North Carolina – 19 year old woman found shot to death near her car


Hickory, North Carolina

The body of 19 year old Rhonda Hinson was found several feet away from her car December 23, 1981, after having been shot by someone who was using a high powered rifle, in the middle of the night.  

The case remains unsolved to this day.


Oddly, it would appear that Rhonda had been shot while driving because the bullet passed through the trunk of her car, back seat, driver seat and through to her heart.

Her car was found on the side of the road, drivers side door open but her body was several feet away from the car. 

According to local rumors she did not walk from the car, but rather someone removed her from the car which has left the door of speculation and suspicion wide open ever since.

A witness did come forward and state that they saw a dark colored Trans-AM/Chevy near where Rhonda’s body and car were found.

Folks in town say that investigators questioned everyone with a dark colored Trans-AM/Vehicle yet came up empty handed.

Rhonda’s mother said that her daughter had been acting strangely in the weeks leading up to her murder, she even asked her mother about dating a married man which many speculated meant that Rhonda herself was in fact dating a married man.  

Of course that led to more speculation through the community, many fearing she had been killed over an alleged extramarital affair she had been having with someone.

This is a case that has no forensic evidence, no motive, no weapon, and no witnesses who could identify a suspect.

The biggest question in the case other than who it was that shot Rhonda is why carry her body from her car?

Was it the shooter or another witness and regardless of who, why

Could it have been to make it look as if she was trying to get help or was someone attempting to save her life only to realize it was far too late to do so?

In looking at the area Rhonda was shot in, it was more or less rural at the time of her death. Given the time of year, I would suspect that quite a bit of hunting was going on which included poaching.

According to investigators, they did recover some DNA from a sweater Rhonda had been wearing but let’s be honest, the DNA could be from anyone and not related to her murder at all. She had attended a holiday party the night of her murder.

Some assume that her murder was the work of some psychotic random killer, but I don’t know of many that could pull off such a stroke of luck by shooting a woman through the trunk of her car, in the heart from a great distance using a high powered rifle.

The married man scenario is possible however, they’d do away with the wife before the lover in most cases.

Hunters who practice in the art of spotlighting could be responsible as well. Spotlighting if you don’t know is where a hunter will use a bright light to stun his prey before bringing it down with a bullet or arrow.

My gut says that Rhonda’s murder was a horrible accident.

Either someone was out spotlighting or it was just simply someone out screwing around.

The case for spotlighting doesn’t make a whole lot of sense because she was shot from behind and would have swerved had a bright light appeared in her rear-view mirror thus potentially saving her life.

This was someone who was young at the time, out screwing around, possibly meant to only shoot out a taillight and missed the light, killing the driver.

It very well could have been more than one young man as well. Some witnesses claim to have seen two different individuals near the car around the time of Rhonda’s death.

The individual (s) either tried to save her or hide her in an effort to cover up the accidental shooting.

In either scenario he or they panicked and from that moment on, they went on to live life as if this accident never happened.

But for one, most likely not without torment and pain.

One does not touch death without it affecting them to the very core.

This individual had some shred of decency, some small shred of humanity even though he choose not to come forward.

Because he was young at the time, someone would have seen a change no matter how subtle, in his behavior, it was an accident after all.

This individual was never quite free of the memory of what he had once done.

And it is for that reason that this individual most likely found ways to mask the emotional turmoil he felt for having killed someone.

Because of that, it is possible that he might one day be willing to finally come forward with the truth of what it was he had once done, provided his in the right frame of mind to do so.

For this individual, the burden of what happened is almost at times simply too much to take.

Cristal M Clark

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Denver Detective busted for being high while on the job


Denver, Colorado Police Department 

I know you all see the words Denver and Colorado and you might be thinking “well it is the mile high city so this story makes sense.”

Sadly though, it has nothing to do with that little green herb.

