Fake News – the ultimate war machine

Fake News – the ultimate war machine


Israel – Pakistan – fake news- nuclear war

This holiday weekend brought warmth, cheer, celebration and happiness to most, but this past holiday weekend also brought the threat of nuclear war, to the entire world.

The threat was all brought about by one fake news article.

The article that started the spat was published by AWDNews on December 20th, it stated that former Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon was quoted as threatening to destroy Pakistan if it sent troops into Syria.


So, Pakistan Defense Minister Khawaja Asif responded in kind on twitter by tweeting; “Israeli def min threatens nuclear retaliation presuming pak role in Syria against Daesh.Israel forgets Pakistan is a Nuclear state too AH.”

Defense Minister Khawaja Asif thought the original article to be real sadly.


So, in response to Pakistan Defense Minister’s tweet, the Israeli Ministry of Defense responded in kind on Twitter, notifying Asif the Yaalon statement quoted in AWDNews was as you might imagine, completely false.

Pakistan Defense Minister Khawaja Asif again took to Twitter on Christmas night, saying that their nuclear program was only a “deterrence to protect our freedom.”

He did say that his country desired only to coexist in peace…

A lot of people missed the entire spat because they were wrapped up in the holiday spirit and the fake news article did exactly as it set out to do.

It wasn’t about creating worldwide panic, it was to test the waters.

See how far it could push a country to the edge and incite a knee jerk reaction before reason.

Fake news has made headlines these past few months and it has been blamed with affecting real events around the world.

That is, in the grand scheme of things all fake news sets out to do if you are paying attention.

Fake news wants a knee jerk reaction to every article and story that is put out and it is pretty much hugely successful in that endeavor.

It depends on us being gullible, to be persuaded to believe something because in all reality some of it, we want to believe.

It is successful for a variety of reasons the point is, it is speaking to a world that is listening and proof of that is through the threat of nuclear retaliation over something that was never truly said.

Fake news is posting articles that people want to believe. Plain and simple.

It creates an emotional response without reason, which is human, no one researches the article before responding and fake news depends on that and fake news is successful because of that.

The question of the day is simple, how far is too far in terms of fake news?

I could spend a good day alone on my Facebook turning over fake news articles from everything from pet care to celebrity news and still not make a dent in it.

Facebook although I love it, is the biggest offender of allowing fake news to slide right in, of all of the social media giants but… is Facebook to blame?


No, Facebook is not to blame, it is the users that are to blame, those that choose to share the fake news articles, not the social media giant itself.

Facebook is a free service, and therefore they should not be tasked with policing users aside from those that legally are not allowed to be on social media, threaten other users and those who are suicidal. 

What’s more is that some ‘leaks’ have been disguised as fake news and have informed a public of actual facts.

And that further complicates the issue of fake news. 

To me, a fake news article crosses a line when it incites the possibility of nuclear war, violence and harm to others.

That leaves the very loud question, will governments eventually start to hunt down these fake news sites and shut them down much like they shut down parts of the dark web or will governments continue to let them go?  

Because it is not controlled, releases both true and made up news, fake news is the ultimate war machine currently.

Cristal M Clark

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