New video in Michael Brown saga sparks more – protests


Michael Brown – Ferguson, Mo

The latest video in the Michael Brown case has sparked some new protests and the video by the way according to some news sources is unconfirmed as entirely accurate.

What’s more is that according the family of Brown, the video proves that the police lied, which it all reality it does not prove anything other than Michael Brown was dealing drugs.

So let’s get to the details of the video;

According to Director Jason Pollock,the video shows Brown did not rob the store before being stopped by police.

What it does show however, in rather graphic detail is Brown giving the store clerk drugs in a brown bag in exchange for cigarillos.

Brown was shot hours later, several hours later and this is where details about the supposed robbery get sketchy.

Brown handed the clerk back the cigarillos during the drug exchange, he went back to the store hours later leaving some to suspect he went to retrieve his much previously earned cigarillos.

The St. Louis County Police Department, the video was not pertinent to the investigation into the shooting of Brown because Darren Wilson stopped Brown for walking in the street, not the robbery call.

The video by the way is not a new thing, the full unedited version of the video was handed over to police, the FBI and also the Brown family early on into the investigation.

The video simply had nothing to do with the actual shooting of Michael Brown, if anything it only makes the argument that he was an innocent young man who had been unfairly shot by police that much weaker.

Cristal M Clark

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Denver Cop runs over K9 Partner – manages to keep job

denver k9-unit-crimeshop.jpg

Denver Police Department


The K9 German Shepherd lost a piece of her ear and also recovered from other non-life threatening injuries and has since returned to duty.

The individual responsible for her injuries as it turns out happened to be her partner, one Thomas J. McKibben.

Thomas says that he inadvertently threw one of her toys underneath his vehicle, he ordered the dog into her kennel inside of the car, pulled forward not realizing that he did not secure the latch on her kennel so the dog happily jumped out to retrieve her beloved toy, thus getting hit by the vehicle, which happened back in December. 

Thomas lost an entire vacation day and has subsequently been reassigned.

Thomas by the way happens to be the second officer to be disciplined this year for the mistreatment of an animal.

While it sounds as if he was negligent, I doubt that he purposely or negligently caused harm to his K9 partner, it seems as if this was purely an accident and not negligent at all.

That accident is one that anyone could have had, at anytime.

I am all for disciplining an officer who did something so as to cause blatant harm to another including his or her K9 partner, however, this was not blatant and was in fact, a complete accident.

I say this a lot but police are just like the rest of us. They make mistakes and sometimes they even make horrible mistakes.

We too often mistakenly put them upon a pedestal and our expectation is that they are better than we are in that, they are superior, mistake free and absolutely perfect compared to the rest of us.  

Because of how we view the police, when an officer makes a mistake, they never seem to be able to escape it or live it down.

It really is all about perception, which sometimes needs a little tweaking when it comes to how society views police.

Cristal M Clark

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WikiLeaks vs The CIA & the tech industry


US Central Intelligence Agency

On Tuesday March the 7th, 2017 WikiLeaks released in great detail the CIA’s playbook so to speak, of cracking digital communications. Which by the way has been confirmed as pretty accurate by insiders.


What’s more is that many suspect WikiLeaks could not have gotten the intel without the help of someone who is or was on the inside.

So now, naturally of course the hunt is on for the individual or individuals who might have been responsible for just handing over the CIA’s playbook.

When news broke however, many American’s were nonchalant about it, meaning that most in fact were not shocked in the least. It was just like any other beautiful day in the neighborhood.

Julian Assange-Crimeshop

Since the dump, Julian Assange has lost a little face as well as far as the tech community is concerned.

The Vault 7 dump details just how the CIA uses modern technology and our reliance on it in an effort to do what the CIA should be doing, in case anyone missed it, they are a spy agency and as such, they spy on individuals both domestically and internationally.

