are number one, using ad agencies, stop using them, because they obviously have not paid attention to what Tweets, posts and pins have to say about how users really feel about Big Pharma and two, as it turns out, the FDA may not be too keen on the idea of Big Pharma appearing in a feed near you.

The reason being is that not all of the appropriate warning information would be available for users to read.

Social media is not the place for Big Pharma, I don’t even believe that TV, Radio or Print is the place for Big Pharma.

It says loudly and clearly that truly it’s about the money and not patient care. I am all for having options and knowing about different prescription meds, but I don’t want to see commercials about them.

I can find the information about “treatment” options all on my own.

Commercials glorify the outcome of each drug they advertise.

Rarely in looking at long term issues do the commercials address the destruction of the heart, liver kidneys and lungs which were caused by the use of the said prescription drugs.  

You take one pill then you have to take another to address the issues caused by the first pill, then you’ll find yourself having to take yet another to address more issues and so on.

Besides Big Pharma is very much in the business to create the need for users to continue to take the medications that they offer, not cure whatever affliction it is that one might have.

I know that Big Pharma has deep pockets and would pay top dollar to our beloved social media giants just to have shot at the chance to appear in our feeds.

I just hope that social media giants understand the users better than Big Pharma does and no matter how tempting the $$$ sounds, respectively decline allowing for Big Pharma to advertise using social media.

Even if they don’t, we as users still have the option to block the content like we currently have. I do it with all ads on all of my social media and I do use ABP for everything else.

The brain is like a sponge, the public craves information, sometimes yes to the point of overload, the point is, in today’s world the public is becoming more and more educated…

Soon, gone will be the days of pulling the wool over the sheep’s eyes…

Cristal M Clark

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