Martin Shkreli sucker punches Big Pharma

Martin Shkreli sucker punches Big Pharma


Martin Shkreli vs Big Pharma

In a very strange turn of events Martin Shkreli has turned on big pharma and is now airing big pharma’s dirty secrets.

If you don’t recall just who Martin Shkreli is, well he just so happens to be the disgraced ex-CEO of multiple drug companies who became headline news when Martin decided to slightly increase some drug prices and then he faced an indictment for securities fraud.

In a very natural turn of events, big pharma decided to pull away from Martin and try to distance itself from Martin. They have even made bold steps in the form of commercials that aim to leave viewers feeling that big pharma is not like that greedy little Martin Shkreli.


Martin it seems has taken exception to the big pharma distancing itself from him, so Martin has created a brand new website that aims to air all of big pharma’s dirty little secrets so that the world can see, just how greedy and rotten big pharma really is.

Currently, Martin has roughly 26 companies listed in which he has provided some dirt on. He explains how some of the companies are built around price hiking.

The companies typically use price increasing to keen certain drugs profitable, in one case Martin tells about Biogen increasing the price of one drug 21 times and then subsequently pocketing billions yearly.

The biggest shocker is that he outright gave credit to Ovation Pharmaceuticals for having taught him the fine art of price hiking tactics.

Initially I was totally against Martin over what he had done but now, I have to give the guy some credit.

He worked in an industry to groomed him to become a greedy hog, they are doing all that they can to distance themselves from him, yet they are being allowed to continue to price increase certain drugs and then pocket billions.

That dirty little detail is the one thing that big pharma doesn’t want you to know about.

The biggest question in my mind is actually relatively simple:

Will the government start going after big pharma now or will they continue to sit by and allow the abuse?

Cristal M Clark

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