Many american’s already assume that our government is spying on us or finding ways rather to do such a thing, save for some of these catchy headlines:

“After CIA lead Intel Security releases detection tool for EFI rootkits” – PCWorld

“The CIA could probably hack your smartphone. Here’s why they likely won’t” – Vox

“WikiLeaks’ CIA hacking dump sends tech firms scrambling for fixes.” – Reuters

And my personal favorite so far:

“Could the CIA really hack cars for assassinations?” – The Washington Post

The highlight of the WikiLeaks dump however shows a clear and consistent breakdown from the inside with regards to information seeping out from our most trusted intelligence agencies.

Which in and of itself is very troubling because clearly the breakdowns and the leaks keep coming forth with the help of those on the inside.

That leaves the biggest question of all, can the CIA find those that participated from the inside or not?

They didn’t seem to notice the intel leaving with the source before it was handed over to WikiLeaks.

Cristal M Clark

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FBI Director James Comey – You are stuck with me America


Director of the FBI – James Comey

Today during a Boston Cyber Security Conference, our very own FBI director one James Comey informed the world that we are stuck with him for the next roughly 6 ½ years.  

His announcement comes just days after he passionately refuted Donald Trump’s claims that the FBI broke the law and at the discretion of former President Obama wire tapped Trump’s phones during the 2016 election.

Despite James pushing back against Trump’s claims, James still has the full support of Donald Trump.


So what if anyone tapped Trump’s phones, we seem to have bigger issues at hand with everything that WikiLeaks just released yesterday, most of which has been confirmed as accurate.

In short, we seem to be experiencing a bit of a problem with sensitive and secret intel just strolling out the doors of some of our most so called secure and trust agencies here in the US.

Tapping Trump’s phones during the election pales in comparison.

What’s more is that Donald is a ranter, the type of guy that goes off without any forethought on the matter and just rants straight off the cusp so tapping his phone would not have garnered any intel whatsoever.

One has to wonder, did Donald make yet another false claim because he simply wants attention?

Personally, I am leaning towards yes because he wants everyone to worship him as the hero who saved America.

Which so far, he happens to be failing at.

He has been quite successful at dividing american’s however.

Sadly, being an inhumane individual will not garner him the worship that he so desires and wildly like a child accusing the FBI of breaking the law is a mistake that Trump would be smart to avoid in the future.

In any case, we can all still sit back and continue to watch Trump dig himself that big grave he keeps working on.

Cristal M Clark

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Florida ending permanent felon disenfranchisement?


Florida Supreme Court

The Florida supreme court today heard arguments about whether or not to allow voters to decide on the Voting Restoration Amendment.


It is estimated that more than 1.6 million Florida residents, including nearly 1 in 4 black’s  are currently barred from the polls in Florida due to the state’s strict disenfranchisement law.

If the Florida Supreme Court is agreeable to the Amendment voters in the state will vote in 2018 to allow former felons the rights to vote. Only those convicted of murder or felony sexual offenses would still be unable to vote in the state should the Voting Restoration Amendment pass.

Florida by the way currently has one of the most strict  felon disenfranchisement laws in the country.  

Aside from Florida, Kentucky, Virginia, and Iowa permanently bar those with felony convictions from voting for life unless they seek clemency which no one ever really truly gets.

The problem with permanent felon disenfranchisement is that we instill into the minds of criminals that doing the time, paying the fines, taking the classes, the parole, the probation, the therapy and community service are all paying the debt they owe to society.

They are still disenfranchised for life regardless. They are unable to vote in some states, while other states make them jump through hoops in order to vote.

The other problem with disenfranchisement is that it bars some former felons from the ability to gain employment, something they need in order to become what we tell them they need to become.

Contributing members of society.

Without jobs, housing and certain rights they can never be contributing members of society.

We are taught that we sentence criminals so as to teach them a lesson and to prevent them from committing more crimes.

They are sentenced to jail in an effort to reform them.

That is what we are taught is happening through the sentencing process of our Judicial systems.

The reality is that is not what happens and these individuals face a lifetime sentence after released from jails and prisons. 

While the intention is well meant, the truth is the entire system is designed to disenfranchise criminals on a permanent basis regardless of type of crime committed, age the crime was committed, years they spent after said crime staying out of trouble and the like.

