Donald Trump and his Divided America  

President Donald Trump Signs Executive Orders

President of the Divided States of America

This past week or more rather since the day President Donald Trump took office, I have received a few messages asking me why I am not all over the headlines?

President Donald Trump has thus far, kept his word in that what he promised he would do while he was on the campaign trail, he is actually doing.

What politician has ever really done that?

Aside from that, the reason to answer my readers who have written in about why I am not all over the headlines is that I am in dismay over it all.

I cannot truthfully say if I am more shocked that President Trump has managed to keep his word or that he is actually going through with what he promised while on the campaign trail.


Whenever I go through my social media I have to do a little mental prep work first because I see both sides of the coin, those that support President Trump and those that do not.

This nation was already deeply divided and that divide deepens as each day passes, some are delighted to see us taking these giant steps back in time instead of progress forward while others are hurting.  

At the same time, it is very easy to condemn President Donald Trump because I am not in his shoes. The reality is that, he is simply making decisions the only way he knows how to, which is a matter of differing opinions between american citizens and President Trump.

Either way, I cannot recall his exact words but just shortly before former President Obama left office he left some parting words for his fellow Democrats with regards to them watching out for the american people.

Donald Trump regardless of his political party should also pay very close attention to those words.


It is “We the People,” not Donald Trump and his team turning the US Presidency into a complete joke.

The vast majority of the American People no longer tolerate hate, bigotry, sexism, shutting the door on other nations rather than work with them and rude, deplorable behavior no matter how it is dressed up, like in the case of Donald Trump becoming the 45th President of the United States.

The american people are learning rather quickly that we do in fact have a voice, a really, really loud voice and when used in the right way, Trump may be learning that indeed, even the exits at the White House are so very clearly marked.

Cristal M Clark

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Murderer beheads victim


The Orchard Apartment Murders – Houston Texas

By today’s standards, decapitation is pretty rare unless you are in Mexico, the cartels don’t seem to mind decapitating a victim at all.

That said, it is a pretty rudimentary and crude way to kill someone but for this killer, it seems that he likes to take the heads as trophies or as proof in the event the murders were a for hire event or as a way to send a pretty clear message to someone.


July 27, 1975 33 year old Alys Elaine Rankin’s coworker Bob Smith arrived at her apartment to pick her up for work because her car was in the repair shop. Upon walking up to her door, Bob noticed that the door was open slightly, feeling uneasy about the situation he entered her apartment.

Bob found Alys naked in her bed with her feet tied together, and a pillow had been covering her upper body. Now I can’t say why Bob didn’t run, but he did not flee the room, he instead removed the pillow and found that his coworker had been decapitated.  

During the investigation through the blood trail, police discovered that the killer did in fact take Alys’s head with him.

According to some websites, Alys had been sexually assaulted but that has yet to be confirmed by police. In most cases involving decapitation, the killer does not sexually assault the victim.

The killer however, did not seem to have a care in the world if anyone saw him as he carted her head off to his awaiting car. That tells me pretty clearly however that she had been killed during the night or early morning, hence before daylight.

What makes this case take a rather intriguing turn is that exactly two weeks later the body of Mary Michael Calcutta was found, just two floors above Alys’s apartment.

Mary was found in her bathroom, fully clothed, but she had been stabbed, and her throat was cut. Through the rumor mill many have said she had been sexually assaulted but, I doubt that the killer would have taken the time to redress her given the brutality of the Alys’s murder.

I doubt it’s the same killer, more likely someone who found an opportunity and a way to express himself in the shadow of a more brutal crime. The person he murdered Mary did not have the nerve to actually decapitate her.

Getting back to Alys however, her murder is so vicious and ugly that I almost wonder who she knew in her personal life that might have been the reason behind her murder.

Decapitation is usually a form of murder that is used to send a very clear message and it is rarely used as a practice kill. Then again the murderer may have simply always wanted to decapitate someone, however unlikely that outcome may be. 

I’ve had the opportunity to know some truly remarkable individuals in my life who appear to everyone on the outside, to have their shit together. But once you look inside and peel back the layers, you start to see some pretty scary stuff.

Stuff that is deadly and dangerous, things people are good at hiding from loved one’s like siblings, parents and even close friends.

Every door can be opened even if it’s locked, it is just a matter of finding the right key.

This case has hope because I believe if investigators are to solve the case they need to peel back the layers of Alys’s life. 

The questions here are, who was the message intended for and what was the message about?

Cristal M Clark

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Denver Police to Fight Violent Extremism


Denver Police Department – Colorado

So, last week I read somewhere that the Denver Police Department was given a grant of $240K in an effort to fight violent extremism.

Extremism is defined as – the holding of extreme political or religious views; fanaticism.

