Federal Appeals Court – Clears domestic spying of a would be bomber


Portland, Oregon

Surveillance to initially identify the suspect did not actually require a warrant in this case according to a US Appeals Court.


Would be Christmas Tree bomber Mohamed Osman Mohamud lost his bid to have his case overturned because of the lack of a warrant, the one that was used to identify him, before he actually blew anything up.

During today’s ruling from the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals the Court also rejected an entrapment argument that had been raised by Mohamed’s lawyers.

Somali Teenager Arrested Over Attempted Car Bombing

Mohamed is a Somali-American who was accused of trying to blow up a 2010 lighting ceremony in Portland Oregon.

As luck would have it, undercover FBI agents posed as jihadis and gave Mohamud the means to conduct the operation or so Mohamed thought, the FBI had the forethought to give him bogus stuff.

Mohamed was subsequently found guilty and sentenced to 30 years in prison.

It is believed that Mohamed who came to America when he was just 3, was radicalized over an incident back in 2008 where he felt that he was racially profiled at London Heathrow airport.

As Mohamed’s bad luck turned out, he had made friends with Amro Al-Ali, a Saudi national whom he had met at a Portland Mosque. Amro was being watched by the FBI, which of course Mohamed did not know.

Mohamed’s own father expressed concerns about his son to the FBI and confirmed the email address they had obtained by going over Amro’s emails, as being Mohamed’s.

So with the email address the FBI was able to initiate contact with Mohamed.

From that point on, he gave them everything unbeknownst to him of course.

The FBI was able to pull this off utilizing the little heard about Section 702 of the FISA Amendments Act.

Mohamed really didn’t have a leg to stand on here because his email was only intercepted incidentally, which meant that the FBI did not require a warrant at the time.

Not to mention that Amro, was not a US citizen therefore he and any communications in and out of his email were not protected under the Fourth Amendment Right.

Mohomed and his legal team could, if they wanted to ask the 9th Circuit re-hear the appeal with a full panel of judges or take it to the Supreme Court.

This is a super touchy subject for quite a few people these days.

But this is the perfect example of the Government using domestic spying/surveillance powers the right way.

I’ve often asked my readers if they would change the overall opinion each has towards the Government’s use of domestic spying/ mass surveillance if the Government was able to stop a mass shooting/bombing or other type of attack that threatened the lives of innocent Americans.

I have often posed the argument that in today’s world, domestic spying and mass surveillance are both a necessary evil.

In the case of Mohamed Osman Mohamud, the FBI was able to stop this would be bomber and saved the lives of innocent Americans.

Cristal M Clark

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The cyber-attack that exposed the internet’s security issues



I keep seeing headlines pop up that hint at a large scale cyber attack that is inevitable, warnings that cyber criminals are hiding in every nook and cranny on the web, the next DDoS attack will be bigger and better. Recently a hacker attacked the San Francisco Muni Transportation System, Russia’s Central Bank was just hacked for $31 million…

Usually Cyber Criminals have no face. We never know why or who it was that brought down a network, hijacked/spoofed an email address and stole money, or who might have held a network for hostage.

We almost always never figure out who was truly behind a large scale DDoS attacks, like the one a few months back that knocked out half the internet using IoT.

DDoS attacks, have been around for quite some time…but does anyone know who really brought them into the spotlight?

jk08 1009 mafia boy 067

Meet Michael Calce, aka: Mafiaboy, a high school student from West Island, Quebec

Back in February 2000, a 15-year old Canadian boy who went by the name Mafiaboy, liked playing around with botnets, and he happened to program his botnet to attack the highest traffic websites that he could find.

CNN, Yahoo, Amazon, eBay, Dell, Fifa.com and E*TRADE.

That move brought DDoS attacks into a worldwide spotlight.

He also launched a series of failed simultaneous attacks against 9 of the 13 root name servers.

The FBI and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police first noticed Mafiaboy when he bragged in IRC chatrooms that he was in fact, responsible for the attacks.

He became the ideal suspect when he claimed to have brought down Dell’s website, an attack that had not been publicized at that time.

