Suicide Bombers/Terror Attacks – Social Media

Manchester - bombing-crimeshop

Manchester, England – Facebook/Twitter/Instagram

In the wake of the latest terror attack on Monday in Manchester, 22 individuals were ruthlessly murdered including an 8 year old child, several people around the world started to finally discuss what to do about these types of attacks in terms of social media and throughout mainstream media in terms of the over sensationalizing the attack.

I know that I have said this before but when we take to over sensationalizing such attacks, by default we simply give those behind them some of what they want.


The kind of attention that is not good. Start bringing forth more attacks and you begin to not only gain the attention you sought but you also begin to instill a deep seeded fear.


That fear in turn stops people from attending things like concerts, sporting events, or simply just going out to a heavily populated area.


That in turn gives those behind such attacks the upper hand, meaning that they are beginning to gain some control over us, as in the rest of the population.


Lastly, terrorists also gain more support when we over sensationalize these attacks by gaining followers to the cause .

The point is, while I completely understand the rush or the feeling of the need to start broadcasting the attack while it unfolds, it’s not the safest or smartest way to deter future attacks.

That goes for the media as well not just users of social media.

But then again, users of social media have taken the idea of just running with it, carelessly and haphazardly posting images and video, directly from the media.

Much like children, we have learned by what we have seen and have been taught by the media.

Not that anything we do can or will deter them currently, the less over sensationalized and dramatic our response to such attacks is, the less likely terrorists will feel the need to cause another attack.

Eventually like with a child throwing a tantrum, they will give up and attempt to find other ways to get what they want.

Which will start new more creative problems for the world but might help us accomplish one thing.

Save lives.

Cristal M Clark

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Phishing attacks continue to be on the rise


Russian Hackers Again?

So last week I saw a rise in attempted phishing through my own personal email. Normally I wouldn’t say much about it, but it became so ridiculous that I had to share.

Normally the emails in question hit my spam mail filters so I don’t even open them or even bother to open them because what most people assume is my “regular” email account, is not truly my regular email account.

I can count the number of people on one hand who know my regular email account address.

To be even more frank about it, most of my own family does not even know about my regular email account because they are always being hit with some type of malicious email scam and I find it completely bothersome.

At any rate, I have all of my spam filters on high and I also have trained my gmail to filter said spam messages over to an entirely different email account that I never, ever access.

Here’s where the phishing/hacking/scamming attempts became so ridiculous that I almost spit out my coffee in sheer laughter.

Turns out, this particular group of individuals did not appreciate at all, my not even seeing one email from them.

A couple of them or it could have been the same individual took to messaging me through my site and they with much disdain let me know just how little they appreciated that not one of the emails they had been sending to my email account was reaching me but rather, they were being filtered over to my spam email account.

What makes that all the more funny is that WordPress does a really decent job of filtering out certain ip addresses and letting me know it’s spam, but I can still view the message without actually opening it.

The one thing that did get my attention to and it was not because the spelling was so horrific that it sent shivers down my spine, but because those responsible know about my spam email account.

Most wouldn’t have one single clue because I filter through one spam account and trained that one to then filter again, to another account.

Either way, to those who were responsible for the attempts, thanks for showing some love you guys, you could have at the very least offered to spring for dinner and a movie first.

Cristal M Clark

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Denver Police Department- It’s a crazy man’s world now


What’s a cop to do?

So as of last week in Colorado, it will soon be against the law to place people in jail when they are picked up on mental health or suicide holds.

Don’t get me wrong while I am all for this, I am at the same time not for this.

The law which takes effect August 9, 2017 affects all of the state of Colorado, means well, yet it serves no purpose other than to endanger the lives of innocent individuals.

Here is the reality, and trust me I get it, jails should not be utilized to house those that are deemed to have a mental illness or who are suicidal, yet who have not committed a crime that would warrant an arrest. Yet sometimes until the individual can be placed in the right facility, it is a truly necessary evil.

While at the same time hospitals and safe houses like for instance SCL Health, HAF house (Jefferson Center for Mental Health), MCHD,  Safe House, Denver General, Aurora Mental Health, and the like, all will flat out refuse to take a potential patient due to the perceived severity of mental issue that particular individual has.

This is a current and quite common practice, so when is the state who already funds most of these mental health facilities, going to tell them they have to now take all types of patients and no longer selectively pick and choose who they treat just because they don’t feel like treating a certain type of patient?

