Vladimir Putin, Edward Snowden, the nuclear arms race and IKEA

Vladimir Putin, Edward Snowden, the nuclear arms race and IKEA


Edward Snowden –  Russia- United States of America

Some of today’s headlines read:

Trump and Putin agree: Let’s revive the nuclear arms race – The Washington Post

Russia Gives US cold shoulder saying relations between countries ‘frozen’ – CNN

Congress: Snowden is in contact with Russian intelligence – CBSNews

I could go on here but to be honest, all of the articles were about the same.

The Washington Post aside because they actually did a decent job of reporting on the revival of the nuclear arms race, the majority of the rest of the headlines I saw were more about fear mongering and how Edward Snowden is a traitor and must die…


First things first, Congress and US intelligence have absolutely zero proof to back up any claim that Edward Snowden is in contact with any intelligence agency or state sponsored hackers whatsoever, much less Russian intelligence.

Even if he was in touch with Russian intelligence, I am more than positive that he couldn’t possibly be giving them intel that they don’t already have access to or could get access to since Russia seems to employ every single decent hacker in the world these days…at least according to how it’s reported by our Government and our Media here in the US.

If you follow Edward Snowden on Twitter, you may have noticed his tweets today in response to the release of the HPSCI report that was released today, in an attempt to discredit Edward Snowden of course.

Edward Snowden tweeted:

“Sad result of the government’s misguided war on whistleblowers: it undermines the credibility of US Intelligence at a time we badly need it.”

And I couldn’t agree more with what he said.

Edward Snowden is a whistleblower, that is in black and white.

Edward could have tried to use the US Government’s whistleblower channels but the reality is that the United States Government has a pretty long history of not protecting whistleblowers regardless of the policy stating that it must.

Besides, he tried to warn the NSA of his concerns and he was blown off.

When will the government decide that the reality is, they need to hold themselves accountable.

The world knows now, the damage is done but rather than face the music it’s this childish behavior of “let’s get the guy who told on us and call him a criminal.”

The whole thing just reminds me of playground bullies who got busted for beating up some kid at recess.

Russia, Russia, Russia.

It’s not exactly a secret that the US has more or less ticked off Russia lately, of course the relationship is frozen and of course Russia wants to build up the nuclear arms programs.

Our Government hasn’t exactly done a stellar job of making sure they build proper relationships with the right world leaders the past few years, especially building a relationship with Vladimir Putin.

Why would Russia want to play in the same sandbox nicely?


So in a speech today, Vladimir Putin may have mentioned that Russia wants to strengthen its nuclear forces and in response to that Donald Trump may have tweeted a little something about doing the same.

Makes sense because you can’t really have a nuclear arms race with yourself…technically of course.

The real news that’s under-reported is that, Russia and the US are not the only countries attempting to strengthen nuclear arms forces.


The best headline in the news today comes from IKEA who has a message for everyone: Please, stop having sleepovers in the stores.”

I get it, if you have ever walked through an IKEA you know what I am talking about here, sometimes it’s like a maze, a long, never ending maze and some of the furniture looks pretty comfy…


Apparently and I had no clue this was even a thing, people are hiding in IKEA stores until closing and then having a sleepover and then sharing the sleepover with social media.

So if your weekend plans included a sleepover at IKEA, the chain really hopes that you have a change of heart, since they prefer you not.

Also, something that I don’t often do, ever, I am sharing the following message from WikiLeaks.
“This Christmas, support those who are unable to spend their holidays freely because they chose to expose the truth. https://couragefound.org/donate/

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