Kaspersky investigator arrested for treason

Kaspersky investigator arrested for treason 


Russia – Kaspersky Labs

Personally this move did not come as a total surprise to me at all. Russia has arrested a top level investigator one Ruslan Stoyanov who happened to be head of computer incidents investigations unit with the Kaspersky cybersecurity firm.


What’s more is that Russia has charged Ruslan with treason although they are not kissing and telling us exactly why they up and arrested him for treason.

Ruslan at one time had been involved in some pretty big arrests pertaining to cybercriminals in Russia.

The details are at best pretty sketchy, Ruslan was arrested alongside one Sergei Mikhailov. Sergei as it so happens did not work for Kaspersky, instead he worked for the FSB.

The FSB is better known as The Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation and it is the principal security agency of Russia.  

The arrests by the way did not just happen. They happened in December or so I am told.  

Investigators are examining money that Ruslan allegedly received from foreign companies or entities which looks a lot like someone might be in the habit of procuring and selling intel and more specifically, working with foreign states.

Which happens to be why I am not surprised by this turn of events.  It is not far fetched that someone working on the inside, particularly with Ruslan’s resume in terms of having worked for Kaspersky but also for the Moscow Cyber Crime Unit at the Russian Interior Ministry, to buy, sell or trade intel, become a hacker or hire hackers and work with foreign states.

This move has left many feeling the arrest of Ruslan to be unprecedented. Arrests for Treason by the way are nothing new in Russia. Many see this particular arrest however, as the destruction of Government relationships with firms like Kaspersky.

Then again, the arrest could be a move in order to drive home a point to the cybersecurity world.

Only time will tell on this one.

Cristal M Clark

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