Denver Detective Daniel Wiley-crimeshop.jpeg

Denver Police Detective Daniel Wiley found himself under investigation by Internal affairs in May of this year because he decided to show up to a Fugitive Task Force meeting while under the influence.

Other officers felt that something was up with Daniel after noticing that his speech was slow and slurred.

Since obvious signs of a stroke were out, they figured that just maybe he might be under the influence of something.

In the mile high city the police department has a policy that says if other officers notice that a fellow officer’s appears to be inebriated they must report it immediately to a superior.

After he was reported and tested, it turned out that Daniel was under the influence of opiates. Not an infraction that he could fired for in the event he was prescribed the drugs, legitimately. 

Remember – if he had been prescribed the narcotics because that will come into play soon.

He could have been written up and faced disciplinary actions for not informing his superiors that he was on Hydrocodone, Percocet and Xanax and one other little pill that was not reported to the local media.

At any rate, he admitted to taking percocet daily although he denied that was an addict.

The good detective announced that he would resign from the force this week. I am guessing that is because of this one little fact that he eventually admitted to internal affairs.

It seems that Daniel did not have a prescription for the pills, he was getting them illegally from a family member, a niece I believe.  

He claimed to still be suffering pain from a year old bicep injury and also hinted that a recent divorce may have had something to do with the need for the pills.

I am not sure about the rest of you but the pain management issue I get but when you throw things in like a divorce into the mix, it sounds a lot like an addict.

Someone who has issues with the ability to cope with things that happen that cause stress not psychical pain. 

Daniel happened to resign before internal affairs could bring any disciplinary action against him and no charges have been filed….yet.

The department has not said one way or another if Daniel or his drug supplier will be charged.


Some of the pills Daniel had at the time he was suspended from driving and admitted to taking daily, happen fall under Schedule II of the Controlled Substances Act.

Schedule II drugs on the Controlled Substances Act are defined as:

High Risk of Abuse

High Risk of Physical and Psychological addiction.

Examples of those drugs are: oxycodone (OxyContin, Percocet), fentanyl, meperidine (Demerol), methadone (Dolophine), hydromorphone (Dilaudid)

In Colorado, the criminal penalties depend on the type and amount of Controlled Substances involved.

Controlled Substance possession crimes are classified as petty offenses, misdemeanors, or felonies again depending on the amount and use of the drugs found on the suspect. 

Just because he resigned does not mean that he should not still be charged just like your average addicted citizen would be, had he or she been caught abusing prescription medication they obtained illegally.

His niece should also be charged just the same as anyone else’s supplier would be if they too were caught or known to investigators.

Remember, cops are not above the law and when they too break the law they should face the same consequences anyone else would.

Besides how would it look if they were openly, selectively enforcing the law?

Cristal M Clark

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Denver, Colorado – Where its a crime to be homeless

denver police take homeless blankets-crimeshop.jpeg

Denver, Colorado

homeless sweeps-denver-Crimeshop.jpg

So, in Denver in case you haven’t heard, the City outlawed “Urban Camping” which resulted in multiple sweeps to remove the homeless camps throughout the city.

Meaning, the police would swoop in and confiscate things like, tents, tarps, blankets, clothing, sleeping bags, etc from the homeless in an effort to force them to…stop being homeless of course.   

According to the Urban Dictionary, Urban Camping is defined as: “camping in an urban setting by sleeping on rooftops, under bushes, and in public parks.”

According to a Medical Dictionary Urban Camping is defined as (and I truly love this one): “A flippant term for homelessness.”

The National Health Care for The Homeless, defines homeless as: “an individual who lacks housing (without regard to whether the individual is a member of a family), including an individual whose primary residence during the night is a supervised public or private facility (e.g., shelters) that provides temporary living accommodations, and an individual who is a resident in transitional housing.”

“A homeless person is an individual without permanent housing who may live on the streets; stay in a shelter, mission, single room occupancy facilities, abandoned building or vehicle; or in any other unstable or non-permanent situation.”