And it is not always easy to see at first glance.

I like many others started thinking what the justification is behind the grant?

Well here’s your answer, the funding was provided by the Department of Homeland Security in an effort to help officers “root” out extremists and to combat terrorism.

Something Denver has yet to have had any major type of issue with what so ever, right? At least on the surface right because when applying for the grant the Denver Police Department stated that in the year 2016 they had to investigate 5 cases of “potential” homegrown terrorists.


I could not find the specifics for those 5 cases and that might be due to ongoing investigations still or it could be that they were unfounded or that the department had to turn intel over to the FBI or another agency.

The application also just so happened cite previous domestic terrorism cases, which were the Columbine High School shooting, the Aurora movie theater shooting, and the Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood shooting.

With a grand finale of 2, 2014 cases of local girls being recruited by ISIS in an effort to support this grant request.

To be completely honest, those were acts of extremism, most of which were violent. Not to mention that the reality is simply that violent extremists are more often than not, home grown for one reason or another. 

The issue that many take with the department being awarded the grant however is that many in the community fear more militarization of police. I completely understand the fear yet, on the other hand in today’s world I am not sure police departments have much choice.

It’s buck up or potentially get slaughtered.

At some point personally, I would expect police to be properly trained in an effort to spot and handle any potential of violent extremism, not stand on the sidelines helpless to help people like you and I.

I am excited to learn how the Denver Police Department plans to use the funds and what the training will look like.

What’s more is that I am curious to see if it will be of any help to thwart acts of violent extremism.

Violent extremism seems to be moving in an upward direction these days and it’s anyone’s guess, not if, but when the next violent mass event will take place in America.

Cristal M Clark

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Kaspersky investigator arrested for treason 


Russia – Kaspersky Labs

Personally this move did not come as a total surprise to me at all. Russia has arrested a top level investigator one Ruslan Stoyanov who happened to be head of computer incidents investigations unit with the Kaspersky cybersecurity firm.


What’s more is that Russia has charged Ruslan with treason although they are not kissing and telling us exactly why they up and arrested him for treason.

Ruslan at one time had been involved in some pretty big arrests pertaining to cybercriminals in Russia.

The details are at best pretty sketchy, Ruslan was arrested alongside one Sergei Mikhailov. Sergei as it so happens did not work for Kaspersky, instead he worked for the FSB.

The FSB is better known as The Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation and it is the principal security agency of Russia.  

The arrests by the way did not just happen. They happened in December or so I am told.  

Investigators are examining money that Ruslan allegedly received from foreign companies or entities which looks a lot like someone might be in the habit of procuring and selling intel and more specifically, working with foreign states.

Which happens to be why I am not surprised by this turn of events.  It is not far fetched that someone working on the inside, particularly with Ruslan’s resume in terms of having worked for Kaspersky but also for the Moscow Cyber Crime Unit at the Russian Interior Ministry, to buy, sell or trade intel, become a hacker or hire hackers and work with foreign states.

This move has left many feeling the arrest of Ruslan to be unprecedented. Arrests for Treason by the way are nothing new in Russia. Many see this particular arrest however, as the destruction of Government relationships with firms like Kaspersky.

Then again, the arrest could be a move in order to drive home a point to the cybersecurity world.

Only time will tell on this one.

Cristal M Clark

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Martin Shkreli sucker punches Big Pharma


Martin Shkreli vs Big Pharma

In a very strange turn of events Martin Shkreli has turned on big pharma and is now airing big pharma’s dirty secrets.

If you don’t recall just who Martin Shkreli is, well he just so happens to be the disgraced ex-CEO of multiple drug companies who became headline news when Martin decided to slightly increase some drug prices and then he faced an indictment for securities fraud.

In a very natural turn of events, big pharma decided to pull away from Martin and try to distance itself from Martin. They have even made bold steps in the form of commercials that aim to leave viewers feeling that big pharma is not like that greedy little Martin Shkreli.


Martin it seems has taken exception to the big pharma distancing itself from him, so Martin has created a brand new website that aims to air all of big pharma’s dirty little secrets so that the world can see, just how greedy and rotten big pharma really is.

Currently, Martin has roughly 26 companies listed in which he has provided some dirt on. He explains how some of the companies are built around price hiking.

The companies typically use price increasing to keen certain drugs profitable, in one case Martin tells about Biogen increasing the price of one drug 21 times and then subsequently pocketing billions yearly.

The biggest shocker is that he outright gave credit to Ovation Pharmaceuticals for having taught him the fine art of price hiking tactics.

Initially I was totally against Martin over what he had done but now, I have to give the guy some credit.