Or was that not part of the plan because no one wants to really address that?

And lets not forget those who are higher than a kite from things like meth. For those of you that think pot, forget it those kids are over at 7-11 getting nachos and slurpees.

In the meantime…

Denver police-crmeshop

So what’s a cop to do?

So yes, while I get that because of legalized marijuana the state is pouring money into these organizations, what I am seeing because I have friends applying for jobs at each organization daily is, those organizations not hiring.

So where is the money really going? They are not staffing up, because of they had been they would have been hiring a month ago.

Mobilization units? Kids just fresh out of school who have absolutely zero street knowledge?

Don’t knock that, knowledge is power, the more you know the better you are in certain circumstances. And when you have not worked with the criminally insane, the Bipolar, those that suffer severe bouts of PTSD, those that really do hear voices, and the like, on the streets you can’t help them no matter how much school you have had. It’ all first hand. Nothing more or less than that.

The worst most frightening part, what happens when no organization or hospital wants to take a certain patient, the individual can’t be placed, so what happens? 

They can’t be arrested or placed, so what they are allowed to saunter off into the night?

Thus potentially going off the deep end and harming themselves or others later?

Why do we continuously place the burden of our ill decisions on the nation’s law enforcement?

So now cops are faced with the decision, “find a reason to arrest the guy i.e, probable cause or place him somewhere if the mobile crisis team shows up and could actually assess the the man or women better than the cop or let him walk, thus putting the community in danger?”

Well the hands of the police are tied as of August 9th. They simply can’t arrest some individuals so you might as well get those welcome mats out…some of those individuals will be hanging out near your front doors.

In case you did not notice that could potentially make the overcrowding jail issue in Denver even worse.

It also makes the jail the poor issue, worse but that goes without being said here.

Several of my closest friends who work in the mental health community cringed as our glorious Governor Hickenlooper signed this into law.

I understand let’s not punish the mentally ill but why not?  To prove temporary insanity, takes quite the effort and from what I understand it is a truly rare thing.

So if someone is drunk, high or simply just lost it one day and breaks the law they honestly do know right from wrong, so why not jail them?


Ask APD from years ago. I lost it once and yea I knew and still do know right from wrong despite a temporary loss of my better judgement.

The best part of that story is that the police my own family, knew that I knew right from wrong regardless of my momentary lapse in judgement. They arrested me to help me and you know what?

It worked.

Most of the time the individual does in face, know what he or she is doing and can very clearly decipher right from wrong. 

Mentally ill or not.

 The potential damage from this can never be undone.

I reflect on James Holmes. Who’s own doctor cried out for help knowing he was a ticking time bomb.

Where is plan b or c?

When the hospitals or mental health facilities and houses refuse to take the patient? Where is plan B or C? No one ever thinks outside of the circle.

To the beat cops who see this nonsense daily, I feel you, I have your back and more power to you.

You are being placed in one hell of a crap situation, it’s a shit storm brewing on the horizon.

Cristal M Clark

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U.S. Justice Department Appoints Special Counsel

Rober Muller investigation-crimeshop-russia

To oversee Probe into Trump Associates and Russian Officials

In a shocking twist of fate for Trump, Robert S. Mueller III has agreed to take over the investigation as special counsel.


For those of you who don’t know who Robert is, Robert served as the FBI director from 2001 to 2013, the move comes from overwhelming pressure after Trump promptly fired James Comey to investigate, independently the Trump/Russia connection.

Why Trump and his dream team should be afraid?

Robert has a pretty good track record of getting to the bottom of and then handling things quite sufficiently. In fact, very sufficiently.  

Of course we are all anticipating Trump’s rather disparaging tweets with regards to this move and/or the subsequent findings of Robert’s.

The worst news for Trump, he can’t fire Robert like he did James, that is the simplistic beauty of an an independent investigation.

I look forward to Robert’s findings and also the onslaught of spam emails coming from Robert’s former FBI, credentialed email address. Spammers loving using his credentials.

Just a side note –

A very, very special shout out to the two last night that sent me messages (from IP’s and, for fuck’s sake guys, put a little more effort into it).

If you are trying to hack someone and email them hoping, that they will respond or follow a link, so that you can hack them, try harder next time and by try harder I mean learning how to spell would do wonders for your hacking campaign.

Just off the top, simple spelling skills would really help, as well as learning time zones.

