Coward Cop commits suicide – after having admitted to molesting young boy

Coward Cop commits suicide – after having admitted to molesting young boy

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Tishomingo, Mississippi – Russ Robinson


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On March 24, 2017 one Tishomingo, Mississippi Officer Russ Robinson instead of face the punishment for his crime, committed suicide after allegedly admitting to molesting a young boy, while on duty.

What makes this case more worrisome is that this was not a first and only time deal for Russ.

It would seem that Russ several years earlier, left his part-time job at Brooks Grocery in Iuka, Mississippi following the very same type of accusation. Unfortunately, authorities did not act on the accusation.

Russ committed suicide shortly after he admitted to authorities that he had in fact molested minors. As in, not just one, he was being questioned for molesting a 17 year old boy after he had flashed his headlights at the teen so that the teen would pull over.

He was found dead in his home from a self inflicted gunshot wound.

Going back to the accusations from years prior, it would seem that someone had some type of video showing Russ molesting young boys but not one ever did anything with it and that is unacceptable. Cop or not, if someone is molesting children or teens, they need to be reported.

Clearly this officer had a pattern of molesting young boys and teens and enjoyed using his power of authority in order to accomplish that and get away with it right under the nose of his superior officers and of those in command.

It is disturbing that not one individual “noticed” Russ’s eye for young boys and seemingly let it go when accusations surfaced until this most recent case.

It goes to show that sometimes that thin blue line tends to be a rather thick blue line of blatantly ignoring what is really going on.

Yet the most deeply disturbing part of this particular case is that it clearly shows how privilege tends to be a right of passage.

If the accused had been anyone other than a cop, the minute they would have admitted to the molestation and sexual inappropriateness with a minor, they would have been immediately placed under arrest.  

Yet good old Officer Russ Robinson was allowed to remain in his home, with his gun (s) and instead of face a trial and his accuser (s), he elected to kill himself.

So in this case justice will never truly be served because of a uniform and a badge, the perpetrator was allowed to deal with things on his own terms rather than on legal terms. 

Cristal M Clark

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