Donald Trump – and the former MI6 spy who came forward

Donald Trump – and the former MI6 spy who came forward



Christopher Steele – Donald Trump

Last week the world was somewhat stunned by the dossier Christopher Steele had put together which gave sordid details of sexual encounters with prostitutes, real estate deals that amounted to nothing more than bribes and some type of coordination with the Russian’s to help them hack the Democratic party.

Of course nothing has been substantiated, yet the dossier stunned an entire world.

The dossier seemed to have tarnish even more the world’s already the tarnished views and feelings about Donald Trump in picture perfect clarity, substantiated tales or not.

For many, the dossier did not damage Donald Trump’s image but rather it just confirmed the image that many already have of him.

Christopher Steele, a former MI6 spy served in Paris and Moscow was procured to compile the dossier back in 2015 because a rather wealthy Republican who did not like the idea of Trump running for president decided to shell out some hard cold cash to check into Trump’s past more importantly, his relationship with Russia.

Still the same, the dossier at some points was a rather bit outlandish with accusations pertaining to President Elect, Donald Trump, while other findings seemed perfectly plausible because they truly speak to Donald Trump’s character.

Many throughout the media are claiming the dossier truly damaged Trump as he gathers his footing to head into office, others stand with Trump on the issue.


I get that Donald Trump is a new idea, he is a different beast from the normal run of the mill politician, I can see how someone might want to cleverly damage his presidency along with his image.

Anyone with some clout can put together a dossier that is either favorable or not favorable, we as individuals must then decide what we take away from that is, if anything.

He is a very easy target for anyone who seeks only to keep things as they are. My readers know, I do not always like or agree with Trump, but I do like to see things changed up once they have become stagnant.

Not to mention that quite frankly, Trump is powerful I get that but, helping these so called Russian hackers out…well that is pretty far fetched.

We must figure out if part of or any of what we read or is true and sometimes that means going out of our way to learn or dig for the information ourselves so as to discover the truth instead of being spoon fed information.

We have become a society that likes to be spoon fed information without questioning it.

We absorb it and act upon it with a heartbeat which can be a very bad thing.

As for Christopher Steele, well he has suddenly gone into hiding because of the release of intel last week.

Donald Trump has blasted the release which does not and should not come as a surprise to anyone, the man is about to officially take on being President of the United States of America.

Personally I have to question  things that are released right before Donald Trump heads into office.

I tend to compare it to the crazy ex who just seeks to only get back at you.

As for society here in the US, the dossier has has left some to question whether or not they made the right choice in electing Donald Trump as our next leader.

You can only judge a man based of the actions that which you have personally witnessed.

Everything else is just hearsay.

Cristal M Clark

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