If you are trying to market your next hacking campaign pay attention to ‘time zone differences’

For instance, if you are sending a 10am spam email to someone in America, you might want to double check the time zone that selected target is in.

But in the short time if you want to hack me and you really do, contact the FBI, they have already been given granted access to anything of mine via this blog. 

Or ask the NSA, I am sure they could more easily assist you with your request for they already have access to everything.

Cristal M Clark

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U.S. – National Security Agency – Special thanks to you


Cyberattack hit 99 countries

The NSA’s stolen goods


Personally, I would not trust the NSA with the password to my junk email account much less my grocery list.

This week we saw one of the worst cyberattacks in history, one that utilized some goods that walked out the door of the NSA. Europe and Russia were hit the worst by the way.

What makes it worse is that the NSA and the United States just sat by in painful silence as the attack was underway. The true hero’s came from the cyber security community.

To those that created the attack, my hats off to you, kudos for pointing out the most obvious flaw of all.

The NSA designed the program that was used to cause the attack and did absolutely nothing to help those that were affected which leads me to believe that while they may be able to create Frankenstein, they have very little idea as to how to stop it once it’s on a roll which is a pretty important detail to miss.

I’d be more impressed once I see power grids, the banking system, governments shut completely down, unlimited funds in my Starbucks account, etc. Thus far however all we have is enough to create some media fluff and 99 countries who are all lined up to thank the NSA for creating the bug, yet who seemingly couldn’t fix the monster that which they created.

Way to take a back seat guys.

To those that caused the attack, do something to impress next time. I mean really impress instead of create just some fluff. 

Wow me.

Cristal M Clark

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FBI Seeks – Fearless Leader

That will not investigate the Trump Administration’s ties to Russia

Donald Trump-CrimeShop

The biggest question this week by far is whether or not Trump’s firing of James Comey has anything to do with the investigation into his administration’s ties to Russian political influence in the 2016 presidential election.

All kidding aside, the firing of James is not a surprise. I won’t go into the seemingly succulent and eerie undertones of Nixon here, I will say however it does seem a wee bit odd that James was fired now rather than several months ago.

Jeff Sessions-crimeshop

I won’t even go into Jeff Sessions and his recusing himself from certain investigations, yet being the one to handle the firing of James.

I will however say this, yes James made huge and vast mistakes when it came to the Hillary Clinton email scandal he both allowed for and authorized the destruction of vital evidence in the case which should have never, ever happened.

James Comey-former - fbi-director-crimeshop

On the other hand James was not a yes man, like the rest of the Trump administration, he actually pushed back and basically without saying it, let the current administration know that he had his job to do and would not allow for any outside influence.

Lastly, If a government official (in this case the director of the FBI), is clearly placed within the Executive Branch, that official serves at the pleasure of the President, and can be fired at will.

So with that, the hunt is on for a new director of the FBI.

In other words the hunt is on for a yes man, one perhaps that will neglect looking into Trump and his team’s ties to Russia prior to the 2016 presidential election.

Cristal M Clark

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McDonald’s is introduces “The Frork”


McDonald’s – could you sink any lower?

Thankfully, due to personal issues on the home front I delayed publishing this because as many of my Denver readers know, today we had quite the hail storm this afternoon which caused many stores to be closed due to “hail damage.”


I call a little bs on that because as I drove around I took note of the fact that just about every liquor store and fast food joint happened to be open and fully operational.

Including McDonald’s.


So McDonald’s has revealed a new product, “The Frork,” and in the ad below it implies that american’s are either too lazy or just to inept to use regular fries one could order to wipe up the spilled goodies from one’s crappie burger from McDonald’s.

Now I am all for ingenious products but this one simply takes the cake and by cake, I mean to say that it is yet another way to contribute to america’s obesity problem, by telling us we need this product that we can also eat, along with our double quarter pounder with cheese, large fries and a diet coke.

What really gets me is that some moron at McDonald’s comes up with this product after McDonald’s has already said that they are experiencing declining sales because of the tastes of millennials and the many, many other american’s who simply no longer wish to pump their bodies full of fat enriched garbage.

So this week’s shout out goes right out to McDonald’s for bringing us another totally useless, diabetic inducing product.


Here’s to you McDonald’s.

Cristal M Clark

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A special shout out to McDonald’s for helping the obesity rate here in America and for telling Americans that they are too inept or too lazy to learn how to catch condiments with just fries.