He worked in an industry to groomed him to become a greedy hog, they are doing all that they can to distance themselves from him, yet they are being allowed to continue to price increase certain drugs and then pocket billions.

That dirty little detail is the one thing that big pharma doesn’t want you to know about.

The biggest question in my mind is actually relatively simple:

Will the government start going after big pharma now or will they continue to sit by and allow the abuse?

Cristal M Clark

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Vacation – Mystery and Mayhem


You would think that with this Friday being the Inauguration of our new President, Donald Trump that I’d be all over the events of this week.

Instead, I thought that it would be a really good time to take a little vacation rather than bombard you all with tales of political mayhem and dirty deeds.

I will return on 1/22/17.

Until then, do try to behave yourselves.

Cristal M Clark


Murdered, skinned and cooked


Women who kill

It’s hard to imagine anyone skinning and then cooking parts of another human being, it is even more difficult to imagine a woman doing just that.

human cuts of meat-crimeshop.jpeg

Meet Katherine Knight born in 1955 in Tenterfield, New South Wales, who just so happened to kill and then proceed to cook parts of the man she professed to have loved.

Katherine had a history with domestic violence and she was the aggressor. Judging from her past however, it is not difficult to see how she became someone who could be capable for such a brutal crime.

Katherine’s mother was an adulterous woman, who had an affair with her husband’s co-worker, the affair at the time caused such a scandal that her mother and her lover were forced to move away.

Katherine’s father was known to be abusive and a drunk and he would rape Katherine’s mother. While Katherine’s mother would overshare with her young daughters. She would give them intimate details about sex with Ken, and tell the girls how much she hated men.

As you can imagine, Katherine was not getting a good impression of men during her younger years due to her mother. But to make matters worse for Katherine, she claims that she was sexually assaulted by several members of her family and that is quite possible given her inability to handle certain situations.

It also seems that Katherine’s relationship with her mother was not your typical loving, mother/daughter relationship. Katherine would go on to seek love but the relationships she ended up in never quite lived up to her idea’s of what love had to be.

Katherine dropped out of school at age 15 despite having been described as a good student. She eventually went on to what she described as her dream job, she became a butcher.

Katherine was the dom in her first marriage to one Mr. David Stanford Kellett. She was controlling, abusive and he did as he was told. She was also the tough guy in the relationship, if her husband got into any type of altercation it was Katherine who did the ass kicking so as to defend her husband.

Katherine’s mother offered David the following motherly advice with regards to her daughter; “You better watch this one or she’ll fucking kill you. Stir her up the wrong way or do the wrong thing and you’re fucked, don’t ever think of playing up on her, she’ll fuckin’ kill you.”

The marriage to David did not start off well, Katherine tried to strangle David the night of the their wedding because fell asleep instead of have sex with her. Keep in mind they did in fact already have sex that night…3 times so the guy did need a rest.

Katherine by all accounts completely lost her mind after the birth of her first child, she pushed the baby on train tracks, grabbed an axe and did threaten to kill several people. A few days after that she slashed the face of a woman, took a young boy hostage and was eventually disarmed by police.

Katherine had a little hospital stay for all of that.

After being released she eventually left her husband after having another child. She would later meet David Saunders, where they had a volatile relationship, in fact in 1987 Katherine slashed the throat of David’s dog as an example of what would happen to him if he ever screwed around on her. She then promptly knocked him out with a frying pan.

She had another daughter later, David was the father. Eventually she stabbed David in the stomach. She did not kill him but it would seem that did kill that relationship.

By 1990 she was in a relationship with John Chillingworth, the couple had a son but Katherine left John Chillingworth for John Price.

Poor John Price had not idea what he had gotten himself into. They had a spat it seems over his refusal to marry Katherine so to get him back for that, she videotaped property that John had stolen from his job and sent the tape to John’s boss.

John was promptly fired so he kicked her out. But, he decided to rekindle the relationship months later.

A decision that would prove fatal, in 2000 the violent relationship again ended after Katherine lost it and stabbed John in the chest. He again ended the relationship with her and that did not go over very well with Katherine.

Katherine stabbed John 37 times with a butcher’s knife, she skinned him and then hung his hide from a meat hook in their lounge.

She then decapitated him and put his head in a pot on the stove, baked flesh from his buttocks and cooked vegetables and gravy as side dishes.

She was going to serve him to his children.

Katherine was the first Australian woman to be sentenced to life imprisonment without parole.

Clearly Katherine had a few issues, most of which can be traced right back to her childhood.

Children are impressionable and individuals like Katherine are not simply born that way but rather, they are shaped and made into what they will eventually become.

