WikiLeaks vs The CIA & the tech industry

WikiLeaks vs The CIA & the tech industry


US Central Intelligence Agency

On Tuesday March the 7th, 2017 WikiLeaks released in great detail the CIA’s playbook so to speak, of cracking digital communications. Which by the way has been confirmed as pretty accurate by insiders.


What’s more is that many suspect WikiLeaks could not have gotten the intel without the help of someone who is or was on the inside.

So now, naturally of course the hunt is on for the individual or individuals who might have been responsible for just handing over the CIA’s playbook.

When news broke however, many American’s were nonchalant about it, meaning that most in fact were not shocked in the least. It was just like any other beautiful day in the neighborhood.

Julian Assange-Crimeshop

Since the dump, Julian Assange has lost a little face as well as far as the tech community is concerned.

The Vault 7 dump details just how the CIA uses modern technology and our reliance on it in an effort to do what the CIA should be doing, in case anyone missed it, they are a spy agency and as such, they spy on individuals both domestically and internationally.

Many american’s already assume that our government is spying on us or finding ways rather to do such a thing, save for some of these catchy headlines:

“After CIA lead Intel Security releases detection tool for EFI rootkits” – PCWorld

“The CIA could probably hack your smartphone. Here’s why they likely won’t” – Vox

“WikiLeaks’ CIA hacking dump sends tech firms scrambling for fixes.” – Reuters

And my personal favorite so far:

“Could the CIA really hack cars for assassinations?” – The Washington Post

The highlight of the WikiLeaks dump however shows a clear and consistent breakdown from the inside with regards to information seeping out from our most trusted intelligence agencies.

Which in and of itself is very troubling because clearly the breakdowns and the leaks keep coming forth with the help of those on the inside.

That leaves the biggest question of all, can the CIA find those that participated from the inside or not?

They didn’t seem to notice the intel leaving with the source before it was handed over to WikiLeaks.

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