Donald Trump’s very bad idea – Dan Coats for director of intelligence

Donald Trump’s very bad idea – Dan Coats for director of intelligence


Donald Trump – US Director of National Intelligence

Trump staffers have said that director of national intelligence is really an unnecessary position to have let alone fill.

It’s rumored that Donald Trump is expected to name former senator (R-Ind.), Daniel Coats Director of National Intelligence.

An idea that comes at a pretty bad time.

Daniel Coats just so happens to be one of the members of Congress who had been banned from Russia back in 2014.

His response to the ban “While I’m disappointed that I won’t be able to go on vacation with my family in Siberia this summer, I am honored to be on this list.”

Daniel Coats is known to have a tough on Russia attitude due his past where he has generally pushed for tougher sanctions against Russia.


That may be the reason that Trump is eyeing him for this unneeded position because Trump has been viewed worldwide as someone that Vladimir Putin and Russia can push around.

This decision may be an attempt to head that off and send a clear message that, that is not going to happen.  

While on the other side, Daniel Coats has been known to support the idea, notion and all thoughts of NSA mass surveillance.


Back in 2013 he defended the NSA surveillance programs.

Recently Trump has been very critical and at times distrusting of intelligence reports indicating that Russia meddled in the the 2016 presidential election.

“Mr. President elect, when you listen to these people, they are the best among us and they are trying to protect us.” Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham, said today in a rather interesting Senate Armed Services Committee hearing with regards to foreign cyber threats.

Which comes on the heels of Trump’s lack of interest in what our intelligence communities have been trying to convey to Trump and his team.

Worse yet is that lack of interest is a concern to other nations. Foreign state leaders have been expressing concern with regards to Trump and his rather laissez-faire attitude towards cyber threats among other issues.

Many are concerned that he simply just does not grasp or understand cyber threats and security.

His lack of respect for our intelligence community also impacts home turf…

Here at home it greatly affects members of the intelligence communities negatively, decreases morale and drives home the idea that our new leader and his team do not trust our current intelligence communities.

That in turn creates issues with regards to low morale within the intelligence communities and risks some of the best and brightest walking out the door.

What’s more is that the american people overall have always had this grey sort of distrust with regards to our intelligence communities, mostly because we don’t always know what they are up to and well the NSA who is one of the members of that community.

The NSA hasn’t really been known to be all that trustworthy as far as the public is concerned.

Right now the nation is deeply divided over whether or not we believe or trust the intelligence community with regards to Russian hacking during the 2016 election.

The push for Daniel Coats really does carry the potential to deepen the public’s distrust in our intelligence communities.

Basically, the move would be the equivalent of killing one bird instead of two, with that stone.

Yesterday Obama was leaving a press conference and was asked by someone what advise he had for the Democratic Party.

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