So while the definition of Urban Camping is a play on words, the definition of homeless is not, it is the reality of the situation.

Being homeless and living on the streets is technically not the same thing as “urban camping,” yet cities across the nation have tried and failed to outlaw this thing called “Urban Camping” which is basically a passive-aggressive way to outlaw being homeless.

To get to that conclusion I just looked at the the definition of camping: “the activity spending a vacation living in a camp, tent, or camper.”


The last time I checked, being homeless was not a vacation.


On Saturday of last week Denver Mayor Michael Hancock announced that police should not take blankets and other items from the homeless after video surfaced across the web showing Denver Police taking blankets and other items from the homeless camped out on Denver sidewalks during last weeks cold and snowy weather.

Out of the kindness of the Mayor’s heart, he suggested that police allow the homeless to keep blankets, sleeping bags, tents, tarps and the like during the cold, wet months.

Well, we cannot rob the poor because the wealthy don’t want to look at them, because the wealthy don’t like what they see.

If we don’t like human suffering, we need to find a way to end it, without causing and inflicting shame, harm and mental trauma.

Start by asking some of the homeless if they want to be homeless, find productive ways to help those that don’t want to be homeless and find ways to better assist those that want to continue to be homeless because quite a few do want to be homeless like it or not.

9News in Denver did a story a few weeks ago about a homeless man who wanted to continue to be homeless, he liked it even though he got arrested a lot.

We cannot make the choice for this man to change his wayward ways if it’s not what he wants to do, it’s his choice.

We cannot force anyone who wants to be homeless to stop being homeless or into shelters that are unclean, filthy and unsafe.

Encampment enforcement

Build better shelters, ones that replace all bedding every night and day so they are cleaner and bedbug free.

Arm those shelters with police or armed guards so that they are safe and so as to ensure the personal belongings of each homeless person is not stolen by another.

Better yet, build outdoor shelters so that the homeless can take their own personal belongings with them, equip them with portable outdoor heaters for colder months and supply armed officers to keep those that utilize the space safe.

Employ the city cleaning crews to go clean the outdoor shelters daily.

Work with local business owners and encourage them to stop selling alcohol to the homeless in the area.

The point is, we cannot force someone off of the streets, we cannot bus them away, so it’s time to start to better address the issues of the homeless in Denver without causing them undue harm.

If the residents and business owners really want something done about the homeless in the area, make them pay for better ways to assist the homeless.

Something that is not a passive-aggressive way of outlawing being homeless.

I use this one a lot “The problem is not the problem; the problem is your attitude about the problem.”

And that perfectly sums up the City of Denver’s idea’s about addressing and then solving the city’s homeless problem.


We cannot and should not punish the homeless for being homeless regardless of whether or not we try to dress it up by calling it “Urban Camping.”

Being homeless is not the same as as a vacation, living on the streets is not camping, urban or otherwise no matter how you try to dress it up.

It’s time that the City of Denver learn to address the homeless problem by addressing it as exactly what it is, instead of what it is not.

Cristal M Clark

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US Federal Bureau of Investigation – gets sued


Freedom of Information Act

Bring on the lawsuits

Last week it was announced that a prominent LA lawyer was suing the FBI seeking information on the warrant that led to its seizure of Anthony Weiner’s computer in the Hillary Clinton email case.

The famed lawyer happens to be L.A. based E. Randol Schoenberg, a former president of the Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust, who was able to successfully reclaim Jewish owned art that was looted by the Nazis.

His interest in the case came about due to the timing of the announcement of the warrant, which happened to be just days away from the election.

Randol seems to think that maybe the FBI did not have probable cause and more importantly that, he suspects that someone working for Donald Trump may have provided a false lead to the FBI.

That accusation in and of itself is pretty serious.

On the other side of the fence we have Vice who announced today that they were suing the FBI for details into Trump, the Clintons and of course Breibart News.

