Phishing attacks continue to be on the rise

Phishing attacks continue to be on the rise


Russian Hackers Again?

So last week I saw a rise in attempted phishing through my own personal email. Normally I wouldn’t say much about it, but it became so ridiculous that I had to share.

Normally the emails in question hit my spam mail filters so I don’t even open them or even bother to open them because what most people assume is my “regular” email account, is not truly my regular email account.

I can count the number of people on one hand who know my regular email account address.

To be even more frank about it, most of my own family does not even know about my regular email account because they are always being hit with some type of malicious email scam and I find it completely bothersome.

At any rate, I have all of my spam filters on high and I also have trained my gmail to filter said spam messages over to an entirely different email account that I never, ever access.

Here’s where the phishing/hacking/scamming attempts became so ridiculous that I almost spit out my coffee in sheer laughter.

Turns out, this particular group of individuals did not appreciate at all, my not even seeing one email from them.

A couple of them or it could have been the same individual took to messaging me through my site and they with much disdain let me know just how little they appreciated that not one of the emails they had been sending to my email account was reaching me but rather, they were being filtered over to my spam email account.

What makes that all the more funny is that WordPress does a really decent job of filtering out certain ip addresses and letting me know it’s spam, but I can still view the message without actually opening it.

The one thing that did get my attention to and it was not because the spelling was so horrific that it sent shivers down my spine, but because those responsible know about my spam email account.

Most wouldn’t have one single clue because I filter through one spam account and trained that one to then filter again, to another account.

Either way, to those who were responsible for the attempts, thanks for showing some love you guys, you could have at the very least offered to spring for dinner and a movie first.

Cristal M Clark

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