Suicide Bombers/Terror Attacks – Social Media

Suicide Bombers/Terror Attacks – Social Media

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In the wake of the latest terror attack on Monday in Manchester, 22 individuals were ruthlessly murdered including an 8 year old child, several people around the world started to finally discuss what to do about these types of attacks in terms of social media and throughout mainstream media in terms of the over sensationalizing the attack.

I know that I have said this before but when we take to over sensationalizing such attacks, by default we simply give those behind them some of what they want.


The kind of attention that is not good. Start bringing forth more attacks and you begin to not only gain the attention you sought but you also begin to instill a deep seeded fear.


That fear in turn stops people from attending things like concerts, sporting events, or simply just going out to a heavily populated area.


That in turn gives those behind such attacks the upper hand, meaning that they are beginning to gain some control over us, as in the rest of the population.


Lastly, terrorists also gain more support when we over sensationalize these attacks by gaining followers to the cause .

The point is, while I completely understand the rush or the feeling of the need to start broadcasting the attack while it unfolds, it’s not the safest or smartest way to deter future attacks.

That goes for the media as well not just users of social media.

But then again, users of social media have taken the idea of just running with it, carelessly and haphazardly posting images and video, directly from the media.

Much like children, we have learned by what we have seen and have been taught by the media.

Not that anything we do can or will deter them currently, the less over sensationalized and dramatic our response to such attacks is, the less likely terrorists will feel the need to cause another attack.

Eventually like with a child throwing a tantrum, they will give up and attempt to find other ways to get what they want.

Which will start new more creative problems for the world but might help us accomplish one thing.

Save lives.

Cristal M Clark

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