For a former felon it doesn’t matter how much time has passed, being disenfranchised is a lifetime sentence.

A small step in the right direction is to fix that and in states that bar former felons from voting, giving those who have not committed sex crimes or violent crimes the ability to vote after they have done the time and paid the debt to society, is in fact a step in the right direction.  

Sure we can all sit back and be judgmental and say things like “well they should have never broken the law in the first place.”

True and fair however, taking away the rights of someone for life who has not committed certain sexual or violent types of crimes is, actually a crime in and of itself.

Cristal M Clark

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The Diamond Knot Killer – The Original Night Stalker

Original Night Stalker-CrimeShop.jpg


Investigators in California estimate that 50 rapes which occurred in Alameda, Contra Costa, Santa Clara, Sacramento, Stanislaus, San Joaquin and Yolo were committed by the Original Night Stalker, also known as; The East Area Rapist, The Diamond Knot Killer and the Golden State Killer.

DNA evidence also just so happened to conclusively link him to 8 murders which occurred in Dana Point, Goleta, Ventura, and Irvine, California although it is believed that he committed up to at least 12 murders in all.

2 other murders in Goleta were linked by MO but, not DNA. Additionally, investigators believe that the same perpetrator either The Original Night Stalker or his copycat committed 3 other murders, 2 in Rancho Cordova and 1 in Visalia.

The Original Night Stalker struck in both  Northern California and in Southern California from 1979 all the way through 1986.

His last crime and the only one after 1981 was in 1986.


Between 6/18/76 to 10/1/79 The Original Night Stalker struck at least 22 times before taking a 3 month break. In all of his attacks during this time he was only raping women.

By his 30th attack, he was ready to kill and he murdered Brian and Katie Maggiore.

At his 37th attack he took another 3 month break.

In a case such as this it is not surprising to see a copycat, what is surprising is the copycat’s accuracy when it comes to being able to mimic The Original Night Stalkers crimes, save for the inability to copy the DNA.  

Investigators found evidence that he would watch his victims, specifically watch them engaging in sexual activity shortly before killing them.

And with couples, initially, he would watch a couple, he would then gain entry into the couple’s home, tie them up, using what investigators dubbed a “very specific” type of knot known as the diamond knot, he would rape the female then bludgeon the couple to death.

By the 2nd murder, the killer began to cover the heads of his victims prior to bludgeoning them to death. It is commonly believed the reason that the killer began covering the heads of his victims was due to the fact that when you bludgeon someone to death it can be quite messy.

By the 3rd murder, the original night stalker killed his first female victim who was alone.

He liked the same area’s and felt comfortable in them. He was also one of those fellows that I refer to as the commoners.

Someone you might see so often that you hardly notice when they are around meaning he had the ability to blend in, making it appear that he belonged in and around the area’s he killed in.

What makes this killer interesting is that some profilers believe that the original night stalker had a hate for women. I disagree with that.

This killer likes women, but his view of them is a bit off. He views women as property to be used for sexual gratification then discarded in any manner he wished. If he had or has a partner the partner is the sub in the relationship, to the killer the sub is his and he can do anything that he wants with her.

It is far from hate and very much about the ability to gain complete and total control over another. He is driven by sex and sexual fantasies which are more about complete control. It is a far cry from hating women.

His sexual taste would follow the lines of Sadism in that he derives a great deal of sexual pleasure from the ability to inflict pain and suffering upon another individual that is what gets him off. The ability see his partner suffer is what does it for him.

Sadism is part of Paraphilias which are of the behaviors in a group of sexual problems associated with sexual arousal in response to being stimulated in ways not associated with normal sexual behavior patterns.

His sexual tastes however, unless caught red handed are not something many other than a willing partner would know about outside of the bedroom.

He engaged in sexual deviant behaviors yet I would not go as far as to say that he engaged in sexual activity with ladies of the night, it simply would not have been something that he would do.

Although he would have been a fan of dom/sub porn. Always viewing women as property, things to be used for his sexual pleasure.