Cristal M Clark

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Donald Trump – and the former MI6 spy who came forward



Christopher Steele – Donald Trump

Last week the world was somewhat stunned by the dossier Christopher Steele had put together which gave sordid details of sexual encounters with prostitutes, real estate deals that amounted to nothing more than bribes and some type of coordination with the Russian’s to help them hack the Democratic party.

Of course nothing has been substantiated, yet the dossier stunned an entire world.

The dossier seemed to have tarnish even more the world’s already the tarnished views and feelings about Donald Trump in picture perfect clarity, substantiated tales or not.

For many, the dossier did not damage Donald Trump’s image but rather it just confirmed the image that many already have of him.

Christopher Steele, a former MI6 spy served in Paris and Moscow was procured to compile the dossier back in 2015 because a rather wealthy Republican who did not like the idea of Trump running for president decided to shell out some hard cold cash to check into Trump’s past more importantly, his relationship with Russia.

Still the same, the dossier at some points was a rather bit outlandish with accusations pertaining to President Elect, Donald Trump, while other findings seemed perfectly plausible because they truly speak to Donald Trump’s character.

Many throughout the media are claiming the dossier truly damaged Trump as he gathers his footing to head into office, others stand with Trump on the issue.


I get that Donald Trump is a new idea, he is a different beast from the normal run of the mill politician, I can see how someone might want to cleverly damage his presidency along with his image.

Anyone with some clout can put together a dossier that is either favorable or not favorable, we as individuals must then decide what we take away from that is, if anything.

He is a very easy target for anyone who seeks only to keep things as they are. My readers know, I do not always like or agree with Trump, but I do like to see things changed up once they have become stagnant.

Not to mention that quite frankly, Trump is powerful I get that but, helping these so called Russian hackers out…well that is pretty far fetched.

We must figure out if part of or any of what we read or is true and sometimes that means going out of our way to learn or dig for the information ourselves so as to discover the truth instead of being spoon fed information.

We have become a society that likes to be spoon fed information without questioning it.

We absorb it and act upon it with a heartbeat which can be a very bad thing.

As for Christopher Steele, well he has suddenly gone into hiding because of the release of intel last week.

Donald Trump has blasted the release which does not and should not come as a surprise to anyone, the man is about to officially take on being President of the United States of America.

Personally I have to question  things that are released right before Donald Trump heads into office.

I tend to compare it to the crazy ex who just seeks to only get back at you.

As for society here in the US, the dossier has has left some to question whether or not they made the right choice in electing Donald Trump as our next leader.

You can only judge a man based of the actions that which you have personally witnessed.

Everything else is just hearsay.

Cristal M Clark

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Russia Admits Hacking the GOP?


Russia – hacking – RNC

No Russia did not admit to hacking anything here in america and they’d really like for america to stop accusing them of it. 

Vladimir Putin-Crimeshop.jpg

It’s enough already…

To be honest, I am kind of with them on this one.

Truthfully, I am still only seeing lip service provided by intelligence officials here in america. I have not seen any tangible proof of all of this Russian hacking that went on.

And do know that the NSA is pretty keen to Russian hacking, they’ve seen it and studied it before so they’d be able to catch it…still though.

These hackers released intel in an attempt to sway public opinion with regards to the 2016 US Presidential Election and I agree with that.

That’s per our intelligence here in the US. But do they really know for a fact that was Russia and not an insider instead?

Did it really sway public opinion all that much? Even if it did none of what was released was a threat to national security and it was all true.

What’s more is that officially, election numbers after votes were cast were not hacked and changed in any way.

I know that I like being informed about the person that I am going to vote for and if he or she is dishonest or the party they are part of is dishonest I’d like to know that.

I am an American Citizen, I have a right to full disclosure about the person and his or her party when I am casting my vote.

Whether or not political organizations like it.

But to see Russia get all of this blame is getting rather old. It may or may not have been Russia, either way our own intelligence communities and military have done the very same thing to other nations and countries.

Either way, here in the US our mainstream media and our own government need to start moving away from this ugly, very public blatant way in which they accused another country of something before they actually had any proof at all.

And then the very public threats of punishing Russia, it has just gotten to be so childish.

We expect more from our leaders and intelligence communities tasked with handling these types of investigations. IF you have to punish another country because they hacked into your political systems then do it and do it quietly.

Because our government has made this so public it has made me question more than once if they aren’t just full of it and blaming the wrong party here?


This Russian hacking or just someone hacking nonsense was just not handled very well by our government or our media.

At the end of the day, Donald Trump did not win because of Russian hackers, he won because he is Donald Trump and voters felt that he could be trusted more and that he was capable of doing the job.  

The last thing, the very last thing that any country should be doing is broadcasting to the world about just how vulnerable and unprotected your country really is when it comes to cyber security.

Cristal M Clark

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