Vice wants to learn more about the FBI’s disclosures, those bothersome behind the scenes deals and of the actions that they took throughout the Clinton email investigations, and those rather pesky leaks that came days before the election.

Vice would like for the FBI to release or be forced to release details that might help to clear up the FBI’s crucial role as well as the role of other agencies in what might possibly go down as one of the most controversial presidential elections in US history.

Some of what the Vice FOIA lawsuit is looking for the FBI to disclose seems to be pretty specific and straight forward:

The possibility of the FBI violating the Hatch Act by allegedly using its authority to influence the course of a Presidential election

Information about those leaks by the FBI to the media and political operatives with regards to FBI investigations of Hillary

Any and all itel pertaining to the FBI’s communications with Breibart news and it’s chairman Steve Bannon, former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski, Fox News and it’s hosts Bret Baier and Sean Hannity, former NYC mayor and adviser to Trump, Rudy Giuliani and Republican strategist and Trump campaign adviser Roger Stone.

White nationalist Richard Spencer and his National Policy Institute and the so called “alt-right”

And finally, Vice would really like to know more about the FBI’s alleged internal discontent with regards to how the bureau handled the Hillary Clinton Investigations.

Judicial Watch did already start a lawsuit back in October seeking Videos of Depositions in Hillary Clinton Email Case.

Others are lining up to have FBI Director James Comey and the FBI investigated and sued. So this list, it’s might just grow.


While it’s highly frowned upon, Director James Comey may have been influenced to handle things the way he did by others. Others that are higher up in the food chain than he is. 

He may also have had bad intel to work with too.

In the end the question really becomes:

Will the lawsuits prove fruitful or will they simply leave more questions than answers on the table?

President Obama, employes individuals that work at the pleasure of the president.

President Elect Donald Trump will have individuals working for him, that also work for the pleasure of the president.

The issues that we face are, one leader is leaving the oval office and so is his team while another stepping into the oval office, bringing his own team on board and both have differing agendas.

While some truths may come to light, others may never be known to anyone outside of certain circles regardless of who gets sued, particularly when one is suing the US Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Cristal M Clark

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US Presidential Election – Time for a Real Investigation


President of the United States

Over the last week we’ve seen headlines ranging from Russian Hackers swung the 2016 US Presidential Election, Fake News swung the 2016 Presidential Election, to James Comey caused Hillary Clinton to lose the 2016 Presidential Election.


Now some of the electors are pushing to have an intelligence report on Trump to see if he is even fit to serve given his relationship with Russia and ties to Russia and it’s government, this after several electors heard that the intelligence community believes that Russia may have influenced this election.


The media is reporting on it, President Obama asked the CIA to investigate it, but also asked them not to disclose the findings with the public, members of the CIA have come forward indicating that Russia somehow hacked or was able to swing the election in Donald Trump’s favor, and Sen. Harry Reid accused FBI Director James Comey of covering up a Russian hack of the 2016 Presidential Election…


Initially, the accusations were about fake news being the reason Hillary lost the election and I felt that was absurd because the reality is, if someone believes in the fake news story no matter what it is, it is because they want to, they want to believe the story that was told.

The idea that the mainstream media, fake news/disinformation from the media or a news outlet in any way, shape or form, drives public opinion is absurd to me.

That amounts to telling the public they are mindless fools who can’t possibly make a decision without CNN or Fox News or any media outlet telling them what that decision should be.

If anyone believes that the media is really all that influential, they should get out and start talking to real people without a camera rolling…

But here we are, once again and more seriously questioning the 2016 Presidential Election and Donald Trump’s Win. 


Enough is enough already, if anyone feels that the election was somehow hacked by Russia or Russian hackers, or compromised in any way, prove it instead of simply going to the media and reporting to them what is only speculation or theory.

Prove it, do something about it and call it good.

If no-one has proof of anything it’s time to drop it and move the hell on already.