If you look at Mafiaboy’s DDoS attack it pales in comparison to today’s versions, but it serves as a constant reminder that anyone including a 15 year old with an axe to grind and some knowledge about how to hack, can launch a cyber attack using a botnet.

Botnets are what makes DDoS attack’s so successful, they can make DDoS attacks the ultimate smoke screen.

They have been used to punish organizations like Spamhaus, hackers launched an attack on Spamhaus for adding Cyberbunker to it’s spam list. Spamhaus creates blacklists that help email providers such as Google block spam from known ip addresses, servers etc.

Paypal, Visa and Mastercard were also punished back in 2011 for failing to release donations to WikiLeaks.


Government’s have been attacked, as well as attacked each other using DDoS and a botnet, online gaming sites have been attacked, hospitals, businesses, banks etc.

They even have companies that offer DDoS attacks on competitor sites for a pretty decent price.

What’s truly concerning however, is that while some of the DDoS attacks seem sort of inconvenient or funny, even deserving in some cases, they can also be used as a smokescreen to camouflage or draw attention away from other criminal activity, such as stealing data from the victim’s network.

DDoS attacks went from simply bogging down an entire network, to becoming the newest way to mask the real score taking or stealing things to an all new level.


And while you are thinking of all of the bad things, sometimes the attacks have been used for the common good, by exposing truths about our governments.

Cristal M Clark

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President Obama – Democratic party lost because of Fox News?


How the Democratic party really lost 2016

In a pretty recent interview with Rolling Stone, President Obama took the liberty of casting part of the blame for the Democrats losing the election on…Fox News of all things.


“I think that part of it has to do with our inability, our failure, to reach those voters effectively. Part of it is Fox News in every bar and restaurant in big chunks of the country, but part of it is also Democrats not working at a grassroots level, being in there, showing up, making arguments.”

Fox News huh?

Neither party is perfect, just as no president is. Part of what President Obama said is true..but Fox News?

Point blank, the Democrats who were the voice of the working class for decades, just simply stopped being that voice and the working class noticed that.

American voters for the better part of a year by the way, have been showing both parties just how much we dislike that blame game nonsense anyway.

Take ownership of your shit, we don’t need excuses and we most certainly don’t want to hear or see blame.

The bottom line is pretty simple, the Democrats stopped representing the working class a long time ago because they focused more on issues that were of no benefit to the working class, and also focused on issues that ended up hurting the working class and many, many small business owners.

Democrats got, sloppy, greedy and out of line.

The reality is that Donald Trump represents a new way of thinking in terms of what types of individual american’s are willing to vote into office, meaning many american’s are tired of career politics who have bureaucracy ingrained into them, who are unwilling to change and bend as a society tries to grow and thrive.

Voters wanted to see politics in this country overhauled, they wanted change.

Voters wanted to see rules in place that are better designed to protect this country’s people, from its politicians who tend to, as history has shown over and over again, become complacent and stop representing the people.

Voters were willing to put aside long held beliefs, such as pro-life or pro-choice, opening our borders, they were even willing to put aside personal feelings over how they felt about some of the rather embarrassing, sexist, bigoted and racist things Donald Trump said.

Quite a few voters even stepped over to a party they swore they’d never vote for because, they wanted to vote for the person that they felt better related to the american working class.

The guy who heard what the working class had been asking for.

cnn-clinton news network-crimeshop.jpg

Some in the media practiced in bias reporting, for instance they were clearly either on Donald’s side or Hillary’s and that was pretty even. For instance CNN was very clearly pro-Hillary.

But to place part of the blame on Fox News or any media outlet is ludicrous.

The Democrats lost because they stopped being the voice of the American Working Class.

And that, happened to cost the working class in this country.

So, they voted for the person they felt better related to the american working class.

Democrats would do really well here to take a step back and learn the lesson that was so clearly taught through Donald Trump’s winning the 2016 Presidential Election.

The winner had nothing to do with CNN, Fox News, Fake News, or any news.

When you stop representing your people, they will eventually, in turn stop representing you.

Cristal M Clark

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