He was well mannered, he was friendly, very friendly with people. He is a narcissistic type of person and very manipulative.

He also would lie or play mind games for lack of better words with individuals for his mere enjoyment.

Through the years letters and poems have been written by those claiming to the have been The Original Night Stalker to local papers however, I doubt very much that they were from him. It isn’t his style, it isn’t something he would have done.

More often than not he would tell tall tales about his life in order to make himself appear better or more than he actually was.

Maybe faking family, education, military or work backgrounds.  

He had an income yet he could afford to carry out his attacks in the late night to early morning hours.

I believe that he was in good shape, would have been well groomed, a charming individual, someone who would not have been seen as a threat.

Investigators believed at one time that the diamond knot the killer used might have been enough to lead them right to him because it was such a specific type of knot.

Sadly, it was never quite enough and because of the media broadcasting that detail so much after the first murder, it allowed for copycats to learn and then mimic the knot.

Investigators also feared that he ended up in jail or dead before being caught. I doubt jail for anything major.

He may very well have died or found a willing partner to carry out his fantasies with or simply moved out of the US, or decided that the risk was too high should he carry on any further.

It is difficult to say for certain if he would have had a troubled childhood in that he might have had a record. Men like this are usually really adept at making sure they don’t get caught, even at an early age.

It would be more likely that he engaged in deviant sexual behavior, perhaps raped as a teen and was able to manipulate his way out of the situation.

I would actually start with that and work my way back with it, it is amazing how a woman will open up years after what she felt was a crime that had been committed against her.

It is my belief that to find out who The Original Night Stalker was, investigators and the FBI would do well to work it from the teen years forward.

Too many copycats may have been committing like crimes during this time and have complicated things.

The key is finding that one guy who was able to fly under the radar for so long, as a teen he would have raped someone without a doubt.

Someone who has yet to tell.

Cristal M Clark

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Jail overcrowding becoming an issue in Denver

Denver Jail-Crimeshop.jpg

Denver – Colorado

In a plea last week Denver, Colorado Sheriff’s Deputies are asking for some relief because the jail is housing on average at least 1,500 inmates per day.


The deputies say that the overcrowding is putting both them and inmates in danger.

Deputy Mike Britton, vice president of The Denver Sheriff Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #27, said that the deputies pleas for relief have fallen on deaf ears so they have decided to make their concerns public.

To give you some background, deputies take on the responsibility of sorting and housing inmates based upon the inmate’s crime (s), gang-affiliation, gender as well as other factors.  

Obviously that can become difficult or problematic when faced with overcrowded conditions at the jail.

As a whole this is a systematic problem because our judicial system has a nasty habit of incarcerating the poor for failing to pay fines that exceed incomes, fines that are assigned to someone who is homeless or jobless, classes the poor must pay for that they cannot afford, so they skip them and things like community service which takes time from the honest attempting to seek gainful employment.

The system’s focus is not rehabilitate to prevent crime but to make money off of the crime.

If it’s true focus were to actually prevent crime and rehabilitate it would be working towards that and not against it.

The other issue happens to be city council policies which require police to arrest individuals for petty offenses or issue citations for said petty offenses, which in turn then lead to ridiculous sentencing practices.

Let’s not forget those suffering from mental illness that are housed in jail. They should not be housed in jail and not one Judge sitting on any bench is qualified to sentence someone who suffers any mental illness unless they have committed the act of murder.

If the offense is petty the mentally ill should not be sentenced to fines, classes or community service as that only serves to further exacerbate the illness the individual faces.

I’ve personally clerked for Judges who cared less about the individual standing in front of them and sentenced someone the mentally ill for no other reason that it was that municipalities policy to punish the individual for petty offenses, those who were sentenced were the mentally handicapped, a woman who had hoarding disorder and a man who had dementia who had no idea what he had done.

The list could go on and on with the inhumane injustices that I witnessed during my tenure working for a Judge.

To fix the overcrowding we need to change policy and that starts with our judicial system not the sheriff’s who are reaping that which the system has sewn.

Cristal M Clark

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