As to James Comey? Harry Reid needs to lay off of the viagra and then going after the director of the FBI. The Director should be the least of Harry Reid’s worries at this stage.

The entire campaign leading up to the election made America look like a joke in the eyes of other nations, not to mention a great many american citizens, but this takes the cake if anyone within the US Government thinks, suspects or feels, that the US Presidential Election was somehow compromised by outside influences and yet those individuals are doing nothing to prove it.

Save for confuse voters and create distrust with the election process…right before a new leader is poised to head into office.

IF Donald Trump did not win the election rightfully, then something must be done and it must be done before he sets one foot into the oval office.

Of course Donald Trump, the Republican party and those that voted for him feel that he won fairly, however, the accusations that are now circulating are bit more serious than just fake news and disinformation.

These types of accusations warrant an investigation.

If those that are talking currently have no proof of anything, then it’s time to let it go already so that we can end the year peacefully and with some shred of faith in the election process.

Many citizens across this nation had already lost faith in the election process, with the new accusations it’s gotten worse.

This is not something to leave on the table right before a new leader heads into office, especially when the accused is a foreign state, a very powerful foreign state.

Either way, enough is enough.

It is time to begin a proper investigation if for no other reason than it is, the responsibility of the United States Government to restore public trust in the election process, particularly since the United States Government had a very large hand in tarnishing that trust.

Cristal M Clark

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Catholic Priest Murdered – Dane, Wisconsin


Catholic Church-Murder 

Father Alfred Kunz was found brutally murdered March 4, 1998 with his throat slit inside of St. Michael Catholic Church and his death remains unsolved today despite a plethora of reasons why someone might have wanted him dead.


One of those rumors was that he had been killed by “Luciferians” and it’s been said that Father Kunz felt that his life was in danger in the weeks before his murder.

Another rumor was that Father Kunz’s friend, Abbot Ryan St. Anne Scott felt that his murder was related to Father Kunz’s investigation of sexual abuse scandals in the diocese.


It was widely known that Father Kunz was displeased about the hierarchy covering up sexual abuse within the church.

Another was that he had many married female lovers so perhaps his killer might have been a jealous husband. Although, given the viciousness of the crime, it is highly unlikely that a jealous husband committed the murder.

He was found with his throat slit caused by an edged weapon which severed the carotid artery. The killer knew the church well enough to navigate it late at night or early in the morning.

The killer also knew Father Kunz’s habits well enough to get in and kill him and then leave without a soul seeing them.

Father Kunz in all likelihood knew and trusted his killer and his killer did know the surrounding area. 

The most prominent theory is that Father Kunz was killed because he knew too much. That theory is based off of the fact that Father Kunz had been investigating alleged sexual abuse by other men in the priesthood.

The theory is a rather disturbing one because that implies, if it proves to be true that another priest, the Catholic Church in part or as a whole or even worse, a victim could have very well been responsible for Father Kunz’s death.  

Out of all of the theories however, I believe Father Kunz was murdered because of his investigations into alleged abuse.

Either he knew too much and someone wanted him dead because of that or he didn’t do enough in someone’s mind and because of that, he was murdered.

In 2009, investigators with the Dane County sheriff’s department said that they have a long-time suspect, who has never been named simply because they lack sufficient evidence to indict him, but that they knew where the suspect was located.

According to investigators that particular suspect left town shortly after murder of Father Kunz and that is a pretty classic move for the non-serial killer type to have made.

Since Father Kunz’s throat was slit I am certain that some type of forensic evidence was left at the crime scene.

The killer does not strike me as the type that would have ensured he left no evidence behind and he most certainly does not strike me as the type of have brought his own containment suit.

The suspect did sustain some injuries particularly to his hands, so I am quite positive that a struggle did ensue and that DNA from the killer was left at the crime scene.

People who knew Father Kunz describe him as a gentle and caring individual, who cared deeply for others.

Maybe the church would be so kind as to push harder in an effort to find out who killed one of their own?

But, maybe the reason the church has not pushed as hard as they can is because even they fear the truth coming to light.

Cristal M Clark

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Scotland Yard finds way around iPhone Encryption


Scotland Yard – Metropolitan Police 

In a whole new twist, it appears that Scotland Yard agents have discovered a way around that pesky iPhone encryption.

Admittedly, I believe the solution to be rather creative…and it’s actually legal…for now.

Here in the US, the FBI and many law enforcement agencies across the nation face a backlog of unattainable evidence that is locked in encrypted devices.

Unfortunately, in most cases they have not been granted permission to have a backdoor created so as to get to the evidence, so in many cases our law enforcement is left empty handed.


But Scotland Yard managed to find a pretty creative way around the issue of encryption.

As it turns out, the agents arranged a little pre-arrest mugging so that they could obtain the suspects iPhone while it was unlocked, as opposed to confiscating it after an arrest, when it would be locked of course.

The idea is to grab the phone right out of the suspects hands while he or she is using it, during a staged mugging. Sort of like what happened when agents swooped in on the creator of Silk Road, Ross Ulbricht.

With Ross it was get him before he closed his laptop. Either way, the solution to iPhone’s encryption is pretty creative to say the least.

Technically speaking of course it is in all reality, committing a crime to fight crime. Which could be argued in courts.

In the US we have this Supreme Court rule (the Riley Decision), that says that law enforcement cannot search phones without a warrant but the decision is often interpreted different ways by different courts.

One court found that simply opening a flip phone without a warrant violated the decision so most law enforcement agencies play it by the book the best that they can which means they don’t try to mess with the device until the paperwork to do so clears.

And, as you might guess that can take so much time that it becomes hardly worth the wait, let alone money it costs to get the backdoor created, and the time, then the effort.

The ruling however, does not specifically cover situations where, let’s say the suspect might be mugged and the mugger is then caught using the device.

I am going to go out on a limb here and say, that I doubt any US law enforcement agencies here will attempt doing this.

The way our legal system works whatever they get off the device would most likely end up as inadmissible in courts across the nation.

Still, kudos to Scotland Yard for finding such a novel way around encryption.

Cristal M Clark

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Donald Trump – Divided States of America


America the Divided

In an interview with Time Donald Trump stated “I’ve done nothing to divide the country.”


He is absolutely right about that, he has done nothing to divide our country, it was already divided and that divide was simply just buried under a rug.

We are responsible for the divide, we as in every American citizen in the United States today.

We are either part of the divide or have chosen to ignore it and do nothing to try to improve it. It is a choice each of us has made, Donald Trump did not decide that for us, he simply played on parts of it during his campaign.

He capitalized on that.

When I was growing up my dad was sort of a racist, it was the era that he was born into and needless to say, he was intolerant of certain races.

He is no longer that way because he made the choice not to be that way, just as someone who grew up in a home that is full of racism can choose at some point in life to walk away from that.

At some point in everyone’s life, we become responsible for choosing how we behave, we become responsible for being intolerant, a racist, a bigot a sexist. We choose those behaviors, we choose our beliefs, no one chooses those for us.  

What Trump managed to do, whether it was planned or not, was that he was able to play into the parts of America that are deeply divided, such as racism, intolerance, sexism and the like because the numbers of American’s who share on those beliefs or types of beliefs is fairly high sadly, even in this day in age.

That is simple mathematics.

Behaviors are always chosen and they are usually driven by individual personal beliefs.

What Donald Trump is failing to realize is that his behaviors, what he has said, what he tweets and has tweeted, those words have power because they are part of behavior, part of his personal beliefs.

And because an entire world watched him get to where he is today, in the minds of many it cleared those ugly behaviors.

People no longer felt the need to hide being a racist, a bigot a sexist, they no longer had to hide the anger, resentment or ugly attitudes and behaviors.

Why? Because Donald Trump didn’t and now he will be the 45th President of the United States.

All of Trump’s words have a tremendous power, in fact back in 2015 journalist Megan Kelly received death threats after Donald released a wrath of nasty tweets directed at her over a question she asked him with regards to some sexist comments he had previously made about women.

He didn’t threaten her himself, but because of his vicious tweets to her and directed at her, other individuals felt that it was okay to openly threaten her life.

Donald trump has the ability to draw out the ugliest behaviors from people with nothing more than mere words because those individuals carry the very same ideals and beliefs that Trump has so enthusiastically spoken to during his campaign, through the use of words and behaviors.

So no, Donald Trump is not responsible for America the Divided because, the beliefs that divide us were already in place long before Donald Trump.

He was able to capitalize on those beliefs.

Regardless, he will be leading a very Divided America.

The real question is, will he lead it by example or will he lead it with more of the same hate speech rhetoric as he has in the past?

To start mending the divide, Trump has to own up to what he has created, in all honesty, it is a bit of a hateful monster at this stage.

Cristal M Clark

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CIA torture needs to have more torture – according to one of its architects


US Central Intelligence Agency

According to one of the CIA’s top architects who created the CIA’s now defunct torture program, the CIA needs a torture program now, more than ever.


James Mitchell who is one of the CIA’s 2 psychologists who helped develop the ill fated torture program which included delights like waterboarding, rectal feeding, sleep deprivation, physical abuse and the like, is now defending those programs.

Oddly, as I wrote about earlier this year, it was the blame game when the CIA and the two psychologists were being sued, they pointed the finger at one another. Quite a change in attitude to blame the CIA for the poorly run program to saying something like “hey, we need more of it.”

According to Mitchell, “if waterboarding were torture, they wouldn’t have had to pass a law in 2015 outlawing it because torture is already illegal.”

So because Mitchell thinks, that waterboarding or other forms of abuse so as to illicit a response from a subject should not be considered torture if the abuse is directed at someone with ties to terrorist organizations and groups?

Anyone can dream up ways to torture someone, killers do it all the time, it’s called changing the name of the game, doing something new…trying something different. It doesn’t mean that the new idea won’t be considered torture at some point because let’s face it, torture is torture.  

I have to admit, it’s not often that I say this but I am am utterly speechless at the amazing amount of stupidity that oozes out of Mitchell.  

It is easy to dream up ways to get an answer out of someone, the problem is that you never truly know if you got the truth out of someone, meaning just because you tortured them or abused the answer out of them, it is a far cry from being able to walk away knowing that one received the absolute truth.

Studies have proven that if you torture someone enough they will say anything just to make it stop.

Confusing individuals by abusing them never gets the truth in all reality…

The American Psychological Association also provided a rather painfully scathing report about Mitchell’s torture program and for his role in the torture programs and the guy is so pompous that his response was “Those people are not part of my life, I don’t care what they think. It has zero impact on my life and I don’t care.”

The downside to all of this…


President Elect Donald Trump and his pick to lead the Pentagon Gen. James Mattis are very much for such torture programs. Trump vowed to bring back waterboarding and much worse during his days in the oval office in an effort to fight terrorism.

The sad part is with most of the terrorist groups we face these days, those guys are on suicide missions, so they most likely won’t give anyone a damn thing and let our government kill them during the process of torture.

What’s worse is that in a study conducted by the International Committee of the the Red Cross, nearly half of Americans think torture is acceptable, further more they found that the US was just one of the handful of countries that is enthusiastic about using it.

It becomes questionable once you cross the line of being humane and turn into a monster.

For a man as seemingly brilliant as Mitchell, you would think he could come up with a more advanced way of gaining the answers he and the CIA want, ways that are smarter than torture because let’s face it, torture is a rather primitive way to get answers.

Quite frankly, his torture tactics are pathetic for someone who is most certainly smart enough to be thinking at an advanced level.

Cristal M Clark

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